Accidental Nude Day Noonie

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2012 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: Surprise visit with friend & family, Nude Day pool party/prank. Shy exposure leads to sex combinations including incest.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   Wife Watching   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   Group Sex   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   Public Sex   Nudism   .

Rita's dad splattered his drink all over his lap as he spasmodically launched off his lounger. He bounced, wide-eyed, off the hard deck unable to pry his eyes from the shocking sight of my shy wife's tinctured, naked body. Even from twenty feet away, Safa and I could easily see his massive snake head slip out from his yellow striped boxer swimsuit as he awkwardly clambered back onto his webbed, pool side seat.

Two hours earlier:

Safa and I were on a midday feckless foray in the foothills. Though we believed we were casually wandering aimlessly, we found ourselves near the Los Banos home of Rita's parents. That area is a favorite for celebrities to hide in rural seclusion and is in fact the home of a popular Olympian. Rita had told us she would be at her parent's place instead of her home for some sort of annual gathering. Without being too explicit, she'd slyly said we were welcome to join them if we wanted to be part of their celebration though her husband does not attend this annual fete. After initially declining, we decided to stop in and surprise her there since we'd strayed so near. The surprise was on us since we dropped in on what seemed to be a simple pool party with several strangers.

Rita's shapely mom was busy in the kitchen, wearing a black high-cut one piece swimsuit with a deep V cut that let her huge, soft, bouncy boobs tease their escape. Rita's dad, Glenn, was unsuccessfully hiding behind his sunglasses while ogling the young beauties, one in a relatively modest bikini, two others in absolutely lewd ones. And I thought I saw a little drool ease from his rapidly oscillating face. The loose and thin suit on one beautiful girl looked very much like a sexy panty/bra set. After greeting Helen, the mom, we grabbed beers and cruised the cement/tiled deck. Though it was just after 10:00 a.m., it was past noon just two time zones away. How's THAT for rationalizing!?!

We didn't know any of the other three couples already there. Rita spotted us and slowly climbed out of the pool, wearing a very, very skimpy crocheted suit. One nipple was clearly visible thru the lax knitting and several short, dark pubic hairs peeked thru the unlined bottoms. We furtively looked at her dad who pressed his beer against the thick, swelling mass in his shorts. Yet, we guessed he must have seen her wearing even less since, oddly, he barely gave her a third look. At least there's no camel toe possible in a heavy knit suit! Believe me, I looked hard for one.

As she turned and bent over slowly, teasingly for a towel, we stared. Safa and I lingered lewdly at the white, growing, triangular patch that fit loosely over her labia and daringly shifted across them. As she stood, we focused on the narrow, twisted yarn that looped over her hips, daring to hope it would slide down with the front tiny triangle that barely covered her dark pubes. A similar thin twine looped over the 'belt' and vanished into her deep rump raphe. Without even a whale tail swatch to meld the two parts, her bare, zoftig, bronzed cheeks looked resplendent and naked. Our shallow breathing increased and my dick pulsed. I quickly glanced at her dad to see if he caught me perving at his child, but caught his smug smirk from enjoying the same view. He carelessly adjusted the leg of his shorts, but not before briefly exposing the massive head of his cock.

Before I could nudge Safa to look at him, I saw her locked onto the loose, tiny patch of white crochet between Rita's legs that teased a fleeting snatch of a hairless snatch ... ummm, labia. Safa would NEVER dress as daringly as Rita, though she did have an excessive number of 'accidental' flashes of her perfect nipples or panty. Maybe because she'd quickly downed her second beer which softened her inhibitions, she openly patted my swollen rod, regardless or because of, Glenn and the others around us, saying "Down boy."

I decided to return the favor, knowing that she often fantasized about being helplessly stripped or exposed in public out of her control. I slipped my hand under Safa's shorts and panty onto the warm flesh of her ass as I noted her turgid, pointy nipples and shallow panting increase. She made no attempt to cover herself even when I inched her panty into her crack and fully exposed a bare cheek to all. The public exhibition of forbidden flesh had undeniably aroused her.

She started on her third beer in thirty minutes. If she finished this one, she would be well beyond a buzz and into complete loss of inhibitions, or at least a blameless and 'acceptable' excuse for losing control. I had to wonder what Bill would think of his wife's insouciant exposures so publically. Could that be why he chooses not to come to this annual event? Both of them flirt openly with us and tease constantly, so we know he isn't shy, though we never went beyond that. I'm sure he'd kick himself for missing Safa's bare ass display. Too bad!

Safa and I were in similar, knockabout, loose tanks and double knit sport/jog shorts. I have to concede, she looks MUCH better in her tiny shorts that allowed frequent, deniable, glimpses of tender, tempting ass cheeks and perfectly displayed her well-toned legs. She still insisted she was too shy to dress like Rita, but dad obviously noticed the fresh, bared meat despite her being so over dressed.

Whenever we had come to swim here before, Safa always dressed even more conservatively than she was today. Her most daring swimsuit was a patterned, blue suit which was lined to avoid an obvious camel toe and fully covered her ass from lowest cheeks to mid waist. The padded top fully covered her small-B tits, yet exposed most of her sternum. We didn't discuss, yet both knew well, that the top fell away from her chest with any shrug or reaching and exposed her sultry nipples. Still, she now stood placidly allowing, no - enjoying, my exposing a bare cheek to any around us. Helen brought out more drinks, stared briefly at Safa's exposed ass, and asked me, since I was closest, to light the grill. Since it was gas, I suggested we wait another hour.

By then Rita and her big tits bounded over to greet us and, like the prankster she was, fiercely hugged us both; ensuring she transferred a small flood of water from her suit top and bottom. I enjoyed the crushing, pliable pillows against my chest and the cooling effect of the dripping water in the warm sun, as did Safa. That was evident by her proudly hard nipples trying to drill thru her thin, now translucent tank and the rapid twitching in my shorts. Dad coughed at the enticing vision and took another sly sip as Safa, flushed and embarrassed, noted her wet shirt clinging to her tits and futilely tried covering them with one arm. She noticed the two men in grey underwear and seemed fascinated by the obvious, growing bulges they sported proudly.

Rita quickly swabbed a towel over her legs, belly and head before tossing it aside. During the quick wipe down, one nipple had escaped over its crochet prison and Safa blushed, softly cleared her throat and covertly pointed it out to Rita. When she said "Oh well. THAT won't matter at all in about ninety minutes." We quizzically stared at each other. My dick twitched again as I started to lose control over it. Now I had to guess that she knew very well how the saucy snatch show she gave had aroused us. "Did you guys bring swimsuits, not that you'll need them for long? I may have something Safa can wear ... for a while."

I piped up, "What do you mean by that? Is that why two of the guys are in their boxer-briefs instead of suits? Explain youself child! What is this annual event you've been teasing about? I know July 14 is Bastille Day, but you aren't French!" Safa, probably suspecting where this was going, raised an eyebrow and smirked. This might be her chance to live a fantasy long denied.

"Oh, where do I start? July 14 is also National Nude Day in the Northern hemisphere. It's an offshoot of World Nude Day which is in February since it originated in New Zealand in THEIR summer. It may have started as a goof or maybe a sincere push to ummm, expose the joy of nudism. Today, both days have gained serious sway and are even officially recognized in many communities. Wouldn't it be a laugh to have it as a national holiday and celebrate it in the bible belt? Anyway, people are encouraged to take it all off all day EVERYWHERE. As long as we don't break other laws, the 'public indecency' statutes are rarely enforced. Especially on private property ... like THIS!

"My parents and I are year round indoor nudists, but Bill isn't. They raised me that way. We often briefly skinny dip and sun bathe nude too, but sadly there's still such a stigma attached to that. We make the holiday our own by starting the festivity at high noon. Anyone with us then is expected to strip off completely or they will be swarmed and stripped. ALL of us here will be naked by 12:01. We decided that there will be NO groping, striping, or overt flaunting until then. The denial heightens tension so much better than just staying naked from when we wake up. I'm sooooo glad you came to join us! I wanted to have you here since we met, but thought you were both too shy. I think Bill is intimidated by my dad's huge dick."

I stared wide-eyed at Safa, who stared dumbly back. We were struggling to hold back our grins and wondered just how shy we were. "Umm, honey, maybe we should go? OR ... We have ninety minutes to decide so I think I'd like to stay until then at least. You, or we, can ogle the hot girls here freely now that we know what's coming. Rita, we didn't know about this holiday, so this visit is purely accidental and I'm not sure we can sta..."

A couple was kissing behind Rita, near her dad, when one of the other guys casually walked up and briskly snapped the girl's thong well below her ass. She ignored the exposure and kept kissing her guy, leaving a beautiful, evenly tanned pair of buttocks gleaming and clenching in the strong sun. I groaned softly and my dick surged. Safa stopped speaking and licked her lips, betraying her Sapphic curiosity to Rita. "Those globes are perfection!" she whispered.

Rita heard and responded, "Yes, they are. They feel and taste as great as they look too. I'm thrilled you, ahhh, appreciate them so." Wow! More secrets. I bet we will all be sharing further secrets before the day is out.

Glenn whistled shrilly and pointed to the still admiring bandit. "Jay, you're in the penalty box for rules violation. Go sit in the corner facing the fence for ten minutes." Rita explained that only the girl was allowed to cover her ass. Jay, smiling broadly all the way to the corner, still managed to stroke the exposed sweet cheeks without groping them.

Rita chirped, "Why don't you guys hop in the pool awhile?" Safa's arm was still across her chest, but now it was under her tits, propping them up for an engorged display. Rita pointed and stared directly at Safa's boobs. "Obviously, Safa, you don't have a bra on and you can't deliberately expose your cute titties until noon, so I'll lend you something. Al, helping you into swim attire isn't considered stripping," she said as she lifted my shirt over my head. "I AM assuming you are wearing some kind of underwear, but I hope I'm wrong." and she jerked my shorts down while I was still tangled in my shirt. Safa gasped at the sight of our friend stripping me. Rita squealed at the abrupt appearance of my groin. She was wrong ... and right.

I'd expected to do some jogging, so I'd chosen to wear a jock strap. She stared a long second, then wolf-whistled at my stuffed package from just inches away. Safa stood agape at the sight of my exposure and Rita's face so close to it. She and I also stared into Rita's sagging top. Since the crochet had no elastic, it easily fell away from her bountiful boobs.

We realized that now it was MY bare ass exposed to the pool. Rita, still on her knees, turned me as she helped take my shorts off my feet. Since a jock strap is a negative thong, the wide straps stretched over my hirsute ass and potentially left my asshole exposed with a little tush tugging. She gently, closely and slowly followed the contours of both cheeks and licked her lips. "Caressing is not considered groping, so this is legit. Still, I can't dig my thumb between your handsome cheeks until later. It may be worth the ten minute penalty to just ... NO! I'll wait. See how the anticipation adds to the fun? We better get your outfit before I change my mind."

Looking over her shoulder at me as she stole Safa away, she pulled her shorts away and down a few inches, exposing Safa's pale blue cotton panty and some ass flesh. "I may be pushing the limits, but I didn't pull them off or down, so this isn't stripping." Safa swatted her hand away and ran inside.

I grabbed another beer at the head of the pool and turned my back to the relaxed group, audaciously exposing my bare ass and aware of my cheeks spreading and exposing my puckered hole to all as I slowly removed my shoes and socks. Was that my protest or my own way to participate in my wife's daring display?

The beauty in the thin outfit dove head first into the pool and surfaced with a nice size tit out of her cup and her bottoms at her knees. Her wet landing strip pointed blatantly at her denuded labia. It turned out she truly was wearing a bra and panty instead of a suit. My dick swelled in my cup and I didn't check or adjust it. Now I wished I'd worn boxers so my dick could accidentally leap out before the noon deadline. There's something to be said for seeing or being the only one exposed in public. It seems the taboo weakens when everyone is naked. Glenn also watched the near nude swimmer as she nonchalantly covered up. He scrambled to keep his cool while managing his misbehaving meat, but kept checking the time.

Many minutes later, interrupting my reverie with the still nearly naked swimmer, Safa came bounding and skipping gleefully from the house. With a huge grin and sparkling eyes, she ran to me, excitedly waving her arms, hopping and twirling before leaping to an energetic, tit shaking halt. I did a full spit-take just as she stopped before me. She turned slowly to proudly model the wispy yellow leotard she had somehow squeezed into.

Rita's dad splattered his drink all over his lap as he spasmodically launched off his lounger. He bounced, wide-eyed, off the hard deck unable to pry his eyes from the shocking sight of my shy wife's tinctured, NAKED body. Even from twenty feet away, Safa and I could easily see four inches of his massive snake slip out from his yellow striped boxer swimsuit as he awkwardly clambered back onto his webbed, pool side seat.

She gulped at the sight of his monster and all the commotion. "What's wrong? Did it split open? Rita said she wore this when she was just ten and since I'm slimmer, I was sure it would fit. It feels like a snug whole body elastic wrap."

Helen and Rita were just steps behind her and laughing madly. Whom was Rita pranking? I think she got both of us. The aged yellow crew-neck tard looked like it had been misted onto her skin, yet was stretched to its limits, threatening to rip the seams apart, until it was totally shear. It crushed her small tits into severely flattened ovals that somehow created more cleavage than I'd ever seen on her. Her perfect, hard nipples were CLEARLY squashed into her tits. I'd never before seen her hard nipples lay flush with her soft tit flesh.

My surging dick informed me I loved the unusual sight of HOW her tiny tits jiggled. Since they were anchored to her chest and now their pointy end was anchored to the very tight wrapper, only the short middle could jiggle. Strange looking, yet hot. My 'shy' woman went from risky, yet covered to solely and publically naked thanks to our prankster friend. The yellow mist altered the color of her nipples and aureole from light rosy to dark brown, which made them stand out graphically and boldly from afar. Likewise, it changed her pubes from light brown to near black.

Though crushed, the shape of her pubic bone created a rise that allowed a tiny depression below it to foster her wiry bush into what looked like a well worn, spidery Brillo pad. It pushed her little belly flatter and lifted her ass, reshaping it interestingly due to the full cheek 'coverage'. Due to the wide and highly tensioned fastener strip, her labia were not separated as they usually were in her tight jeans. They also partially survived the crushing pressure in the crater below her exposed pubes. I knew this since I could clearly see them, naked behind the non-fabric. While the bottom third of her beautiful labia was horrifically crushed and misshaped, the rest was plumped and covered with wild, dark hair. I could even see the small dimple that hid her clit.

Before I could consider answering her question, I wondered how she jammed herself into the wispy garment. She certainly had to stand naked before Rita and maybe her mom as they pulled and stretched it over her head and down. The image of them delighting in manually shaping and rearranging her bare tits and ass visibly aroused me too.

The crotch flap used Velcro instead of the older snaps. I noted that it wrapped from her ass, up and over her labia and sealed at the seam above her pubes, leaving her pussy exposed thru the near invisible tard. Everybody was gawking at my beautiful, 'naked' woman. I asked Rita why my wife wasn't considered naked by her rules. She said that, "Visible or not, she has fabric covering her naughties, AND by law she is only considered unclothed if you can see her natural skin color within half an inch of the color change of her aureola or anus. There's a similar metric about her vulva. So, she IS clothed now." Her fantasy was coming true.

Since I hadn't answered her quickly enough, SAFA abruptly turned and dove into the pool. She swam a lap lazily on her back, giving everyone a full body view and straining the fabric with each backstroke. It looked like she was showing off her nakedness and trying hard to make the tard split and fall away from her. When she climbed out of the pool, she said she felt the extra resistance the tard made, but the stretchiness felt good.

The fabric actually captured and held water inside so I could see the level slowly drop as it drained. Her cleavage looked like a clear funnel slowly emptying drop by drop. There were several pockets of captured water that looked interesting too- under her tits, in her navel, in her pubes and above her ass crack. She stood dripping before me, 'unaware' that the crotch seal had released. How could she not feel the flap hanging against the back of her thighs, leaving her PINK again pussy and light brown pubes exposed to us all?

As she shifted leg to leg, her lips gaped open and her stiff clit leaped into view like a drowning man popping up for air. I masked my groan at the lusty sight of her arousal and all the still clothed people surrounding her, wanting her. Isn't she violating the NO FLAUNTING rule yet?

Glenn merely grunted and, when he saw her bared, plumped labia, he didn't bother to hide his massive snake slithering out of his shorts. Even with four inches of thick cock exposed, he wasn't allowed to grope himself. Jay and the others migrated closer to the only bared pussy there. Safa noticed their stares, but also saw Glenn's boa and was distracted by its monstrous size. "They're staring again. What's going on? Did I rip a seam?" As she twisted to check her sides, the springy tard stuttered higher up her body, clearing her ass and eventually reaching her navel. She ignored it.

"Hey Glenn!" A loud voice boomed and echoed around the pool. "Why are you guys still clothed? Did you forget what day this is? I see your monster cock is getting a head start." We all looked around, including my 'naked' wife until we spotted the source. In a gap between two trees at street level was what appeared to be a family on a local walk. Parents, two boys and three girls all naked, had stepped into the gap and were gazing down at the pool side gathering. The svelte, natural blonde mom waved energetically and deliberately shook her hips and drooping tits. Her girls mimicked her wave, shaking their firmer, pert tits and dark pubes. Even from twenty feet away, the boys' generous dicks were obviously at half mast while dad's flaccid dick swung low.

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