Even More Family Secrets
Chapter 2

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 2 - As Dave Adams continues to grow up, he uncovers more and more of his peculiat family's past.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Extra Sensory Perception   Incest   Cousins   Uncle   Niece   Aunt   Nephew   InLaws   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Voyeurism  

It was Dave who awoke first the following morning.

The previous day had been hectic. His young relatives had been quite the handful, and he had been extremely grateful when he could give them back to their parents at the end of the day. It made him wonder whether he'd ever have children of his own, even though he had a lot of fun practising the conception part with Iris just a few hours later.

A quick whiff confirmed his suspicion. The two bouts of intercourse they'd had the previous night had left the room smelling like the proverbial whorehouse after an orgy. He had no idea whether an actual whorehouse smelled this way, since he had never visited one.

He rolled over and found Iris facing him, still fast asleep. She looked like an angel, with a slight smile adorning her pretty face. The image immediately turned his insides to mush and triggered fantasies of their future together. As long as she was the mother, he had plenty of motivation to have children. It would guarantee her continued presence in his life.

Dave gently peeled back the covers to uncover her breasts. They moved in time with her breaths, seeming alive atop her chest and beckoning him to suck them. So he repositioned himself to do just that, and proceeded to lightly kiss and lick them before taking a nipple in his mouth and applying gentle suction.

He heard her moan just as he felt her nipples harden in his mouth in a show of appreciation, and moments later she her hand ran through his hair in a loving caress.

"Morning, baby."

Her fateful choice of words helped stir his arousal. Even though he knew she was on the pill, and would not have been in her fertile period if she hadn't been on the pill, her words seemed like an invitation for procreation, causing him to slide his hand down to her nether lips for additional stimulation so he could proceed to penetration that much sooner.

Iris giggled, and Dave stopped his oral and manual manipulation.

"What?" he asked.

"Some really corny rhymes just crossed my mind."

"Then I'm not doing my job properly."

"You're doing just fine," she assured him, and pressed his face back into her boobs so he could continue worshipping the bountiful mounds.

He varied his licks, sucks and caresses to keep her on edge, and she sighed heavily in appreciation.

"Hmmm, such eagerness! Horny, are we?" Iris teased.

"We only did it twice before you quit on me," Dave explained. She hadn't left him completely unsatisfied. But after such a long period without intercourse, twice hadn't nearly been enough to sate his lust."

"Awww, I'm sorry. But I was under orders to leave you able to perform today," Iris answered, and before Dave could ponder the meaning of her answer, someone knocked on the door.

"Is he ready, Iris?" a voice eerily similar to Dave's mother's sounded dimly through the door.

Iris glanced at Dave's erect cock. "He looks ready enough to me."

She had barely finished the sentence, when two of the sexiest early quinquagenarians he had ever laid eyes on strolled into the room. Like Veronica, they didn't look their age, although time hadn't been equally kind to them. But they could still pass for women in their early forties, and attractive ones at that.

They wore sexy crotch-less and cup-less teddies that made the sight of them even more titillating than if they had been fully nude, and they twirled around to give him a good look. Dave had a hunch that Iris would look fantastic in one of those.

"You're not getting me one for my birthday, Christmas, or our anniversary," Iris warned him.

"I wasn't thinking that!"

"No, but you eventually would have."

"Didn't you like the babydoll?" Dave asked, suddenly uncertain about the gift he got her for her seventeenth birthday.

"Hey, don't make that wonderful boner go away, Iris," Zinnia complained.

Dave looked down and saw his erection flagging somewhat. But he couldn't help it. The knowledge that he had somehow displeased Iris had that effect on him.

"I'm not angry or displeased with you," Iris quickly said, placing her hand on his thigh and stroking it gently and soothingly.

"A girl sometimes wants a present that she alone can enjoy," Daphne said.

Iris rolled her eyes. "I wanted him to figure that out for himself!"

Zinnia heaved a sigh. "Ah, I remember when I was that young and naïve." Then she gave Iris a meaningful glance. "Save yourself the trouble, sweetie. When it comes to making their women happy, men actually prefer getting instructions."

"The more detailed, the better," Daphne added.

"Do you two want me to change my mind about letting him fuck you?" Iris asked.

Dave frowned at Iris. "You're not my madam!"

"Do you want me to start fucking other guys without your permission?"

He didn't, of course. And in order to maintain that arrangement, he couldn't fuck other women without hers. "Point taken."

"Leave her be, Daph. Looks like she needs to work it out for herself," Zinnia said.

"Apparently," Daphne answered. Then she turned to Dave. "We promised Iris we wouldn't make this a threesome, since she wants to take part in your first threesome herself. So which one of us do you want first?"

Dave's gaze slid back and forth between the women. Both women were equally tall and had the same remarkably narrow waists. Even Iris, who was in great shape and had yet to get pregnant, had a couple of inches more in the waist area. Both were also a bit bigger than Iris up top, with Daphne slightly more noticeably so than Zinnia. The difference between the width of their hips was so hard to tell that it had to be two inches or less, with Zinnia having the marginally wider set.

The two women were, in fact, very similar. They had nearly the same facial features, and the same loosely curling hair-texture. In fact; Daphne took more after her aunt than she did her mother. However, the genetic influence from her Swedish father gave Daphne pale blue eyes, light auburn hair, and a very light caramel complexion, as opposed to Zinnia's cat-like amber eyes, raven curls, and dark caramel skin. They were both very sexy, and Dave was finding it hard to decide between them.

He was about to suggest a coin toss, when Zinnia spoke up. "You take him, Daph. That way you'll be the oldest woman he's fucked until he fucks me."

"Is that all right with you, Davie?" Daphne asked, surprising him with your genuine consideration.

Dave nodded. "Aunt Zinnia won't have to wait very long, anyway."

"If you're insinuating that you'll do me right after you do her, you'd better think again," Zinnia said. "I know you're a fairly accomplished lover, but it is going to take every ounce of your energy to satisfy her. And you'll need the same amount of energy for me, so I want you to have a full charge before you try me on for size."

"Now go take a shower," Daphne continued. "The fresh scent of sex turns me on, but you smell rank. There's no way that I'll suck you before you're cleaned up."

Dave blushed as he realised that she was right. It was the reason he hadn't gone down on Iris after waking up. He had known that she would smell like a fish market where the catch had been out in the hot sun all day.

Daphne laughed as she turned towards the door. "No need to be embarrassed. Go take a shower, and then meet me in the mirrored room."

"The mirrored room?" Dave asked, only realising how stupid he sounded after the words left his mouth. But, in his defence, he was faced with the prospect of fucking his first woman who, even though she didn't look it, was over fifty years old.

"Of course. I don't know about you, but I want a recording to commemorate this event. You'll be the youngest guy I've ever fucked." Daphne giggled. "We'll be setting a mutual record."

Freshly showered and clad only in his bathrobe, Dave prepared to cross the hall towards the mirrored room. The robe's absorbent fabric was thick and heavy, but failed to sufficiently press down an erection born out of shower play with Iris, and the anticipation of sampling a new woman.

"So which of the ladies will it be today?" a voice asked him just as he was setting foot outside the room he would officially be sharing with Ed, but where Iris and Dahlia would be taking turns sleeping with their respective boyfriends.

Dave glanced down the hall and saw James standing there, holding a large crate and wearing a knowing grin. "Did everyone except me know about this?"

James nodded. "Even Ron and Sam. They had to give permission, after all."

That statement caused Dave's erection to lose some of his hardness. He hadn't even stopped to consider the two men. He would be fucking their partner and mother, respectively, and a mild feeling of disappointment in himself stole through him along with the realisation that he hadn't thought of that before. He had promised himself that he'd never let his dick do the thinking, but now he had caught his dick doing just that.

Another thing that hadn't crossed his mind was whether Ron and Sam would get to have sex with Iris. Intellectually, Dave acknowledged that it was only fair. His primal instincts, however, rebelled at the thought.

He shook his head to clear away those thoughts. Allowing Iris to sample other men only made her appreciate him more, and that appreciation translated into sexual enthusiasm. It was also the only way he would be allowed to sample other women, and for now his desire to do so trumped his possessive instincts.

"You're still cool with Iris having sex with me, right?" James suddenly asked.

"Yeah. Why do you ask?"

"You just had that kind of look on your face, and she'll be practising her kegel muscles on me when you're busy with ... was it Daphne or Zinnia?"

"Daphne," Dave revealed. "But Iris will be having sex with you? Why not Sam or Ron?"

"They've been around the block. They've had more women than they can count on their fingers and toes. Once most guys reach that point, they have an easier time managing the urge to explore uncharted pussy. They'll want to sample it eventually, but they're not compelled by their dicks to grab the first opportunity."

Dave felt his face warm up, and James laughed. "Don't be embarrassed. I was just like you when I was your age. Anyway, you're in for a treat. Daphne's a great lover. She shares a fifth place with Zinnia in my ranking.

"Really, who are numbers one through four?" Dave asked, as curiosity got the better of him.

"The lady who taught me to last during sex shares first place with Veronica. Your aunt Michelle is fourth, and before you ask, Iris isn't in my top ten yet."

Dave raised an eyebrow inquisitively. "Yet?"

"I'm sure she'll crack the top ten soon, if her aunt and sister are any indication" James said confidently, and then grimaced as he realised that he had said too much. "But your dad gave his blessing. He gets to fuck Veronica as soon as she's able to," he added quickly.

Dave blinked, and his erection wilted. "When did you have sex with my mom?"

"Today," James said, suddenly breaking into a grin as if he was entertaining a fond memory. She bumped Michelle to fourth place. She's only the third woman to make me come before I wanted to, at least, after I was trained to last. I couldn't ride out her orgasm without coming myself."

"Way too much information," Dave grumbled.

"Just explaining why I believe Iris will make the top ten. Anyway, do you want some tips for Daphne and Zinnia?"

"Got any?"

James nodded. "Both like the missionary, but don't think that means they put you in charge. They'll wrap their legs around you and try to get you into their rhythm. Stay in their rhythm too long, and you'll be coming too soon. So unless you don't mind blowing your wad like a sixteen-year-old getting his cherry popped in the back seat of a car, you'd better watch it."

"I am sixteen," Dave said, basking in the irony of James' metaphor.

James laughed. "But I wager you've had sex more often than all the guys at your school put together."

"With the opposite gender anyway," Dave said.

"That so?" James asked, frowning. "I heard rumours about that sort of thing happening in those all-boy schools."

"It does, although most of them aren't gay." Dave shrugged. "I guess boarding school is a lot like prison in that sense. Most will go back to women after they've done their time."

"And didn't you ever get the urge?" James asked slyly.

Dave shook his head. He hadn't had as much access to Iris as he would have liked, but it had been enough to keep his sex drive in check. "The prisoners who get regular conjugal visits don't get the urge to experiment."

James nodded and glanced at the door that led to the mirrored room. "Iris told me that Daphne will be your lucky number seven."

Iris had been keeping score better than he had, apparently, because the though hadn't crossed his mind. Iris was his first, and burned into his memory. Veronica and Acacia had been three and four, and his paternal aunt had been number six.

Dave chuckled as he realised that he had fucked twice as many related women as he had fucked unrelated ones, and the ratio would be three to one after the next week, since Zinnia was also waiting for her turn.

"If this keeps up, you'll end up fucking all the women in your family," James continued, startling Dave out of his thoughts rather violently, since literally all the women would include his mother.

"All of them except my mom, you mean!"

"Or sisters, if you had any," James added, nodding. "I've had fantasies about roughly half of my female cousins, and I actually fucked two of them. I fantasised about my mother's younger sister too, but she was happily married, and was illegal in the state where she lived. In fact, it was illegal in every U.S. state, and it still is," he digressed. "But I never lusted after my sister or mother. It's not that they were unattractive. But it's different, isn't it?"

"Aunt Ronnie says it's because you shared the same, normally functional household" Dave said. He didn't throw psycho-sexual jargon around, since he didn't know how interested James was in Veronica's field of study. "When siblings, or parents and children, have sex, it's usually caused by some underlying emotional trauma."

"I certainly seems that way. Back when I was a kid, there was a family on our block who ... ah, but don't let me keep you from your next conquest," James suddenly turned tack, reminding Dave that he had a gorgeous older woman to fuck.

He smiled. "I'm sure Iris is eager to start kegel practice as well."

"Good point. See you later, kid."

"Later, James," Dave replied, and resumed his trek to the mirrored room, knocking on the door after arriving.

"Come in," two voices said simultaneously, surprising him.

He pushed the door open and saw Daphne lounging on the bed, giving him a lusty look.

Zinnia sat in a plush chair in the corner, slowly pushing a dildo back and forth in her pussy. "Do you mind if I watch?

The sight of the two of them was enough to revive the erection he had lost while discussing his mother with James, and the redistribution of blood rendered him mute for a second or two, before he finally blurted out, "Not at all."

"Come," Daphne said, holding out her hand in invitation, and Dave shed his robe climbed onto the enormous bed.

Then he crawled over to Daphne, who reclined and opened her legs in invitation. He knew enough about female arousal to deduce that she didn't need any foreplay, and he slid up her body until they were face to face, his lower boy cradled by her soft thighs and the head of his cock resting against her hot inner labia.

Not breaking eye contact, she placed her hands on his buttocks and wrapped her lower legs around the backs of his thighs before slowly drawing him inside her warm, wet, cavern. When he was fully inside, she heaved a contented sigh and contacted her pussy muscles. "Hmmm, lovely."

"Are you stuffed to capacity?" Dave heard Zinnia ask teasingly. "Can your fifty-one-year-old cunny handle that sixteen-year-old cock?"

"Better than yours will, you old bitch," Daphne retorted, still staring up at Dave's face. The smile curving her full lips revealed that the mutual teasing was all in good fun, and she winked up at him while she rippled her pussy muscles once more.

Mindful of what James had told him earlier, Dave started moving inside Daphne. He varied his tempo and angle, trying to stimulate her clit and G-spot as much as possible, although her legs kept him close and didn't allow a great range of movement on his part. Her pussy, in turn, grabbed at his cock rhythmically, massaging it and trying to coax out his cum. She wasn't Veronica, but it was still an exquisite feeling, and when her fingers began to search for his anus after a while, Dave captured her hands one by one and pinned them next to her head, since he wanted to satisfy her before coating her insides with his cum.

Zinnia giggled. "That's right, Daph! No cheating with your hands.

Daphne pushed their entwined hands up and outwards, bringing Dave's upper body down against her heaving breasts. He could feel her hardened nipples and slick breasts rubbing his sweaty chest as they slid back and forth against each other, and her warm breath brushed his face, which was now practically nose to nose with hers. Then she captured his mouth with hers and invaded it with her tongue.

Dave accepted the challenge and returned the kiss passionately, rolling his tongue around hers and sucking her lips when they came apart. To make their position less awkward, he let go of her hands brought his arms next to her body, hooking them under her arms to stop her from reaching too low and prodding his anus.

They resumed kissing after that, but less frantic and far more tenderly than before, with their coitus mirroring the kissing.

"Oh Dave, you're fucking me so well," Daphne whispered after they broke apart for a moment. She started up at him with burning eyes. "You're making me feel so good, and I wish we could go on forever. Your cock is so hot and hard inside me. Am I making you feel good too baby?"

"Yeah, you know how to use your pussy, Daphne. Iris could learn a thing or two from you. Ron's a lucky guy!" Dave replied, and the sweet nothings, gasps, moans, and compliments continued to go back and forth in between bouts of kissing as they fucked languidly. Then, when Daphne no longer talked, but just let out shuddering gasps and moans, Dave tenderly kissed her flushed cheeks and decided to finish her off.

He jabbed into her firmly and crushed his pubic mound against hers to herald the endgame. She matched his movement as he did it a second time, telling him that she was seeking release, and he launched his final assault, increasing the frequency of his rolling thrusts until they were fucking at a frantic pace. Again and again he thrust into her hot, undulating depths, and he started intently at her face so as not to miss what kind of a look would pass over her face when she surrendered to orgasm. Women were most beautiful to him when they were coming.

Daphne arched her back and grabbed him in a bear hug, crushing her ample breasts to his chest. Her cheeks were completely flushed now, her lower lip was tucked behind her teeth, and she was breathing heavily through nose. She was really close, and Dave redoubled his efforts until ... he felt the base of his cock expand.

He had been so consumed by the drive to make her come that he forgot to relax when he went into the highest gear, and he was coming. "Nooooo!" he groaned after on final thrust and pressed his cock as deeply as possible in Daphne's pussy, which proceeded to milk his spurting cock with a controlled, rippling movement as she tenderly gave him butterfly kisses on his nose and lips.

"Yes, come in me," she whispered huskily as she loosely held her lips against his. "Give me your essence ... shoot your cum where it belongs ... follow your instincts."

Dave exhaled shakily after he finished coming and tried to roll away from Daphne to spare her his dead weight, but she rolled with him and ended up on top of him, his cock still ensconced in her warm pussy.

Applause came from the corner of the room. "Wow, good show!" Zinnia then said.

"Sorry Aunt Daphne," Dave said as he tried to catch his breath.

"For what, sweetie?"

"Well, you didn't come, did you?"

"Don't apologise for that, sweetie," Daphne said as she stroked his cheek softly. I wanted you to come just like you wanted me to come. Seeing the pleasure on your face as you shot your seed into my womb was quite the compliment, and it's unnatural for men to outlast women in the first round. Men are designed to come first, so don't feel bad. I was pretty close, and now that the edge is off I'm sure you'll make me come in round two."

"Can I help him get ready, Daph?" Zinnia purred.

"Be my guest," Daphne answered, and gave his still inflated cock one more squeeze before rolling off Dave.

His cock didn't stay in the cool air for long, because Zinnia's hot mouth slowly enveloped it.

"Hmm, you two taste good together," she said after the first pass.

Dave was astonished by the fact that Zinnia was licking another woman's juices off his cock like that.

"Surprised?" Zinnia asked, chuckling. "Daph and I are intimately familiar with each other's juices already. We've been lezzing out together for over thirty years."

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