Tim's New Job

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2012 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Tim had plans to seduce his current girlfriend whilst her mum was at work. His plan were thwarted by her mum who makes him an offer he can't refuse. Then after sampling his wares, her mum makes him another sensational offer - become a male prostitute with her help.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Anal Sex   Lactation   Size   Prostitution   .

I'm Tim and my girlfriend is Tina. At the time I was 18 and she had just turned 17. In our home state she had just become legal to fuck. I'd been patient and had waited because she was stunningly beautiful and a virgin too. I may only be 18 but I'd plucked my fair share of virgins already.

I lost my virginity at the age of 16. My father took me to a brothel on my birthday and organised with the madam for me to have the experience of my life. I'd been shy around females until then, but soon learned that the cock between my legs wasn't abnormal at all - it was something that women and girls just wanted a part of. You see, my cock was 9 inches long and quite thick when fully erect. I was not a football jock but neither was I a geek. I just blended in - and that had been the secret of my success with both women and young girls to date.

Back to Tina - she was a blonde with a stunning figure. A nice set of 38 C tits (I'd checked out her bra) and a nicely formed ass. I'd seen her in a bikini so far - and noted the presence of a nice cameltoe. Tina lived with her mum Debra - Debra was an older version of Tina - very similar in build and looks with great tits and ass.

Today was the day I was to make my move. I'd been grooming her for today and she seemed keen to spend some 'loving' time with me. Her mum was working all day so we would have her house to ourselves. I rolled on up to the door, knocked and waited. After a short delay, the door opened and Tina's mum was there. That surprised me.

"C'mon in Tim" Debra asked me. I followed her into the lounge room - I admired her ass in the short robe that she was wearing. She turned and I was busted looking at her ass. The robe was parted slightly at the top and a little of her ample cleavage was on display. Busted again perving on her tits!

Debra spoke "I'll come right to the point. Tina is not here. I know what you two had planned today."

Oh damn, I thought - Tina must have been careless and let it slip somehow.

She continued "I know all about you. I've talked to quite a few other mums and they all tell the same story. You date their daughters for a while, and then you fuck them and leave them".

"But..." I tried to speak but she cut me off. "I have also spoken to a few of the mums that you've fucked too - yes I know you've done both mother and daughter on a number of occasions".

I looked down at the floor - busted big time. I normally get to fuck the daughter before nailing the mum if she's pretty. I thought I may have struck out here. I was still looking down at the floor when I noticed her robe fall to her feet. I lokked up and Debra was standing naked in front of me.

"Well ... do I look like a fuckable mum?" she asked as she cupped her tits with her hands - putting them on offer.

I gazed at her body - she had a great set of tits (maybe slightly bigger than Tina's). The nipples were large, erect and pierced. She had small gold rings through her nipples. Her tummy was flat and smooth as was her pussy mound. It was bald - completely devoid of hair. I noted another small gold ring through her clitoral hood.

She spoke again "I hope the cat hasn't got your tongue ... cos I have a hungry pussy that just needs a talented tongue".

She continued "Why am I the only one naked here?"

I took the hint and strip naked in a few seconds. My clothes joined her robe in a pile on the floor. My cock was totally erect - the result of the sensational body in front of me (and the blue pill that I'd popped about 30 minutes ago). I came prepared for an all day screwing session with Tina.

She stepped forward and grasped my cock, feeling its hardness and size before palming my engorged balls.

"Hmmmmm ... this is going to be fun" she said with a smile before leading me by the cock in the direction of the bedrooms.

Soon we were in the bedroom and she pushed me back onto the bed. "Lay back" she commanded. I laid back with my cock standing up vertically like a flagpole as she joined me on the bed, grasping my cock at its base before bringing her lips to its head. She had a nice mouth with a pale shade of red lipstick on her lips. Just a nice size mouth - I've had small mouths that find it hard to take my cock inside completely. This mouth was definitely made for sucking cock - and sucking it deep too.

She rolled her tongue around and around my cock before latching on with her lips and sucking the top couple of inches very hard for a few seconds. She backed off and spat on my cock before plunging it back into her mouth. This time about half my cock disappeared into her mouth. Oh my fucking god, this woman was an ace cocksucker. She plunged up and down on my cock with her mouth - stroking the remainder of my cock with her hand. She backed off and spat on my cock again and then plunged back onto it again.

After a few minutes she stopped and removed her hand from my cock shaft. She paused before sliding more of my cock into her mouth. I hit upon the entrance to her throat almost immediately. She stopped and moved a little and then pushed on - my cock was now being fed into her throat. Soon her lips were around the base of my cockshaft. All 9 inches of my fat cock were inside her mouth and throat - she paused at moment before she eased back to catch her breath before plunging back onto my cock - taking me fully inside again.

There was no way that I could withstand such stimulation for too long. "I'm going to cum ... I have to cum you fucking beautiful cocksucker" I shouted as my cock explodes forth with my hot cream - squirting long and hard into her throat initially before finishing off in her mouth. My squirts were huge and I soon filled her mouth. Her cheeks bulged as she held my cum in her mouth until she pulled her mouth free from my cock. Her lips were sealed and her mouth was full - she looked at me for a moment before shuffling forward and opening her mouth over my face, expelling my cum all over my face until her mouth was empty.

She licked her lips then out came her tongue as she licked my cum off my face. Not missing any part of my face (or my cum) - she licked it up - smacking her lips and smiling.

Needless to say my cock was still fully erect - the Viagra was doing its job.

"Hmmmm ... you horny fucking boy. It's time to feed my pussy - it's hungry for some hot cream" she said as she swung her body over mine trapping my cock between us. She kissed me and ground her pussy mound into the shaft of my cock - her pierced nipples bore into my chest. We kissed for a few minutes - I could just detect a slight taste of my cum on her lips.

She finally sat back upright and looked me in the eye.

"Ok, you horny fucking boy - time to fuck my pussy - time to feed me with your hot cream".

She raised herself and grasped my cock and led my cockhead to her pussy hole. She popped the head into her pussy hole and paused before starting a slow descent on my shaft.

"Oh fuck this cock feels much fatter than it looks" she exclaimed as she paused halfway. She started a slow and short up and down movement on my shaft. For a 35 yr old mum of one child, this woman had quite a tight pussy.

Oh God!!! Her pussy muscles had just squeezed me. Fuck ... I'd heard of it but never experienced it yet - a muscular pussy. The pussy seemed to be milking me - clenching and unclenching me. She finally stopped and started her descent again - feeding more of me deeper and deeper into her pussy until she had all of me embedded in her pussy. Then she started to clench and unclench me using her pussy muscles again.

She leant forward - changing the angle of penetration slightly. She started a slow in and out movement on my cock. I loved the feel of the tightness and heat of her pussy on my cock.

"Suck my tit please" she implored me as her eyes fluttered as her body spasmed slightly. I drew her closer to me so I could grasp her tit and lead her nipple to my lips. I ran my tongue across her nipple and around it. "Suck it" she said with more urgency. I teased her a little more - ignoring her. "Suck it you little bastard!" she shouted at me. I relented and took her nipple between my lips and sucked hard on it.

Oh, oh, oh ... fuck ... fuck ... fuck!!!! My mouth was suddenly very wet with a sweet tasting and warm liquid. Oh god she had milk in her tits and it was now in my mouth and over my face. I pulled back and looked at her milky tipped nipple before plunging back onto her nipple to feed off her milky tit. It was quite a strong stream of milk flowing into my mouth - I was swallowing as fast as I could - loving its taste.

I quickly switched to the other nipple and soon I had it streaming into my mouth. The effect of the sucking had set off her pussy again - it was clenching and unclenching my cock shaft - milking it so hard. I was thinking - why did she have milk? Tina was 17 yrs old and there was no baby as far as I was aware and she was too slim to be pregnant.

She pulled back away from my sucking mouth. "You can feed more later. Now I want you to fuck me doggy!" She dismounted from me - my cock covered in her juices as it plopped free of her pussy. She knelt on the bed and I stood on the floor at its side and pulled her hips back to meet me.

I ran my cock between her ass cheeks and across her pussy lips.

"Don't fucking tease me again you bastard" she shouted. "Fuck,,,, " I cut her off with a single hard and continuous thrust of my cock deep into her pussy.

"Ohhhh ... yessssss!!!" she moaned as she rested her head on the bed - her ass in the air as I plunged my cock in and out of her tight clasping pussy. I plunged back and forth for a few minutes before I raised my hand and slapped her ass cheek very hard.

"Ouuuu ... ohhhhhhh!!!!" she gasped as the effect of the slap reverberated through her body. I delivered another slap to the other ass cheek. "Ohhhhh fuck!" she moaned as her pussy spasmed and then erupted on my cock. Her body convulsed as her body was racked by a massive cum - I could feel her pussy get very very wet as her juices streamed out of her pussy. The convulsions continued for a few minutes getting smaller as time progressed. I'd just held onto her hips and kept myself deep inside of her as her body had erupted.

Finally her body came to a rest.

I heard her speak but couldn't make out what she said. I asked her to repeat ... I heard it this time "Fuck my ass" she moaned.

Oh god, I'd had quite a few women and girls in the last 2 years but this was the first time that I'd been asked to fuck an ass.

"Just pull it out and slide it into my ass please" she whispered. "Do it now!" she said with a little more urgency.

I slipped my cock out of her pussy and brought its very wet cum-covered head to her very small and tight-looking rosebud. I nudged her asshole for a few seconds. I was thinking this is not going to fit when finally my cockhead made some headway into her asshole. Her rosebud opened up slightly as I fed her my cock little by little. My god ... her asshole was so tight and so hot. I watched in amazement as my cock slowly disappeared into her asshole.

Soon I was very deep into her asshole - almost all my cock was in her ass. I grasped her hips and started a slow and short movement in and out. "Fuck me harder" she implored. I responded by slamming my cock deeper and deeper into her ass - my loins slapped against her ass as my cock disappeared completely from view. I slammed in and out - she was moaning constantly now. I fucked her ass for a few minutes before I felt myself getting close to a cum.

"I'm going to cum soon" I told her. "Quick pull out of my ass and feed my pussy with your hot cream" she implored me.

I quickly changed holes and slammed back into her pussy. Deeper and deeper I fed my cock until her pussy exploded simultaneously with my cock and my cream was pumped deep inside of her as her body convulsed. She collapsed forward and I followed her down onto the bed - my cock was still embedded in her pussy. I rolled to the side and pulled her over with me. We were now laying spooned together - still connected as we sucked in deep breaths.

We were silent for a few minutes before Debra spoke.

"You are one fucking sensational cocksman Tim. No one told me how good you actually were.". She turned a little so she could face me a little - after all we were still spooned together and my cock was still rock hard inside her drenched pussy.

She paused before starting again "Do you know what I do for work?" she asked. I shook my head - I just know she worked irregular hours. She hesitated then said "I am a high-class hooker. What you got for free today is what a client pays $5000 for". She paused looking for a reaction from me - I didn't speak but my cock jumped in her pussy.

"Oh god you fucking horny devil. I felt that" she said before continuing. "I've been a hooker since Tina was born. She knows and supports what I do. I know that she was just another challenge for you - right?"

My voice finally returned. "Yes.I admit she was just my next challenge".

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