Her New Underwear

by White Panties

Copyright© 2012 by White Panties

Erotica Sex Story: 14 year old Jennifer buys some new bras and panties. However, she feels they may be too sexy, so she enlists her father's advice, as well as that of his older friend, who just happens to be there. Naughty mayhem ensues. This story is no Hemingway. It's pure stroke for fantasy lovers of daddies, their young daughters, their white panties, and the words.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   School   .

14 year old Jennifer buys some new bras and panties but fears they may be too sexy, so she asks her dad and his friend for their opinions.

Hello. My name is Jennifer. I'm 14 years old. I'm not a stupid girl but I'm incredibly naive. I think nothing of walking around the house in my bra and panties while my father is home, or even undressing when he can see me. He won't let me watch sexy TV programs and he uses parental controls on my computer too. I guess he wants to keep me his little girl as long as possible. More like ignorant, maybe. Whatever.

I told him that I needed new underwear and he gave me his credit card to buy some. I went shopping after school but I'm not sure about what I bought. Some of it is kinda sexy and I think I should get his approval. After all ... he's my father.

I come home and I see a strange car in the driveway. What I don't know is that my father invited a friend over to go through my underwear with him. It seems he's been telling his friend how much fun it was to play with my bras and panties and to jerk off into them, and that he takes every opportunity to look up my dresses or see me undressing. That turns him on like crazy because he loves my young body and because I'm so sweet and innocent and because I'm his daughter. I'm not sure how I would feel about it if I understood all that and what it meant to be turned on like crazy.

I come upstairs and find them in my room. My underwear drawer is open and they have some of my white cotton panties in their hands. They're rubbing bulges in their pants.

"Hi dad. What's up?"

"Oh hello Jennifer. This is my friend, Bob."

"How do you do, sir."

"Hello Jennifer. My, what a pretty girl. And so young. Please call me Grandpa Bob."

"Thank you Grandpa Bob."

"I see you're wearing your academy jacket with a white blouse, a blue pleated skirt and saddle shoes. I love the white sweat socks and the saddle shoes. Perfect. I see that all your underwear is either white or some pastel colors. What color bra and panties are you wearing right now?"

"White, Grandpa Bob. I'm still in junior high school and I wear almost all white cotton underwear. But I needed some new underwear and I went shopping after school."

"Honey, I know you went underwear shopping and we were just checking out what you had and what you needed."

"Thanks daddy. I know you like to keep tabs on my underwear. I have my new things right here, in this bag. But dad?"

"Yes, sweetheart?"

"Some of them are kind of, you know ... a little sexy?"

"Hmm. I guess you better show me what you bought and I'll see if they're too sexy. My friend will assist us, as he's a grandfather and has a lot of experience with young girls and their bras and panties."

"Some of them are pretty tight and I don't know if you can tell if they're too sexy from just looking at them."

"Then perhaps you should try them on for us to see, sweetheart. We'll sit here on the bed. Why don't you remove your clothes and begin trying them on."

"Yes, Jennifer. As your father said, I have a lot of experience seeing young girls like you in their underwear and I will be able to give you the opinion of an older man. After all ... I have grand daughters and nieces and I've watched them putting on and taking off their bras and panties. I've even showed pictures of the girls in their underwear to your father, so he knows about my experience."

"Oh thank you Grandpa Bob."

I remove my academy jacket and place it over the back of my desk chair. I dump the bag upside down on my desk, spilling out my new underwear.

"Why don't you start by taking off your blouse and skirt and getting down to your bra and panties? That way we can make a comparison."

"That's a good idea, daddy."

"How old did you say you were, dear? And to help me evaluate your new underwear, what are your measurements please?"

"I'm 14, Grandpa Bob. And I'm 34b, 25, 33."

"Very nice. Thank you. You have quite the lovely figure, Jennifer. Please continue. Why don't you begin with your blouse, so we can see your bra?"

I undo the buttons of my white school blouse, exposing my standard white bra with a little lacey stuff that any young schoolgirl would wear. I pull the blouse out of my skirt, take it off and place it over the jacket. I put my hands inside the cups to make sure my breasts are sitting right.

"Turn around dear."

I slowly do a turn, showing my bra from the side and the strap across my back.

"Does she have any idea what a turn-on this is?"

"No. She has no idea. Wait. It gets better."

"Jen, your bra looks a little tight. I'd better check it out. Grandpa Bob will assist me. Come over to us please."

I stand in front of where they're sitting. My father reaches out and cups my right breast, feeling all over my bra. He puts his fingers inside the cup to feel how much room is in there. Grandpa Bob does the same with my other breast; so now they both have their fingers and part of their hands inside my bra cups. I know they can't help it but their fingers are touching, squeezing and kneading my breasts and my nipples. My nipples get hard.


"Dad? Why is Grandpa Bob groaning? Is he OK?"

"He's fine Jen. Why are your nipples getting hard?"

"I know, right? They do that a lot."

"Bend over dear, so we can feel the weight of your breasts in your bra."

I bend at the waist so my breasts hang down, held in place by the bra cups. Dad and grandpa put their hands inside my bra cups, under my breasts and hold them, feeling their weight.

"I'm curious why your nipples are hard, dear. We need to make sure you have a good fit, so why don't you stand up and move closer to us."

My father puts his arm around my back and under the bra strap, pulling me to him and to my surprise, he leans forward and puts his mouth on the front of my bra and sucks through the material of my bra where my nipple is. Grandpa Bob must have made a mistake, because when he puts his arm around my other side, his hand lands onto my rear and his fingers slip into the separation in my behind. I can feel his fingers wiggling around in my behind through my skirt and my panties. Now he also leans in and puts his face into my breast and sucks at my other nipple through the material. Hmm? It's funny seeing their faces all mooshed up into my bra. I don't know what to do with my hands, so I stroke their heads while they suck my breasts and nipples through the material. My nipples are very stiff now and I feel all tingly in my belly. I don't know what this has to do with advising me about my underwear but it feels OK.

This goes on for a while when I ask: "Dad? Shouldn't I take off my skirt now? You know ... so you and grandpa can look at my panties?"

"Um, yes, Jen. Go ahead. And why don't you stay where you are, so we can feel ... er ... observe closer."

"OK, daddy. But did you find what you were looking for when you were holding my breasts in your hands and then putting the bra in your mouths?"

"Yes, dear. I'll explain when we finish our evaluation."

"And you, Grandpa Bob? When you were sucking me through my bra? It's all wet now with your saliva. And how come your hand was feeling me through my skirt in the back?"

"I found it very informative dear. Not to worry about my hand. Now continue undressing please. Remove your skirt."

They lean back on their hands. And it looks like the bulges in their pants are bigger now. Hmm. I unsnap my skirt, pull down the zipper and let it drop to the floor, leaving me standing in front of them in my bra and white panties. I pick it up and place it on top of my blouse.

"See daddy? My panties are kinda tight. See in the back how tight they are across my behind?"

I turn around, bend over and run my fingers inside the elastic leg bands to smooth out them out over my behind.

I feel their hands on my behind, kind of feeling my behind through my panties and rubbing them.

"Yes Jen. They do seem tight. What do you think Bob?"


I stand back up and face my father's friend. "Grandpa? I don't understand. What does Jesus have to do with my panties being too tight?"

"Come close dear. Something weird. Spread your legs for me. There you go."

He reaches out and puts his hand between my legs and kind of cups my vagina through my white panties. He feels around with his palm, rubbing the lips with his fingers and even pushes into me through the cotton material. He feels me underneath. Wow.

"You're wet there, honey. Did you know that?"

"I know dad. It does that. It feels funny sometimes. Do you think you should examine the wetness inside my panties closer?"

"Yes, honey. I'll get on my knees in front of you so I can get a closer look at what's going on with your vagina. Grandpa Bob will help us by doing the same from the back."

I spread my legs as wide as I can and still keep my balance, so they can both examine what's going on there.

My father is on his knees, with his hands wrapped around my thighs. Grandpa Bob goes behind me and does the same thing. He leans his head forward, in between my legs.

"Dad, why are you putting your face in between my thighs? Daddy? Is that your lips and your tongue I feel through the white cotton? Oh my goodness! And ... wait! Grandpa? Is that your face I feel in the behind of my panties? Is that your tongue also, sticking into my tiny private place through my panties? OH MY GOODNESS!"

I feel hands on my thighs, then fingers touching me underneath, in the space between my vagina and my behind.

"Uh, dad? Grandpa Bob is pulling the elastic leg band of my panties aside and I think his tongue is ... OH GOD!"

My father takes his face out of my crotch.

"What is it baby?"

"Ohhhh. His tongue is ... it's ... ooooohhh. It's in my behi ... and oh daddy: Now you're pulling away the elastic leg band of my panties from my front. Are you seeing the hair on my vagina? Is that your tongue pushing into my vagi... ? Ooooo, daddy!"

An amazing feeling starts to build in my vagina, as both he and Grandpa Bob wiggle their tongues in and around my pee hole and my behind. It keeps getting stronger and overcomes me.

"OH, OH, OH, my goodness, daddy!"

My knees get weak and I have to grab onto my father's ears in order to steady myself. When I catch my breath he pulls away from me and Grandpa Bob takes his face away from my behind.

"Wow! Daddy? What was that? Did it have anything to do with you and grandpa Bob pulling away the elastic leg bands of my panties and putting your tongues into my vagina and in my behind?" "I'll explain later sweetie. But I think Grandpa Bob and I will have to take our clothes off before we burst through our pants."

"Amen to that." Grandpa Bob says.

"Why's that, daddy?"

"So, we ... uhhh ... can examine your underwear better, honey. Make sense?"

"Uh, sure, yeah, I guess so."

I've never seen anyone undress so quickly. They take their pants off and there are huge bulges in their underwear where their penises are. They pull their underwear down and ... OMG!

"Daddy! Your penis. It's so big and hard. And Grandpa Bob's too. And they're bobbing up and down. Why's that?"

"That's what happens when a father such as myself or a grandfather such as Grandpa Bob examines a young girl very closely. Not a big deal, Jen. I'll explain further another time."

There seems to be a lot of explaining to do another time but I guess it'll wait. We have more important things to do right now. Naked, they sit on my bed and lean back on their elbows.

"He, he. Hey daddy ... it looks funny with your penises sticking straight up like that. How come the tops are all red?"

"It's because we didn't get off yet sweetie."

"Get off? I know. You'll explain another time. No problem, he, he."

"OK, please continue with the undressing Jennifer. Now your bra and panties."

"Yes, grandpa. I was hoping you'd say that. I need to take my underwear off so I can try on my new things and so you and my dad can give me your opinions. I guess I should take my school shoes off first, eh?"

I don't bother untying the laces; I just push the shoes off, leaving me in my white sweats socks. I reach behind my back, unhook my bra, take it off and place it over my blouse.

"Jesus, they stick straight out. And they're perfectly round."

"What does, Grandpa Bob? My breasts? Is something wrong with them?"

"No, Jennifer. Nothing is wrong with your breasts. They look perfectly fine for a 14 year old girl. In fact, they look incredible. Now your panties, please. Take off your panties."

I put my fingers into the waistband and push my white panties down to my thighs and then off. I kick them out of the way. I'm naked now except for my socks and I'm ready to try on some new underwear.

"God almighty! Look at that beautiful triangle of dark hair. "Here. Let me have those."

"My panties, Grandpa Bob?"

"Yes, dear. I'm going to inspect them closely, like I do for my granddaughters. Ahhhh."

"Grandpa? Why are you putting my panties on your face, for heaven's sake? And ... are you licking the crotch? It's all gooey from when I got so wet just now. Eww."

"Grandpa Bob needs to do that to give a better inspection dear."

Now this doesn't make any sense at all but what do I know?

"Grandpa Bob? Why are you pulling on your penis? And you too, daddy?"

"It helps motivate us for the difficult task of evaluating your bras and panties, honey. Now I'm going to place the palm of my hand against the hair covering your pus ... er, your vagina. This will help me get a sense of how thick the hair is. It's a tough job but I will continue pulling on my penis, which will help."

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