Zeus and Io - Books 1 and 2
Chapter 5

Copyright 2012,2013 by Harry Carton

Near Juarez, Mexico

[The following contains an approximate translation from the Juarez dialect of Mexican-Spanish.]

JJ used his satellite phone to call his contact in San Diego.

"We need another batch of virgins. It is a special order. We will need one black, one white and one Mexican. All must be under fifteen years, older than twelve. Our customer likes variety it seems. I told him it might take a while. He is a patient man ... but not too patient."

'Juarez' Jaime Reodondo, or 'JJ' to his associates, closed his laptop, placed his .45 caliber handgun on top of it. He smiled at his underling, Phillipè 'Pepe' Gomez, who was just entering the room.

"Pepe, it seems we have another successful business on our hands. The sale of the two gringas to the North American pig went well. And he paid two hundred fifty thousand dollars. We should have that to play with," he said, laughing and showing a tooth that had a gold liner around it.

"Yes, JJ, very well. The girls were no trouble at all. The drugs we gave them kept them very calm and quiet. The pig landed his plane not far from our little place in the desert, and I took the girls out to him. He paid very promptly and he gave me five hundred extra. For me, he said, but I split it with The Rooster. I tell you that, so you do not think I was cheating you."

"Good, Pepe, very good. But we do not have two hundred fifty any more. The Rooster ... perhaps he liked the young blonde girl too much. I got a call from our customer, Mr. Pig, and he said she was spoiled before he took possession. Or perhaps you both used her?" His hand strayed to the .45.

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