Butt - Centered Life

by Eros Alban

Copyright© 2012 by Eros Alban

Sex Story: Str8 boy has great ass and loves all attention it gets. Friend requests use of his ass for an afternoon. Life changer.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/mt   Consensual   BDSM   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Fisting   Sex Toys   Size   .

When my gay friend Nick asked if he could spend an afternoon playing with my butt I didn't know how my life would change.

It was a widely known fact in my high school that all the girls claimed I had the best ass in school. A much lesser known fact is that between most of the boys, all of the jocks and in the opinion of the LGBT club, I had the best ass. So I was never shy about showing off my perfect butt. It was high and tight, a true bubble butt. I'd walk around the locker room after gym wiggling and shaking it. The guys would laugh and occasionally smack it hard. Most days I'd go home with a bright red hand print. This did cause a few problems when a few of my girls saw them. I'm mean what's a girl to think when she's laying there getting her stud's cock and she looks at a mirror and sees a large hand print on her stud's ass.

Having my ass played with was one of my favorite things. Touched, smacked, grabbed, pinched or played with in any way. So When Nick offered me an afternoon of butt center pleasure I quickly took him up on it without any further thought.

After school was over, we went right over to Nick's house and locked ourselves in his room. When he asked me to take off my pants and bend over the edge of the bed where there was a towel I didn't think about what he was about to do to me. The touch of his soft hands across my check created shivers up my spine. This was golden compared to the pain he caused by spanking me for over half an hour. My ass was quickly warm and red. I could feel the heat pouring off my bubble cheeks. Next came the hits of his can that left raised welts which lasted for days. A consist reminder of this afternoon. My cries of pain as he hit me over and over only spurred him on. The fire of his hand and cane was eventually replaced by the freezing touch of ice cubes across the welts.

His soft touch came back as be rubbed soothing lotion, leaving no part of my ass untouched, As his fingers reached my virgin hole I could only mew with excitement and need. He slowly pushed the first of many fingers to come inside me. As he did my cock jumped to full hardness. Seeing me start to hump the bed Nick grabbed my cock and pulled it from under me, hanging down off the edge of the mattress where I could not rub it. Unable to get pleasure that way I found myself pushing my ass back onto his finger. So Nick offered me another, than a third and soon a forth. Lust and excitement fulled the room as we both new what was coming. Except his plan and my thoughts were different. I didn't feel the withdraw of his fingers and their replacement by his cock. Instead I felt his thumb trying to push into my tight hole. My ass lips pulled tight as Nick forced his wrist inside me. Curling his fingers he began to fist my straight (or formally straight) ass.

As his fingers began to curl inside my boy hole his hand seamed to flex and stretch me wide apart. Once he form his fist he began to push and rotate it as if he was cork screwing me. I could fill his arm sink deeper into my insides as a strange sound filled the air. The deep guttural panting was coming from somewhere inside my chest. As Nick debated if he should slip his elbow thru my ruined lips his wrist began banging into my G spot. My groans got so loud the Nick needed to put an apple gag into my mouth to keep the neighbors from calling the cops.

While I had a gag in my mouth and a gay boy's hand deep inside my ass, and even with my cock denied any attention or pleasure, I could feel my balls start to boil and I grew flush though-out my whole body. But before I could cum I felt Nick pull hard on my nut sack. His fist popped roughly out of my stretched hole and he quickly wrapped my sack with a thick leather cord preventing my much needed orgasm. Once he had control of my balls he rapidly forced his fist back inside my boy cunt. As his wrist squeezed thru my tight lips I could feel my ass bear down gripping his arm hard. I thought he was going to go back to rubbing my G spot raw but instead he started pulling his arm out. I moaned hard into the apple gag as his fist popped back out of my boy hole. My hole spasmed open for only a moment before Nick stabbed his fist back into me. Shocked and surprised, my eyes went wide and I could feel my cock twitch and drool pre-cum. But I couldn't react fast enough before Nick once more withdrew his fist. In and out, over and over he popped his fist in and out of my virgin hole. My nuts burned and throbbed with need, but the tight leather prevented the cum from flying.

For ages Nick repeatedly fucked my hole with his fist. In out in out. Finally he pulled his hand free of my ass. While my lips and ass still tingled, I could feel that my hole hadn't closed. Nick got a small mirror and showed me how my hole was gaping open. My lips where swollen and pink. Smooth and hairless my hole was stretched wide open and I could see deep inside myself. The lustful view went away as Nick showed me a giant rubber cock that he planned to shove inside me. The fake cock was huge, bright pink with thick veins running the length of it. At the base of the thick shaft was a pair of huge nuts that would crush mine once the thing was inside me. Grabbing the fake cock with both hands Nick began to paddle my ass with it. It smacked my cheeks with a loud thud! It was not only thick and huge but heavy too.

Nick started running it up and down my crack teasing me with it. We both needed it to be inside my virgin (straight?) hole. Moaning for him to put it in me, I pushed my ass back toward him. Nick started to chuckle as he aimed the large head at my gaping hole. As wide open as my cunt hole was, it still wasn't open enough for this rubber cock. Determined to be fucked by this pink fake cock I gripped the bed and shoved my ass back forcing the huge head into my hole. Once it broke though Nick was quickly able to push the rest of the massive cock deep inside me until the rubber nuts slammed into my taint and smacked my swollen nuts. Crushing my nuts caused my cock to throb and the dripping turned milkly with over fulling jiz. My ass went wide from being stretched in every way. After giving it a few full length thrust Nick started spinning the dildo splitting me open even more. To protect itself my ass started producing its own lube just like a real cunt. Soon my ass was one sloppy wet boy pussy in the total control of Nick.

Once my ass was a sloppy cunt, Nick had me try to hold the rubber cock inside while he set up the next part of our play time. First he attached cuffs to my ankles that had a semi flexible shaft between them. Nick said that it would allow me to walk but would keep my feet apart. Next he had me stand up and he strapped this leather belt like contraption around my waist before cuffing my hands at my side. Now I was fully in Nick's control. There was no way to protect myself or prevent Nick from doing anything he wanted to any or every part of my body. But some how I knew that Nick still only had his mind on one part of my body. My perfect ass.

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