Endings: a Hook and a Fire

by Frank Speaks

Copyright© 2012 by Frank Speaks

BDSM Sex Story: Another Ending. Read the codes. There is no escape except in an End.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Reluctant   Slavery   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Rough   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Body Modification   Caution   Violent   .

Jane was tired. Her master whipped her but she didn't care. For over a hundred years, she had been tortured and used sexually in every way. She had been hung until she passed out. Then, she was released, beaten, and hung again.

One afternoon, her master said, "It's time for your end." She nodded and registered her consent under his Intent to End. He had always been cruel and, particularly, to her. He decided that her end would be public as most were and they went to the community center.

Once there, she was stripped and her ass greased. She knew that meant her end would have an anal aspect to it. She was blindfolded and brought out to the stage. She couldn't see the cross with its cruel hook. Her arms were shackled to the ends of the cross widely spread. She was eased onto the hook with it penetrating her ass five or six inches. A belt was then loosely fastened around her preventing her from moving away from the post.

A motor started and the post rose up slowly toward the vertical. Her blindfold was whipped off and she could see the spectators looking at her. As the post rose to the vertical, her body slid down the rough wood and splinters went in her back. The hook went in further up her anal tract and she held her self up by her arms to avoid the pain of that penetration and breathe.

Once vertical, she was panting and her arms were tiring and she slid down the post further impaling her body on the hook. She had seen this before and knew that the hook would penetrate her for a foot to a foot and a half. She knew that she would eventually be out of her mind with pain and lightheaded from blood loss and lack of oxygen.

Relaxing her arms had two effects. First, she was further impaled upon the hook. The second was that she couldn't breathe because her chest was compressed. She tried to scream. When she lifted her body up by her arms, she found another refinement to the hook. It was barbed and it tore her inside. She screamed some more.

Then, the whipping started. Two other girls owned by her master began to whip her with whips having sharp chunks of metal embedded in the tips. Each stroke left her bruised and bloodied.

Then she heard a pop and felt the hook push into her an inch as it moved up the wood. She strained and screamed again as the pain came from so many directions within her body. The whipping slowed but did not stop. Each stroke seemed to find fresh flesh to damage.

Her feet scrambled to find purchase on the post and lift her away from the hook and to let her breathe. The outside of her body was bleeding and welts were appearing as ribs were broken and strips were torn away by the cruel metal chunks. A particularly agonizing pair of blows tore deeply into her left breast leaving that part of her body hanging by a tiny bit of skin at the bottom of her breast. Another stroke removed it and she heard a splat as it landed on the floor of the stage. She thought that it was good that this was her End because she could never heal from all of this

Her master approached one of the other girls and said, "You aren't whipping hard enough. Bend over." She began to cry. A third girl came out with a foot long dildo strapped to her pelvis and violently shoved it home in the poor girl's ass. She screamed loudly and you could smell the acidic order as she released her bladder. Her master said, "Hot, isn't it? It is covered with pepper juices to help you understand your duties."

The girl released the strap-on and the whipping girl fell forward on her knees. The look of horror and pain made it clear that she was badly damaged internally and that she thought the pain was unbearable.

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