Zeus and Io - Books 1 and 2

by Harry Carton

Copyright 2012,2013 by Harry Carton

Science Fiction Adult Story: Don't worry, Zeus & Io is not about Greek Mythology; those are screen names of two participants in a game. Zeus is more than that, however. He is an injured, former SEAL who has someone living in his head, and he has (other) psychological problems too. But is it really paranoia if 'they' are out to get you? Io is Tonto to his Lone Ranger, or is she? What about the Huntress, Artemis? And then there are the bad guys. You'll see. No sex in this long, two part story.

Tags: Science Fiction   Extra Sensory Perception   Adult science fiction story, adult sci-fi story, extra sensory science fiction story

My apologies to anyone who thinks he or she is depicted in this story. No real person, place, or thing is the basis for anything in this story. If any such resemblance exists, it is purely an accident. This is entirely a work of fiction.

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