Even More Family Secrets
Chapter 6

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 6 - As Dave Adams continues to grow up, he uncovers more and more of his peculiat family's past.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Extra Sensory Perception   Incest   Cousins   Uncle   Niece   Aunt   Nephew   InLaws   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Voyeurism  

Oliva moaned as Dave strummed her clitoris and played with her nipples while he furiously pounded into her from behind in a variant of the reverse cowgirl that had her kneeling backwards, reclining with her back against his chest.

Dave smiled as he remembered James' commentary. 'Pleasing a woman is like getting the right sound by tracing your finger along the rim of a glass of water. Each glass is a different size, needs a different amount of water, and needs your finger to move at a certain speed to get the right sound. As a lover, you need to find out what sort of glass you are dealing with."

"Ronnie was right ... you do have good instincts," Oliva said in between pants.

"And your daughter really takes after you," Dave replied, for Oliva had also turned out to have a penchant for anal sex. In fact, Dave was tremendously enjoying the additional years of experience, clenching him wonderfully on the way out. The condom did very little to diminish that glorious feeling, and Dave felt that he was getting close to coming again.

Her front door had also proven to be very welcoming indeed. Whereas Daphne and Zinnia loved to cradle a man between their luscious thighs and lull him into their rhythm with their rocking hips, Oliva seemed to prefer a head-on sexual confrontation.

She couldn't power-fuck as long or as hard as Iris could, but she was very well conditioned for a woman a month shy of her fiftieth birthday, and the combination of her stamina and superior technique had coaxed the cum out of Dave's balls before he had been able to make her come, leaving him with a one-orgasm deficit.

That made it all the more alarming that he felt the heaviness return to his balls already. Coming twice without getting her off would be really embarrassing. But their reflection in the mirrored ceiling above them augured her impending orgasm through the extent of the flushing of her skin, and by now Dave had learned how she liked to be touched, so he redoubled her efforts and was soon rewarded by her rectum strangling his cock as she came and squeezing his second orgasm out of him.

Even though it was the women who were being tested, Dave felt that he had to do all that he could to leave a lasting impression, so he staved off the wave of drowsiness that typically followed his second orgasm and concentrated on caressing Oliva and kissing her neck and shoulder as she recovered from hers.

He was also in a bit of a pickle because of the score he was going to have to give. It was day 6 of the competition. Dave had had Zinnia on day 2, and Iris on Day 4.

This had been the last bout. A few hours ago a glowing Iris led a flaccid-dicked and glassy-eyed Frank out of the mirrored room with Iris, and before that Nils had reacquainted himself with Zinnia.

Lunaria had devised a number of ways to measure the performances. Firstly, the men had to give each women a rank after they were completely done.

The problem for Dave lay in the fact that neither of the other women had done anal. The instruction had been pretty vague, and only oral and vaginal intercourse had been 'mandatory' elements. However, Lunaria hadn't said anything about anal being forbidden.

Now, while Zinnia and Oliva were both tied oral, and Zinnia's hypnotic hip action made for slightly better vaginal sex than Oliva's more energetic style, the sucking tightness of Oliva's rear orifice was in a whole different league.

Dave decided that he was going to have to give the three points to Oliva, two points to Zinnia, and the single point to Iris, who didn't have the experience to match the two older women.

There was also a panel of experts scoring the competition. It consisted of James, Veronica, Mirela and finally Ed, whose theoretical knowledge and inhuman analytic ability made up for his lack of experience. They would judge the women by a number of criteria to get to a score that would count for two-fifths, but they hadn't told the women what those criteria would be so as not to influence their normal sexual behavior. They hadn't told the participating men either, for that matter.

"So how do I compare to my aunt and my niece?" Oliva asked after a while, slowly pulling off Dave's spent, condom-covered cock.

"You'll find out soon enough," Dave said.

Oliva pouted. "You boys are all the same."

Dave laughed. "Anonymity was the whole point the the competition's set-up. You'll never know who we really liked best. For what's it worth, I'm a bit annoyed by the secrecy too. I wasn't allowed to watch any of the sex sessions. The panel of experts didn't want us to be influenced in any way."

"Hmmm, well, I can't wait to sample you again. You really must come visit us on the other side of the world sometime," she said, before leaning down and giving him a butterfly kisses on his cheek and nose. "It'll be a long flight, but I'll make it worth your while."

"Maybe Iris and I can come down next summer. She'd like an island getaway before she starts college abroad."

"She's going to London, right?"

Dave nodded.

"And you?"

"I don't know. It is said that you can get into med-school with nearly any major as long as you have the prerequisites, a high GPA and a good result on the MCAT. They also say that it's a bad idea to pick a program where you'd have to fight tooth and nail to get a high GPA."

"But if you do get that high GPA in that program, it is bound to be worth more."

"True, so I'm thinking Health Science at McMaster."

"Are you sure? Acacia thinks that Hamilton sucks."

Dave shrugged. "I'd be on campus studying most of the time anyway, if I go there."

"And what about med-school?"

"Might as well stay if Hamilton for the M.D., if they'll have me. Then a specialty residency for internal medicine, and finally a cardiology fellowship, if everything goes according to plan."

"What about fertility?"

"Not really my thing."

Oliva raised an eyebrow. "Really? I've been told that you'll have a rather prominent role in fertilizing someone."

Dave groaned. "Et tu, Aunt Oliva!"

She laughed. "You have to admit, it was a pretty boneheaded move. You've got staying power for your age. In fact, you've got staying power by any standards, but you were silly to think that your sexy grandfather would attract just an average woman."

Oliva smiled fondly as she got a faraway look in here eyes. "Ah, Mikey! He gave Viola her first kiss, and promptly knocked her up the first time they had sex, but it wasn't his first kiss or fuck."

Her tone of voice and the twinkle in her eye told Dave that there was more to this story. "Do you also know Grandpa Mike in the biblical sense?"

"Let me tell the story chronologically. Rubia stole Mikey's first kiss when he was twelve. Gosh, the twins were so angry they wouldn't talk to her for a whole month! Anyway, his blow-job and first fuck came the day after his fourteenth birthday. He was incredibly annoyed that his parents had gotten him a baby-sitter, but in the end he enjoyed it tremendously. At first Viola thought it was his virgin load that conceived your mom and Bryan, but the truth is that his cherry was popped by this pussy," she said, tapping her pubic mound. "Well, Viola eventually figured it out after she developed her mind reading abilities. She forgave Mikey immediately, but wouldn't talk to me for six months. I couldn't help myself, though. I've always had a soft spot for Mikey."

Then she turned tack. "And what about you? Iris' cherry was the first one you took?"

"She gave me her virginity, and I gave her mine," Dave confirmed. "And that's the only virginity I've taken. The girls from my old high-schools were all seniors. None of them were virgins." he frowned "Come to think of it, I've never fucked a younger woman."

"Really? Not even Dahlia an Erica? Giving the dynamics of this family, I thought you would have done so by now."

"I don't think Frank can handle sharing Erica just yet. As for Dahlia ... the opportunity hasn't presented itself. But what about you, Aunt Oliva? Who took your virginity?" Dave asked, since he had inferred from her tone that Grandpa Mike had not been her first.

"Nils was my first, in the early summer of '64. I was almost seventeen, and he was visiting Zinnia and Baby Clark, although we didn't know the real reason at the time. Daphne, Rubia and I all had a bit of a crush on him, but it was hard not to. How could we resist, with him being such a tall, muscular, handsome sailor? Still, I wouldn't have had the idea if I hadn't caught Mom fucking him." Oliva giggled. "The 'Space Race' was big news back in those days, and she was riding him like crazy, telling him that she wouldn't let his Titan rocket anywhere near her daughters if it had enough fuel to blast off, and that it was her job to drain its tanks as much as possible. It's a good thing she had her tubes tied after the twins were born. Nils probably would have put quadruplets in her oven if she hadn't."

"But he still managed to have sex with you?"

Oliva nodded. "Mom underestimated the productivity of his balls. I told Mom I'd be going to the library with a friend, but I came back home as soon as I thought it was safe. The twins and Rubia were at Mikey's, and Daph had gone to town with Mom, Dad and Zinnia to buy things for Clark. Nils had to stay behind and do chores for Dad. My God, he lasted forever because of mom. He fucked me for nearly an hour. I'd lost my hymen to gymnastics, so that didn't hurt any, but he pounded me so hard trying to come that I had to put ice on my pussy afterward."

The sexy talk had restored Dave's cock to hardness even though he'd just had two orgasms, and Oliva looked at it with regret.

"Sorry stud, but it would be against the rules to have another round. Go hand in your scores and take a shower," she said, rising from the bed. Then she walked into the annex bathroom, and Dave wrapped a towel around his middle and headed to the room he shared with his brothers.

He met Ed in the hallway, who handed him a scoring card.

Dave gestured for Ed to follow him into the room, and Dave quickly filled in the scoring card before handing it to Ed.

"So, what is the verdict of the panel of experts?" he asked.

"You'll have to wait for the results at the library like everyone else," Ed said, smiling. 'I suggest you hurry."

Dave then he jumped to the shower, spraying a cold stream over his cock before switching back to hot and soaping up. He washed the scent of sex off efficiently, because he didn't want to hold up the announcement of the results too much.

He dried off quickly and threw some clean clothes before hurrying to the library. He needn't have hurried, since Frank was the only one there, holding a comic book in his lap.

"So did you enjoy yourself?" Dave asked.

Frank nodded, grinning sheepishly. "I sort of suspected why you like older women after Aunt Michelle, but now it's been confirmed!"

"Not all older women are good in bed, Frank. The ones in our family are, though," he added, and selected a book from the shelf to kill time.

He hadn't flipped through many pages of the Kama Sutra before the contestants, practical judges, expert judges and the other visiting relatives crowded into the room, with Ed holding the envelope.

After everyone had found a spot, he opened the envelope. "I'll get to the scores in a minute, but first a brief explanation of the scoring method. It was possible to earn a maximum of 30 points if everyone put a single contestant in first place. This didn't happen, though. In fact, the vote was nearly split evenly ... it was a very close contest. In third place, Iris with 19 points!"

Everyone clapped, and Iris took a bow, pleased that she had acquitted herself well.

"In second place, with 20 points Zinnia!"

Zinnia turned to Oliva. "Well, do your best Miss Universe impression."

Oliva promptly mimicked the misty-eyed surprise most Miss Universe winners displayed, prompting everyone to laugh again.

Veronica even presented her with a plastic tiara and bouquet of flowers, and Oliva took a minute to wave and blow kisses to the "crowd" while they clapped and cheered, and Acacia joined her mother and lifted her hand like the winning prizefighter about a match. "That' my Mom!"

"Hah, she's just lucky that I didn't participate," Rubia said.

"You couldn't have, mother. Jules and Henry were the judges." Celsia said.

Dave reckoned that Rubia must have inherited mostly the European genes from her mother, because she was a fair-skinned and pale-blonde whereas all her sisters had tanned complexions. A shade taller than her older sisters and Zinnia, she could have been a body double for her niece, Lunaria. If there was any difference in their measurements, Dave couldn't detect it with his naked eye.

Celsia matched her mother in height, and was about as wide as Zinnia and Dave's mother around the bust. Her hips were on the narrower end of the spectrum of his mother's aunts and cousins, but what was truly remarkable was her extremely narrow waist. It had to be the narrowest one of them all!

What was more impressive, however, was the fact that she was a stunning beauty like Lunaria and Dahlia. But where Lunaria and Dahlia had a mixture of sultry dark looks, the fair-skinned Celsia had large, pale-blue eyes with lashes that went on forever, and waist-length hair that sparkled like a golden waterfall.

"It can easily be fixed," Lunaria said. "We just need to replace Jules and Henry with Clark and Ron, for example. As long as isn't an ancestor or descendant, it's fine."

"So bring it on, little sister!" Oliva challenged.

"Sam will have to be removed from the jury, because I want to participate too!" Daphne interjected.

"Postpone it till Christmas," Veronica suggested. "Alan, Bryan and Mike will be here. We'll have more flexibility for putting together a jury."

"Aaaaw, I won't be able to make it. The yacht cruises are booked solid," Nils exclaimed, with regret etched on his face. He turned to Oliva. "And if you come back here for the Christmas vacation, I won't have anyone to keep me from getting blue balls."

Oliva smirked. "Not necessarily. My daughter is coming to visit for Christmas, remember?" She turned to Acacia. "Well, how about it? Will you perform my duties while I am away?"

She eyed Nils. It was obvious that she wasn't repulsed one bit by the idea, and Dave was again astonished by the surreal nature of it all.

"How about it? Will you perform your mom's First Mate duties while she's away?" Nils asked.

Acacia saluted. "Aye aye, Captain!"

"What about me, Rubia? You'll be having fun during the competition, but I'll have to endure a dry spell?" Victor spoke up, although Dave detected no jealousy in his tone.

Nils chuckled "Kid makes a good point, Rubia."

"Do you mind if I keep him happy while you perform your jury duty, Clark?" Lunaria asked, though everyone knew it was a rhetorical question. Lunaria and Clark were no strangers to swapping partners.

"Of course not, gorgeous."

"So am I allowed to participate, now that you know you'll be taken good care of?" Rubia asked Victor jokingly.

Victor flashed her a thumbs up. "Go for it."

Just then, the door to the library slid open, end Erica poked her head in. She and Dahlia were babysitting the kindergartners, preschoolers, toddlers and babies that the family ha recently produced.

"Uh, Ron ... Aunt Daphne? I need some help with Lotus."

"Is making trouble again?" Sam asked.

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