Pool Choreography

by Chas

Copyright© 2012 by Chas

Incest Sex Story: My best girlfriend Jen is a bad influence. She gets me and our kids to all really loosen up at the start of summer break in ways I never would have imagined.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   .

Its Tuesday, the second day of summer vacation, and we are planning on hanging out at the pool. I'm Jen and I'm here with my friend Sue and our four kids. My kids are John, age 16 and Becky age 15. Sue's kids are Kristi age 17 and Steve age 16. I'm 34 and Sue is 35. We've been best friends since the kids were in grade school. The kids all get along great and over the years it seemed like they were all brothers and sisters. My husband Mike is off traveling again. He's an oil engineer with a great income but he's gone for months at a time. Sue's been divorced for at least ten years. I think her husband finally got tired of her wandering eye and supposed dalliances. She says she is just over sexed. Over the years Sue has had a constant stream of hunks at her beck and call. Just thinking about some of the exploits she's shared with me has gotten me wet. She's always trying to get me to come along with her on her "nights out" but so far I've resisted. Lately however with my husband Mike gone so often my resolve is weakening. I get especially excited and really wet when she tells me about some of her group sex parties. I'm seriously tempted to join her on her next outing.

I'm the first one out to the pool and grab one of the padded lounge chairs. The two boys come out next. Both are wearing their tight Speedo from swim team. As I watch them stretch before diving into the pool I'm reminded of some of the Greek statues I've seen in books. God, are they gorgeous. Sue comes out next. She is wearing one of her tramp suits as I call them. She has on this tiny bikini with a string or should I say dental floss bottom. She definitely has the ass for the suit but I still think it's a tramp suit.

Finally the two girls come out. I notice they both have on sweat pants and are giggling al lot. I understand why when they finally pull down their sweat pants and have on the same tramp suits as Sue does. I flash a disapproving glance at Sue and she just shrugs and says look how good they look. I take a second long look at the girls. Like the boys they also remind be of Greek goddesses. As if reading my mind Sue says to me "Don't the kids look really hot? I know it's wrong but I'd love o see them getting it on in a little orgy." As I'm telling her she is a dirty bitch my body is betraying me as I feel myself getting damp.

As we are sunning by the pool Sue starts to tell me about her last party and then starts dropping innuendos on how hot it would be to watch the kids having sex. I tell her she's nuts but her continued conversation is clouding my judgment. To get her to stop and change the subject I tell her I'll give her ten minutes to convince me or else she needs to drop it. "Deal" she says.

"Kristi and Becky, come over here for a minute. With your new suits you need some lotion on your buns to keep from burning. John and Steve, come over here. I need you to help your sisters. They need some lotion before they burn." With that she tells the girls to lie down and throws the guys the lotion. The guys seem to hesitate a bit. Steve says "I don't want to rub Kristi, she's my sister."

Sue says "No problem, you do Becky and John will do Kristi. Now hurry up. Boys, make sure to cover the girls completely with the lotion. I don't want any of you getting burned as no one has a base tan yet. Oh, and girls, you should un-tie your tops so you can get lotion on the sides of your breasts. A burn there is especially painful."

Both Becky and Kristi reach back and un-tie their tops. I notice the boys mesmerized by this new exposed flesh. I glanced down at their Speedos and watched their bulges grow before admonishing myself for noticing. I gave Sue a dirty look and she just said "What? Sunburn on the breast is very painful."

What a tease I thought. Steve was still being a bit tentative with his application of the lotion. Sue admonished his by saying "Steven, if you care about Becky you'll cover every inch of exposed skin plus under the edges of her suit with lotion so she doesn't burn."

With that Steve went to task and started rubbing Becky all over. John and Kristi were doing likewise although Kristi was encouraging John to not miss any skin. Steve spent a fair amount of time working the sides of Becky's breasts before moving lower. I was curious to see how he would handle her ass. In the thong bikini she was wearing she looked almost naked. I could just make out her small puckered ass hole when she squirmed, which she was doing more and more of. Meanwhile with encouragement from Kristi, John was giving her butt cheeks quite a workout. Steve poured a generous glob of lotion onto Becky's ass and started rubbing it in. Quite a bit of lotion pooled in her ass crack and when Steve went to scoop it up with his finger Becky said it tickled and moved up and back. I swear for a few seconds Steve's finger was partially in her ass.

Just then Sue said "Turn over girls so they can get your front side. And then make sure you return the favor for the boys. I'm going to give Jen her new suit so we'll be back in a bit."

With that Sue grabbed my wrist and led me into the house.

"What are you doing?" I yelled but in a whisper. "I'm not wearing one of your tramp suits."

Sue went on to explain how I did not want to upset the girls or make them self-conscious about their bodies and so on. I relented and said I would wear the suit but only here at my pool.

"Good decision, plus I wanted to give the kids some privacy to see what happens. Check this out."

I looked out the bathroom window and Kristi was now rubbing lotion on John. She was spending quite a bit of time on his lower abdomen and it almost looked like she was rubbing his cock through his Speedos. Becky had her hand between Steve's legs and was apparently rubbing his cock with her forearm. Sue just grinned and said she told me so.

The suit fit me fine but there I had a few issues with it. First the top was tiny and just covered my areolas and did nothing to cover my prominent nipples. Second I needed to big time trim my pubes.

Sue said "I thought so. I had to do the same thing for both girls. I have my trim kit right here."

With that she ordered me to strip and she proceeded to 'clean' me up. With all the sex talk and watching the kids with the lotion I was getting fairly aroused with Sue's work on my pubes. I had never thought of having sex with another woman before but I was seriously turned on. I started squirming a bit secretly hoping Sue would so more that shave me. Sue must have sensed this and started tugging my labia as she 'tried' to get all the hairs. Sue told me with this suit I had to go completely bare. I was so horny I really did not care what she did. Just as I was getting close Sue stopped and told me to get dressed so we could go back out to the pool.

The kids were all sitting and chatting like nothing had happened with the lotion. When they spotted me they all suddenly stopped talking.

"John, close your mouth, you'll get flies." Becky said.

"So you like your mom's suit John. Come over here and put some lotion on your mom before she burns those pale cheeks. And Becky would you mind doing my lotion for me." Sue said.

I lay on my stomach while John started in on my shoulders. After working on Kristi he was definitely over any shyness he had before with her. He covered the sides of my breasts with lotion almost down to my nipples. I all fairness to him the suit didn't cover much more. As he started in on my butt cheeks Becky suddenly screeched "Mom, John has a boner. He got one with Kristi but yuck, with his mom.

"Becky, your Mom is a very sexy lady with a super hot body. I'd be more worried if John didn't have an erection. And speaking of excitement, you seem a bit damp yourself."

Becky looked down at her bottoms and they were definitely wet. Her embarrassment was quickly replaced by a determined look and she exclaimed "Well you caught me, I'm fucking horny. And it looks like everyone else is too. Look at the boy's suits. They are all tented out and all the girl's suits including yours Sue are wet. So what can we do?"

I was about to tell everyone they should jump in the pool to cool off but instead Sue exclaimed "As I see it there are two ways we could deal with this. We can ignore it and each of us will sneak off and masturbate a few times each day knowing full well the rest of us know what's going on or we can all be upfront about this and just get ourselves off right here in the open."

Both boys kind of moaned at hearing this and the girls squirmed around. I was getting very damp at the very thought of openly masturbating in front of the group. This whole time while Sue was explaining why we should give up the charade of modesty, my son John had continued to absentmindedly put lotion on my legs. At this point he had a hand on each leg by my pussy and his thumbs were rubbing my clit. For a few minutes I think he was completely oblivious to what he was doing. When he came to and looked down and realized what he was doing it was too late. I guess the sight of his hands near my pussy and his thumbs practically rubbing my clit was too much for him. He started cumming. The head of his cock pushed just above the waistband of his suit and a long rope of cum spurted out. It landed right above my belly button and down to the chair just below my crotch. John tried to move out of the way but all that did was cause the next couple of cum spurts to land over the rest of my belly up to my tits. I was covered. Not that I minded. In fact, I was so aroused from seeing all that lovely cum flying that I instinctively pushed my left hand down my belly through his cum and into my bottoms. It took only seconds of rubbing for me to cum as well.

Well that broke everything loose. Kristi pushed her brother Steve down and told Becky to pull his Speedo off. Steve was offering no resistance and help Becky get his suit off by lifting his butt.

"God I'm horny" exclaimed Kristi, "I can't believe it but I want to make my brother Steve cum and see his cock spurt, help me Becky."

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