Mom's Concern

by Chas

Copyright© 2012 by Chas

Incest Sex Story: Two moms catch their sons masturbating together while wearing the moms' panties and bras. The moms are worried about sons being cross dressers or gay. The sons explain they had never seen a woman before and were fantasying. The moms decide to show them the real thing.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   CrossDressing   Incest   Mother   Son   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Cindy and I have been best friends for years. Actually about fourteen years when both our husbands got tired of dealing with toddlers and became more interested in their young secretaries rather than their over worked wives. We worked it out and both stayed married but not before Cindy and I became lovers. Our husbands are both in sales and high powered macho guys. When they have time for us they are fantastic lovers. When they are busy working as is often the case, well Cindy and I have ourselves.

It was a Wednesday afternoon, Cindy and I were out shopping and then supposed to head over to her house for a little fun and games before meeting our sons back at my house for dinner. I had just gotten a new sex toy I wanted to try out so Cindy and I stopped over my house before heading over to her house for a little fun.

Our sons are Mike and John. Mine is Mike and Cindy's is John, both almost 16. We assumed our sons would be playing their video games. When we came in the house we heard something different from the usual video game sounds. We went upstairs quietly and were in for the shock of our lives. The boys were dressed in just our own bras and panties. John was straddling Mike who was lying on the floor. John had his cock out jerking it over Mike. We heard him say something like show me your tits and rub your pussy.

"Mom, oh my god, what are you doing here?" Mike croaked.

I looked down and his erection had wilted although he still had an impressive cock for his age. "Mike, John WHAT are you two doing?" I asked.

"Well, ah, well, we never really saw a naked woman before so we were pretending to be one so we could take turns, you know." Mike whispered.

Both boys looked so embarrassed and upset that we instinctively hugged them, bras and panties notwithstanding. Perhaps because of how pitiful our boys looked or the fact Cindy and I were ready for a hot afternoon of sex that the following events transpired.

"Well you certainly gave us quite a surprise" Cindy finally managed to talk again.

"We're just relieved you two were just jerking off to a fantasy and not gay or into cross dressing. Your fathers would have a bit of a problem with that."

"You do look pretty ridiculous. You really don't look like women. Would you like to see what a real woman in a bra looks like?" asked Cindy.

"Yes" both boys shouted at once.

"OK" I said. "Cindy and I will both take off our blouses and let you have a brief look. Hopefully that will satisfy your curiosity for a while."

"But first you two have to get out of those bras and panties. How can you expect me to look sexy when I start laughing about how you two look." explained Cindy.

"But mom, we'll be naked." exclaimed John.

"John, you and Mike both are almost naked and we've seen your cocks so what's the big deal?"

"OK, you're right" John said as both he and Mike striped out of the bra and panties.

"Ready Cindy" I asked as we both began to take our blouses off. Now our bras were about what some of our bikinis were but there is something very sensuous about stripping in front of someone else. Both boys were now erect again. "How this guys?"

Mike the bolder of the two said "Mom, can you and Cindy take your skirts off as well? We were fantasying about a mostly naked woman after all."

I looked at Cindy and she just shrugged and started unhooking her skirt. I did the same and soon both of us were standing in just our bras and panties. Now it was my turn to get a bit embarrassed as my panties said 'Eat Me' across the front.

Cindy spoke up "Now I suppose you two want to jerk off on us as well?"

Mike replied that's exactly what they had been the middle of doing before.

"I don't know about that" I said.

"But wait, that's what we really wanted. Should John and I go back to wearing these clothes?"

"No, that's not what I meant. It's just that we're both wearing brand new bras and panties from the mall and I'd like to not get them all sperm covered so soon. Would you two be OK if Cindy and I got naked? I know you probably don't want to jerk off to you own mother so Mike you go by Cindy and John come over to me."

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