Swimming With the Guys

by Trace Ekies

Copyright© 2012 by Trace Ekies

Coming of Age Sex Story: Sandy loses her top when swimming with three guys. (This story is mostly sexual teasing and hot talk. It includes some 'soft' sexual activity but contains no graphic sex.)

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Petting   .

"All three of you... right?" Sandy was talking on the phone to Charlie, her cousin Bob's friend she had met a couple of days earlier.

"Right, all three of us," Charlie said. "Bob and Paul will definitely want to come, especially if you're going to wear that black bikini again."

"They liked that, huh?"

"Yeah. We all did. We even talked about it after we left."

"Really? What did you say?"

"Just stuff ... like how good you looked in it."

Sandy thought about how she had looked. The suit wasn't meant for swimming, just tanning. It was sexy enough when dry ... but wet? "I guess you could tell it didn't have a lining," she said sheepishly.

"Uh, yeah..." Charlie remembered how delicious Sandy's nipples had looked, covered only by the thin material of that tiny wet top. "We did notice."

Sandy had seen the bulges in their cutoffs. Yes, they had definitely noticed. "My aunt warned me about wearing it around guys, but she really flipped out when I told her I had worn it swimming with you."

"You told her?"

"Sure, I tell her everything..." Then Sandy remembered Charlie's hand between her legs. She didn't want him to know about that part of the discussion. "Well, most everything," she added.

"So what did your aunt say when you told her?"

"She said I might just as well have been, uh... naked."

"Well, we did sorta talk about how we hoped you might lose the top."

"No way would I do that ... uh, hold it ... you said we ... my cousin too? What did he have to say?"

"I don't remember exactly, but it didn't sound much like the two of you were related."

A vision of swimming topless with three guys flashed through Sandy's mind. She knew there was no way she'd actually do it, but it was kinda fun to imagine. "You think he'd get upset if I did lose it?" she asked coyly.

"No way. He'd love it."

Sandy knew she'd never be able to face her Aunt and Uncle if... "You think he'd tell his parents," she blurted. Sandy couldn't believe she had actually said that. She back-pedaled, "I mean, if it happened ... I sure wouldn't want Uncle Henry and Aunt June to know."

"He'd keep quiet, I'm sure. Why? You thinking about it?"

Why had she said that. Now Charlie was thinking she might actually do it. "Of course not..." she protested, "I meant if it accidentally happened." Sandy hesitated. Yes, she admitted to herself, she was really considering it. "But if ... if it did happen, what would you think? I mean, if it happened tomorrow, with all three of you here, how would you feel about it?"

Charlie hoped he had guessed what Sandy was thinking. "Uh ... Oh, I'd be okay with it," he said. "You think it might happen?"

"Are you kidding? I'm surprised you would even think such a thing..." Then again remembering Charlie's hand between her legs, "Well, maybe not too surprised." Sandy continued carefully, "But ... how could I possibly know anyway. If I knew ... it wouldn't be much of an accident, would it."

Charlie didn't say anything. He was sure she had to be considering it. Sandy told herself it wasn't likely, but also admitted there was at least a slight possibility she might do it.

Sandy wanted to end the conversation before she said anything else stupid. "Now hang up," she said, "I'll see you tomorrow." She pressed the 'end' button on the phone.

Sandy felt dampness forming between her legs. "Oh my God," she thought, "I'm actually thinking about doing it."

Sandy's aunt was watching the television, She looked up when Sandy ended the phone call. "Charlie?" she asked.


"Well are you going to tell me about it?"

"What's to tell. He called to tell me he had gotten home okay."

"It sounded like a lot more than that."

Sandy was still grappling with the thought that she might actually do it. "What would you know about it."

"Hey," Anita said, her voice rising, "Give me a little credit. After all, I am twelve years older than you... and I do know something about men."

"You may be my guardian, but if my mother knew what you were teaching me, she'd have a fit."

"Oh, I don't know about that. She was my sister, you know, so I do know about some of the stunts she pulled when she was dating."

"Yeah, well before the plane crash, she was always drumming into me how I should act like a lady."

"Right, but you were just twelve then. You're sixteen now. I'm sure she'd want you to know some other things as well. She might even want you to know about some of the tricks she used."

Sandy looked at the floor, avoiding eye contact with her aunt. "Yeah, I suppose so. But she's not here." Sandy's tone saddened and become more conciliatory. Then she looked up and asked, "Can you help me about tomorrow."

"I'll try. What's happening tomorrow? Is Charlie coming over?"

"Uh huh ... Bob and Paul too."

"All three of them? I would have thought you wanted to be alone with Charlie."

"I do, but I don't dare. I wouldn't last five minutes."

"Oh my God, you do have it bad."

"Yep ... I guess so," Sandy admitted, then added, "I told him the other three had to come too. We're going swimming again."

"What are you going to wear?"

"The black bikini."

"The one I bought you for tanning?"

Sandy nodded.

Anita's voice rose. "The one that doesn't have a lining?"

Sandy nodded again.

"You mean, you're going swimming with three 17 year-old males, wearing that ... again?"

"Uh, yeah..." Sandy answered with her head lowered. "It was sort of a requirement to make sure Bob and Paul would come too."

"I imagine your cousin Bob would like to see you in that bikini ... but he also might tell his father ... your uncle... my brother."

"Charlie doesn't think so. He was pretty sure that even if I accidentally lost my top, Bob would keep his mouth shut."

"Accidentally lost your top? Was that part of the deal too?"

"No, of course not ... but I did want to know what his and Bob's reactions might be if I did accidentally lose my top."

"Accidentally, my ass. You're planning to lose it, aren't you?"

Sandy went silent, not wanting to respond to her aunt's accusation. Instead she sheepishly asked, "You think I shouldn't?"

"That's up to you. It could be fun. But what's Charlie going to think?"

"I think he wants me to."

"Yeah, I guess he would, but what about Bob?"

"Charlie said Bob would like it too."

"Why am I not surprised? He might be your cousin, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't want to look." Anita weighed the matter, then asked, "But will he keep his mouth shut?"

"Charlie says he will," Sandy answered.

Anita thought a few seconds. "You're pretty sure you can make it look accidental?"

"Uh huh -"

"Well, accidents have been known to happen. Just be careful."

When Sandy came out the back door, all eyes turned in her direction. Unlike two days previous, there were no cat-calls or other untoward remarks. The guys were afraid that anything they said might spook Sandy and cause her to re-think her attire.

Sandy went down the steps, into the pool. At the bottom she sat down in water that was just up to her neck. Sandy liked the feel of the cool water. She adjusted her top, loosening it a bit, so the cool water would flow more easily around her nipples.

She considered taking it off then, but it was too soon, she wasn't ready yet, and besides she couldn't think of a way to make it look 'accidental'.

Instead she stood and waded a few steps toward the center of the pool where the guys were standing. She leaned back in the water and tried to float on her back, her legs spread slightly in the direction of her visitors. "How long can you stay," she asked.

"About an hour," Paul replied. "Bob and I have to get to work and Charlie needs to take care of his sick dog."

Sandy's face adopted a pout. "That's too bad," she said, "I was going to fix lunch." Sandy was still struggling to stay afloat. Paul stepped over to her and attempted to help.

He put his hands gently under her butt. Sandy's first reaction was to brush him away, but she quickly realized his contact was not only polite but actually kind of pleasant. Bob and Charlie stepped to either side of her and added their support at her back and neck.

Sandy relaxed and let herself go, luxuriating in being supported by the three guys. She rapidly warmed to the feeling of having so many hands on her body and was thinking about how she might 'accidentally' lose her top. She was glad though that she hadn't lost it yet. She wouldn't want to be topless in this situation.

The hands at the back of Sandy's neck began to slowly untie the string to her bikini top, the one that went around her neck. Concluding that the hands belonged to Bob, she felt pretty safe in allowing him to continue. She decided to pretend, at least for the time being, that she didn't notice.

While she was thinking about her cousin's hands at the back of her neck, she felt the hands under her back begin working on the other string. Those hands, she decided, had to belong to Charlie.

Sandy was warming to the attention she was getting but still wasn't ready to relinquish her top. The thought of losing it was exciting, but was also a bit scary. Still, if she allowed them to continue, she wouldn't have to worry about how to 'accidentally' lose her top. If the guys did it for her, it might even be easier to get past her fears.

Both knots eventually came undone. Sandy was faced with the decision of either allowing Bob and Charlie to continue or admit to herself that she didn't have the nerve to go through with it.

Sandy opened her eyes and saw Bob motioning Charlie to remove the top. Charlie shook his head no. Seeing that Charlie was not going to take advantage of the situation without her approval, she surprised herself by saying, "I thought you wanted me topless."

"Uh ... yeah ... but I wasn't sure how you felt about it," Charlie answered.

Sandy tried to fake a little modesty. She reached behind her to retie the strings, saying, "If I had wanted it off, I would have taken it off myself."

The guys knew that Sandy could not retie the knots by herself without standing up, and if she did that, she would lose the top.

Sandy understood the situation too and doubted if she was going get any assistance. She decided however that it would look better if she played the game. "Will you guys help me get it retied," she asked.

"Why don't you just take it off," Bob said.

Sandy had expected something like that but had to protest anyway. "Hey," she said, looking at Bob, "You're my cousin. You're not supposed to be making suggestions like that."

"He didn't mean any harm, and besides ... you know you want to," Charlie said.

Sandy did know that she 'wanted to' but still didn't think it lady-like to appear all that anxious. "Are you kidding," she snapped. Pointing at Bob, she added, "And have him tell my Aunt and Uncle ... No way!"

Charlie quickly replied, "He's not going to tell, are you Bob?"

"Of course not," Bob said, "There is no way I'd ever tell them."

Sandy felt like she had shown a sufficient level of reluctance. she looked intently at her cousin. "You mean that? You'd keep your mouth shut?"

Bob nodded as he looked intently at Sandy to see what her next move would be. Sandy looked at Paul and Charlie, and saw that they were also waiting in anticipation.

"Okay, it stays untied. But I'm not taking it off." Sandy looked at each of the guys in turn. No one said a word. "Of course..." she said slowly, "If it came off by itself ... or you guys were to take it off me ... well, I guess there's not much I could do about it."

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