Club 336

by Gina B

Copyright© 2012 by Gina B

Sex Story: Club 336 is the first of a series of stories from the universe of Badlands-The America Zone. Boys just want to have fun and that's exactly what they do at Club 336 in the year 2084 where one lucky birthday boy celebrates and enjoys his first fuck slave. I hope you enjoy!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Slavery   Heterosexual   Post Apocalypse   Rough   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .


Club 336 is one of many clubs built after the great wars in towns large and small all across America. They are owned by independent businessmen who see to it that they are profitable. There is no limit to the debauchery, and no end to the drudgery of the slaves that work in these clubs. These clubs are geared to the ordinary free man, to keep him happy and acquiescent in the miserable little life he leads.

In the fall of 2084, a group of young men, already drunk and celebrating, arrive at Club 336 and are let in to continue their party. They are with a friend who is now legally an adult. He's celebrating his 17th birthday and he can now enjoy all of the benefits of having reached majority age. He's heard about the notorious club and has looked forward to this night.

They are a rather large group and are seated together at two booths and a table in a corner of the club. The guys order a few bottles of good champagne and a slut for the night. They're hoping one slut will be enough but they'll spring for another if the first one craps out too early. They've only enough money for a lower priced slut but they don't mind as long as she's fuckable. She'll be a little older and not as cute, and probably pretty used but she'll still have three holes, and hell, they'll probably end up offing her anyway since they plan on getting seriously drunk. The wait slut takes their order and has a difficult time getting away from them because the guys have their hands all over and in her, anticipating what is to come.

Around them, the party in the club is in full swing. There's a raunchy show on stage showing several sluts in a variety of sexual acts. A girl is getting laid on a table with a group of guys circling the table and cheering her on as she takes dick after dick. A woman's being fucked like a dog in another corner, tits bouncing as guys fuck her cunt hard. Another woman is sucking off a line of guys waiting for the men's room, a gratis blow job courtesy of the management. Inside the men's room two guys are doing a slut, one with a dick in her ass, the other with his dick down her throat. Guys are walking around them to piss and some just give up and piss all over the woman.

When the champagne and slut arrive at their tables, the birthday boy is toasted and they all drink up. Their expressionless slut is put face down on one of the tables and the guys sit around fondling and sucking her tits and fingering her ass and cunt. She's a bit old for their taste, probably a former breeder who's just a fuck slave now. She's really trashy though, and very pliant. There's no fight left in this one, though it will be interesting to see what she does when that tie goes around her neck. After a few drinks they decide it's time to do the slut with the birthday boy going first. His best friend hands him a silk tie and tells him to put it around the slut's neck and pull it tight. He does that and holds it in one hand while he lines up, then shoves his dick in the slut's cunt.

The slut is already trying to pull at the tie around her neck so a couple of the guys hold on to her arms while their friend fucks her as he tightens then loosens the tie around her neck. He's got the right tension now and can hold the tie just right to keep her from breathing if he wants, and then release a little to give her a little air to keep her going. The boy doesn't last long, fucking the slut for just a few minutes until he comes, pulling hard on the tie as he pumps his cum inside her.

His friends all cheer him then get to work on the slut. They fuck her cunt and her mouth, pinching her nose to make her mouth stay open and gasping for air while her mouth is full of dick and someone's pulling the tie tight, cutting off the air supply. When the guys have all done her, they're a little bored and decide to see how far they can take her while fucking her mouth and pulling the tie tight. A line of them keeps her mouth filled with dick and she passes out several times. They keep reviving her though and now someone's fucking her cunt again while another dick is in her mouth and about ready to come. The guy fucking her mouth pulls really tight on the tie as he tenses up, preparing to get off, and somewhere in his bliss he forgets to loosen the tie and when he hears his friend coming in the slut's cunt, he's there and happily squirting cum into her mouth, as her body trembles and shakes, and her eyes stare at his dick.

When he's done, he lets go of the tie and her head drops onto the table with a thump. The slut doesn't move even when another dick slides into her cunt and the guy picks up the tie and pulls on it. He goes to town on her cunt, fucking her fast, going in deep, while cum drips from the girl's still open mouth, glazed eyes staring at nothing and one of the guys says he thinks she's dead and tells the guy fucking her to hurry up because she's dead, and so the guy really goes at it and finally comes, balls deep in the slut's cunt, pumping hot cum into her cooling hole.

The guys call over a wait slut and tell her to put the dead slut on their tab and bring them another one and more champagne. It's their first dead slut and they toast themselves on a job well done. Two big, strong looking males slave come to the table and take the slut away. She'll be put in the roasting pile and picked up in a few hours and taken to one of the state run mass roasting facilities for cooking. One of the guys makes sure to grab their nice silk tie before it's taken away with the slut.

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