The Long Ride Home

by Michele Nylons

Copyright© 2012 by Michele Nylons

Pedo Sex Story: Mike defiled his mother during the trip to his aunt’s wedding. She sat on his lap during the car ride and he rubbed his cock on her ass, clad only in sheer leggings, until he came. Does she know what he did? How will she deal with it? We will find out because once again Mike’s mom has to sit on his lap in the back seat of the little compact during The Long Ride Home.

Caution: This Pedo Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Humiliation   First   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   BBW   Leg Fetish   Big Breasts   Public Sex   .

Mom wore a white two piece skirt and jacket. The skirt came to mid-thigh and the jacket nearly covered the skirt. The band was appropriately playing the song by 'Cake': "I Want a Girl In a Short Skirt and Long Jacket". Mom was dancing to the music with some fat old guy who couldn't keep his eyes off her long legs and his hands off her well-proportioned ass and her magnificent tits.

Mom knew she had great legs and liked to show them off. That's why she had worn the Lycra/nylon tights earlier in the day. Tonight her legs were clad in flesh-toned ultra-sheer pantyhose; they looked expensive, Italian probably. Being a leg and ass man and an accomplished masturbator into mom's and sis's panties and pantyhose I knew all about hosiery, I had researched them on the web. She was wearing a cerise satin blouse under the jacket and gold jewellery glittered on her neck, ears, wrists and fingers. Her makeup was heavy; lots of black eyeliner and mascara, ruby-red lipstick to match her nailpolish, rouged cheeks and lots of eyeshadow. She wore killer white four-inch high-heels.

The party lights emphasised the red highlights in her lustrous black bob. Mom was drunk again but she was behaving herself; well sort of. She was teasing the fat old guy who was dancing with her; she allowed him to rub his groin on her legs and hips and let him squeeze her ass. Then she forced him to pirouette so that other partygoers could see the stubby boner in his too-tight pants. His face was red, he was panting and sweating. It looked like he was thirty seconds away from a heart attack.

Now that the wedding ceremony was over the reception was in full swing, it had spread around patio and adjoining gardens. I looked around and saw my sister. She was in the courtyard with a guy at least ten years her junior and her long fingers were sliding up and down his thick cock through the material of his dress pants. They were kissing passionately and one of his hands was underneath her bridesmaid's dress and was busy playing with her pussy while he held her close to him with the other.

She leant into the young man and lifted herself on her heels to allow him better access to her privates. They obviously thought no one could see them; secluded by some rose bushes. I was sitting at a small table sipping a coke and had positioned myself so I could keep and eye on my mother and sister both. The young man slid my sister's dress up her long legs; I was surprised to see she was wearing stockings, the dark welt visible as the hem of her dress brushed the top of her thigh. They were black and fully-fashioned; a well as the welt I noticed the stockings had back-seams. Nice!

My sister opened her eyes in mid-kiss and we made eye contact. She smiled at me and winked, then she took the young man's hand in hers, lowered her skirt and led him away further into the dark recesses of the garden. My cock was semi-erect.

"Come and dance with your dear old mom," I turned my head and there was mom right in front of me.

As I was seated, my head was level with her slightly curved belly and I couldn't stop my eyes from being drawn down to the hem of her skirt and her long sexy legs. Her hosiery glimmered in the glittering lights and I wanted so badly to reach and touch them.

"You can can't you?" she said as if reading my mind.

I looked at her quizzically.

"Dance stupid! You can dance with your mother?" she smiled drunkenly at me.

"Of course mom I'd be delighted," I said standing to take her in my arms.

The band was playing a slow song, I could smell her perfume, Poison – may favourite, mingled with the smell of cigarettes and bourbon. We moved slowly and awkwardly for while and them mom pulled herself close to me and rested her head on shoulder.

"I love you son," she said and kissed me gently on the neck.

"Me too," I replied and kissed her hair.

"Nice to see a mother and son showing public affection," Aunty Megan, the not so blushing bride, danced close by us.

The groom made no disguise of the fact that he was enamoured with his new wife's tits and ass as he groped her while he danced her around the room. When they finally went upstairs to their bedroom for their wedding night, I bet she wouldn't even get a chance to get out of her wedding dress before he was fucking her.

In my mind I conjured up the vision of Aunt Megan bent over the king-size bed, her wedding dress hiked up to her waist, her tits hanging out of the bodice as my new uncle fucked her vigorously from behind, holding her by her lacy white garter-belt which was clipped to white silk stockings. She was nearly knocked out of her heels every time he thrust into her and she was squealing with surprise and pleasure.

"Henry! You naughty man!" she squealed in my daydream.

My semi-erect cock had become tumescent and I became aware that it was rubbing against my mother. She raised her head and looked me in the eyes, she smiled mischievously.

"Is that for mommy?" she reached between our bodies and squeezed my cock through my trousers.

"Jesus mom! Cut that out!" I pulled her hand away.

"I don't want my boy having a heart attack like that old guy I was dancing with," she smirked.

"Anyway it's just a reaction to a dream I was having. I couldn't get aroused by you; you're my mom for fuck sake!" I retorted.

"But you didn't mind panty-popping me in the car on the way here," she said matter-of-factly and stared me right in the eyes.

"Panty-popping?" I said stunned.

Mom pulled herself closer and put her head back on my shoulder; her groin was rubbing against me and my quickly diminishing erection was back on the way to rigidity. Mother clung to me as we slowly danced; I could feel her thighs and soft belly against my penis as she swayed with the music; her tits were crushed against my chest.

"Panty-popping is what your farther and I did instead of sexual intercourse before we got married," she explained.

"Mom! I don't wanna know about yours and dad's sex life!" I hissed.

"Sure you do son. You are going to have girlfriends of your own soon and you will want to do things them that can be dangerous. You don't want to get a girl pregnant and be a teenage bridegroom do you?"

"Mom! This isn't the time or place to talk about that stuff," I explained.

"Well you need to know these things Mike," she went on regardless.

"I wanted to be a virgin bride but your dad was very insistent. I was also sexually inquisitive; a young woman has her needs too you know," she kept babbling.

"It's not like today when most women have birth control available to them from there early teens."

"So; I used to masturbate your father and he used to masturbate me too. But he wanted more"

"Jesus mom; shut up!" I sighed frustratingly.

"So I learned from my girlfriends about panty-popping; they were letting their boyfriends do it to them. I would let your daddy rub his pecker on my pussy and as long as I kept on my panties so he couldn't put it inside me in the heat of the moment, it was safe. We both liked it, especially if I was wearing satin panties. Many a night I came home with my panties soaked in your daddy's fluids; front and back! He liked to rub it on my tight little heine too!"

"For god's sake mom; shut the fuck up will you!" I hissed into her hair.

"If my daddy knew that my pretty pink satin panties were soaked in come when I came home and kissed him goodnight on the cheek, he would have locked me up and killed your daddy," she giggled.

"I haven't been panty-popped for many a year and then my own teenage son goes and squirts on my ass in the back of his sister's car. Now ain't that a hoot!" she laughed wickedly and squeezed my cock again.

"Stop that! And I don't know what you're raving on about? I spilled a beer on your granny ass; that's all!" I contended and pushed her body away from mine.

"You know what you did!" she stared icily at me.

"I know what man-seed feels and what it smells like! You came on your mommy's ass and spilled beer on me to hide your sin," she glowered at me.

"Shhh!!! Shut the fuck mom! People will overhear!"

I released my mother and turned to walk away; disguising my erection with the tail of my jacket.

"It's ok son," she called and I turned to look back at her.

"I liked it," she smiled lecherously at me.

"And so did you; don't you lie! See! That's a dead give-away!" she laughed and pointed a long red fingernail at my fading erection.

I stormed off into the garden, lighting intent on distancing myself from the wedding crowd. I could hear mom's drunken laughter; she had found someone else to tease.

I wondered off into the dark; I wanted solitude. I leaned against a large cottonwood contemplating what mom had said. My ears became sharp as the noise of the wedding reception receded. Then I heard something.

"Huh! Huh! Huh!"

It was coming from a gazebo not far away. I hadn't noticed it in the dark, as it was unlit. My eyes had become accustomed to the dark and I could see that the structure had lighting, I could see a light fitting in the ceiling, but someone had turned the lights off.

I crept up on the gazebo and peered inside.

"Huh! Huh! Huh!"

It was gloomy inside the gazebo but I could see well enough now that I had my night vision.

My sister Shelly was leaning over the balustrade; her bridesmaid dress was hiked up and her ass was sticking out. Her white satin panties were draped around one ankle, they contrasted nicely with the black stockings which encased her long legs. Her legs were spread and the young man she had been kissing in the garden earlier was behind her standing between her spread legs and he was sliding a rather large cock in and out of her cunt.

My sister pushed back against him each time he thrusted.

"Huh! Huh! Huh!" the sharp exhalations accompanied each thrust.

The young man quickened his pace; his thrusting became more violent as he plunged his turgid member in and out my sister. She pushed back and her creamy white buttock quivered as he slammed himself into her. She was groaning and moaning; encouraging the young stud.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Huh! Huh! Huh!" she wailed.

The man gripped my sister by the waist and pulled her back against him; he ground himself against her and my sister gyrated her buttocks milking him of his seed. She reached between her legs and thrummed her clitty eliciting her own orgasm.

"Oh fuck yeah! Fuck yeah! Fill me with your cream you young stud!" she hissed as she ground her ass against the lad's groin.

"Ohhhhhhh!" the young man howled as he ejaculated, driving his cock deep inside my sister.

Shelly frantically stroked her slit and rotated her buttocks; squeezing the juices from the young man.

I had my own cock in my hand and was frantically stroking it. I bit my lip as I ejaculated; ropes of semen splashed on the ground forming small pools of creamy ejaculate.

My sister and her beau finished fucking and he pulled his long thick cock from her quivering quim. A small deluge of seminal fluid gushed from her swollen labia and dribbled down her legs soaking into the tops of her stockings; the silky dark welts became a little darker.

She quickly turned around and dropped to her knees and took the young man's slowly deflating penis in her mouth and licked it clean.

She spat the member out of her mouth and pushed it inside the man's fly, carefully easing it back into his briefs before she zipped him up.

"There! All nice and neat!" she patted his fly.

Shelly stepped into her panties and as she stood she pulled them up her gossamer-clad legs. She looked sexy as hell as she smoothed her panties and then carefully lowered her dress.

The young man leaned forward to kiss her and she placed her palms on his chest and gently pushed him away.

"No I don't think so," she said, and rummaged in her purse for her lipstick.

She extended the lipstick from its case and began to apply it to her lips, doing it by feel and experience in the gloom. She pursed her lips and used a fingertip to smooth the lipstick. She looked up surprised to see the young man was still there.

"You can go now, I've finished with you," she said coldly.

The young man seemed a little surprised at my sister's attitude.

"Can I have your number?" he asked sheepishly.

"No. I don't think so. You weren't that good," she said heartlessly.

She smiled as the young man's head sagged.

"Go on! Fuck off back to the party. I'll follow on later so people won't notice us returning together," she ordered.

The young man sauntered away; heading back towards the light and sounds of the party.

I zipped my fly and was about to turn to follow when a twig snapped under my foot. I stood dead still. My sister's head snapped around and she stared into the gloom. I wasn't sure if she could see me but a mischievous smile crossed her face and she kept staring out in my general direction. She lifted the front of her bridesmaid dress. Her long legs clad in the black gossamer nylon stockings contrasted nicely with the pink taffeta dress and her creamy white thighs.

Between her legs the V of her white satin panties seemed to glow in the dark. She rubbed the front panel of her panties and then she slid a finger under the gusset, and explored her labia. She removed the finger and sucked it between her ruby-red lipsticked lips. My cock quivered, even though I had only just come.

She dropped the hem of her dress and blew a kiss out into the dark in my general direction.

"Hope you liked the show mister," she smiled, pirouetted on her heels and walked out of the gazebo back towards the party.

I shakily waited for at least five minutes before I too returned to the reception.

An hour or so later the reception was over. I had changed back into my cut-off jeans and t-shirt and Shelly had changed out of her bridesmaid dress. She was wearing black leggings similar to the ones mom had worn for the trip here. They clung to her ass and delineated the mound of her cunt; her legs looked stunning in them. She wore a floppy long-sleeve t-shirt; she had dressed comfortably for the ride home.

I decided to make some small talk as we waited for mom near the car.

"Good to be out of that suit. Bet you're glad to be out of that bridesmaid dress too," I said.

"Yep," my sister replied, flicking ash from her cigarette.

"You better give that suit a good brushing before you return it though, otherwise mom might not get her deposit back," she smiled at me.

"What?" I didn't understand what she was talking about.

"Well judging by the dirt on your shoes and the bougainvillea stuck to your jacket, you must have been off exploring in the gardens tonight," she grinned.

I was shocked; did she know it was me in the dark near the gazebo?

"There's a whole mess of bougainvillea down near the gazebo. I know because I was there tonight," she grinned.

"Were you?" she looked pointedly at me and her tongue slid out and licked her luscious lips.

I didn't answer; I just stared at her.

She looked around and confirmed that we were still alone. She flicked her cigarette away.

"Are you the one I did this to?"

She opened her legs a little and rubbed her mound through the material of her leggings and then she slid a finger inside the waistband, and explored her labia. I could clearly see her finger exploring her cunt through the translucent fabric. She removed the finger and sucked it between her red lipsticked lips.

"Jesus Shelly stop that!" I hissed.

She grinned at me.

"It was you wasn't it? Did you enjoy the show little brother? Did you diddle your little tallywhacker while you watched your big sister being fucked against the railing of the gazebo?"

"Did you come? I bet you did! I bet there's not only dirt on them shiny shoes you was wearing, but little silvery trails on material of your rented pants," she sniggered.

"Did you time your come with ours? Did you release your seed on the ground the same time that boy was spurting his seed inside me?"

She leaned against the car and stuck out that magnificent ass clad only in a single layer of spandex/nylon. She gyrated her hips and ass just as she had done in the gazebo.

"Here's me."

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Huh! Huh! Huh!" she wailed, imitating the motions and noises she had made when she had come.

"And here's you," she sneered.

Still resting on the car she reached between her legs with one hand and simulated stroking a penis. For some reason that was even sexier than her pretending to be fucked.

She smirked.

"It was you wasn't it? A little boy getting off watching grown-ups fuck!"

"What the hell is going on over here; lets get going," mom came out of the dark pulling her suitcase on its little wheels.

I had never been so glad to see her. She had rescued me from a very awkward situation.

"Geez mom! Didn't you change?" Shelly whined.

Mom was still wearing the white two piece skirt and jacket, cerise satin blouse, flesh-toned ultra-sheer pantyhose and killer white four-inch high-heels. She still had on all of her gold jewellery and full makeup.

"Well I was going to change back into my travelling clothes, but then I realised some asshole had spilled beer all over my leggings and they are still damp and smell like Coors," she looked at me accusingly.

"Didn't you rinse them out and dry them?" my sister asked.

"Nah; forgot all about it," mom said opening the back door and trying to wedge her suitcase on the back seat.

"Jeez! Let me do that!" I took over suitcase wrangling duties.

"Well it's your fault anyway," mom said, and rightly so.

"That suit's going to get ruined on the trip home mom; you have to sit on Mike's lap again all the way," Shelly said opening the driver's side door of her compact car.

"As long as no one spills his drink over it, it'll just get a little wrinkled is all," mom said.

"Or spills anything else over it for that matter," she glared at me.

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