After the Olympics

by Daddy Jack

Copyright© 2012 by Daddy Jack

Incest Sex Story: While Aly was competing in the Olympics, her father was exchanging emails with his online friends about the gymnasts' tight bodies, and especially about Aly's ass. She returns home and discovers his emails. She's shocked of course, but she thinks of a surprising way to express her anger to her dad (using her beautiful bottom!)

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

Aly's dad rarely took chances when it came to his online life. He only looked at porn or entered chat rooms when no one else was home, he kept several completely private emails, and he rarely accessed them unless he was sure he was alone.

But he was caught by surprise after he returned early from watching his daughter compete in the Olympics in Women's Gymnastics. He was unaware that Aly had caught a different flight home than her mother, nor that a car had been arranged to pick up Aly from the airport.

Therefore, it was quite a shock to him when he came into the room and found Aly sitting on the couch.

"Whoa! Honey, what are you doing here?"

"Mom didn't tell you I was coming home early?" Aly asked.

"No, she didn't," he replied, noticing that his daughter seemed tense. "Al, is everything OK?"

He hadn't yet realized that his computer had been moved from the spot where had left it.

"No, it's not, Dad."

"Why?" he said earnestly. "What's the matter, Honey?"

"What is wrong with you, Dad?"

"Aly, I don't know what you're... ," he began to say before realizing that his laptop was in a different place.

"I picked up your computer when I got in, to check and see when Mom's flight was supposed to arrive."

"Oh, Honey ... I..."

"Dad ... what the hell? I read those emails! How could you do that? How could you talk about ME like that?"

Months earlier he had connected with a small group of men who shared emails and some pictures about various girls they where hot for. Some of the guys wrote stories about the girls, some just shared, very explicitly, what they wanted to do to this girl or that. Some of the guys fantasized about girls considerably younger than Aly's father's tastes, but he went with the flow.

When the Olympics came along, one of the guys mentioned having seen some of the girls on television doing their routines. At first Aly's dad was shocked to learn that men would actually talk about his daughter and her teammates. They of course had no idea that the Aly who was competing for gold medals was the daughter of a member of their group.

He almost dropped out when they started talking specifically about Aly, and her ass, and what they would like to do with it. At the same time he knew full well that he had fantasized about his daughter's perfect ass, and the rest of her incredibly fit body for many years. He wanted to do the same things to her that the other guys in the group wanted to do. So after a day or two he chimed in the email exchanges, never letting on that the Aly they all wanted to fuck was his own daughter. And now apparently, Aly had discovered what he had been talking about online.

"Sweetheart, I... ," he said, knowing that he had absolutely no defense. "Maybe what you saw wasn't..."

"You signed your first name. Are you going to tell me that it's a coincidence that those disgusting emails are open on your laptop, and that it's an accident that they were talking about ME, and that your name is signed to some of them?"

"No, Aly. I ... oh, I'm so sorry."

"You know, Dad, we're not dumb. We all know that millions of guys see us as sex objects. I know that there are a million pictures of my ass, and Jordyn's ass, and Mackayla's ass all over the Internet. We all know there are pervs all over the place who see us like that. But how can you be one of them, Dad? What the fuck?

Do you really think about me like that, Dad? Do you think about Jordyn? Do you really think about fucking her like you talked about? Do you seriously think about fucking ME? I'm your daughter!"

"Honey, I don't know what to say, but I'm sorry."

"I want you to answer me, Dad. Do you think about fucking me? Do you think about doing those other things with me that those emails talked about?"

"Aly, I..."

"Fucking answer me!"

"Yes, Aly. I'm terribly sorry. It was so wrong. I just ... I just don't know. I couldn't help myself."

"I just can't believe you, Dad. So, you actually think about doing those things to me? Do you really wanna do what that one sick fuck said? Do you really think about putting your dick between my cheeks so I can squeeze it to get you off?"

"Honey, don't talk like that."

"Don't tell me what to do, Dad. Just tell me if that's something you think about. Did you think that you'd really like to do that? Do you want to put your dick between my ass cheeks? Because I'll tell you something, that pervert is right, I am strong as hell and you better believe you'd feel it if I flexed on you."

"Aly ... of course I don't..."

"Yes you do, don't you? That really is something you want to do, to your daughter. I can't believe you. What the hell would Mom think?"

"Please don't tell your mother, Aly. Please know that I'm so sorry. But please don't tell her."

"Take it out, Dad."

"What? Aly, what are you saying?"

"You know damn well what I'm saying, Dad. Take your dick out of your pants. In fact, take your pants off."

"Aly, don't be ridiculous."

"I'm serious, Dad. Take your pants off or I'll call Mom and tell her right now what I saw on your computer. If she doesn't answer I'll leave her a nice message. Now get 'em off."

He obediently followed his daughter's orders, and in no time he was dropping his pants to the floor. She gestured for him to drop his briefs as well, which he did.

Aly then undid the belt of her jeans and started unbuttoning the fly.

"Aly, what do you think you're doing?"

"I'm giving you what you want, Dad. You said you wanted your dick between my cheeks. Well, you're gonna get your wish, so you can tell your fucked up buddies you actually did it."

Soon her pants were on the floor, followed by the red thong she had underneath.

"Here, I'll bend over the arm of the couch. Come on, get behind me and put your cock in between. I'm not gonna tell you again."

Aly reached behind herself and grasped one firm, perfect buttock in each hand, then spread them apart.


"Do it, Dad. Do it or I'll call Mom."

He slowly moved behind his daughter. He knew her tone when she was like this. She wouldn't take no for an answer, and she would follow through on her threat. He felt he had no choice, so he took his limp cock in hand and moved very close. He held his dick up, then let it plop into Aly's wide open crack. She immediately released her hold on the two sides of her ass and they slapped back into place. He felt his dick was already being squeezed.

"Aly, please stop," he said.

"Yeah right," she replied.

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