by Trace Ekies

Copyright© 2012 by Trace Ekies

Erotica Sex Story: Sandy's heart-throb, Charlie, is away for a couple of weeks and she wants to become a proficient 'kisser' while he's gone. She enlists the anxious aid of her older cousin Bob. [It is the author's opinion that it is not incest if there is no genital-genital penetration.]

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cousins   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   .

"Ooops!" Sandy said as she retreated into the hall, "I thought you were still in bed."

Bob was seated at the kitchen table with his back to the hallway door. At the sound of his cousin's voice he turned. "Still in bed," he asked, "At 9:30 ... why would you think that?"

Sandy was mostly hidden behind the door frame. "Well uh ... your bedroom door was closed, so I just assumed -"

Bob's parents had recently relocated to another city and Bob had moved in with Sandy, (his cousin), and her aunt, (who was also his aunt), until he finished his senior year in high school. "Bad assumption," he said, "And why are you hiding in the hall? Come and have some pancakes. I made enough for both of us."

Sandy, at sixteen, was a year younger than Bob, and although she had been trying to treat him as family and not be overly concerned about her dress around him, she still had concerns, particularly when she and Bob were alone in the house, as they were now. "Uh, yeah, well, I'm not wearing much, just panties and a bra. I need to put something more on."

"Right, like I haven't already seen you in less," Bob snapped, "For Chrissake, Sandy, I've even seen you practically naked, now get in here!"

Sandy had been swimming topless with Bob and had been dressed for bed while watching late night television with him. Still she persisted, "I think I ought to put on something a little less revealing."

"Ought to? Who says," Bob asked, "Aunt Anita surely wouldn't think you ought to."

Anita had become Sandy's legal guardian when Sandy was orphaned by a plane crash that killed both of her parents. Anita was twenty-eight and pretty open about sexual matters. Generally she encouraged Sandy to be the same way. "Right," replied Sandy, "But she did tell me to be careful when it was just you and me."

"Hey, we talked about that. You wanted to be my sexy sister and have me as your protective big brother. I promised I would never let anything happen to you, and I meant it."

"You still promise then?"

"Of course, now come have some breakfast."

"If you're sure."

"I'm sure. Come sit down."

Sandy walked slowly back into the kitchen and sat down across from Bob who looked her over carefully while letting out a long, low whistle.

"Hey, you promised," Sandy snapped.

"I promised nothing would happen to you. I didn't promise I wouldn't enjoy looking. I mean, Jesus, that has got to be the skimpiest bra and panties set I've ever seen."

"Oh ... you've seen a lot then, I guess."

"Uh, well ... and such a gorgeous body, and I let you talk me into that stupid promise -"

"Yeah, well if you hadn't made that stupid promise there is no way I would be sitting here like this."

"Oh, I'm sure you'd find some excuse. You know you like it as much as me."

"Well, whatever," smiled Sandy, quietly accepting Bob's judgment. "I guess if I'm going to eat I better get a plate and silver." Sandy got up to retrieve the necessary items from the dishwasher. Bob's eyes zeroed in on her panties, a very skimpy bikini style in white cotton. While not see-through, they were tight enough to showcase a nice outline of what some might refer to as her 'camel-toe'.

When she turned her back to him he saw just how skimpy the panties really were. There was a small strip of cloth covering the crack in her butt, however her ass-cheeks were almost entirely bare. Bob adjusted the growing appendage in his shorts.

As Sandy sat down to the table she saw with considerable satisfaction that she had her cousin's full attention. Over the last few weeks she had learned that it excited her to expose her supposed-to-be-covered parts to Bob and his friends, especially Charlie. "You know, I'm sorta interested in your friend Charlie..."


"Do you think he's interested in me?"

"How could he not be interested?" Bob looked across the table at his near-naked cousin. The bra Sandy wore, in spite of being nearly transparent, still covered only a small part of her breasts. The breasts themselves were exquisitely shaped and looked fairly substantial, but considering Sandy's petite size, were likely only a 'B', certainly no more than a 'C'. "I mean, why do you think he comes over here so much?" Bob added.

"Really? You think he likes me, then?"

"Oh for sure, you're all he talks about."

"And what does he say?"

"Uhm ... I'm not sure I should say ... but it's all good!"

"I think I can imagine some of it ... but, do you think he wants to kiss me."

Bob was startled by the question but managed to respond, "Well, yeah, I'm sure he does."

"And you?"

"Huh," Bob replied, not sure he had heard correctly.
"Do you want to kiss me, too," Sandy patiently and clearly asked.

"But I'm your brother ... er cousin ... er whatever," Bob stammered, "I'm not supposed to want to kiss you ... at least not the way I think you mean."

"But would you anyway," Sandy asked again.

Bob wasn't sure how he was expected to answer. He evaded with, "But, what about Charlie"

Sandy dealt with the evasion patiently, "As you know, he's gone someplace with his father for a couple of weeks."

"So wait until he gets back."

"I could but I wanted to be all practiced up when he gets back."

Sandy was the stuff that wet-dreams were made of but apparently hadn't even been kissed yet. "Practiced up?" Bob asked with a tone of obvious disbelief, "You mean -"

"Right, I've never kissed a boy before and I want to be sure and do it right. Will you teach me?"

Bob was still not believing what he was hearing. "Teach you? You want me to teach you how to kiss?"

"Yeah," Sandy said, drawing the word out as if it had at least two syllables, maybe even three, "That is. if you can forget about that cousin and brother stuff."

"But I can't," Bob protested. "I told you I would keep the promise even if you said I didn't have to."

"Right, but that was about keeping me a virgin. I never said we couldn't kiss."

It was finally registering with Bob that Sandy really did want him to kiss her, but he didn't want to sound as anxious as he really was. He responded as if it was a chore, "Oh ... well, if you're sure."

"I wouldn't be asking if I wasn't sure. Does that mean your answer is yes?"

The bulge in Bob's pants grew as he imagined a hot 'make-out' session with his gorgeous cousin. Bob was definitely willing but he answered cautiously, "Uh, yeah ... sure, uh, when did you want to do this?"

"After breakfast?"

That would work for Bob. He would have time to masturbate privately before starting, (necessary to keep from shooting off in his pants), spend some time practicing with his hot cousin, and still get to work on time. Trying to hide his anxiousness, and anxiety, Bob carefully replied, "Yes, I think that's doable. I'll get ready for work while you finish your breakfast." He got up from the table and headed down the hall.

Bob went straight to the hall bathroom. With one hand he locked the door while the other undid the buttons on his shorts. Pushing his pants down was almost painful as he yanked them over his erect member. As his pants and undershorts dropped to his ankles he lay down on the cold tile floor and wrapped his hand around his cock.

Bob visualized a hot make out session with his practically naked cousin. He imagined having his hands on her bare ass-cheeks and pressing his cock between her legs. He still could not believe Sandy had actually asked him to 'teach' her how to kiss. He shot his load while dizzily imagining the possibilities.

In the kitchen, Sandy thought about what she was about to do and how she was dressed. Sure it would be fun making out with Bob, dressed as she was in nothing but bra and panties, and he had promised, but still ... she had seen how Bob was looking at her this morning and it would be too easy for it to get out of hand ... no, she better put some clothes on.

As Bob came out of the bathroom he ran into Sandy en-route to her room. "Uh ... I'm ready anytime you are, just needed to brush my teeth." Wearing shorts and a t-shirt, Bob was already dressed for his summer job.

Sandy saw the way Bob was looking at her and knew she had made the right decision. "I'm going to put on some clothes ... so we don't forget it's just practice."

Bob was disappointed, but at the same time relieved. He had been worried about keeping his promise. "Uh ... probably a good idea. I'll be in the den but don't take too long. I still have to get to work."

"Right," Sandy replied as she continued down the hall, "I'll just be a minute or two."

It was more like ten minutes before Sandy showed up in the den. She had had difficulty in deciding what to wear. She didn't want to provide too much temptation but on the other hand didn't want to wear something she wouldn't wear, if it were actually Charlie instead of her cousin, that was waiting in the den.

When she did finally get there, Bob was nervously looking at his watch, realizing it was getting close to the time he needed to be leaving. Bob stood as she came into the room.

"Sorry it took so long," Sandy apologized, "I know it's getting late but I hope we still have time to practice."

Before Bob could reply, Sandy closed the gap between them and wrapped her arms around him. She had put on a blouse and shorts, covering much of the previously bare flesh, but she had taken off the bra. Bob felt her hardening nipples press against his chest. From a few inches lower her eyes looked into his. He bent forward and their mouths came together.

Their lips barely touched. Bob was cautious, not wanting to scare Sandy. He brushed his lips slowly across hers and was shocked to feel her lips slowly part. Bob's mouth opened and the tip of his tongue slowly slipped between Sandy's lips. He was afraid this might spook her but the tightening of her arms around his neck told him there was no reason to worry.

Sandy's mouth opened wider and she sucked Bob's tongue into it. She quite clearly needed no instruction but Bob was not about to tell her that she didn't at least need practice. In spite of his recent relief he had already acquired a rock hard erection which right now was pressed firmly against Sandy's midsection. Sandy sighed and clung even tighter.

Bob didn't want to break the kiss and Sandy apparently didn't either. Nevertheless they were forced to. Each took great gulps of air and their lips met again. Bob was worried about how Sandy would react to his very obvious erection but the tongue action now was even more feverish and Sandy was grinding herself against him. She not only showed no sign of being offended but even acted as if she might be enjoying it.

The passion increased, for a couple of minutes at least. Then Sandy abruptly put her hands on Bob's chest and pushed him away. There was no anger or rebuke associated with her action but Bob wasn't sure of it's meaning. It seemed like it might have been a compliment, like saying, 'It's too good, I can't take any more', but Bob wasn't sure. He looked into Sandy's eyes, trying to understand her meaning. She looked back at him, but, other than struggling to catch her breath, gave no clue as to why she had pushed him away.

Sandy eventually spoke. "Wow," she gasped. "I think I'm understanding why people like kissing so much."

Bob was still afraid he might have offended her and attempted to apologize, "I'm uh sorry -"

Sandy cut him off with a quick peck type kiss, not at all like the one they had just experienced, but still enough to set Bob's mind at ease. It was clear that she was not upset by his 'boner'.

"You are a great kisser," Sandy said, "Did I do good too?" She glanced down and saw that Bob's still hard appendage was threatening to rip out the front of his shorts. She smirked a bit as she said, "Uh, you don't have to answer that. It looks like I get at least a passing grade."

Bob didn't have to look down to know what Sandy was talking about. "Uh yeah ... right..." he said as he turned toward the hallway, "I guess I better brush my teeth again before I head to work."

Sandy lay down on the couch and waited while Bob brushed his teeth. She was pretty sure she knew what he was really doing. She wanted to do it too. She put her hand between her legs and felt the dampness of her shorts. She wanted to take them off, her panties too, and let her fingers play. She knew though that she would have to wait until Bob left.

Bob eventually did come out of the bathroom and blew Sandy a kiss as he hurried out the door. 'Those have got to be the cleanest teeth in the county, ' Sandy thought. She mentally replayed running her tongue over Bob's teeth and tried to visualize him brushing them. Her hand was again between her legs but she needed the privacy of her bedroom.

Sandy had her blouse and shorts unbuttoned before she reached her room. Once she had the door safely closed she let the shorts fall to the floor and stripped off her blouse. As she headed into her bathroom she pushed her panties down and stepped out of them. Naked, she entered the shower.

As the water cascaded over her she thought about what had happened. Sandy knew from what she had been told by her aunt and others that kissing was going to be fun, but she hadn't expected it to be so exciting with Bob - Charlie maybe, but not her cousin.

Sandy had one hand between her legs and the other playing with her breasts. It didn't take long before the pace of her breathing increased and she started to feel tingling sensations throughout her body. In the past this had been a precursor to a quick ending with a small shudder.

Today, however, the feelings continued to intensify. Her toes curled under and she felt flushed and weak. She leaned back against the side of the shower to keep from falling. Her hands moved faster as her excitement increased. As it peaked she let out a scream that would have brought the whole household running – if there had been anyone else home – but fortunately there was not.

Something about her practice with Bob had slammed Sandy's sex drive into high gear and turned her orgasm into a mind-shattering experience. In her wildest imaginings about sex with Charlie she had reached similar peaks, but only after considerable thought and effort. Today had been fantastic and Sandy wanted more.

She stayed in the shower until the hot water began to fade. Practicing with Bob had definitely been a new experience. Maybe it had affected him the same way. Maybe that was why he took so long brushing his teeth. Sandy wondered, 'Did Bob have any idea what she had been thinking since he left.'

The next morning Sandy was sitting at the kitchen table in her underwear when Bob came out of his room for breakfast. He paused and looked at her from the doorway. "Not quite as skimpy as what you were wearing yesterday," he observed, "But still mighty fine."

"You approve then," Sandy asked, pushing her chair back and dropping her arms to her side.

"Yeah ... I mean what man wouldn't."

Sandy was in full tease mode. She locked her hands behind her head and leaned her chair back a little, offering Bob an unobstructed view. A teasing smile crossed her lips as she asked, "So what do you like."

"Huh ... what do I like ... you want me to tell you," Bob asked, not believing she really wanted to hear him say it.

"Yeah, I want to know. You already said it's not as skimpy as yesterday," Sandy made it obvious she was looking at the growing bulge in Bob's shorts. "But I see that you still approve, so tell me what you like."

Bob was afraid Sandy was trying somehow to trap him. He answered cautiously, "Uh ... well uh ... bra and panties? ... underwear? ... sexy girl? ... what else do I need to say?"

"So you think I'm sexy," Sandy asked.

Still wondering where this was headed he answered, "Yeah, of course ... I mean you do want to be, don't you?"

"Sure, I agreed to be your sexy sister didn't I?"

"Yeah, and -"

"Well, I want to keep up my end of the bargain. Am I being sexy enough for you?"

Bob was sure there had to be some reason for all these questions, "Lord yes. I mean I don't know what I'd do if you were any sexier."

Sandy relaxed and smiled like she was satisfied with Bob's answer. But as he began to drop his guard, her smile turned to a mischievous grin. "Well..." she said slowly, "You could brush your teeth more often."

Bob's face turned bright red. She must have known what he was really doing in the bathroom yesterday. And of course she knew full well what she was doing to him now. Bob felt as if she had actually opened the door on him. "Uh ... I uh..."

Sandy interrupted Bob's stammering. She knew she had gone too far. "Hey, relax. I'm flattered. I like knowing I have that kind of effect on you. My questions were to find out if you wanted me to continue."

"I sure don't want you to stop if that's what you mean."

"And I don't want to either. In fact I was kind of hoping you'd want to practice some more."

Bob's eyes widened. "Sure, you mean right now."

Sandy didn't want to appear to be rushing him, "We could eat breakfast first ... if you're hungry that is ... but after, sure, how about it."

Bob would have gladly foregone breakfast for another make-out session with Sandy but he knew he had already sounded too eager. He tried to back-peddle a little, "I am hungry, so maybe after."

Sandy nodded her agreement. As Bob sat down, Sandy got up to serve the fruit and cereal she had previously prepared. Bob couldn't tear his eyes away from the sight of his cousin's nearly nude form as she made several trips between the preparation counter and the table. He marveled, as he had so many times before, at the flatness of her stomach, the narrowness of her waist, the youthful curvature of her hips and those tantalizing legs.

Sandy saw how Bob was looking her over and guessed that he was as anxious as she to continue the practice. She had dressed in bra and panties again today in hopes that she would have the nerve to stay that way and not change clothes like she had yesterday. She was sure it would be more 'fun' this way, especially if she could get Bob to ditch the t-shirt he was wearing.

As Bob ate his breakfast he continued to study Sandy, bare except for bra and panties. In his mind he replayed yesterday's hot session and tried to imagine what today's might be like. He sighed audibly and thought, 'If only she would remain dressed as she is now.' It was a good thing his lap was shielded from view by the table.

When they finished eating, Sandy stood to clear the table. She began to turn from it toward the sink but stopped abruptly, "Uh ... you said you like what I'm wearing -"

Bob was being treated to an unobstructed view of the petite teenager. It was impossible not to notice her delectable orbs, so enticingly encased in a strapless bra, or those beautiful white lace panties that drew his attention to her narrow vee of heaven. "Yeah, I like it," he said, licking his lips, "And I hope you're not going to change again, like you did yesterday."

"So it'd be okay if I stayed as I am," Sandy asked unnecessarily. "I mean, you did promise and I want to be sure you mean to keep your promise."

Even though it was hidden by the table, Bob's hand shot to his lap to cover his erection that had snapped to attention at the thought of having that near-naked body wrapped around his. He remembered the code-phrase his aunt taught him on the first night he stayed with she and Sandy. "Yeah, well, it could make it hard for me, but I'll suffer, and yes, I'll keep my promise."

Sandy smiled at Bob's response, then put on a serious face. "One condition," Sandy said.

"I knew there'd be a catch somewhere," Bob responded as he felt the vision being shattered.

"If I'm going to stay the way I am," Sandy paused, guessing that Bob was thinking the worst, "Then you've got to take that shirt off."

"What!" Bob exclaimed in shock, "That's all?"

"Uh huh," Sandy responded with a grin on her face, "I mean, I think I'm entitled to feel some bare skin too." Sandy finished clearing the table then turned toward the den. Bob got up from his chair and followed her.

In the middle of the den, Sandy stopped and turned to Bob, "So take the shirt off," she demanded. Then with a mischievous smile she asked, "Or would you rather I go change."

"Uh no," Bob hastily replied as he pulled the shirt over his head.

Sandy put her hands on Bob's bare chest. Her fingers lightly grazed his skin as she marveled at the smoothness. "I've been wanting to do this ever since that day a few weeks back when you brought Charlie and Paul over to swim."

In spite of how good it felt, Bob wasn't all that sure he liked the way he was being used. "I'm surprised you even noticed. I mean, it looked like it was Charlie that had really caught your eye."

"You are my cousin, Bob," Sandy explained as her fingers traced his nipples. "Although sometimes I've wished you weren't." Sandy's arms reached up and encircled Bob's neck. She looked into his eyes, angling her head upward, inviting his kiss.

Bob forgot the jealousy he was feeling. All he could think about was the gorgeous face turned upward to his, waiting to be kissed. As their lips met Bob's arms went around Sandy's waist and pulled her against him. Their mouths were already open and their tongues immediately became entangled.

The way in which Sandy was grinding her mid-section against Bob made it abundantly clear to him that she was not bothered by the feel of his erection. Sandy's panties were already damp from her excitement and it was only their height difference that was keeping her from having Bob's cock nestled between her legs.

As their tongues explored each other's mouths, Bob's hands slipped over the back of Sandy's panties. He was tentative at first, not sure if this would be okay with her. Sandy almost immediately broke the kiss. Bob jerked his hands away, sure he had gone too far, but Sandy breathlessly said, "The couch ... how about if we lie down on the couch. Would that be okay?"

Bob nodded vigorously and grabbing Sandy's ass-cheeks, propelled her backward to the couch. When Sandy backed into it she stumbled and fell back, pulling Bob with her. Furiously trying to maintain physical contact with each other they situated themselves on their sides, lengthwise on the couch, facing each other.

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