Employing Carly

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2012 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: I employ 16 and 17 yr old girls to work in my surf shop. They get and keep their jobs by keeping the boss (me) sexually happy. This is the story of Carly's job interview.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Oral Sex   Squirting   Size   .

Hi, I'm Grant and I'm the owner of the local surf clothing shop (officially, that is). My other business interests are a little shadier. I'm the owner and operator of a brothel, and I also have a stable of high class escorts for well-to-do business men. I have a business partner too. He's the local doctor, and he looks after the health of my girls (and gets his fair share of young pussies too).

I employ 16 and 17 year old girls in my surf clothing shop with the most suitable 18 yr olds graduating to my brothel and escort service. To get a job (and keep it), the girls have to be sexually available to me and my partner.

Let me tell you about a recent recruit to the surf clothing shop staff.

Carly had just turned 16 and had been recommended to me by my other girls. She was quite thin, with a still developing body. Her tits were little cup-cakes on her chest at the moment, with a body just starting to become curvy. Her most noticeable feature was her mop of long curly rusty coloured hair which fell to the middle of her back.

The doctor had seen her a few days ago on her 16th birthday and given her the once over healthwise (and sexually too). He'd given her a birth control injection; and a man cream injection courtesy of his 7 inch cock. He told me that she was a virgin when she arrived at his office; and left a young woman an hour later.

I don't mind him breaking their hymens. It makes my job easier, expecially given that I have a quite fat 11 inch cock.

Carly arrived for her interview at 10 AM. I showed her through to my private rooms at the rear of the surf clothing shop. I sat in a big comfortable chair whilst Carly stood in front of me.

"Hi, Carly. I'm Grant and I'm the owner here. I understand that you want a job".

"Yes. I do" was her confident response.

"Now ... have the other girls told you what you have to do to get this job ... and to keep it?" I asked her.

"Hmmmm ... yes, they did tell me..." was her not so confident response. She looked down to her feet after she responded.

I continued the conversation with "I know you've been to see the doctor ... and he speaks very highly about you". She looked up and smiled as I continued "You will be treated very well and paid well during your training. The girls told you that ... didn't they? They did recommend you to me, you know?"

This time she looked me in the eye as she responded with "Yes ... I know what I'm getting into ... It's just a little daunting ... and they told me about your...". She struggled for words at that point.

"Cock ... that's the word that you are looking for?" I prompted her.

"Yes ... they told me that it's quite big ... huge was a common word used" she replied still looking me in the eye. Her eyes didn't drop to the floor this time.

"Soon you can make your own judgement. But first I'd like to see your body. Strip naked for me please".

She hesitated a moment before pulling her top over her head and dropping it to the floor. Her little tits were covered by a small pink bra. She looked to me for a reaction. I gave none so she pushed her skirt down over her hips. It dropped to the floor and she stepped out of it, kicking it aside to join her top. She stood there in matching pink panties and bra, watching me expectantly.

I indicated with my finger that I wanted her to turn around. I wanted to see her ass.

Carly turned slowly around until I got to see that her panties were a G-string and that her delicious ass cheeks were on full display. She completed the turn and came to a stop facing me again.

"Now, the rest" was my simple response.

She fumbled with the bra's front closure for a moment before it came apart and her luscious little tits came into view. She dropped the bra to the floor on top of her other discarded clothes.

"What's your size?"

"32 A cup" was her simple response.

"Continue please".

Carly moved her hands to her waist and snagged the waistband of her panties to start their descent to the floor. She was watching me again intently, looking for my reaction to her unveiling. Her panties soon reached mid-thigh, at which time I could see a totally bald pussy on display. The panties soon fell to the floor and joined the other discarded clothes. Her hands moved to cover her pussy.

"Don't hide it ... it's beautiful. You have a body to be proud of ... and it will change and become more beautiful".

She moved her hands to her sides to give me an uninterrupted view of her young body. It had a significant effect on me with my cock continuing to uncurl and harden all the way throughout her strip. I sat forward to the front edge of the chair to give myself room to remove my shirt. For a 54 yr old, my physique was quite toned. I sat there just wearing my shorts with its significant growth pushing at its seams.

"Look at what you have done to me" I directed her attention to the tenting of my shorts.

She smiled and said "Did I really do that?".

"Do you want to see more?" was my next question "Do you want to see my cock?"

"Yes ... yes, I would" was her enthusiastic response.

I stood for a moment and pushed my shorts to the ground. My cock sprang out and pointed slightly vertically, but mainly horizontally due to the significant weight of it. I sat down again and grasped it around the base to hold it erect.

"Oh my god ... you're fucking huge" was her impulse response.

"Shall we go somewhere more comfortable to play?" I enquired as I stood again and walked up to her. I bent down and kissed her gently for a moment before taking her hand and leading her to the attached bedroom - a bedroom full of hidden high definition cameras to capture the bed action from all angles.

My huge cock can be quite daunting to the new girls. For this reason, the early sessions don't include oral by her on me, or any anal action. I usually start with an extensive oral assault on her pussy before gently sliding it home into her pussy.

I laid Carly back on the king-size bed, joining her by parting her legs and crawling between them until my face was very close to her pussy. I'd examined many pussies in my day, with many of them markedly different. In Carly's case, her pussy featured a set of prominent pussy lips which were slightly darker in colour than her surrounding skin. The lips fully hid the entrance to her pussy. I'd have to part them to gaze upon her inner pussy lips.

I started with a gentle blowing of air across her pussy lips, up and down, laying a trail of air across the lips. Some females react, others don't. In the case of Carly, she squirmed at the sensation. Hmmmm ... I noted that for later use.

Pushing out my tongue, I ran it along her pussy lip ridge until I felt the lips part and my tongue slid down between them. She wasn't very moist at all but I expected that would change momentarily. Slowly and with long initial strokes, I licked up and down her pussy channel and across her inner lips, avoiding any initial contact with her clit. About 30 seconds passed before I noticed a change in her. She was pushing her hips towards me, and her pussy channel was getting wetter and wetter. Her taste changed from a neutral tasteless one to a slightly tangy taste.

Sensing that the time was right, I extended the range of my licks to include her clit. I was surprised to discover that it was quite large and easy to grasp between my lips. I would lick it and suck it before running my tongue back down her pussy channel towards her asshole; stopping and then retracing my path.

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