Shannon's Boyfriend

by Orange Sasquatch

Copyright© 2012 by Orange Sasquatch

Erotica Sex Story: Dani wants her sister's Boyfriend. Is she willing to pay the price her sister sets?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Reluctant   Lesbian   Incest   Sister   Oral Sex   .

Dani had wanted her sister's boyfriend for a long time. She had spent many long nights awake, masturbating to the thought of him, pushing in and out of her, like he did with Shannon. Dani had seen them once. Their grunting had awoken her. She had crept out into the hallway and followed the sounds. Shannon's door was ajar, so Dani peered inside. What she saw was Joe, rutting in to Shannon. Shannon was moaning with pleasure, Joe was grunting with effort. Dani had seen Joe with his shirt off before, but he'd never looked so fucking sexy before. His sweat was dripping down his body. His back was glistening. Dani stood there watching. Then after about 10 minutes, he groaned, "Shannon, I'm cumming" He arched his back and the collapsed on top of Shannon.

From then on Dani had fantasized about her and Joe. It had worked for over a year. But now, Dani just couldn't take it anymore. She wanted Joe so bad. But she and Shannon were close. So Dani decided to ask her sister for a night with her boyfriend. When Shannon got home from work that night, Dani called her sister into her room.

"What's up squirt?" Shannon asked. Dani was so nervous. She really wanted this to turn out well.

"I need to ask you for a favor."

"Name it sis." Dani pauses and then jumps right in.

"I've been getting really horny lately and I want to fuck a guy."

"That's normal Dani. But I don't think I can help with that."

"I want to ... mublemumble" Dani couldn't quite get it out.

"What do you want to do, Dani?"

"I want to fuck your boyfriend!"

"You want to what??" Shannon was completely blindsided.

"He's really hot and he's nice and gentle and He could fuck me right. Please Shannon, it wouldn't mean anything."

"It wouldn't mean anything? Of course it would. Sex changes things. No way am I letting you have sex with my boyfriend." Dani looked crestfallen.

"Please Shannon," Dani pleaded, "It's my only fantasy at night, and my fingers just aren't getting the job done anymore. I'll do anything for you; just let me have him for one night!"

"Anything? You know what? Fine! Since sex doesn't mean anything, eat my pussy and I'll let you sleep with Joe."

"Right now?" Dani was a little aghast.

"Yes, right now, come over here and eat my pussy."

Dani only hesitated a moment more. Then she went to Shannon and grabbed her face and kissed her. Shannon was surprised and after a second pulled back

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"What I have to to fuck Joe." Then she kissed her sister again. Dani's tongue entered Shannon's mouth and she found no more resistance. She pulled Shannon over to the bed and they kissed for another minute. Shannon had begun to use her tongue to play with Dani's. Then Dani had Shannon lay down. "Just lay here and let me do this, Alright?" Shannon nodded. Best get this over with, thought Dani. She began unbuttoning Shannon's pants. She pulled them down and saw Shannon's flower pattern panties. Dani pulled those down too, so she was now face to face with her sister's pussy. She moved her face closer and closer till she was breathing on Shannon's snatch. Just think of Joe, Just think of Joe.

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