by Songloader

Copyright© 2012 by Songloader

Fiction Sex Story: A Teen taking a year off before starting collage get's a surprising change in the Northwest.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Rape   Were animal   Rough   Bestiality   Pregnancy   Body Modification   Violent   .

At seventeen I graduated and decided to hike around the country before going to college in the fall. I had a trust I received after my father died so I had money to eat. I had actually decided to start in the northwest and had flown out to Seattle. I had been walking for a few days and entered a thick pine forest with a lot of ferns. I stopped early and moved away from the road before putting up the small one man tent.

It was the first night of the new moon. I had eaten and sat on a nearby fallen log to watch the moon rise over the pines. I didn't even see the wolf until it attacked. I jerked my left arm up as it lunged and felt the tearing pain as its teeth ripped through my jacket, shirt and into my arm.

I had been holding a stick in my right hand and jabbed it into the wolf's belly. The howl of pain as it jerked back was almost deafening. It dropped to the ground and backed away growling. I had my left arm against my chest and shoved the stick out at the wolf. It jumped back and slipped into the night whimpering.

The pain in my arm was intense and blood covered my front. I moved quickly to the road while trying to watch for the wolf. I didn't even realize how much blood I lost as I began to feel light headed. A semi was headed towards me and I staggered into the road and waved my good arm. I don't remembered passing out or the truck barely stopping before hitting my body.

I woke in a hospital bed. There was this old woman sitting by the window. She turned to look at me when I shifted and I had the strangest feeling I knew her. She smiled slightly, "You're awake, good."

She stood and walked to the side of the bed and looked down at me. "What I am going to tell you will sound strange. Between now and the next full moon you will begin feeling your body change. Your sense of smell, taste and even the feel of your skin will become ... different. The most dramatic change will be your hearing. Your body will be preparing for the change at the next full moon."

I looked at her wondering what she was talking about. She looked towards the window, "No one was supposed to be near that part of the forest. I was the wolf that bit you and at the next full moon you will become just like me. The only two things a werewolf cares about is killing its prey and mating."

I thought she was a crazy woman that had wandered into my room. She turned to look at me, "You will have doubts. The first night of the full moon, find a strong cage or a room with no windows. That one night will be enough to convince you."

She turned and walked out leaving me shaking my head. Her words were prophetic. I left the hospital after having gotten a dozen shots in my stomach. I flew home and over the next few weeks did feel strange. Food seemed to taste better especially since I ate everything rare. My hearing was what surprised me though. I could hear someone whispering across the room as if they were speaking into my ear. The smells are what hit me the most. Not just the average smells but the smell of a young woman as she walked by me.

I had been thinking about the old woman and the night of the next full moon I made a few preparations. I set up several cameras in my basement that could be seen upstairs. On the single door out I put in four dead bolts, two on each side. I set the key on the basement counter and turned on a TV I had brought down. I can't even begin to describe the pain of what happened to me as the moon rose in the sky.

I had told my mother that no matter what she heard she was not to open the door. In all the movies the werewolf doesn't remember or remembers only vaguely. The truth is you remember everything. After I changed back in the early morning, I slowly unlocked the door. Mom was sitting at the kitchen table looking tired. She looked up as the door opened, "Ryan?"

I was naked since my clothes had been ripped off after I changed last night. I felt exhausted but also more alive as I crossed to sit across from mom, "Did you watch the cameras?"

Mom bit her lip, "we can see a doctor."

I shuddered at that, "and let them dissect me?"

Mom looked down and I sighed, "She said I would only care about killing and mating."

I stood and headed back to shower. I dressed and headed out for a walk while mom sat in the living room sipping coffee. When I came home, mom was sleeping and I made lunch before relaxing and taking a nap. I woke to mom's hand on my shoulder and followed her to the kitchen where she had dinner.

I cleaned up after and glanced at the clock before heading down to the basement and stripping. I knew I had locked the door but as soon as the change started I could smell my mother. I was fighting it but knew the animal would win.

I finally rose panting and turned glowing eyes on the human female. She was naked and I could smell both her fear and her arousal. As I started stalking towards her, she turned and went to her hands and knees with her butt towards me. I stopped moving as I smelled her and then slowly moved closer as my own arousal began.

I pushed my nose into her pussy and then licked from her clit to her ass. I heard the bitch as she moaned and shivered before her upper body dropped to the floor. I shoved my tongue deep into her leaking hole and felt her pussy squeeze my tongue as I pulled it out. I growled and shifted before suddenly mounting her. I put my paws around her hips and held her as I humped and shoved my cock into her.

She jerked as I began pumping my growing cock deeper and I felt her shudder as her pussy rippled around my cock. I shivered as I began jabbing into her and my knot began to grow. I was shoving my cock into the bitch's womb each time and my knot finally tied us. I held her tight as I began pumping huge torrents of sperm, more then I had ever produced when human.

The bitch jerked and convulsed as she felt her womb expand as it filled with hot cum. She whimpered and her pussy gripped my cock tight. I stopped cumming and jerked my cock back. The bitch spasmed and screamed as she collapsed, "RYAN!"

She kept shaking as she hung impaled on my jerking cock while I stood over her. I shook myself and pulled back slowly and her body started to follow and then my knot came out. She dropped to the floor as a river of cum ran out of her used pussy, "Yes!"

She kept shaking and shuddering as I turned to walk to the rug and lay down. I cleaned myself and watched the bitch. It was an hour before the growing need returned. When I stood her eyes widened and she slowly rolled onto her stomach and lifted her butt. I growled as I licked her leaking pussy and then just walked over her and dropped my hunches and thrust into her.

I heard her grunt as I began fucking my bitch again with hard, deep strokes that was soon shoving my cock back into her womb. She was moaning and thrusting her butt back as I started jabbing my growing knot into her. When I tied, I stopped moving for a moment and felt the bitch shudder as her pussy squeezed my cock. I growled and pressed into her hard as I once more spewed and pumped cum into her womb. She gasped, "Fuck!"

She jerked and spasmed as my cum filled her womb and made it start expanding again. I shuddered as I finished with the bitch and pulled back. This time my knot pulled out and as I turned away she sat up. She gasped as I went to lay down again, "Shit that is a lot of cum."

I watched her rubbing her pussy as she watched me. Her whole groin was slimy with cum. When I stood and turned towards her, she grinned and rolled to her hands and knees. I didn't bother licking the messy bitch as I mounted her and shoved my cock back into her hot pussy. I fucked her slow and deep, I had her pussy broken in now and it was time to enjoy breeding her.

She was shuddering and her pussy kept squeezing my cock as she moaned and fucked back. It was a long time before my knot began to form and I started jabbing it into the panting bitch under me. When I tied with her again she howled and screamed, YES!"

My cum pumped into her expanding womb as she jerked and shuddered around my cock. I stopped cumming and pulled back and watched the river of cum run out and fall into the puddle between her legs. I turned to go lay down as she slowly turned to sit in the puddle of sperm panting. She smiled and rubbed her used pussy, "I love this baby."

I growled and she looked down, "I'll be a good bitch."

I finished cleaning myself as I heard the bitch murmur, "how does he keep cumming so much?"

I looked at her and she looked up from her pussy. I grinned and she looked down quickly. I had remembered the old woman and the stick I had stabbed her with. If I could have spoken I would have told her that my balls regenerated the sperm just like my flesh could regenerate from a wound. It was a couple of hours before I stood again and she scrambled hastily to her hands and knees.

I walked to her and licked her thigh before mounting her slowly, almost lazily. I shoved my cock into her sloppy pussy and started fucking her slowly again. It wasn't long before she was shaking and jerking while her messy hole tightened around my cock. I growled and bent to lick the back of her neck but never stopped pumping my cock into her used pussy.

I liked her sloppy pussy as it kept trying to milk my cock and it took almost twenty minutes before I started jabbing my knot into her. We both howled when I spewed in her womb again and she began panting and thrashing again and fucking the knot swollen in her belly. The cum gushed out when I pulled the knot out of her abused pussy and turned away as she slumped to the floor with a moan, "Damn you need another bitch in here."

I was cleaning myself when the change came again. I writhed around in agony as my body rippled and slowly changed back into a mans. I finally sat up and looked at my naked mother sitting in her puddle of sperm. "Are you crazy mom?"

She grinned, "It isn't like I haven't fucked a dog before honey."

It surprised me, "That wasn't what I meant. I could have killed you. I was going to when you turned around on your hands and knees."

Mom went a little pale but smiled, "And what happens if you don't hunt and kill or mate?"

I blinked as I stood and walked to my mother, "What about you catching whatever this is?"

Mom looked at the sperm and stood up holding her hand against her pussy, "Let me get something to ... leak into."

She grinned at me and I put my arm around her to help her walk. I grabbed the key on the way up but mom had left it unlocked. I helped her to her bathroom and left before she noticed my cock was still hard. I heard her shower a few minutes later and waited until she was done before taking one myself. When I got out and dressed, mom was just leaving. She smiled, "I'll be home later. I need to see a friend."

I spent most of the day walking and returned home to fix a huge dinner. If mom planned to ... be in the room, I wanted to make sure the wolf wouldn't be hungry. Mom came home around five with a stunning Brunette. She smiled as she hugged me in the kitchen, "It was human sperm with nothing abnormal in it."

I nodded and turned back to fixing dinner. Mom never introduced me to her friend. We ate and I cleaned up before going downstairs. I cleaned the mess from last night and moved to sit by the TV when mom and the other woman came down.

They were both naked and I took a breath before pointing to the other side of the room, "Don't stand. If I start to stand, you go to your knees and present your butt to me like a bitch. That goes for both of you. I don't know which I will ... take, so just expect it to be you."

The change was as sudden and painful as the first time. When it was over I looked across the room at my bitch and another wide eyed bitch. I lunged to my feet and they both scramble to their knees and dropped their heads to the floor. I walked across the room and licked my bitch's pussy before turning to the other bitch. She was shaking as I growled and moved behind her. I licked her puffy pussy and she gasped.

When I shoved my tongue inside the bitch she pushed back at me. I licked her pussy for about five minutes before mounting her. She grunted at my weight as I held her hips and lunged into her pussy. She screamed and shuddered as I growled and started fucking her hard. My cock grew quickly and I was fucking into this new bitch's womb when my knot started.

I started jabbing into her and she was grunting and shaking as her pussy squeezed my cock. My knot finally stuck and I howled as I held her and peed cum. I felt her womb become full and start expanding as she bucked and thrust back, "OH MY GOD!"

I shuddered when I stopped cumming and yanked back. The bitch screamed and her tight pussy spasmed around my cock, "FFFFUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKK!"

I growled and held still, my cock throbbed inside my new bitch. A few minutes later I pulled back and my knot came out. The floor beneath her was flooded with cum as it poured out and she slumped down. I turned to my bitch and she quickly presented for me. I licked her leaking pussy and mounted her. I shoved my fully erect cock into her and she grunted as I started to fuck her with hard thrusts that quickly shoved my cock into her womb.

I shifted closer to her butt and slowly fucked my bitch with slow, deep thrusts. My cock began to swell again and she grunted as I jabbed into her. She shuddered and jerked as her tight pussy contracted to hold my knot inside her. I kept fucking my bitch and she started jerking and shaking hard, "OH GOD!"

I growled and held her tight as I pumped sperm into her womb. Slowly her womb expanded as she spasmed and jerked under me. "RYAN!"

I licked her shoulder as I shuddered and pulled back making her convulse and drop to hang from my cock. It took ten minutes for my knot to go down enough to pull out. My bitch dropped to the floor whimpering. I turned to cross to my rug and lay down to clean my cock. I half watched my two bitches as they whispered together. After I had regenerated the sperm in my balls I stood.

My bitches quickly went to their knees and wiggled their butts. I went to my bitch and licked through her cummy slit before mounting her and starting to hump slowly. My growing cock pushed into her as I continued to hump her. Fucking through her slimy pussy felt very good so I kept fucking slowly. Gradually my knot began to swell and I jabbed into her harder.

I used short thrusts into her womb and listened to her whimpers and moans. I growled as I started fucking her hard and deep, my knot pushed into her and I tied a moment before I held her hips tight and started pumping huge streams of sperm. My bitch jerked and screamed as her womb filled with warm cum again, "YES!"

I jerked and jabbed and she continued to shudder as her pussy held my cock and spasmed. A few minutes later I jerked back and my cock came out followed by a stream of cum. I hopped down and headed towards my new bitch, I licked her ass and pussy as she moaned. I finally mounted her and shifted forward before humping. She jerked and screamed as my cock slammed into her and drove deep to open her womb. I ignored her and growled as I fucked her deep and hard.

It wasn't long before my new bitch was howling and thrusting back to get my knot into her tight pussy. I continued to hammer her slippery hole and she kept jerking and spasming as my knot was finally forced into her. I kept going, jabbing and humping and my new bitch began convulsing and spasming. I finally held her hips and began howling as I pumped huge torrents of hot cum into her slimy womb. She jerked and screamed, "YYYEEESSSSSSS!"

I pumped and spewed and squirted before finally stopping. I growled and lifted a leg before turning around. My bitch jerked and spasmed again as I pulled, "CCCUUUMMMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGGG!"

I finally growled and jerked my cock out of her and she dropped to the floor as a flood of cum poured onto the floor between her legs. I walked to my rug and laid down before starting to clean myself. I watched as the two bitches huddled together and whispered some more. It was almost dawn when I stood again and they scrambled up. I walked towards them and sniffed my new bitch before licking her nasty pussy.

I mounted her and shifted closer as I growled and then humped. She grunted and then her pussy squeezed my cock as I started fucking her. I was thrusting nice and deep and she was shaking. I felt the change and buried my cock and howled as the agony began. I was spewing huge torrents of cum as I finally fell forward and took the woman to the floor with me as I changed back into myself.

I slowly pulled out and moved off her before she rolled onto her back with her legs splayed obscenely. She shuddered and looked at mom as I stood and headed towards the door. I ignored both of them as I washed and crawled into bed; I set my alarm and fell asleep. It was late afternoon when I woke to a quiet house. I got up and dressed before going into the kitchen. The slim, stunningly gorgeous woman sitting at the table made me stop. She smiled, "You haven't learned to control the change."

I looked at her before looking around, "Where's my mother?"

She gestured towards the door, "She left with another woman to go shopping."

She smiled as she looked into my face, "Their both a little sore."

I blushed and she laughed as she stood, "At least you haven't killed anyone."

I nodded, "I wish my mom..."

She smiled as she came closer, "There is a way to control the change but it takes time."

She caressed my chest before walking around me slowly, "I could teach you."

I looked at her, "Who are you?"

She rubbed against my back, "A horny bitch. My name is Susan Ann Grey."

I turned to face her, "What do you want?"

Susan smiled up into my face before moving up onto her toes to kiss me softly. She turned and walked to the table and sat down, "I need a mate Ryan."

I looked at the door and back at her, "How did you know about me?"

Susan laughed, "The first night you changed I was in my cage and heard you howling. The second night I was across town feeding on a freshly killed lamb. Last night I was several blocks away following your scent. I know all I need to right now."

I smiled slightly, "So you want to be locked in with me like my mother."

She smiled, "I don't think your mother should be there. I can control my change normally but have never tried intercourse during a full moon."

I walked to the table and sat across from her, "What do you mean mate?"

Susan looked away, "The older the creator, the stronger the wolf, my mother was the one to bite me. It was an accident and my own fault. Mom's mate was killed by a car and no, silver isn't the only thing that can kill us. You are the first male like me that I have found. Wolves mate for life Ryan. Sex is sex but if you and I..."

I nodded and turned to look at the door as I heard mom's car. When mom walked in with her friend she stopped and looked from the woman to me, "Ryan?"

I smiled and stood to help her with the bags, "She's like me and came to find me."

Mom smiled, "Then she can talk to you about..."

I nodded and carried the bags to the kitchen counter. Mom sat with Susan and they started talking. When mom blushed at Susan's remark about waiting a week and testing herself for pregnancy I turned to look at Susan, "She uses birth control."

Susan laughed, "That won't work for you."

I looked at her and she shrugged, "At least it won't work for us. That was what mom said."

I looked at mom and her friend who looked white faced. Mom finally laughed, "Bred like a true bitch."

Susan grinned, "I haven't been that lucky yet."

Mom and her friend looked at each other and mom smiled, "You're a virgin?"

Susan blushed but nodded, "I wasn't sure I wouldn't change."

Mom looked at me, "But if it isn't a full moon..."

Susan snorted, "That isn't the only time we can change. Mom said sometimes when we mate and become so lost in lust it can happen."

I looked at mom and she smiled at the brunette who sighed and looked at me, "I'm Dianne. If we are going to continue to let you use us then you should know my name."

Susan stood and walked to me to caress my chest, "Tonight it will just be us. I need you very bad Ryan. I am in season and tonight will put me in heat. With both of us they would be in danger."

I looked at mom as Dianne grinned, "I could use a night to recover."

Dianne smiled and rubbed her pussy, "Your knot was a little big."

I looked at Susan, "You're sure?"

She grinned, "Yes."

I sighed as I started helping mom with dinner. Both Dianne and Susan sat at the table to talk. Dinner was a large roast and I made sure to eat as did Susan. After dinner we sat in the front room to talk and Susan called her mother, Pam. When the older version of Susan arrived, mom was expecting her. She kissed Susan and looked at me closely before nodding. Susan turned to take my hand, "Come with me."

I glanced at the window, "The moon won't be up..."

Susan laughed, "I would like our first time to be as humans."

I couldn't say anything as I followed her stunning body. I locked the door behind us and followed her down the stairs. I looked back, "Are you sure your mother won't change?"

Susan laughed as she began undressing, "She won't change."

I undressed and Susan came to caress my chest before I held her and felt her firm breasts against my body. I could feel my arousal was different and knew I was in control. I felt her furry pussy and she shuddered, "Sorry but shaving never works."

I grinned and kissed her as my finger slipped into her. There wasn't a hymen and it slid all the way in as I rubbed my palm against her clit. Susan shuddered and her pussy squeezed my finger. She was tight and wet as I pulled my finger out to lick it. The scent was amazing and seemed to fill my head making me want her. I shuddered as we both growled. Susan laughed and kissed me, "I think I better turn around and let you do me that way just in case."

I let her turn and reached around to cup her breasts as I pressed against her. She spread her legs and reached between them for my hard cock as she bent forward. I growled as her breast moved out of reach and Susan chuckled, "You'll get them back."

I groaned as my cock pushed into her warm almost hot pussy. Susan shuddered and thrust back as she stood up a little. I fucked her slowly instead of like the animal I become. Susan was growling and shaking as her pussy spasmed around my cock. I loved burying my cock inside her and pressing against her womb. It was only four or five minutes before Susan stiffen and her pussy tightened.

She shuddered as she howled and shook violently before she began to change. I thrust into her pussy hard as her change pulled me into my own. I held her hips as we dropped to the floor and howled as my cock grew longer and the knot expanded inside my mate. The explosion of cum was expected, at least to me. I held her tight to keep her in place as I bred her.

Susan howled as her body shuddered and shook and her pussy seemed to ripple around even my knot. I poured cum into her expanding womb and she whimpered and held still. It was a long time before I was done and I nipped her neck. Susan yelped and looked back as I licked her face. It was about five minutes before I pulled back steadily and my cock came out.

I panted and moved to lie down. Susan followed me and growled as I went to clean myself. I looked at her as she lay down and began to lick my cummy cock. I whimpered as she cleaned me and when she finished she licked my face before beginning to change. I growled at her human form but didn't move. She smiled and caressed my haunches, "That was amazing."

I barked yes and she grinned, "Wait until next time. I'm slimy from your cum."

I came to my feet and she laughed, "Already?"

She turned and went to her knees, "Go ahead."

I moved behind her and started licking through her pussy. Susan groaned and shuddered as I pushed my long tongue inside her. She looked back and growled, "Mount me!"

I didn't hesitate and mounted her before shifting closer and humping. Susan gasped, "Shit!"

My cock slid into her slimy pussy and I thrust forward again to sink it deeper. Susan howled as I hit her cervix and started fucking her hard and fast. She was jerking and spasming as my big cock pushed into her womb. I felt her warm pussy squeezing me as she screamed and her shape blurred.

My knot was still forming as I fucked in and out. The bitch beneath me thrust back and my knot popped into her. She howled and turned to growl at me as I tightened my grip and jabbed into her again and again.

The flood of cum was sudden and her howl of pleasure blended with mine. I felt her belly expanding with more cum then it could hold and pulled back. Cum began leaking around my knot and my mate whimpered at the loss. I pulled back harder and my knot came out with a flood of cum. I dropped to the floor and moved away before lying down.

My mate followed me and lay beside me panting. She didn't change this time and I shifted closer to lick her face. When we changed back in the morning the basement was a mess. Susan laughed and stretched before turning to embrace me. I held her naked body, "Are you sure we can't do it during the day without changing?"

She grinned, "After the moon passes."

I rubbed and caressed her bare butt before sighing and letting her go. We dressed and went upstairs to find her mother smiling on the couch. Mom and Dianne were curled up on the floor by her feet. Susan grinned, "Shouldn't that be the other way around?"

Pam smiled, "They watched you most of the night and only went to sleep a few hours ago."

Pam's eyes seemed to gleam, "Next time I will join you honey."

Susan grinned as she looked at me, "He's a good breeder."

Pam laughed, "So I saw."

I smiled and looked at mom, "I didn't..."

Pam grinned, "You may have impregnated them or not, only time will tell. For us our body will expel chemicals just as it regenerates it."

I knelt to caress my mother, "I never wanted to ... do what she did."

Susan came to sit beside her mother as Pam sighed, "She is a mother Ryan. You could have spent the night in the basement with no problem but she needed to make sure."

I nodded and smiled as I rubbed mom's butt under her skirt. Susan laughed softly, "go ahead and fuck her but don't try to make it last."

I looked at her, "I won't change?"

Pam smiled, "Not if you don't hold back."

I looked down, "I ... I do want to feel..."

Susan slid off the couch and reached for my pants, "She has already made herself your bitch, just fuck her."

I waited as she opened my pants and pulled them down before slowly rolling mom onto her back. I carefully pulled her panties down and off before lifting her skirt. I spread her legs before moving over her and positioning my cock against her pussy. I pushed into her and shuddered at the warmth of her pussy as it squeezed my cock. Mom shuddered as her arms came up to hold me, "Ryan?"

I started fucking her with deep strokes and only groaned at the feeling around my cock. Mom's hips lifted and she moaned softly, "Baby?"

I kissed her as I continued to fuck her and mom shuddered as her pussy suddenly spasmed and tightened, "Baby!"

I growled and felt the edge of change as I fucked her harder and buried my cock as I stiffened. I could feel the change in my body as I began spewing cum. Mom was howling as cum exploded into her and I was growling as I tried to hold the change back and still finish cumming. I felt my mate approach and hold me as I spewed and pumped my bitch full.

I shook as I realized my thoughts were changing and jerked myself back. I pulled out of mom as she panted and shuddered and turned to my mate to growl as I clutched at her and held on. It was a minute before mom giggled and then laughed, "Damn I love getting fucked first thing in the morning."

I shuddered and Susan held and caressed me and finally I turned to mom and smiled, "I loved it to mom."

She was sitting up rubbing the leaking cum all over her body and Dianne laughed, "You keep doing that and I'll hold you down and lick you to death."

Mom grinned and then laughed as she stood up, "Showers for everyone and then Ryan and Susan should rest."

I stretched, "I don't feel as tired today."

Susan grinned as she took my hand, "Come shower with us mom."

I glanced at Pam as she smiled and came to take my other hand, "Yes, he needs to know his other bitch."

Mom laughed as she pulled Dianne after her and I led Susan and Pam to the other shower. Pam had an amazing body and I grinned as I fingered her pussy. Susan held my hand, "That isn't safe."

I remembered what had happened with my mother and nodded. Pam laughed and cupped my face, "You can play here. Susan and I can control it."

I shook my head but she pulled me out and sat me on the toilet. She turned to face away and spread her legs before sitting on my cock with an animal growl. Susan knelt beside us, "Mom is in heat Ryan. Just let her fuck you and cum inside her."

I groaned as I felt her warm slippery pussy squeezing and milking my cock, "God her pussy feels good."

Pam shuddered as her hot pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. She was thrusting back and forth as she lifted and thrust down and back. I shuddered as my cock moved through this bitch's pussy and reached for her waist as I stood. She growled as I turned and moved to the counter and started fucking her grasping pussy hard. I kept jerking her back and forth as my swelling cock began hitting and pushing into her womb.

My mate came to hold me and rub my chest as I continued to hump and thrust into this new bitch. She was jerking and thrashing around as her muscles tried to shift or move. She howled as I shoved into her belly and spewed and sprayed her fertile womb with cum. I growled back when she turned to look at me with her yellow eyes.

I snapped and yanked her onto my pumping cock and she whimpered as my mate shook me and called me by some name. I shuddered as I stopped cumming. Cum was running down the bitch's legs and there was a large puddle between her feet. I pulled out and turned to my mate with a low growl in my throat. She back away and turned quickly before presenting to me. The used bitch had dropped to the floor panting as I moved to mount my mate.

I could feel the change coming and then the door opened and I spun. The bitch standing there was another of mine and I slowly moved towards her. The change ended faster than it started and I dropped to my knees with a groan. Susan was there holding me, "God you are strong."

I shuddered and gestured to mom, "Close the door."

She backed out with wide eyes and quickly closed the door. I shook as Susan held me, "Let's not do that again."

I took a deep breath and turned to look at Pam, "Pam? You okay?"

She lifted her head and looked at me before slowly scooting to me and leaning against me, "you are much stronger than I thought. The wolf that bit you must have been very old."

I caressed her face and looked at Susan, "I think we need another shower."

She caressed my face, "yes my mate."

I stood smoothly, pulling Pam up with me, "You felt incredible Pam."

She smiled, "and you probable just got me pregnant."

Susan grinned, "Good I won't be getting fat alone."

I pulled them both into the shower and let Susan wash her mother as something struck me, "What about the baby? In a month or two when you change..."

Pam smiled, "It won't hurt them and it won't affect them."

We finally got out and dried off before dressing again. Mom and Dianne were outside the door and I hugged them, "its fine now."

Mom touched my chest, "What happened?"

I laughed, "Pam became aroused and they thought they could control me. It turns out they were wrong."

Mom looked at Pam as she shrugged, "Seeing him fuck you..."

Mom grinned, "We are all just horny bitches."

Pam smiled, "Yes. Ryan's bitches now."

Susan hugged me, "We need food and rest."

Mom nodded and turned to walk towards the kitchen, "Of course."

Breakfast showed more of the change that was coming. Pam like mom, knew she and Susan were a permanent part of my life. Before breakfast was over, mom, Dianne and Pam were heading out to look at a large house Pam knew about. I held Susan in my arms as she sighed and began telling me about herself and her life.

Caressing a woman's body in bed is exciting and arousing but I had learned my lesson this morning. I woke up in the early afternoon as Susan turned in my arms. She smiled, "Ready to get up?"

I felt her hips and she grinned, "Let's not start that until we are locked away and safe."

I cupped a breast, "Is the change only when the moon is full?"

Susan shook her head, "It begins the first night of the full moon and runs for seven risings of the moon."

I sighed, "So I still have three to go."

She smiled, "Tonight it will be mother and I together. I think we will let you do your mother and the other bitch, Dianne once. After you fuck the bitches, I will keep your attention and let them leave while mom locks the door."

I frowned, "Will it be safe?"

She pulled me out of bed, "since we will only watch it should be."

I slipped a robe on but grinned when Susan just walked out naked. Mom and Dianne were making a large dinner as Pam helped. Something had changed; Pam seemed almost subservient to mom. Susan looked at me and I shrugged before walking to mom and hugging her naked body. She smiled as she looked back, "Don't get started again."

I rubbed her nipples before turning to Dianne. I slipped my hand down to finger her pussy and she spread her legs and shuddered. I gave her a kiss after pulling my finger out and reached for Pam. She growled as she came into my arms, "God I'm horny."

I glanced at the time to see how long before moonrise, "Soon my bitch."

She grinned and pushed me back, "We looked at an old house in the country. It used to be a farm and has a large basement."

I nodded as I went to sit down, "What happened?"

Pam looked at mom and Mom turned, "I told her it would be in your name because we belong to you now."

I looked at Pam, "And?"

She sighed, "I ... argued and she knocked me on my ass."

I shook my head as I looked at my blushing mother, "your temper?"

Mom shrugged, "She was being a pushy bitch."

I laughed and Susan giggled. Mom frowned and I nodded to Pam, "she has been part wolf so long she is part bitch."

Dianne laughed and Pam grinned. Mom shook her head, "Anyway since then she has been nice."

I looked at Susan and she smiled, "She showed mom she was dominate."

During dinner Susan and Pam talked about later and Mom and Dianne were grinning. I glanced at the time and stood to put the dishes in the sink before heading for the basement. Susan and Pam followed mom and Dianne and locked the door but left the key in the door. I let my robe slip off and turned to caress Susan and they crowded around me. Susan knew before I began to change and pushed mom and Dianne back, "Get on your knees!"

When the agony of change passed I stood and looked around. My bitches were all here. My mate was in that other body and I growled. She knelt beside my first bitch and rubbed her butt and pussy, "Come breed her my mate."

It was a growl but I understood and moved to lick my bitch's pussy. She shuddered and thrust back making me growl for her to hold still. She trembled as I licked her and finally I leaped onto her and mounted her. I shifted forward as I felt my mates paw guiding my cock. I humped and plunged my cock into my bitch and she jerked and spasmed.

I fucked her with deep, hard thrusts and listened to her whimpers and moans and grunts. I felt the resistance against my knot and thrust into her hard forcing it in. My cock was throbbing in her womb as I jabbed and fucked her squeezing pussy. I finally held my bitch and began pumping huge streams of cum as I howled. I felt her womb expand as warm cum surrounded my cock.

I was panting when I stopped cumming and was going to turn when my mate started pulling and wiggled my cock out of my bitch. I growled and one of her hands patted my side as the other worked my cock out of my bitch. When I came out of her, my cum poured out and ran down to puddle on the floor between her legs. I turned to lick her pussy before heading for my spot on the rug.

My mate came to me and bent to lick my cock as another bitch helped my freshly used bitch up the stairs. A moment later my mate stroked my cock, "Fuck the other bitch now."

I glanced passed her at the bitch presenting to me. I rose silently and padded across the room to lick her pussy. After a few minutes I jumped and mounted her, I shifted my weight forward and thrust into her. She jerked and screamed as I held her and started fucking her. My mate and the other bitch came to caress me as I pounded my growing cock into my bitch's womb.

She was shaking and twitching as her warm pussy kept spasming on my plunging cock. When I forced my knot into her, she howled and twisted and tried to get away. I growled and started to nip her when my mate grabbed my head, "don't bite!"

I growled at her mouth noise and thrust into my bitch to pee cum into her womb. She stiffened and shuddered and whimpered as cum flooded her belly and her womb was inflated. My mate and the other bitch were already working my knot out of the bitch. I lunged back and my knot came out followed by the torrent of cum. Again my mate followed me back to the rug and started cleaning my cock as the two bitches went up the stairs.

The unused bitch returned and growled as she approached and turned to present to me. I came to my feet as the smell of her reached me. I padded straight to her and licked her pussy once before mounting her. I humped and thrust into her in one long shove. She jerked and shoved back as she howled, "YES! FUCK ME!"

My mate was beside her, reaching under her. She shuddered as her pussy rippled and kept squeezing my cock. As I humped and jabbed my knot into her she began to change. I growled and held her as I breed her and kept her in the middle of shifting as I shoved my cock into her womb and began peeing cum. She screamed and howled as it filled her.

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