Testing Boundaries

by Trace Ekies

Copyright© 2012 by Trace Ekies

Coming of Age Sex Story: Bob makes no secret of wanting to see his cousin Sandy naked. Sandy has also decided it is fun to turn guys on, especially her cousin Bob. But, how far can a sixteen year-old go with her cousin? [This story is almost entirely sexual situations and hot talk, however it DOES NOT contain graphical descriptions of sex. And unless you consider 'looking' and 'thinking about it' to be the same as 'doing it', it contains no incest.]

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cousins   Exhibitionism   .

Sandy was wearing a sort of peasant shift, tangerine colored, that covered her petite frame from her tanned shoulders to her trim ankles. She stood alone in her room, studying herself in the full-length mirror of the bathroom door.

Although the gown she wore was made of several layers of gauze and was meant for sleeping in, it did not have the transparency one would expect of something that might also be called a negligee. Still, in the bright illumination of her room, it had a degree of transparency that made it quite obvious what she wore under it, which was nothing, not even panties.

Sixteen year-old Sandy was about to return to the family room and watch television with her seventeen year-old cousin Bob. He had recently moved in with Sandy and her aunt Anita, who was also Bob's father's sister.

Sandy and Anita had invited Bob to spend the next several months living with them so he could finish High School and graduate with his friends, instead of having to start anew in the town his father had been transferred to. Tonight was Bob's second night in the house.

On the previous night, Sandy's aunt, who shared the house with her and was also her guardian, had told Sandy that the scanty attire each of them was accustomed to wearing in the privacy of their home, did not need to be changed. It was expected that Bob would be with them for nearly a year, and he was 'family'. They should not alter their lifestyle simply because of his presence.

Before joining her aunt and Bob to watch the Late Show the night before, Sandy had changed into panties and a t-shirt, like she had generally done when it had been just she and her aunt. She was initially nervous to be wearing so little in Bob's presence, even though she been assured by her aunt only a few minutes earlier that it was totally okay to do so.

It quickly become obvious however, that her fears were unfounded. Even though Bob was visibly aroused by the way Sandy was dressed, he still conducted himself as a gentleman. Sandy also discovered how much she liked having that sort of attention, and how exciting it was to be the cause of it.

Tonight, Sandy was anxious to increase her comfort level for wearing somewhat daring attire in the presence of her cousin. She looked forward to the fun of teasing him, but she also wanted to feel good about how she was dressed. She was anxious that Bob accept her manner of dress as 'normal', at least in the privacy of their home, and not view it as something intended purposefully to 'arouse' him.

On the other hand, she did want it to be sufficiently 'arousing' for Bob to take notice, and she wouldn't mind if he were to make a few comments about it. She wanted him to have reason to talk excitedly about her to his friend Charlie, who Sandy had decided she was probably 'in love' with.

Sandy had developed a serious interest in her cousin's friend Charlie, but it didn't dampen her enthusiasm for teasing Bob and getting him aroused. Bob similarly had guessed that his friend Charlie had more than just a passing interest in Sandy, however, he still made no secret of his desire to see Sandy wearing little or nothing. She and Bob however, had told each other they were just playing, and promised it would never result in anything incestuous.

Sandy still had her virginity and although she didn't expect to have it a great deal longer, she wasn't about to lose it to her cousin. She expected, maybe even hoped, that she would eventually give it up to his good friend Charlie.

Although Bob had seen Sandy in various stages of dress and undress, both before and after he had come to live with her, it had always been in the presence of their aunt Anita and/or other close acquaintances. Tonight was different, though – Anita was out with friends, and Bob and Sandy were alone in the house.

Sandy's thoughts returned to the image in the mirror. Even though the material of her gown was thin and transparent, there were several layers of it, making its transparency dependent on the lighting. Sandy would need to be careful not to give Bob a false impression. She did not want to come across as a tart or a slut - sexy, yes - trashy, no.

Looking intently at her image in the mirror, Sandy adjusted the large neck opening of the gown so as to expose a reasonable portion of her breasts. Her nipples however, were adequately covered, even though they did make noticeable protrusions in the gown.

She quickly ran a brush through her long brown hair, then headed down the darkened hallway toward the family room. At the entrance Sandy hesitated. What she was about to do caused a fluttering in her stomach.

Bob was still glued to the television and was so far unaware of her return. Sandy took a deep breath and held it. She flipped the switch next to the door, bathing the hallway behind her in bright light.

Bob was startled by the sudden burst of light that spilled into the room. His gaze snapped immediately to the doorway, and to Sandy standing there. What he saw took his breath away.

The light from the hallway highlighted Sandy's body through the translucent gauze of her gown. There was no mistaking that she was wearing nothing under it. "Oh my God!" he murmured, covering his mouth.

Sandy guessed what effect the hallway light was creating, but snapped, "What ... what is it?" as if she had no idea.

"Uh ... uh..." Bob stammered. "You are gorgeous ... and that gown ... Jesus ... I mean, that is sooo cool."

"This moth eaten thing?" Sandy said as she clutched a portion of the gown just below her breasts. Walking into the room she asked, "Why would you think this is so cool?"

The image of his cousin back-lighted in the doorway lingered in Bob's mind. "Uh ... well ... uh, I just like it is all."

Sandy took a seat on the couch, a few feet from where Bob was sitting. "Somehow I don't think you're telling me everything." Sandy smiled. "C'mon, tell me. Why do you think this is sooo cool?"

Bob did not realize that his cousin had wanted him to get a glimpse of her body. "Promise you won't get mad," he sheepishly replied.

"Of course not. I just want to know."

"Well, uh ... it's uh ... sorta see-though."

"Oh..." Sandy said with a shocked look on her face. "Uh ... I guess I should have been more careful," Sandy added as if unaware of how transparent the gown could be. "But you did say sorta ... you're sure it's just sorta see-through?"

"Yeah, well ... like right now, in the dim light, it's not so much -"

"No wait, let me guess." Sandy pretended to be deep in thought. Then, as if it had just occurred to her, "Uh ... at the door ... with the hall light behind me..."

"Uh huh."

"Pretty see-through?"


"Uh ... what could you see? I mean, could you tell I wasn't wearing underwear?" Sandy asked as if the thought of it horrified her.

"Well ... uh ... yeah"

"Really?" Sandy remarked, a feigned expression of disbelief on her face. "You mean ... it looked like I wasn't wearing any clothes... at all?"

"Uh ... yeah, well ... pretty much."

"Oh my God! You must think I'm some kind of a slut or something."

"No way. I told you I thought it was cool."

"I think I better go change," Sandy said, acting as if she was getting up from the couch, "Or at least put some panties on."

"Uh, that's not really necessary." Bob pleaded.

"Yeah, well..." Sandy appeared to be thinking. "I guess uh ... it is a little late to worry about it now." She settled back into the cushions of the couch, signaling that she was going to stay as she was.

"Right, and besides..." Bob said, "I think it's really cool -"

"Really cool? Me practically naked and you think it's really cool?"

"Yeah," Bob said with a grin. "I told you I wanted a sexy sister. I just didn't realize how much fun it would be."

"Fun, huh..." Sandy broke a smile too.

"Yeah, fun," Bob said, his grin widening. It was finally dawning on him that maybe Sandy wasn't as ignorant of how she looked to him as she might be pretending.

Bob got up from his chair and walked toward the switch controlling the over-head light, all the while keeping his eyes focused on Sandy, watching her reaction.

Sandy knew that when Bob flipped the switch for the overhead light, her body would be pretty much 'on display'. The thought made her somewhat nervous, but in a good sort of way. She knew she could stop him before he reached the switch, but didn't. Instead she said, "So you like the way I'm dressed."

Bob reached the wall switch and flipped it on. The harsh overhead light did not leave a lot to the imagination and Sandy made no attempt to hide from it. She put her finger seductively in her mouth and leaned back on the couch, offering Bob an unobstructed view of her nearly naked body.

"Oh yeah..." Bob exclaimed, "I do like that gown, and I do like what's in it."

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