Dani's Missed Orgasm and Some of It's Consequences

by Kankon

Copyright© 2012 by Kankon

Erotica Sex Story: Dani always masterbates before school everyday but today she gets interupted just before she can finish, and than she gets interupeted again when she tries to pick up, than it happenes again...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Reluctant   Heterosexual   MaleDom   Gang Bang   First   Safe Sex   Masturbation   School   .

Dani woke up and yawned as she reached below the covers of her bed to indulge in her morning ritual of masturbating before school. She slipped her fingers into her panties that were all she wore under a large tee-shirt and began stroking her clit as she sunk two fingers into her tight hole. She sighed contentedly as she felt her orgasm building up and just before it broke over her mother calling to her, "Dani get up, you're going to be late to school".

Dani quietly cursed as she got out of bed, her orgasm had been so close but it would have to wait. She checked her clock and saw that she was running very late. She ran to her bathroom and brushed her teeth and took care of her business, she took a quick shower before directing the stream of water onto her clit, her orgasm began to rebuild but before she could finish her mother interrupted her again, "Dani, the bus is going to be here in five minutes."

Dani hopped out of the shower and threw on a shirt and a skirt, she decided she would masturbate before school and the skirt would be easier. She ran out the door and made it onto the bus just before the doors closed, she made her way to an empty seat where she sat down and as the bus bounced around she had and idea. She pulled out a pen from her backpack and started to rub her clit through the skirt, each bounce of the bus drove her clit into the pen and soon she was back to the edge again when the bus stopped and a group of kids got on, one of which sat next to her. Not wanting anyone to know what she was doing she reluctantly but the pen away.

At school she didn't have a chance to continue and it drove her mad, every time she so much as brushed her crotch against anything it sent a shock of pleasure so she decided to skip lunch and take care of her problem. She went into a stall in the girl's bathroom and pulled up her skirt and set to work. For what felt like the hundredth time that day Dani was on the brink of an orgasm when she was again interrupted, this time by a group of talking girls who entered the bathroom and by the time they left the warning bell had rung and she was forced to leave unhappily and unsatisfied.

As the school day ran to a close Dani couldn't concentrate on anything and as the final bell rang she ran out the door so fast she almost left a vapor trail. Somewhere between the bathroom an now a plan had formed in her mind, she would go the girls locker room which would be empty as soon as the bell rang and would stay empty because there were no sport practices except the boys basket ball. She came to the doors to the locker rooms and ran threw it, she imminently ran to the showers where she flung herself into a stall, closed the curtain, pulled up her skirt and began pleasuring herself as she sank to the floor.

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