Zeus and Io - Books 1 and 2
Chapter 11

Copyright 2012,2013 by Harry Carton


After the fiasco in Throckmorton, TX, Melody pulled her team back to Fort Worth, and redoubled her efforts with Peter. The sickly man in the hospital bed provided no information about either the 'new' target psychic or the terrorists for several days.

On one of her routine sessions with the psychotropic drugs, Melody began to hear a pattern among Peter's ramblings: words and phrases were repeated. As usual, 'the source's' information came in disjointed words and ideas. They needed interpretation. Melody broke it down to four groups

- Information about the new source: He's a former Chief in the navy. He has no body (or perhaps it was 'nobody') but he has a body. He is Hispanic. He's dead but alive. He can talk to computers. The computer talks back to him.

- Information about potential terrorists: Two Mets will try to kill thousands. Memorial Day. The Mets are not having pork for their meals at the holidays, only salads.

- Information that connects the two : He's after the Mets who are coming to Central Florida. He's going to kill them.

- And probably useless information about the Cubs: The Cubs will not win this year. They will finish 36 games out of first place.

She looked at the list of his ramblings. One thing was clear: there were terrorists coming to Central Florida, there were two of them, they were coming to kill thousands on Memorial Day. Probably they were Muslims, from the 'pork' comments, but maybe they were Jews – although the idea of Jewish terrorists seemed impossible to her. She had listened to several sessions very closely, and her source had always said 'at the holidays' not 'on' – and why talk about the holidays now? The only thing she could think of was that they were staying at Holiday Inns, but that was a guess. Less clear was why Peter called them Mets, perhaps they were disguised as baseball players, somehow. Significantly, her 'new source' was going to try and kill the terrorists. Check that: there was no 'try' ... he was going to kill them.

Perhaps she could acquire the source at the same time. But if she acquired him, did that mean that the terrorists would succeed, since they were not killed? Peter had never said whether the terrorist plot would succeed or fail, nor whether he would kill them before or after the attack. She was not willing to risk a successful terrorist incident to acquire a new source. Could he perhaps be trapped after foiling the attack? What if 5225's agents foiled it? She did not even consider the possibility that Homeland Security could do it – no, it was 5225, the 'new source' and the terrorists. They would be the only players on her field. Homeland Security was hopelessly inept.

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