Cold Sun

by Gina B

Copyright© 2012 by Gina B

Fantasy Sex Story: Cold Sun is a very dark tale about family togetherness and sharing. A good daddy will always share his whores with his sons and he will show his daughter love. The family that plays together stays together, and this family travels the back roads in their quest for adventure which is found in strange places sometimes. Beware if you don't enjoy non-consensual sex, murder and mayhem. This story may not be for you. But if you do, I think you'll really like this one.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Ma/Ma   Ma/mt   NonConsensual   Rape   Coercion   Heterosexual   Horror   Brother   Father   Daughter   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Lactation   Big Breasts   Violent   .

We'd been driving a long time, too long, in the endless green countryside in rural Tennessee. Everyone was tired and hungry after driving since mid-afternoon. I knew that daddy would soon be too tired to drive and he would pull off the road and we would all sleep for the rest of the night, joining my little sister Joanie who was already asleep in the back of the trailer. I would sleep next to her in our bed along with my older brother Brad, and I knew I would hear daddy grunt while he fucked Mom for two minutes in the bed below ours and then there would be silence. Sometimes Brad fucked Joanie but I turned my back when he did and I always pretended that nothing was going on.

Brad was eighteen and Joanie fifteen and I hoped he didn't get her pregnant. I knew the odds were against her though because daddy fucked Joanie too but only when he ordered everyone else out of the trailer first, or told Joanie to take a walk with him. Mom knew, we all knew, what was going on but daddy never said a word about it. One time I saw daddy doing Joanie in the woods when he thought no one was looking. It was early in the morning before anyone was up. I remember he was fucking her hard while he bent her over. Sunlight was filtering through the trees daddy thought hid them. He slapped her ass when he was done then told her to get him some coffee. She looked sad as she pulled up her panties while cum rolled down her leg, but didn't say a word as she walked back to the trailer.

Before daddy got too tired, we got lucky and arrived in a small town with a few buildings constituting downtown, including a diner. Daddy pulled into the empty parking lot a little after eight, and I could see that Mom was relieved because sometimes Daddy got mean when he got hungry. He was hungry for more than dinner though and both Mom and I knew it. I woke up Joanie and we all went into the diner for our supper.

There were just two people there, the cook who was hanging out with a pretty young waitress whose name tag said Alice. She seemed to be very sweet as she took our order, smiling and hurrying back with our drinks while we waited. Alice was wearing an actual diner uniform. She had a nice little body and some good looking tits that bounced a little when she walked.

We all ate in silence, none of us wanting to disturb daddy. I ate quietly and watched the significant looks between Daddy and Brad and knew what was going to happen. Mom looked dejected and Joanie was scared because they knew too. When daddy said he wanted some dessert, Brad immediately chimed in and they winked at each other. Mom tried to tell daddy to just leave these people alone but he told her to shut up and then told her to take Joanie and me and wait in the trailer.

I had never helped or participated in daddy's little adventures but I was sixteen, almost seventeen, and wanted in, so I risked speaking up and told him I wanted to help him. He looked at me and smirked, then looked at Brad with a look like maybe it's time, and Brad said, "Aww, my little bro's still a virgin, I don't know."

I told them both that I was old enough and that Alice was cute. They laughed and said okay, you can come and help us. We lingered for a minute while mom and Joanie went to the trailer. When the door was shut the three of us walked up to the register and Alice took our bill and rang it up. While she was doing this, daddy told me to watch the door and told Brad to go and see to the cook who was also just a kid.

I told daddy that no one was around and that's when both he and Brad pulled out guns. Brad went in the back and took care of the cook while daddy got up behind Alice and quickly had her hands behind her back and duct taped. Now I know why daddy doesn't go anywhere without duct tape. She was struggling though and daddy called to Brad to take care of the cook and get back up front pronto. I heard the kid shout out, "No, don't, please," and then a gunshot and knew that the cook had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Well, Alice had too. The gunshot made her stop struggling for a moment and then Brad was there and they were dragging her out to the trailer.

I opened the door for them and saw that mom and Joanie were in the back. We threw Alice in the trailer and daddy quickly started the engine and drove off into the night while Brad and I subdued her and taped her ankles. We put her in a seat by the dinette table and sat on either side of her. She was crying and screaming and pleading with us to let her go. We could have taped her mouth but daddy likes to hear them pleading. I think it turns him on and makes him feel more powerful.

I kind of felt sorry for Alice but I was hard and felt more sorry for my dick. Brad had pulled her tits out and was sucking them. He told me to suck a tit if I wanted but nothing else because daddy always got first shot at them.

Alice had really nice tits and I was enjoying them so much that I didn't notice that daddy has pulled over after driving down a dirt road. He got up from the driver's seat and walked over to us and I swear he licked his lips when he saw those tits. He grabbed them and bounced them and bit each nipple and then said, "Let's get going on this."

He opened the trailer door and Brad and I grabbed onto Alice who yelled out to mom and Joanie, "Do you just let them do this?"

Brad slapped her face and told her to shut up and then we hustled her out of the trailer and found a nice hidden spot surrounded by bushes and trees and we threw Alice down on the ground. Brad and I held Alice down while daddy cut the duct tape around her ankles and then spread her legs wide. He unzipped and pushed his pants down then stroked his dick which was hard and ready to go.

Then he was on top of her and lining up and pushing into Alice. She started screaming and both Brad and I slapped her face hard and told her to shut up and enjoy. Daddy started fucking Alice, slowly at first until she opened up, then faster as her cunt expanded. He grunted like he always did when he was fucking mom or Joanie and he laughed too, listening to Alice pleading with him, then he said he was ready to come in this girlie and I watched him pump her hard until he groaned and stopped and I knew his cum was flowing into her cunt.

Brad was up next, telling me I'd get sloppy thirds and be grateful for that. My dick hurt and I told him to hurry up because I needed in. He just laughed while he slid into Alice. He pulled her ass up and was holding on tight while his long dick went into her over and over again. Watching him I felt like I might explode if I didn't get in this girl soon and I told him to hurry up.

He took his time though and fucked her hard for a few minutes before he started groaning and finally unloading inside Alice's cunt. It was finally my turn and I think daddy said something like, "Do her good, boy."

I did her really good for all of a minute and then I couldn't stop myself from coming into her sweet hole. Daddy and Brad were laughing at me while I lay slumped on top of Alice, dick still inside her and then daddy told me to move my sorry butt because he was going to do her again, so I squeezed a tit and sucked on it then got up so daddy could get back into Alice.

We all took another turn fucking her for an hour or so and the second time around I lasted a lot longer and fucked her good and hard, pushing my dick in and out of her, going as deep as I could, and while my cum pumped into her, I thought that I could get used to this and I knew now why daddy and Brad liked it so much.

Alice lay on the ground not moving and daddy pulled off the duct tape from her mouth. He had also pulled out his gun and he told Alice he was going to put it in her mouth and pull the trigger and did she have anything to say, and then she started pleading in earnest and it was so pathetic, the words and tears pouring out of her and I could see she was shaking, trembling and her fear excited me. Daddy let her talk for a minute until she just said over and over, "Don't, please don't, I don't want to die, please, please don't."

Daddy grinned and put the gun in her mouth and she struggled and daddy told her to be quiet and to just think of it as a good way to go after taking some of the best dick on earth, and to think of it as another delicious cum load, but that she had to die because she was such a whore, and while she shook her head no, sweet lips around the gun, daddy pulled the trigger and she stopped moving. Her eyes were open, staring at nothing now and I swear I could have come again. We left her there, blood pouring out around her head like a halo lit by the moonlight, legs spread, cunt dripping cum. Daddy said the chances of anyone finding her anytime soon were slim to none. I hardly heard him though because my dick was hard again and I needed relief.

When we got back to the trailer, daddy washed the blood spatter off and put on a clean shirt and we drove about a hundred miles down the road until we found a good spot to pull off for the night. The rural countryside is great for hiding trailers and other things like dead whore waitresses.

The three of us were still running on adrenalin and while daddy drove, Brad and I got into bed with Joanie and he immediately started fucking her and when he was done he asked me if I wanted some and I was so hard and needed it so much that I said, yeah, I did want some, and Joanie looked at me like I wasn't her brother anymore, but I didn't care. I just wanted to sink my dick into a cunt and fuck it hard and squirt my cum in deep, and that's exactly what I did with Joanie underneath me, legs spread and completely quiet and subservient while I did her.

Daddy had pulled over while I was still fucking Joanie but I heard him start up with mom and he fucked her for a while, a lot longer than usual, but mom was quiet as always, and probably terrified of what would happen if she ever tried to say no. I wondered how both mom and Joanie felt knowing that our dicks had been inside a whore before them. Outside the night was still, the only sounds coming from inside the trailer were those of the sound of skin slapping against skin in the dark as dicks fucked whore cunts and a couple of final long groans as cum spilled into holes made for men to enjoy.

In the morning I woke up early because I heard something outside. Brad and Joanie were gone and so was daddy and when I looked out I could see them fucking her right outside the trailer and I hoped mom wouldn't wake up until they were done. She had a dick in her mouth and another in her cunt and they were rocking her body with their thrusts. Her tits were swaying wildly and I wished I could go out there and suck on them for a while. When they were done, Joanie walked into the trailer first and started making coffee. Her mouth was red from blowing Brad, and still glossy with his cum. Daddy walked in laughing, and when he'd had his coffee he told us we'd soon be in Arkansas and he knew they had some beautiful scenery there but first we'd find us some breakfast up the road and we headed out.

At breakfast at the only diner in a tiny Arkansas town, daddy reminded us that we'd be back home in Oklahoma in two or three days. Back to our hovel would be more like it, a run down fifties rancher, in a neighborhood where they didn't care where you parked the trailer. Everyone looked pretty down about going home, me most of all because I'd finally been included in my daddy's adventures. I sighed and daddy told me not to worry, because we'd hit the road again in six months time and who knew what we'd find on the road today and tomorrow.

He was right about that. You never know what you might find in the middle of nowhere. Opportunity knocks and you'd better be ready and as it turns out we were. Late the next day and only a ten hour drive from home, we drove through another little nothing town in western Arkansas and spotted of all things an open general store/gas pump and a big sign that said fresh donuts. It was only about eight at night but that's pretty late for a store to be open in the middle of nowhere.

Mom and Joanie both wanted some donuts so daddy grudgingly pulled in and told them to sit put while the three men went to get their women some donuts. He winked at me as if to say you never know what you might find inside that store. We didn't see anyone at first but when we went to the register area where the donuts were displayed, we saw her, a little blond haired girl. She was so pretty it took my breath away, and even daddy seemed surprised to see a girl that attractive.

She wore tight jeans and a low cut tee and the girl had a great ass and really big perky tits for such a little girl. She couldn't have been much more than sixteen and greeted us sweetly. We told her we needed a box of donuts so she picked out a variety and boxed them. Daddy was asking her if she worked here alone and she said not usually but tonight the other girl was sick so she was doing the whole shift herself. She smiled at us right up until the moment daddy and Brad pulled out their guns and told her to be quiet and she'd be okay.

Daddy told her to give the donuts to me and then he asked her name. She said it was Brandi in her soft southern voice, and then they moved around behind her while she was telling them they could take all of the money and that she wouldn't tell anyone about it. Daddy laughed then and told me to grab the money and then he and Brad each took an arm and started walking her out he door. I followed with the cash and the donuts, but ran past them to open the trailer door.

Just then a kid rode up on a bike and was getting off when he saw the girl and the guns and her struggling. Talk about bad timing. Brad said, "Oh, shit," and told me to grab Brandi's arm and then he ran towards the kid who looked about twelve, who was trying to get back on his bike and out of there. Brad got him though and punched him. The kid fell down and Brad picked him up and took him out in back of the store. Daddy and I waited a few moments and then we heard the gunshot and knew that Brad had taken care of the kid. When he came out, Brad picked up the bike and took it behind the store and tossed it into the trees where he'd dumped the kid.

Brandi panicked then and started really struggling with them and screaming that we'd killed the kid, so Brad slapped her hard a couple of times and she stopped struggling and screaming and started pleading with us just like they all did. We got her inside and taped her up good and drove off with no one in sight. Mom and Brandi were pretending to sleep while Brandi asked what we wanted from her and asked us to please not hurt her and she started sobbing and saying she didn't want to die. When we all laughed at her, she got real quiet though.

Daddy found a good spot next to a river. We hadn't seen a car or houses in the last hour so we felt home free to have a little fun. When daddy stopped he rubbed his hands together and said, "Okay, boys, time for a little fun."

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