Brotherly Love

by Paladin

Copyright© 2012 by Paladin

Erotica Sex Story: Jimmy Phillips has an adopted brother who thinks Jimmy might not like him too much but that isn't at all true. Jimmy seems cool to his brother because he wants him so badly he's afraid he'll lose control and make a move on his brother. Then one day Jimmy's feelings come out and he finds his brother wants him as much as he wants his brother. In bed together their sex is long, wild, and satisfying.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/mt   Consensual   Gay   Incest   Brother   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

I'm in my bed, under just a sheet, and naked. My bedroom curtains are drawn across so my room is mainly in darkness. Downstairs I can hear movement as mum readies breakfast but it's the movement in the next room to mine that has my attention. Soon, or soon I hope, he'll step out and head for the bathroom. My bedroom door is open just an inch or so and I can clearly see the illuminated landing. His door opens and my brother moves across to the bathroom and as he does my erect cock stiffens even further.

Suzano, or Sue as I teasingly call him, is wearing just a baggy pair of Bermuda shorts, but loose as they are they cannot disguise the bulge of an erection inside them. When he moves into the bathroom he doesn't close the door fully and I can watch him in the big mirror on the bathroom wall. He tugs free the drawstrings on his shorts and they drop around his ankles and he steps out of them. Naked he is truly my dream boy.

He is not tall for his age and his body is slender and delicate. I suppose girlish or effeminate describe him best, apart from the rigid cock he's now pointing at the toilet bowl. He grunts slightly as a stream of urine splashes into the water. His chest is narrow and you can count his ribs, his belly is flat and his thighs and calves are lean. My eyes are locked onto his taut and olive skinned buttocks as my fingers play harder with my throbbing penis. Dress him in the right clothes and he could be a really pretty little girl!

He isn't my brother by blood. After she had me mum couldn't have any more kids so not so long ago her and dad decided to adopt and give them another son and me a brother. We don't look anything like brothers for certain. Sue's slender, dark, and pretty. I'm not ugly but I'm blond, fair skinned, blue eyed, and powerfully built.

Before we moved to this house we lived in a pretty rough part of the city and I had to get tough or have a miserable life. Being a street fighter builds muscle but when one day a friend of mine made a casual suggestion it worked out real well for me. I was a fighter at nine but he invited me to come to the dojo he attended and really learn to look after myself. I soon got into Karate and Aikido and the training hardened my body and taught me I could walk away from a fight if I wanted to. If I had to fight I could take out the opposition fast and clean.

In my bed now I writhe as my hand pumps hard, drawing my foreskin down to reveal the swollen deep red bulge of my cock's helmet. Sue's finished peeing and stretches his arms wide before turning to the wash bowl. Even now his cock looks semi hard as it dangles between his smooth thighs.

My brother's body is almost hairless. Apart from his short and silky dark hair the only other sign of his age are a few wisps of dark pubic hair. It's hard to believe he's only around two years younger than my sixteen! Watching him I let my imagination run wild.

Ever since I was old enough to raise an erection I've known I was gay and I found plenty of other schoolboys who shared my tastes. Now my fantasies revolve around images of Sue's rigid cock in my mouth or my own hard-on entering the tight pucker of his arse. As he lathers his face and hands, splashes warm water over his chest and belly, I can feel a white hot line rising in my throbbing cock. Fumbling under my pillow I drag out a crumpled handkerchief and as I convulse I shroud my spurting cock with it.

My face is buried in my pillows to muffle my groans of relief and massive pleasure. I jerk and buck as I pump out jets of what feels like burning hot cream in spasms from my still hard penis. Finally my bliss ends and I slump flat, wadding the soaked ball of cotton in my hand as my heart hammers and my breathing begins to slow.

In my shadowy room I drowse but still my thoughts, or are they dreams, still revolve around my brother's elfin body and how he would move sensually beneath me as we shared a boy's pleasures. I must have drifted off because I wake with a start at words from my doorway.

"I'm off to school Jimmy so I'll see you later."

My brother stands in the doorway back lit by the morning sun. Immaculate in his school uniform he seems as equally delectable fully clothed as when he was naked. Blinking I grin at him before replying.

"Hey little bro! Off to school again so have a good one Sue!"

I know this will get to him which is why I said it just to tease him. As always it works!

"My name's not Sue and I am a boy not a girl!"

He has got the idea that I don't like him. He must feel that I resent him taking mum and dad's attention away from me. In truth I like him fine but if I am a tad cool and reserved with him it's for another reason altogether. I like him way too much and I'm afraid that if we got too close my hands might wander and I might end up trying to make love to my own brother. What that would do to my family doesn't bear thinking about!

This time I smile at him.

"Sorry young 'un you get down there and let mum drop you at school and I really do mean have a good day."

He loosens up a bit when he hears my apology and sees I really mean it.

"Okay Jimmy bye till tonight!"

After he's gone a minute or two mum raps on my door and walks into my room.

"I've left you a bowl of cereal, milk's in the fridge, bread's under the grill to make yourself toast and there's fresh orange juice poured out. I'll be back around five after I've picked Suzano up from the school playing fields. Today's football practice and you know how he loves that! Your dad rang last night and he won't be home now till Friday at earliest. That job he's on is taking a lot longer than was expected."

She bends over and kisses me on my cheek.

"See you later love!"

After I hear the front door slam I yawn, stretch, and roll out of bed to amble naked to the bathroom. I debate showering but settle for, like my brother, washing face, hands, chest, and carefully around my somewhat sticky cock and ball sac. Unlike my smooth brother I have a lot of silvery blond pubic hairs and sponk drying on that lot is messy.

We're really unsure what my brother's origins are. He was abandoned as a child and all anyone knows is that unusual name of his. When my folks adopted him the assumption was that his parents were from somewhere maybe in South America? And his mum and dad had to be lookers judging by Sue's startling beauty. Wrenching my mind from thoughts of my brother's body I dress and head downstairs for the breakfast mum has set up for me.

Unlike my brother I have no school for the next couple of days and I decide on a morning in our back garden. I set up a deckchair under the gnarled cherry tree for shade. My brother tans a lovely coffee shade but I just go pink and peel. With a radio, a book, and my laptop, I pass the morning and then whip up a quick lunch. I'm relaxing again when our phone rings so I lope in and see the call display is showing as "unavailable" which mum and dad usually ignore. But what the heck I pick up anyway. It's mum calling from her work phone extension which explains it showing up as unavailable.

"Jimmy love can you do me a favour? Mary Evans has called in sick and the boss has asked me to work her evening shift. It's too good a thing to turn down. He's offered me double time and a day off in lieu as well. It means I won't get home till around midnight so can you go to the playing fields at Harrow Street and collect your brother after football this afternoon?"

Is that all? No problem at all I think and I'll give bro a treat by picking him up on my motor bike.

"Sure thing mum. I'll shower and get changed and pop down there to get him."

"Thanks love and if you're still up I'll see you much later and if not then tomorrow morning. But you make sure your brother's in bed before eleven. Bye love!"

"Bye mum!"

Showered and wearing jeans, a clean tee shirt, and a light leather jacket, I unlock the garage door and wheel out the bike my dad restored for me with my enthusiastic assistance. I leave the "L" plates in there and yeah I know I shouldn't be running my bro home on my bike but what are the chances with both of us wearing helmets of us being spotted by a passing cop car? Hanging the spare helmet on one pannier I buckle mine on and cruise off heading for Harrow Street.

Harrow Street used to be my football fields as well as bro's so I know it well and I roll up the gravelled path, cut the engine, and pull the bike up onto its stand. Hanging my own helmet on a handle bar I walk over to the changing rooms and push in through the swing doors and into a big area full of lockers and boys.

The bonus is that many of them are still naked or mainly so. Crossing towards where two boys are towelling off I stop before a dark wiry boy who is just wrapping a towel around his waist. I glance around then ask him a question.

"Where's Suzano Phillips?"

He looks shifty eyed and just shrugs so I turn to the boy next to him. He's built like I was at his age solid and stocky with pale skin but he's a redhead. He's also pretty casual about standing stark naked in front of a total stranger and my eyes, seemingly all on their own, drop to his heavy cock that dangles between his strong thighs. He's still beaded with water from the showers and my cock gets interested right away. He looks at me and he looks worried, not shifty like his buddy, genuinely worried.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Jimmy Phillips and Sue's my brother!"

He starts to speak and the dark boy tries to interrupt him.

"Say nothing Larry. You'll only get into trouble."

He shakes his head at the shifty kid and leaves him in no doubt at all how he feels.

"Shut up Kevin I can't let it happen."

Then he turns back to me.

"He's in Mr Arthur's office and you'd better get in there fast!"

He points to a door across the room, and his worry is transferred to me, so I hot foot it over there. I don't pause to knock and just twist the handle and stride in. What I see I do not like!

Sue's standing there and his shorts are around his ankles. His football shirt covers his rear and crotch but that is no protection. A beefy guy around my size has a tight grip on my bro's arm and his other hand is tugging a thick cock out of his track suit trousers. Sue looks scared stiff but as the guy spots me he goes red and looks just as scared as my bro. I'm not scared I'm fucking furious. Even furious my fighting mind is ice cold. As I walk towards them I've already weighed up a dozen ways of wrecking the guy fast.

"Let go of him!"

"Who are you and who let you in here?"

"I'm his brother now let go of him or I'll break your arm!"

He's as big as me and pretty fit looking but he takes one look at me and let's Sue loose before taking a step back.

"You don't understand. You've got the wrong idea."

I cut him off short and he's lucky I don't let him have a back fist or a spinning kick.

"You ever touch him again and I'll put you in hospital. And then when you get out you'll lose your job and end up in prison. If I hear about you touching him or any of the other kids I'll hurt you badly!"

I put my arm around my bro's shoulders; he's tugged up his shorts by now, and walk him towards the door.

"Go get your things Sue. Don't bother changing just take everything outside to my bike and I'll run you home in a minute. I've got someone to talk to first."

The redhead is now sitting on a bench near his locker, still naked, and rubbing his hair dry with his towel. He looks up as I get near him.

"He called you Larry so what's your full name?"

He's a serious kind of kid but I owe him and already I like him. Also I already have a bit of a hankering for him; always supposing he's into boys like I am.

"I'm Larry Adams. Is your brother okay?"

I reach out to squeeze his shoulder and then ruffle his already disarranged hair.

"Thanks to you he is Larry and both me and my bro owe you big time. If you ever need anything I can help you with tell Sue and he'll tell me. And if that bastard Arthur goes near my bro, you, or any other boy just let me know."

He grins up at me and at last relaxes a bit.

"I will and thanks Jimmy!"

Turning I head out of the changing rooms, uncomfortably aware of both my own erection and the fact that, even while I was talking to the red haired Larry, his cock was hardening as I watched. Outside Sue's waiting by my bike. I take his sports bag into which he's stuffed his school uniform and jam it into one of the bike's panniers whilst unhooking the spare helmet from the other.

"Has he ever done anything like that before bro? Tell me the truth cos' I'll know if you're lying!"

He looks me right in the eye and I believe what he tells me.

"Honestly no Jimmy. He's been looking at me a lot for ages but today was the first time he's ever touched me. He kept saying I was beautiful and any man would want me."

I'm busy cramming the bag into the pannier and closing it. I'm still angry at the football coach. And I'm horny at the thought of Larry Adams taut body. So it slips out of my mouth without my thinking.

"Well he was spot on and true about that."

I could have bitten off my tongue but now it's too late and out in the open between us. Turning to my brother I see his eyes are wide and his mouth is a wide "O" with surprise. He's blushing a little under his olive skin tone but he looks me in the eye again and speaks out without hesitation or a trace of a stammer.

"You think I'm beautiful and you'd want me?"

"Yeah bro you're the most beautiful boy I've ever seen and I can't imagine anyone not wanting you; me included! I think we should head for home and we've got a lot of stuff to talk about when we get there."

I hand him his crash helmet.

"Put this on, get on behind me, and hang onto my waist."

I straddle my bike and ease it down off its stand as he settles behind me. As he wriggles closer I'm suddenly aware of the hard rod of his cock pressing against me through the thin silky cloth of his shorts. One arm loops around my waist but the other moves lower and his hand lightly squeezes the bulge of my erection through the tight denim of my jeans. I can feel his heart beating fast in his chest as he speaks softly against my back.

"When we get home I think there are things we've got to do not just say!"

Looking back at him over my shoulder I nod seriously at him.

"You're right bro and think hard about whether you're certain you want to."

Going home I concentrate seriously on my driving but you can bet that though watching my speed limit I'm in a serious hurry to get us home. At our garden gate my bro hops off to open it and close it after I roll up to the garage door. Once my bikes stowed away I unlock our front door and lock it behind us. I look down at my brother. The house is totally silent but for his breathing and my voice.

"You know what we're going to do? You don't have to if you've changed your mind but I want you very badly."

He grins at me and looks relaxed and certain.

"I'm not an innocent little kid. I know what we'll do and I want you just as badly."

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