The Good Little Wife
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Marie is the perfect little wife. She was well trained by her mother to please her husband in all regards. Now she is bored and wants to expand her universe to other fields of interest. She finds what she is looking for in a quiet little church in the country.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Mother   InLaws   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Clergy  

Marie Claudet was a very good wife. Sure, she was French but it didn't mean she was perverted or anything like that. Her middle-aged spouse was one of those 1 percenters that lived off the sweat of the other 99 percent that did all the work.

Marie was always dressed impeccably. She liked to wear the latest fashions from Paris and her thoughtful hubby never put any constraints on her purchases of clothing or items designed to make her more beautiful for his admiring eye.

Her mother was very pragmatic about the marriage of her 16 year old daughter to a man 30 years her senior. In fact, Pierre Claudet was almost ten years older than Marie's money conscious mother and considerably less attractive. She had wormed her way into the confidence of the filthy rich banker by pretending to faint in his private office while discussing the state of her late husband's financial affairs.

Jeanette Dumas had married the late A. Dumas at the insistence of her destitute father in need of new funds for his tiny tailor shop. The very smitten Mr. Dumas had been enamored of Jeanette's shapely bottom. An impressive posterior that looked every bit as nice at 36 as it did at 16. Marie's mother Jeanette offered her pleasurable nether regions to the banker Claudet in compensation for his forgiveness of her late husband's unwise investments in speculative Russian bonds. The banker considered the exchange to be to his advantage as the widow's plump bottom was far superior to the crude girls at the dance hall. He thoroughly enjoyed humiliating the submissive female with his perverted demands on her person.

Pierre was riding the sweaty arse of Madame Dumas in her private bedroom when the 16 year old Marie walked in and observed their coupling with some degree of interest. The young virgin had been taking care of her own needs for some months and was greatly desirous of exercising her female parts with a proper male shaft poking into all of her secret little corners and right up inside her virginal core.

The banker impaled the mother with inspired vigor whilst watching the young Marie move her hand with desperate urgency under her petticoats. His financial settlement with her mother sealed the bargain and shortly after Pierre and Marie were joined together in the holy bonds of matrimony much to the disgust of Pierre's bed-ridden mother who had wanted a marriage to a female with financial assets of her own.

The wedding night for Marie was eye-opener. She was much affrighted by the spirited probing of her virginal slit and called out to her mother outside the door to her bedroom. Jeanette held the girl's hand and kissed her cheek to calm her when the banker took the final thrust that deprived her of her unwanted cherry.

"Such a good girl you are, my little Marie. You must be ready to pleasure M. Claudet with your newly opened pussy at his convenience. Now watch how M. Claudet likes to avail himself of a female brown eye before falling into his sleep."

The re-vitalized banker spread the mother's arse cheeks wide and planted his thick cock right on her tight little anus. Marie watched wide-eyed as her mother opened her rear door for the banker's pleasure. The grunts and groans from both of them caused her play shamelessly with her own recently opened pussy without any thought of privacy.

Marie was 21 now, her mother was 41 and the banker M. Claudet was 51 and more sexually active than ever. Each and every night, Marie spread her legs for the banker's pleasure and she had learned several kinky tricks that made her husband groan in complete happiness. The additional benefit of her own mother granting the banker every sexual favor he could dream up in his perverted mind allowed her to pursue her hobby of drawing the quiet splendors of the many Church and Cemetery scenes abundant in the region.

The early morning light was just as she imagined it would be. The Churchyard Cemetery was gleaming after the dawn's light shower that cleansed the tombstones with a touch of heavenly respite. She sat on her folding stool with her sculptured arse cheeks hugging the rough canvas seat like the delicate feel of a lover's kiss.

She squirmed just a little bit. A very unladylike itch had developed right in the crack of her arse. Marie looked around but there was no one in view in any direction. She pulled up her walking dress and shifted her bloomers to one side to allow her fingers to scratch her feminine folds to rid herself of the unseemly itch. It felt so good, she allowed her hand to remain momentarily and stroke some stress from her seldom penetrated brown eye. A discrete cough startled her and she rearranged her clothing in a more ladylike manner before looking over her shoulder at a young gentleman standing behind her.

"My, you startled me sir! I was preparing to put the lovely scene to pen and paper. I hope I am not trespassing in restricted space."

At closer inspection, she saw that the young man was wearing clerical garb which identified him as being a man of the "collar". She remembered thinking it would be a shame if he had taken vows of chastity and would deprive young females of the pleasure of his well-formed body searching for redemption between their legs.

"Indeed not, Miss. You are welcome to avail yourself of any spot in Saint Timothy's and draw what your pretty little heart desires."

Marie noticed that there was a visible bulge inside the young man's trousers and realized he was much smitten with her relaxed pose on the low stool. She hoped that her raised knees were not revealing the fleshy areas of her legs to his gaze. She giggled, thinking that at least her bloomers were nice and clean.

"I am the assistant rector here at Saint Timothy's. My name is Reverend Harris and I welcome you to our humble parish. Would you like to see the painting that brings repute to our church? It hangs in the outer rectory and has been the inspiration for many an artist coming from some distance to our little church."

Marie gathered up her easel and her little folding chair and followed the young man to the location he had been so kind to recommend. The painting was almost two hundred years old and it was a true work of art. She took the opportunity to observe the young churchman and realized he was of the split away faith and was most likely not subject to any requirement for a vow of chastity. For some unknown reason, she felt overly relieved even though she had no plan to couple with the young fellow. Her sense of loyalty to her husband was still as strong as the day she was married and she would not want to risk any harm to her marriage not matter how tempting the cock may be.

"I noticed you were uncomfortable on the stool outside. Perhaps this bench will be more to your liking?"

She laughed remembering her terrible itch in the cemetery.

"I am mortified, sir, I had the most ill-timed itch in my nether region which needed attention immediately. I assure you I was not doing anything of a perverted nature."

"It is a strange coincidence that we have a wondrous salve here at Saint Timothy's that has been concocted according to strict instructions for many generations. Would you like to avail yourself of its potency?"

Marie was intrigued. The itch was still annoying her down below and the offer seemed quite sincere. Besides the man was of the clergy and not likely to be offensive in his treatment of her private parts.

"Thank you, sir, but I have no maid to apply it to my posterior."

"I will be more than happy to apply the salve in the right dosage in any area you so specify."

Marie was bobbing her head in agreement even though she was fully aware it would be inappropriate for her to display her bare fundament to the gentleman's eyes. His words had precipitated a veritable flood of female juices trying to escape from her tightly clenched pussy lips. The thought of the young man's hands running freely over her flanks was most stimulating to her. All memories of her husband and her happy home disappeared from her mind and all she could think about was exactly how deep he intended to apply the miracle potion.

"Kneel right here over this bench as if you were preparing to pray for the remission of your sins. Although I doubt such a fine lady as yourself would have any sins to be contrite about."

She followed the tall, muscular man's instructions to the letter and made no complaint when he hiked her dress up to tuck it into her waistband. Marie could feel the goose bumps on her arse cheeks beginning to rise either from the cool air or anticipation of being revealed to the gaze of the handsome young man.

Reverend Harris hooked his fingers in Marie's bloomers and jerked them quickly down around her knees. His hand on the flat of her back pushed her down over the bench and he took the opportunity to spread her arse cheeks wide for the application.

Marie was panting in distress. She knew it was very unseemly of her but she wanted those strong fingers in her overheated crack as quickly as possible. The tender ministrations made her purr in appreciation. The annoying itch disappeared and was replaced by an age-old desire for immediate impalement. She managed a look over her shoulder and saw the huge bulge in the Reverend's trousers only scant inches from her naked bottom. Not knowing what else to do, she merely reached around behind her and stroked the hidden male equipment with her tiny fingers. She hoped the Reverend would get the message and release his member from its confinement inside his trousers and allow it to knock on her back door for immediate entry.

The touch of the cock head on her pulsating pussy was a bit surprising but not unwelcome. If the young gentleman wanted more conventional coupling methods, it was certainly fine with her. He slid in so quickly that she didn't even have time to tell him to go slow. With the mark of a true gentleman, he paused momentarily after fully seating his long, thick cock deep inside her vagina and kissed her tenderly on the back of her neck and all about her ears and shoulders. He worked such magic with his manly tongue that she had at least two orgasms before he even started to stroke her vaginal walls.

Marie was unsure how long Reverend Harris worked her tight young pussy with his huge cock but it was certainly way, way longer than her beloved husband had ever done. She seldom had experienced any orgasms with Pierre, but this coupling had already given her several.

She heard the Reverend shout out like in a dream only it wasn't a dream when her demanding pussy was suddenly flooded with his creamy cum. He took the mixture of his and her juices and the heavier cream of the salve and rubbed it in with firm fingers into her compliant heart-shaped ass and even pushed his middle finger straight up her tight little anus. It made her feel dirty and depraved but it was not an entirely bad feeling. In fact, she liked the way it made her feel down deep inside her woman's core. She reveled in the sin of allowing herself to be used in such a nasty way inside a place of worship and safety.

The Reverend apologized profusely for his impetuous actions, but Marie knew it was all her fault and she held no grudge against him.

Before she departed, the handsome young rector explained he was engaged to marry the estate owner's daughter the following month and he would be unable to enter into a permanent relationship with her. Marie hid her amusement at his heartfelt concern for her sentiment. She was secretly relieved because of her own matrimonial situation.

The normally good wife was reluctant to disclose her marital status for fear of making her less ladylike in the eyes of the handsome young rector.

She promised to return the following Sunday for more "Private Consultations" after all the services were completed.

Later that night, she lay on her tummy on the beautiful king-sized bed with the bankers profusely sweating body firmly lodged deep inside her tight little brown eye. Her mother sat silently nearby nodding with approval at each thrust of Pierre's thick cock up her daughter's rectal channel. She was pleased to see the progress her Marie had made in the area of anal activities. Jeanette slipped up behind her daughter's husband and pressed her fingers inside his quivering anus and cupped his slapping balls with her knowing hands. Of course, it pushed the poor banker right over the edge and he loosed a copious load of creamy cum deep inside his good wife's rectum without further delay.

Marie was unable to hold back her juicy orgasm any longer. Her eyes were closed and all she saw was the thrusting form of the Reverend Harris pounding her hard into the soft mattress. She quivered all over from her head to her toe and calculated the hours remaining to the next Sunday morning.

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