What Happened to My Romantic Night?

by TaraKoka

Copyright© 2012 by TaraKoka

Fan Fiction Sex Story: This is what happened when the ex showed up for my date.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Rape   Lesbian   Fan Fiction   FemaleDom   Rough   Sex Toys   Size   .

I'm taking a shower enjoying the warmth of the water on my skin as I totally immerse my face under the heavy flow. I'm humming some random song as I think of the evening ahead. Once my shower is over, I get out of the shower and prepare myself. Lotion, scented oil, powder, the outfit purchased in anticipation of this exact occasion.

I leave my bedroom and there she is waiting for me. She stands, smiles telling me that I look beautiful. She pulls me into her arms. She is holding me so close that I can feel her body touching mine from head to toe. As she holds me she's whispering in my ear such deliciously wicked things, I can feel myself getting moist.

Just as we move to sit on the couch, I notice you looking in. I gasp as I land on the couch. She is pulling me in close, but I reach out to her wanting to stop the embrace. She manages to maneuver me into a position so that she can straddle me. My mind goes into sensory overload as she begins kissing and touching me everywhere. My mind is telling me that you are out there watching, but my body responds to her caresses. I begin responding and exploring her body as my breath quickens. Knowing that you are watching turns me on. As we begin to undress each other I notice that you are still there. Our eyes meet as I feel her kissing my breast. You know how that makes me feel. As she sucks my nipple I let out a loud moan. She has a hand on my one breast as she suckles the other. Her other hand is looking for my sweet warm center. I feel exposed and vulnerable as she explores my body in your presence. By this time I am shaking and begging for release. I'm on fire as her hands busily stroke me. Her lips and tongue are making me delirious. I feel myself crossing the threshold into bliss. I watch you watching me as my orgasm overtakes me.

Her lips cover mine for a moment before we lay back on the couch to relax for a moment. I glance over to see if you are still there but you have disappeared. I excuse myself to my room to straighten up before we leave. She and I still have plans for dinner. I enter my bedroom and close the door behind me. As I walk toward the closet, a hand on my arm startles me. I turn around and find myself face to face with you.

"How did you get in here?" My heart began pounding in my chest. "It doesn't matter how! Get her out of here. Now!" You had whispered into my ear, but I knew you meant for me to comply or there'd be hell to pay. I walked back into the living room where she was waiting and began to tell her that I wasn't feeling well. She was so concerned asking if there was anything that she could do for me. I told her that I thought that I just needed to rest. She left with a promise that she'd call tomorrow to check on me.

I turned to look into the bedroom and there you were staring at me. I couldn't move; I was so scared. You then grabbed my arm pulling me back into the bedroom. I suddenly found myself shoved up against the wall with your hand against my neck. You leaned in close and asked me if I enjoyed putting on the show. I couldn't answer, I began stuttering and asking you to please just leave me alone. You said if I wanted to act like a slut, you'd treat me like a slut. I then felt your lips crush against mine. You had no intention of being gentle.

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