Amazing Hypno Hal

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2012 by LiteroCat

Mind Control Sex Story: Sotted friends demand a demo of my hypno skills. My wife 'limits' the results, but I have a big surprise for them AND her. The demo gets very risquee.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Reluctant   Mind Control   Hypnosis   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Group Sex   White Couple   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Last night was crazy! Just crazy! After JUST enough booze, my wife Cara, and two certain men especially, started pushing me to show off my nacient hypnotic skills. I insisted I wasn't that good yet, but they persisted, as I expected.

Hours before the party, Cara asked me to relax her with hypnotism as I had done a few times before. I did as asked, using her already established key "CARA SLEEP." Once she was under, I also added a reinforcing suggestion as my own reward. In five minutes, she was absolutely pacific, face and shoulders especially lax. At my choice of commands, "CARA LIIT," her eyes spaced out and she slowly, teasingly disrobed. As soon as she was naked, she looked hungrily at me and, after ensuring I was watching, pushed two fingers into her awakening pussy. Very quickly, I heard squishing noises from her moistening groin. As her breathing quickened, I watched her roll her protruding, swollen, moist inner lips open and bump her engorged clit with each deep dip into her wet box.

As programmed, just as she was about to climax, she stepped closer to me and wiped her ambrosia-soaked fingers on my welcoming lips. As I inhaled, licked and drank her intoxicants, she unfastened and unzipped my stretched pants then pushed them to the floor. She gripped my stiff stick and, while gently stroking it, still locked into my eyes, slipped to her knees. Her eyes sparkled as she opened her mouth wide and stretched out her tongue slowly. She wrapped it around my glans like a roll grips a sausage and drew cool air over the top in deep contrast to the warm wetness of her sensual tongue. My eyes rolled, my knees weakened and she began to hum around my meat.

She knew well how to make me spurt quickly. As I grunted and filled her mouth, she mumbled, "mmmmmm, soooo good! You always taste like my favorite drink. Mmmmmm." My climax gave her permission to climax with me. She kept slurping and savoring my juice and I thanked myself for the clever suggestion that she always thought my brew tasted like the drink included in my command. This time it was LIIT, Long Island Iced Tea.

"CARA AWAKE" and she woke, still shuddering and breathing hard, looked around her, noted her nudity and smacked her lips. Until her euphoria lifted, she sat back on her heels and put her palms on the floor behind her to better display her beautiful, flushed body to me. She licked her lips and savored the unexpected flavor.

"Did it again, did you? Mmmm, numm numm, LIIT this time? Thank you, dear, for leaving me with the taste of my favorite, delicious drink, though I don't mind your natural flavor. Wouldn't you love to taste the LITT in my mouth instead of your cum?" She rose and pressed her hard nipples against me and wiped her tongue on my own and my teeth. She knows I don't like tasting cum, but I tolerate it for her and to make up for my control over her. Memory of what she just did came back to her gently, as programmed. "Well, I suppose I should be happy you haven't done this while others watched." Maybe that will change soon enough.

"Honey, I'm still a little light headed. I'm going to close my eyes on the sofa for a few minutes. Do wake me before anyone gets a good, long look at my naughty bits?" she smirked. She dozed for just twenty minutes. Still nude, she finished preparing for our guests before showering and dressing up in snug, silver slacks and a tapered, plum, button down top.

I dressed similarly to Cara in style, but not colors, in plenty of time to greet our guests as they trickled in. By the time the last arrivals came, the rest of us were on our second round of drinks, not counting Cara's LITT! Within an hour, and our third round, we were loose enough to play risque TRUTH or DARE. Lame dares were easily beaten, so daring truths upped the ante. Someone in our party of twenty, two someones actually, pressed for for a hypnotist demo. "And make it interesting!" one slurred loudly.

After protesting appropriately, I consented. A scheme quickly grew around my early plans and I selected the two instigators' attractive wives and another, very busty volunteer. I asked the crowd to clear the long table for use as a stage while Cara and I herded the volunteers into the kitchen for a private conditioning moment. She insisted I not get too frisky with them despite their sottish state. "That means NO FUCKING!" she glared. Now that I knew the disappointing limit, I considered asking them to fake being under and find a way to embarrass their husbands. Then I thought of a much better plan! I relaxed and hypnotized them easily.

Once they were all conditioned to take only my suggestions, I roused them and we all went back to the family room. "Ladies, take off your shoes and step onto the table stage." All three were in short party dresses or skirts. None of them was shy about hiking her skirt up high so they could scale the chair and table, not even the last volunteer in her pencil skirt. She had to hike it nearly to her waist and got some cheers and whistles as she exposed her black, lacy panties.

"LADIES SLEEP!" they all dropped their heads and were ready for my directions. "Ladies, you have no names now. In order you are known as L#1, L#2 and L#3." They nodded. "Stand firm and raise your right hands as high as you can. Now raise your left hands and stretch!" The two in dresses were within two inches of showing their panties. From the floor between the close-in crowd and the table, I turned to the rabble. "This is just to show their simple compliance, then I'll make it harder."

H#2 shouted, "I'm already hard since staring at L#3's sheer black panties and trimmed bush!" H#3 blushed and grinned. I hushed the crowd so my victims, umm subjects, could hear clearly. Once quieted, I lifted L#1's short dress to her waist so all could see her pale yellow panties. She made no attempt to cover up.

H#1 gulped "Is she going to remember showing her panty and camel toe?" If anyone missed it, his comment focused all eyes on the lowest point in her bulging panty and her deep, plump raphe. I was suer that at any moment the concentrated photons would make her panties dissolve or burst into flame! I pulled the translucent panties tighter and nearly exposed her shaved labia before patting her fattened lips. I told H#1 that they were all told they would remember EVERYTHING afterwards.

I moved to L#2 and before lifting her hem asked if anyone wanted odds that she was commando? No takers, so I slowly lifted her dress past her waist. She had red, mesh panties that were totally transparent. I licked my lips at the bawdy sight of denuded, thick labia. The crowd was shocked silent. I reached between her lips and pushed the mesh inside her moist box. Her clit leapt into obvious view. I pushed against its side and she gasped without moving. H#2 said he picked out those revealing panties himself and dared his wife to let SOMEone see them. He got his wish, and more.

"Hmm, that was hot! Ladies, put your arms down. You're inside a warm lodge now, still wearing all your ski gear. You are too warm, take it all off now. Start with your coats. Toss everything behind you, in the corner." Each unbuttoned her shirt or dress, removed the 'coat' & tossed it over their shoulders.

"Your vest is hiding that pretty blouse. Does it button in back or front?" Could I get away with that silliness? "Remove it, hand it to me and tell us what color that blouse is." They removed their bras and describe imagined blouses - teal, cerise, ruby. I tossed the bras into the crowd. Apparently they were under deep enough to believe anything I told them.

"Funny how you all have faux peck pockets of different sizes. They're all attached at the top only. Did you shop for that style together? Would you lift those pockets for us? Let's see what's under them." All lifted their big, firm, bare tits, some by their tall, hard nipples.

"Let's get your husbands up here with chairs to help you with the rest of your gear. OK guys, stand in front of your wife ... and now shift over one place so none of you is with your own wife. Ladies, if you'll sit on the edge of the chairs, your aide will help you pull off the ski pants. I know you have leg warmer pants on too. Those are next." The men made a show of unzipping and peeling off the 'pants', groped unfamiliar asses & legs, one lady at a time. They handed me the 'slacks' and I tossed them into a corner. The wives were left in just panties.

"OH, ladies!? Wearing short shorts and those? Well, you do like the same style! Though at least they are different colors, why are you wearing 'leather cod pieces'? Guys, remove those silly things." One at a time, they hand me the panties. I make a show of sniffing them deeply behind the women. I even licked them and sucked one deeply before I offered them to the group and tossed them into the crowd. I insisted that the catcher sniff and kiss them. "I like your shorts."

The women were now unknowingly naked. The husbands climbed down, but stood next to the table. I got back on stage. "You're much cooler now, ladies, so you'll stay like this all night. Now I'm hot! How about you all help me?" All three removed my shirt and pants to find I was comando! They fake shocked and teased me while they slid so many hands all over my bare ass and crotch.

One lost control ... knelt before me and kissed and sucked my nethers while the crowd watched and cheered. The others played with my bare buns or bit my nipples. I barely remembered I was supposed to be in control of them. I had two chairs removed and guided the ladies to sit on the one chair left on the table. L#1 sat there, casually spread her legs -she still thought she was in shorts. I stepped over and straddled her lap.

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