Sexy Sister

by Trace Ekies

Copyright© 2012 by Trace Ekies

Coming of Age Sex Story: When her cousin's friend comes to visit, Sandy plays the role of sexy sister. [This story is solely about teenage sexual situations. It does NOT contain graphic sex. And unless you believe that 'thinking about it' and touching are the same as 'doing it', the story also has NO incest.]

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cousins   Petting   .

Sandy's cousin Bob had recently moved in with her so he could attend his senior year and graduate with his high school class, instead of having to move with his family. Sandy and her cousin had just finished breakfast and were still in the kitchen when the doorbell rang.

"You expecting someone," Sandy asked.

"Well," Bob replied, "Charlie said he was coming over, so that's probably him now. Although, I think he's just using me as an excuse to see you."

Sandy had met Charlie a few days earlier when he had come over with Bob to go swimming. She had almost immediately fallen for him and the feelings appeared to be mutual.

"Well, whoever it is, I'm not dressed for answering the door. Will you get it?" Sandy had established an intimacy with her cousin that was more like one she might have with a very close brother. She was wearing only a t-shirt and panties. "And if it's anyone other than Charlie, make them go away. I don't want to have to get dressed."

The doorbell rang again.

"Coming," Bob hollered. Then to Sandy he said, "And if it is Charlie, it's okay to let him in with you dressed like this?"

Sandy thought about the question. She wasn't anxious to get something started she might not be able to control, but other than that she couldn't see any reason why not. "Sure," she said, "He won't care, will he?"

"Uh no ... but..."

The doorbell rang for a third time.

Sandy was already nervous and didn't want to discuss it anymore, "Please ... just answer the door," she pleaded.

Sandy heard Charlie's voice. "In the kitchen," she hollered. Then she considered how she was dressed. She wasn't entirely okay with it but if it was alright for her to be dressed like this around Bob, it should be okay with Charlie too.

Charlie entered the kitchen, followed closely by Bob.

Sandy tried to tell herself it was going to be okay. "Coffee," she asked nervously, getting up from the table and turning toward the stove.

Charlie saw how Sandy was dressed. He turned and looked at Bob who was mostly bare too, wearing only a pair of cutoffs. "Uh ... am I interrupting something," he asked.

Sandy didn't understand the question. She turned quickly in Charlie's direction. "What," she said. Then looking at herself she added, "Oh, I get it. No, of course not, he's my cousin."

"Yeah, well that cousin stuff doesn't always make a difference," Charlie observed.

"Well, it does in this case. We've even gone one step further. We're pretending that we're brother and sister and there's no way we're going to violate that taboo."

"Is Bob okay with his sister being so sexy?"

Sandy blushed. "Uh ... that's what he said he wanted." Sandy hesitated. "You think I'm sexy, then?"

"Sure," replied Charlie, "But what is Bob going to think about me having the hots for his sister."

Bob looked from one to the other. He wasn't sure how comfortable he was with his buddy chasing after his 'sister' but said, "Better you than someone I barely know."

"This is going to be fun, " Sandy said to herself.

Charlie and Bob sat down at the table. Before joining them, Sandy poured Charlie a fresh cup of coffee, then refilled hers and Bob's. She was trying to be nonchalant about how she was dressed. "What are you guys doing today?" she asked as she sat down.

"We don't have any real plans," Charlie responded. There had been a stirring in his pants when he first saw how Sandy was dressed. Now though, staring at her breasts and nipples, he was growing a solid erection. "We could hang out with you ... If you don't mind, that is."

Sandy saw where Charlie's gaze was directed. She saw also that Bob was looking in her direction. It was going to be fun spending the day with these guys but she didn't want to appear too anxious. "I might like that," she said. "Bob's not working today ... so if your dog is better..."

Sandy hesitated as she remembered two days earlier, in the swimming pool, when she had let Bob and Charlie take her top off and play with her bare tits. "We might even go swimming later," she teased. Sandy wasn't sure why she had set herself up like that, but from the looks she got from each, she knew she had their interest.

Charlie also could not imagine a better way to spend the day than looking at, maybe even playing with, Sandy's tits. Well, there might be one thing better, but that wasn't likely to happen anytime soon. "The dog's fine, so I got all day too," he replied.

Sandy had been speaking just to Charlie. Now, however, she addressed both of them. "I've got a movie I've been meaning to watch. We could start with that," Sandy suggested.

Bob looked at Charlie, to gauge his reaction to Sandy's proposal. Getting no reaction, but guessing the movie was probably of the 'chick flick' type, he reluctantly agreed.

Sandy, sensing Bob's hesitation, quickly added, "It's not a 'chick flick'. It's more action type, something you guys will like."

With nods all around, they picked up their coffee cups and went into the den.

Sandy rummaged through a shelf of DVDs near the television. "Here it is," she said, holding it up. "Aunt Anita brought it home last week. It's a hi-def remake of a movie she liked ten or fifteen years ago."

"Yeah, Top Gun ... I've heard of it," Charlie said. It's older than we are but Dad says it's fantastic. He's tried to get me to watch it a couple of times, but I never have."

"We've got it at home, too," Bob said. Then catching himself, he added, "Uh ... wherever home is today."

"You've seen it then?" Sandy asked, directing her question to Bob.

"No, I'm in the same boat as Charlie; my Dad has tried to get me to watch it, but I never have. And I'm sure ours isn't hi-def either."

"So, is it okay then?" Sandy quizzed. "You guys want to watch it?"

"I do," Charlie said.

"Me too," added Bob.

Sandy put the DVD in and started the player. Then she turned to find a seat. Bob was already in the easy chair so she sat on the couch with Charlie. It wasn't really big enough to be called a couch, more like a settee, but it was big enough to leave a considerable space between them when they sat at opposite ends.

The opening scene of the movie was playing but both of the guys were paying more attention to Sandy than they were to the movie. Bob got up from his chair and came over to sit on the couch/settee.

"Is there room over here for all of us?" Bob asked. "I think the view will be better."

"Okay with me," Charlie responded. Then looking at Sandy he added, "And the view here is definitely better."

Both guys were looking at Sandy. She looked first at Bob, then at Charlie. Each had a noticeable rise in his pants. She blushed. "Uh, yeah," Sandy replied tentatively as she slid over tight next to Charlie. "There's room for all of us ... and you can see better from here." Catching herself she added, "The movie I mean."

The fit was tight. Charlie put his arm around Sandy's shoulders and pulled her tightly into his side. Bob squeezed in, but ended up with his hand resting on Sandy's bare thigh.

Sandy looked straight ahead at the television, ignoring the two pairs of eyes drilling into her. Charlie and Bob pretended to be engrossed in the movie, but as Sandy suspected, were far more interested in her lack of clothes.

Even though the movie had very little sexual content, and what it did have was several minutes away, Bob and Charlie were each experiencing noticeable excitement in their shorts. Sandy's attire - panties and a t-shirt, bare legs and no bra - was making it very difficult for them to concentrate on the movie.

Sandy was not immune to the situation either. Being sandwiched between two virile males while wearing so little was certainly 'a walk on the wild side'. With Bob's hand on her bare thigh and Charlie's hand inches from her unfettered breasts, Sandy was nervous, but in a good sort of way.

Sandy took hold of Charlie's hand. She told herself that with her hand on his, she would keep things from going any further. However, what she did belied her thoughts. She pulled his hand down from her shoulder and placed it against her chest, just above her breasts.

Sandy felt her cousin's hand creep slowly up her bare thigh, toward the hem of the shirt... and her panties. She needed to stop him before he got too far. She turned loose of Charlie's hand and grabbed hold of Bob's wrist, preventing any further movement.

For the next several minutes, no one moved. However, as they watched the movie's sole sex scene, they each developed a renewed interest in their own situation.

Charlie was the first to make a move. His hand dropped to the top of Sandy's breast. He paused before reaching the nipple, allowing her time to stop him.

Sandy knew she should stop him but she wasn't sure she wanted to. Charlie's finger-tips repeatedly brushed against the flimsy material covering Sandy's breasts. He toyed with her nipples and felt them grow hard.

Sandy's grip on Bob's wrist prevented him from moving it under her shirt and toward her panties. He was however, able to slide his hand off the top of her thigh, where it had been resting, and snake it downward between her thighs.

Bob had promised nothing would happen between them, and Sandy was sure he meant it. But like with Charlie, she knew she should stop it now. Instead however, she loosened her grip on Bob's wrist and opened her legs enough to allow him to slip his hand between her thighs.

Charlie was teasing her nipples with his fingertips. At least his hand was still on the outside of the t-shirt. Sandy wasn't sure she could remain in control if his hand were to find its way inside the shirt.

Although her hand was still holding on to Bob's wrist, Sandy was no longer trying to impede the movement of his hand. He had pushed her shirt up until it was just barely concealing her panties.

Sandy was scared, but it was a good kind of scared. She was beginning to understand why Aunt Anita referred to it as 'fun'.

She was making short, nervous jerks and her breathing became heavier. Occasionally Sandy let out a small sigh or a brief gasp.

Bob's hand was a fraction of an inch from her panties when Sandy suddenly flung off both of their hands and jumped up from the couch.

"Uh ... uh ... I think we need to stop. I ... I ... I'm going to watch the rest of the movie from the chair ... over there ... alone ... Uh, you guys stay where you are," Sandy stammered.

"You know I made you a promise and I mean to keep it," Bob said.

"Yes, I believe you, but Charlie didn't make any promises ... and I'm not about to ask him for one." Sandy paused, looking a few seconds at each of them. Then she continued, "I am still a virgin ... and I intend to remain that way ... at least for a while yet."

"I respect your wishes," Charlie said. "I would have never let anything happen that you didn't want to happen."

"That's the problem, " blurted Sandy. "I think I did want it to happen, and in another couple of minutes I probably would have been begging. Hey ... I was having fun too ... maybe even more than you. We needed to stop. Okay?"

"Yeah, I think I understand," said Bob, "And I'm sure Charlie does too. So let's watch the rest of the movie and then we can go swimming."

"But not like the other day," Sandy quickly inserted.

"Right ... not like the other day ... no problem." Charlie was disappointed and he was sure that Bob was too. He added though, "Let's finish the movie. Can you back it up, Sandy?"

Sandy picked up the remote and pressed the back button momentarily, getting the movie back to where it had been when she jumped up. She walked over to the easy chair and sat down ... alone.

As the movie ended, Bob got up and said, "Great movie! Now how about a swim?"

"I'm up for it," Charlie offered.

Sandy remembered how close she had come to losing control the last time she was in the pool with these two. "I'm not quite ready yet," she said slowly, "But let's go out in the back-yard anyway ... the weather's decent and I might even be able to get some sun while we talk."

"Okay, that'll do," Bob said as he led the way to the back door.

In the back-yard, Sandy took possession of a lounger and motioned her companions to nearby chairs. She sat down with both guys watching closely to see if the outdoors was going to prompt any change in her attire.

"So what are you waiting for," Sandy asked, "I'm not taking it off."

"Well, you know you could if you wanted," Bob suggested, "It isn't like we haven't already seen you topless ... And we're certainly not going to try to start anything."

"You could do a little tanning," Charlie added, "We wouldn't mind."

"Nice try," Sandy answered, "But it's kind of hard to tan when there's no sun. It even looks like it might rain."

"Yeah, uh huh..." Charlie sheepishly replied, "So how about if we just admit we'd like to see you topless."

"So I'm not hot enough the way I am, huh."

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