Comming of Age

by Stepdad

Copyright© 2012 by Stepdad

Erotica Sex Story: My stepdaughter grows up much to my delight

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   First   Safe Sex   Masturbation   Petting   .

I was sitting watching TV in my sweats and tee shirt the other night when my positively stunning blond haired blue eyed daughter Kimmey walks in dressed in one of her night shirts (an old tee shirt of mine which she adopted) that just barely covers her girl parts. I noticed that she very strongly resembles a younger version of her mother Jean who could pass as a high society fashion model any day. Her long blonde hair virtually glowed like the finest spun golden silk and her riveting blue eyes, with just a glance would look directly into my soul. Nobody could look away from those eyes no matter how hard they tried. I mean my wife was so gorgeous she could give a corpse a hard-on.

Standing there framed in the doorway Kimmey was a virtual goddess of sensuality and she looked like the cover of one of those magazines about professional fashion models and movie actresses. Absolutely gorgeous. She, like many times before, caused my prick to respond to the sight of her and turn into a virtual telephone pole.

Breaking my staring fest she spoke. "Daddy, ... Daddy ... DADDY"

Coming back from my dreamy state, I asked "What is it Princess?"

"My titties ache and I'm a little scared something bad is wrong with me".

Wow, so what do I do now? A dilemma indeed. Do I take the safe way out and tell her there's nothing wrong with her and to ignore it and it'll get better or try to solve the problem. If only her mother were here she would be able to handle this situation. But I was on my own here so here goes.

Since she just turned 14 years old and was beginning to develop (how could I not notice), trying to be totally objective and placate her a little I told her "There is nothing wrong with you and it is perfectly normal to have what's called growing pains."

"Isn't there something that can be done to relieve the pain 'cause it hurts! And aspirin doesn't help"

Drawing on my limited medical knowledge I told her "they need to be massaged to reduce the tension and help the blood flow."

"Daddy, I don't think I can do it right so can you show me how it's done?"

Since I dearly love my daughter, well really step daughter, I would do anything she asked. How could I say no to such a sweet little girl who just happens to be a very pretty girl? (I still find it very difficult to say no to a girl as pretty as my Kimmey who I love more than life itself.) Now normally a girl's mother handles these delicate matters but her mother was killed in a car wreck last year just a couple of months after we got married. So there I was being both mother and father to this little girl and of course she has me wrapped tightly around her little finger so you can guess what follows.

Throwing caution and better judgment to the wind I agreed saying "come on over here and I'll show you how to do it"

With that she bounds across the floor stripping her night shirt off, now totally naked except for her slippers, and climbed up on my lap facing me and almost crushing my big boner under her rear end. She had to notice it but said nothing grabbing my hands and putting them squarely on her developing ping-pong ball sized boobs. Now here I was with this fabulous looking sexy girl totally naked except for a pair of slippers and I"m rubbing her chest like a teenager with raging hormones copping a feel from his girlfriend at the drive-in. God, the things running through my mind are enough to put me in prison for two lifetimes. So I control myself and continue the massage when she reaches down through the fly front of my sweats, lifts up a bit and grabs my boner, pulls it out and starts stroking it. This was making it extremely hard (no pun intended) to control my arousal. I felt like I was ready to spray the front of her with loads of cum right then and there. I had to start thinking about something boring like reciting (in my mind) the math tables.

Now maybe I should take you back to a month after her mother died.

She would get very sad at times and cuddle up with me on the couch and I would comfort her with a hug, a kiss on the forehead and stroking her hair until the sadness would ebb and she would almost purr like a kitten. After a few episodes like that she would relax and her hand would rest on my cock causing an immediate reaction.

"what's that daddy?"

Oh my, what do I say now? This kid really knows how to put me on the spot. I decided that truth is the best course and explained to her.

"That is my penis which gets hard when I see a pretty girl like you"

"You think I'm pretty"? she asked.

I nodded my head yes and said that like her mother, she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

"why does it do that?" she asked.

"Didn't they talk about how babies are made in health class at school?"

"Yeah," she said, "but they didn't mention that the man's penis got so hard and big."

"Well," I explained "that is so it will go into a woman's vagina to fertilize her eggs so she will get pregnant and have a baby."

Still more questions "does it hurt when it gets big like that?"

"It gets uncomfortable sometimes" I said "but stroking it makes it feel better."

Now she is a very caring person always doing things to help others so her next comment was to be expected even though it did catch me a little off guard. Very innocently she asked "would you like me to stroke it for you to make it feel better?"

Now let's admit the facts folks. There was no way in hell that I was going to tell her no. I merely said "you really shouldn't do that. After all I am your father."

She reminds me that I am her Step-Father to which I reply "Okay -- if you really want to I suppose it will be ok. But, -- you've got to remember that other people would not approve of what we're doing here on the couch so you cannot tell any one, not even your friends or I'll get in a lot of trouble and go to prison"

Nodding her head she reached through my fly and brought my big tool out and started to stroke it lightly. Well biology being what it is, she managed to get me so hot I was about ready to explode in no time at all. I figured she wasn't ready to deal with semen all over so I excused myself and went into the bathroom to finish the job. One of my best orgasms ever to that point imagining her little warm hand still wrapped around my big boner instead of my own.

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