Brother and Sister

by Richard the Third

Copyright© 2012 by Richard the Third

Romantic Story: I went to visit my sister in college, and something really strange happened!

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

Allison is older my sister – being 23, six years older than me, a natural blonde, about 5ft4 in stocking feet. She has blue eyes, a cute nose, and really pretty lips. 32C-23-33!

I'm 17, a natural blond as well, 5ft9 with blue eyes. My name is Terrance, but everybody calls me Terry.

While the family lives in Casper, Wyoming, she goes to school, three hours away, at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley Colorado.

Besides being beautiful, she's very smart and is about to get her Bachelor's Degree in Human Communication, the same Degree I wanted to get. She's staying on to get a Masters and a PHD as well.

When I told her I was interested in the Communication's Studies program she suggested I come and check out the University. She's got an off-campus place to stay and invited me to come for the summer between my Junior and Senior year in High School.

Mom and Dad agreed and pop gave me $3,000 along with the gas money to get through the summer. I packed a suitcase and a backpack, put Allison's address in my phone and just under four hours later, I showed up on her doorstep!

We hadn't seen each other in about eighteen months and she was so much prettier than I remembered. Northern Colorado in May was remarkably comfortable weather.

After a couple of hugs, she directed me inside. After seeing her extra large bed, I walked to what I assumed was the second bedroom, but was surprised to see it was her school office -- with no bed.

"OK, Sis where'd you hide the second bed?" I asked.

"I have got a sofa that's pretty comfortable, or you'd have plenty of room to spare on the other side of my bed," she said.

"Exsqueeze me?" I said. That was my catchphrase from a long time ago, but it caught her off guard and she giggled. Oh, I hadn't heard that wonderful laugh of hers in such a very long time.

"What's the matter, afraid to sleep in the same bed as your older sister?" she said, giving me a perky smile and some attitude.

"Jeez, Allie – what a thing to say to a poor horny 17-year-old who broke up with his girlfriend only a month ago."

"I'm sorry that happened, but you're a good looking guy. I'd think that you had girls everywhere you went. During the school year, I'm rarely here, but I cleared my schedule for my little brother Terry," she said.

"That drive was a bear, sis – I think I need a nap. OK to use the bed for that?"

"Sure, I have been cleaning all day waiting for you, can I join you?"

"I ... don't know, Allie – A pretty girl like you in the same bed -- Am I safe?"

"You have gotten taller and muscular, what have you been doing to get that way?" she asked lying on the sofa.

"I work out a lot. Can I use the UNC gym while I'm here or should I get a summer pass from some place in town?"

"Well, if you wouldn't mind letting people think you're my boyfriend, I know I could get you in the University gym."

"I'd think it's pretty obvious to people that we look like brother and sister, but whatever – I really need to lay down, Allie."

"Strip down to your undies, I will join you in a minute Terry," she said.

Oh boy, I'm going to be in the same bed as my red-hot sister. Keeping my boner down is going to be problematic, but I will just turn towards the wall – like she said, 'there's plenty of room.'

She came out of the restroom in a T-shirt and panties, turned towards me and said, "Love you Terry, I'm glad you're here. I lost my boyfriend to another girl just last week."

Turning towards her to see her face, "That would have to be the stupidest guy in the world -- to leave someone as nice and as beautiful as you are."

"Spoon up behind me, Terry?" she said.

"Sis, I don't know about that," I said.

"Oh, it's OK with me if you get hard, I just want some arms around me right now, please?"

Thinking about all of the reasons not to do this was outweighed by the beautiful tuchus I saw in a pair of baby blue panties.

"Are you safe?" I asked.

"What do you mean, safe?" she said turning to on her back.

"If -- I were to rip your panties off and start something ... would you scream, or would you scream?"

"Oh, Terry ... I'd probably only scream if you weren't doing it right," she said turning back on her left side.

"Come on, scoot in close, Ooohhh yeah – that feels real nice Terry!"

"G'night Allie – behave!" I said to my sister.

Two hours later, I woke up with my arm around my sister. Her arm was holding mine in place. I also had a monster erection that'd found it's way to between her butt cheeks. I was so embarrassed and turned on at the same time.

Would she kick me out, or what?

I tried to pull on my arm, but she pulled back saying, "Don't – everything feels so good, thirty more minutes please boyfriend?"

Her bare neck was in front of me, so I decided to nuzzle her a little and kissed her right behind the ear. Her response to that was to move back against my erection and moan a little. I doubted I could get back to sleep as excited as I was holding my sister and her calling me 'boyfriend.'

I lay my head on her shoulder and I did fall back asleep. I had quite the erotic dream, as you might expect.

I was taking her to a nice restaurant ... she had on a black strapless dress and smelled terrific. I was in a nice shirt and slacks in awe of her beauty. We got menus, and I felt her hand on my hard dick as we were looking to order something.

After ordering, we kissed ... No. We made out while waiting for our food. Everyone was looking at us as she pulled my dick out of my pants, leaned over and started to suck on it.

I woke up with a start and saw Allie giving me a blowjob. She had pulled my dick out from my boxers and was really enjoying herself. It took me a minute to realize this was real and I couldn't suppress the urge ... so I came inside her mouth. She swallowed it – I didn't know regular girls did that -- only porn stars!

She looked up at me and licking her lips said, "Your stuff tastes really good, Terry – I hope you like mine as well."

I was sputtering, not really understanding what just happened. I took my dick out of her hand and went into the bathroom.

"You hungry for dinner, Terry – I'm starving?" she yelled to me.

I came back out and said, "What the hell just happened Allie? Sisters shouldn't be sucking the dicks of their own brothers?"

"Chill out, Terry – I felt your dick against my butt and it turned me on, along with that lingering kiss you gave me behind the ear. I got you excited and you got me excited, is anybody hurt in the process?"

"Well ... No?"

"Then, get dressed – I'm taking my boyfriend out to dinner and show him off, OK?"

"You mean, we go out calling each other ... Allie and Terry, and never mention to anyone that we're brother and sister?"

"Yeah, and if you play your cards right I will let you fuck me later," she said giggling and getting up off the bed.

After showering and changing into nicer clothes, we took my car using Allies directions to Coyote's Southwestern Grill, a nice place with a family feel to it. We had a blast, she taught me how to eat Chimichangas, which was fun and silly. I really did feel like I was out on a date, although I kept looking over and seeing my sister. Maybe with time I can come to grips with this whole thing. She sure has.

A different problem I foresee is I won't want to go back to Casper after a summer with my sist ... Allison! I could easily fall for her -- but to what end?

Although I was driving, she had me drive around pointing out different places. She even showed me the newest high school in town, called Northridge. We drove into Fort Collins, 30 minutes northwest of Greeley where she showed me some nice places to eat and enjoy.

We came home through the community of Loveland, the smallest of the three cities, but it also looked like something out of the 1900s it was so beautiful. It'd started to snow on our way back.

All of that driving took time and we got back rather late. I took her by the hand and I said, "This has been the most romantic night I have ever had before Allison, can we do it again real soon?"

Leaning up against the doorframe, with her hands behind her back, my sister said, "Terry, you can come inside if you'd like – my parents won't be home for a loooong time."

She added a giggle along with her killer smile.

She took me by the hand and we went inside the apartment and sat down on the sofa, side by side. I couldn't stop looking at her – she couldn't stop looking at me.

"Terry" "Allison" we said at the same time.

"Go ahead, Allie?" I said picking up her hand and putting it on my face.

"Oh, Terry – I -- I had such a wonderful time tonight. You were such a gentleman all night long. I'm hesitant to tell you exactly how I feel..."

"Allie, I know that I'm only 17 years old, and I have been on only a few dates in my entire life ... but what I feel for you aren't the feelings of a brother for his sister. This isn't really fair to say to you -- but I'm hopelessly in love with you. I don't ever want to go back home. I want to stay here with you -- forever!"

"That's so sweet to hear that from you, Terry – I don't want tonight to end either ... it feels so magical. Let's go to bed and discuss what we're going to do about all of this tomorrow."

"I don't really know anything about sex, can you teach me?" I asked, worried scared a little and turned on like never before in my life.

My older sister stood up took me by the hand and walked me into the bedroom.

She went right to me and said, "Everything you just said, I completely understand. I have never felt this way for a guy before. I'm tingling all over my body. Take my clothes off for me, please?" she said grinning at me.

Shaking, I reached for the buttons of her blouse. She took my hand to settle my nerves a little and then I was able to unbutton it a lot better. About halfway down, I saw some breast meat and started to breathe too fast.

She reached over and gave me a kiss, and took over taking off her blouse. Now I just stared at her beautiful perfect tits barely being held up by an equally pretty pink bra. I reached out to touch her, but I ... pulled back thinking she might not like that yet.

"The way you look at me gets me feeling so wet, Terry – do you understand what I mean by wet?" she asked.

"Not really, I know it means you're turned on."

She quickly removed her skirt, then took my hand and put it inside the front of her panties. I touched skin, something that felt like -- felt, like a pool table. Then I encountered moisture and I started rubbing against where the moisture was and finding an opening – her opening. I looked up and saw her eyes were closed as I was doing this. Her mouth was closed as well, so I leaned forward and kissed her.

"Oooh, Terry – push your finger inside?"

I did as she asked and she seemed to look like she was about to collapse, so I pulled out my finger and held her up, laying her on the bed.

"Terry, take off your clothes and get into bed ... you're getting your first lesson in lovemaking right now!"

I quickly but efficiently took off all of my clothes and lay beside this gorgeous older woman.

"Take off my panties, please?" she requested.

I rolled towards her, and grabbed either side of them and took them off, throwing them to the floor. She grabbed my head and pulled me down so my face was in her pussy.

"There's no right or wrong way to eat pussy, Terry ... just use your lips and tongue on everything you see down there."

I took a deep breath and surveyed the area; trying to remember the pictures I saw in health class just this past school year. Her fragrance was marvelous -- I started at the bottom of her pussy, licking all around, hearing some loud sounds from my sister.

I kept going up until I saw and felt with my tongue her clitoris. Wow, bigger than I'd thought, but I put it in my mouth and sucked. Allie was screaming now, so I took my whole tongue and pushed it inside her as far as I could. She seemed to practically come off the bed with that, then I felt some liquid come out and I slurped that up, really enjoying my sister's juices.

"Roll over on your back Terry," she asked, so I gave her a final kiss and did as she requested.

"Whew, that wasn't ... bad for a first time, little brother – you will only get better with time," she said getting on her haunches as she grabbed me by the dick to pull herself close.

"Now Terry, I know you have been masturbating, so just let yourself go, as I do this. I like to swallow, so don't be afraid to come in my mouth, OK?"

Breathing hard already, I said, "Sure!"

When her mouth made contact with my hard dick, it was a new feeling, a very wonderful feeling. God – we have got to figure out how I can stay here with her.

Ooooh, that's nice ... she's licking me all over, including that big muscle that causes erections, I seem to remember its called the Corpus Sponglossum. Oh yeah – yeah, that's real nice.

"Ooohh, oohh Sis, Allie I'm about to come – any second ... Auuugggggggggghhhhhhhhh!"

She seemed to enjoy all of it, as I closed my eyes and died for a moment.

"Terry ... Terry – are you all right?" I heard the voice of an angel, well – if I'm dead, I understand, but I wouldn't be in heaven right now?

I opened my eyes and I saw a concerned look on my sister's face.

"Oh, thank god, I thought you'd really passed out for a second," she said.

"Allie, I love you!" I said, breaking into tears.

"What's wrong, little brother?" she said with a tear rolling down her face as well, one from each eye.

"As ... as wonderful as this all is, I don't see how I can keep from going home at the end of the summer. I have been here only a couple of days and I never want to leave you."

"Terry, let's get to sleep and talk more about this later, all right. I love you too!"

We both got under the covers, this time I got in right behind her, holding her tight. I so don't want to go home!

I woke up, hearing the shower going and waited to see the morning version of my naked older sister Allison. She walked out drying her hair, but naked other than that.

"I had a idea while in the shower, Terry – how're your grades in high school?"

"Real good, 3.92 – why?"

"You could try to get in to UNC as an early transfer, could you pass a GED test?" she asked, her breasts distracting me.

"Sure, no problem. You mean, I get my GED, and start UNC in the fall. I don't have the money to go there ... at least not without asking Mom and Dad. I can hear that conversation already, 'Dad, since I'm living with and fucking my older sister, could I have the money to go to the same University, so we can live together in sin for the near future?'"

Allison laughed, causing her tittie's to jiggle even more, "That might be a bit much to include, maybe something more like, 'Mom, Allison and I seem to get along so well, and she seems to enjoy having her little brat brother around -- why don't I stay here in Greeley, and see if I can get into early admission at UNC. At the very least I could transfer to one of the nearby high schools." She even had Mom's intonation as she said that.

I pulled her off her feet and she landed on top of me and I kissed her so hard – I feel myself falling even deeper in love ... with my own sister.

After a couple weeks went by, I had scheduled to take the GED test and we applied to the early admissions department at the UNC Campus. We still had plenty of time before we'd have to let Mom and Dad know anything. Contacting my high school in Casper wasn't happening, they'd most certainly contact Mom and Dad to verify what I was doing?

We'd also proceeded along on Allison teaching me all about sex -- but I was responsible enough to get condoms first. Explaining her getting pregnant, while I was living with her would be ... hazardous to my health.

I have fucked her all over the apartment, including both her pussy and her nice butt.

There was a knock on the door. Allie was taking a shower, so I answered it to see a guy about my sister's age.

"Hello, can I help you?" I asked.

"Who're you?" he asked belligerently.

"I live with Allison, we're together."

"You have got to be kidding me," he responded with a chuckle.

"I didn't get your name?"

"I didn't give it, jerk!" he said.

Now, he was about five inches taller and I'd guess thirty to forty pounds bigger than me, but I'd taken some 't'ai chi, ' so I was ready for his next move.

He'd moved his arm to walk around me to inside the apartment. Using my Amateur Sanda skills, I had him on his back, breathing hard in about 15 seconds.

Apparently hearing him fall, Allison came out in a shirt and pants. I heard her say, "Terrance, what have you done?"

"Isn't this the jerk you said that left you for another, girl?" I said.

"Yes, but what did you do to him?"

I explained my six months of training at a new facility in Casper. I helped up 'Joseph' and before he left, he said, "Nice move – T'ai chi?"

"Thanks, I gotta protect my girl, you understand?"

"Well, Allison, you finally got yourself someone who deserves you as much as you deserve him – Bye!"

He was rubbing his chest where I struck him as he left.

I turned around and my sister was all over me, kissing me and grabbing my butt. "My hero!"

Using all of the charm I could muster, I said, "T'warnt nothing ma'am – jest doin my job!"

"Let me buy you some nice clothes, Terry?" my sister asked.

"That makes me sound like a kept man, Allie – but OK?" I said holding her tight and giving her a nice kiss.

We left and my sister took me a Men's Wearhouse, buying me a couple of suits, then we went off to eat at the Armadillo, a family restaurant in downtown Greeley. We shared an Enchilada Platter, and had some smoothies to drink. Every meal with her makes me realize how much I'm falling for her – hook, line and sinker!

We went off to UNC where I was scheduled to take my GED test, in a room of about 40 other persons, all various ages ... my sister waited for me and as I came through the door after turning in my test to be evaluated, I jumped for joy that I may get to skip my senior year of high school and enter UNC's Communications Studies program.

My test would be sent to Admissions, and we'd get a call to come in and possibly be admitted to the University. We went home and, with her help, developed my 4-year matriculation plan.

It was time to call Dad and explain everything!

I called him.

"Hello, son – nice to hear from you ... what's happening?"

"Are you sitting down, pop?"

"I am now, what's up?"

"I took my GED test earlier today and I'm quite confident I did very well."

"OK, but you didn't need to, you have a year to go at Casper Unified High School?" he responded, as I'd expected.

"With a high enough score, I don't need to go to high school my senior year, I have also filled out the paperwork to enter UNC this next fall," I said.

"Hmmmm, so you decided against graduating with your schoolmates? I suspect a girl's at the heart of this – did you meet a girl since you have been there and has she been putting this foolishness into your head?"

I handed the phone to Allison – "Hi Daddy, this is Allison!" she said putting it on speaker.

"Have you met this floozy who talked your brother into blowing off his high school graduation?"

"Daddy, I'm the 'floozy' who's talked to Terry about all of this. He loves ... it here in Colorado. I talked him into taking his GED, if he doesn't get a high enough score -- he's going to transfer to a high school in Greeley to graduate. But he's smart Daddy – really smart! I have a place for him to stay while he goes to school here, and we get along so well with one another, I wanted to give him every opportunity, just like I knew you would."

"So he hasn't met some girl who makes his dick hard?" he said.

Allie and I looked at one another, but she shook her head and said to Dad, "That's really a rude thing to say, Daddy. He has spent all of his time, either with me, or preparing to do all of what we have just explained – there's no floozy involved. You apparently don't know your own son very well. He's wanted out of Casper for a while – this is his chance."

"Terrance, I'm sorry?" he said.

"That's OK, I deserve that pop. Allie has been so nice, giving up her spare bedroom for me. You and Mom raised us to strive for the best – the brass ring, as it were. I won't get in with any kind of federal aid or grant. Part of this call is about the money to go to UNC – Can you help, please?"

I was on the edge of tears, as I said this. However, Allie had explained about leaving space for someone to think, when you're having a discussion -- and this is that place. I was done talking, waiting for Dad?

Ten, then twenty seconds passed, then he said, "You two have certainly planned this out well, but I see a potential flaw in your logic."

"What's that Dad?" I asked trying to stay positive.

"What if either or both of you find a ... partner of some kind? That two bedroom apartment of Allison's will get awfully cozy awfully quickly, won't it?"

"Point taken, Dad – but I plan to be so focused, the only girl in my life will be my sister. We have a plan to be each other's significant other, in case a guy or gal comes along. I love Allie, pop – Don't need a girlfriend!"

"Wow, Terrance – that's very grown up thinking on your part. How much money do you need to proceed, will four grand do it?"

"Dad, that will get me through the first semester, I will need that much for each succeeding semester as well," I said.

"No problem, we have been putting money away for your college ... just send an email when you need money, OK?"

"Wow, thanks pop -- I love you!"

He chuckled and said, "Good thing, it will take good grades on your part to prove that this money isn't going to be pissed away -- all right?"

"Yes, sir – I was going to find a part-time job, for spending money, but first I'm waiting to find out if my GED scores are high enough for getting into UNC, or not. I should find out in about a week, wait on the money until I let you know."

"Sounds good, kids – anything else?"

Wait for the space!

"NO, that's it Daddy, kiss Mom for us, OK?" my very smart sister said.

"Sure will, bye!"

Allie and I looked at one another and we started a tremendous kiss as our payback for planning this so well. Our biggest concern had been Dad saying he'd come and visit, which he could still do, but for now – all is well!

The news was great – 97th percentile or higher on all subjects covered by the GED! That and a letter from my high school, along with a recommendation from my lovely sister -- got me into UNC.

I got an, early in the morning part-time job, delivering pharmaceuticals to clinics and pharmacies. It pays cash! All I needed was a driver's license and they took my fingerprints. I go to the airport at 5am and wait for a plane, along with a couple other people. We all have different routes to cover. I cover Old Towne Greeley – really easy to find addresses.

They unload and we load in our cars 12 to 15 sealed containers with bulk pharmaceuticals along with a route for the day. Every day is different, but every Monday's the same, and so on through the week. I pick up my check once a week and its good money, Allie told me about the job – I thank her daily.

My college schedule didn't start until 10am most days, so I'd just enough time, to shower then get to school.

Something I wasn't expecting was that the teachers only took roll for about the first couple of weeks. Sis thought I knew that, but it was cool nonetheless.

"Get the assigned work done and show up for tests," was the method practically all of the teachers approached. Only one class -- Introduction to Contemporary Math -- did take roll and also had twice the work that any of my other classes had.

I didn't mind, the teacher was kind of hot; a brown-haired blue eyed twenty-something by the name of Ms. Susan Williams. She wore attractive clothing, but her eyes were quite fascinating. I didn't tell my sister about her, or who knows what would have happened.

After the fourth week of class, about a third had dropped and Ms. Williams asked everyone to move forward so she didn't have to talk so loud. After the expected chuckle from the students, I moved to the front row.

In elementary school, you sit in the back so you don't get called on – in high school, sitting in the back guarantees getting called on – well, in college ... the front guarantees you will be asked to do something.


"Yes, Ms. Williams," I realized she must have asked me a question, "Could you repeat the question please?"

The class erupted in noise.

"I hadn't asked one yet, I understand the last Math classroom you were in was as a junior in high school?"

"Yes Ma'am – that's right," I said now getting nervous.

"Have you ever heard of an Euler Circuit, or Euler Math?" she asked.

"Yes, that's the math concept that the post office uses, so the employees don't go down the same street anymore than they have to," I replied.

"Thank you Terrance," she said and I said down.

She got into a discussion about Euler Paths and Circuits with the class. After the class was over, she came up to me and said, "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you, Terrance."

"I prefer Terry, Ms. Williams," I responded.

"Then call me Susan – please ... where are you off to next, Terry?"

"You're the only class I have today, I'm going back to the apartment I have with my sis ... girlfriend and crash some. You fill my head with more stuff than all of my other teachers do," I said.

"Well, I'm done for the day myself, want to go get a coffee or something from Starbucks?" she asked.

Allison told me about how teachers like to get chummy with the students, and she told me point blank, 'look, but do not touch, ' especially with the younger female teachers.

"Susan, I'd love to, but my girlfriend is ... very jealous, and if it got back to her I went and got a coffee with the 'math babe' as you're called, I might just get kicked out of bed," I said.

"They call me the 'math babe, ' Terry?" Her giggle was divine.

"I have never called you that before -- but I have heard the term used before Susan."

"Isn't that sweet, Terry – well, I certainly don't want you to get 'kicked out of bed' because of little ole me," she said walking away.


I waited for Allison outside the building she's taking her classes in. I heard her giggle before I saw her turn the corner.

She broke into that smile that I love so very much, as we walked together to her car. I drove us home.

"You don't usually wait for me there, what happened?" she said getting out of the car.

"Well, I got to know my math teacher better today, but I think she wants to know me a whole lot better," I said.

"Is this your contemptible math teacher?" she pursued with a giggle.

"Yeah, she asked me a question in class that I actually knew, and afterwards, she walked with me a while as I explained my crazy live-in girlfriend," I explained.

"Is she pretty?" Allie asked.

"Not as pretty as you are, she might have a nicer butt..."

"I'd be careful how nice you say her butt is, Terry – or you may never see mine again!" my sister said, walking into the bedroom taking off her blouse.

"Are you home for a while, or are you going back out somewhere?" I asked.

She walked out, now in just her bra and panties.

"Why do you ask, are you horny or something – don't tell me that your Math teacher's butt has made you horny?" she said with a smile on her face.

I replied quickly, "Actually Sis, noticing her butt made me think of your butt, and I have been hard for you ever since I picked you up from your class. I was hoping to get a little something -- unless you have somewhere to be?"

She came over to me and stuck her hand down my pants and said, "You're hard, so I guess I could make some time for my horn dog brother."

I ran to our bedroom, stripping off my clothes, and she came in laughing and taking off her bra and stepping out of her panties.

She had her mouth on my dick faster than you can say the word 'erection' and was quite aggressive licking and sucking me.

"Have I told you lately how beautiful I think you are, Allison?" I said, almost coming to tears.

She pulled my dick out of her mouth and said, "A girl can't hear that enough, especially when it comes from someone she's in love with."

She stuffed my dick back in her mouth and went back to work getting me close. I took her head and pulled her so my dick would go further in her mouth and started to fuck her face. She wasn't gagging, so I continued pulling on her and got my entire dick in her mouth, I felt myself about to cum so I let go of her head, "Oooooooo-oooooo Allie, I'm -- cummiiiinnng!"

Not real sure how much I came, but she enjoyed it as much as I did. I lay back trying to catch my breath.

"Oh, sis – Oh god – I'm so in love with you ... I'm so glad I came to Greeley; I never thought I'd follow through on my feelings for you. Allie, your birthday's coming up – anything special I can get you?" I said.

She looked at me and climbed on the bed next to me saying, "Anything from you'd be special Terry – surprise me, OK?"

I put my hand out to her cheek and leaned my face to hers and I said, "You're THE most beautiful woman I have ever known, not even counting the fact that you're my sister ... and now that you're my lover – thank you for loving me!"

Tears started down her face as our mouths opened to one another and we kissed, this time with more emotion than before. She rolled over on me as our kiss progressed into something almost animalistic and I placed my hand on my dick, positioning it – she sank down on it and I heard a moan in my mouth as we were still kissing one another.

I decided to take control and rolled back on top of her and started to fuck her with a passion and a speed I'd never tried before. She started to spasm a little; I assume that meant her first orgasm. I was close as well, but I planned to keep going even after cumming.

I felt IT rise in my balls and I started to cum inside my beautiful cock-sucking older sister. She was amazing as I filled her up, watching her eyes sear into mine as we stayed coupled and we started to kiss each other again.

"Oh my god, Terry – that was the most magnificent fuck I have had in my entire life ... and it was my NOT so little brother doing it to me. I love how much you love me!"

Her phone rang.

She grabbed it from above her saying, "Hello! Oh, hi Daddy. It sounds like you're in the car?"

"Oh, you and Mom are coming to visit Terry and me, how soon will you be here? Oh, you're already in Cheyenne, that means you're only an hour from us, great – see you in an hour!"

I was starting to freak out as she ended the call.

"Calm down, Terry – We knew we'd eventually tell them about us, fuck me again – you got 15 minutes before we need to take a shower and clean up."

Haven't talked much about Mom and Dad – their names are Ethan and Claire Haskell, he's me in 20 years, and we already look a lot alike. Mom was a beauty pageant winner, Miss Wyoming of 29 years ago. Still beautiful, just like Allison – might have bigger boobs than sis, but I never really paid that much attention until recently.

Considering it may be the last time we made love, before Dad cuts my balls off, I let Allie be on top and do the work. Oh my, she was amazing as we came together. Twenty minutes passed, so we both got in the shower and washed up.

We changed; she changed the sheets while I sprayed Lysol throughout the room opening the windows as well.

I know Dad, he will be the one to say something like, 'I only see one bedroom here – where does Terrance sleep?'

I lit a candle, my best friend told me that it helps cover the smell of sex – at the time he was getting it regularly, while my right hand was my 'real' best friend. Allison and I were sitting on the sofa, her with her head on my lap, reading a book – trying to read a book as the doorbell sounded.

"I will get it Terry," she said as she got up and gave me a kiss to my surprise.

As she opened the door, Mom and Dad came in as Allie said, "This is our humble abode, guys. Let me give you a tour of the place." She walked to the back of the apartment and pointed out the school work area, in what used to be her second bedroom, then showed Mom the bedroom, then came out to the kitchen and dinner table, and we all sat down with Mom and Dad in the two plush chairs, and Allie and I sat on the sofa.

Dad had a look on his face that I could tell he was trying to figure something out.

Allison saw it too, and said, "Daddy, it's obvious you have a question you want to ask, so ask?"

"Am I that obvious?" he replied.

"YES," Allison, Mom and I all said together.

"OK, either you and your brother are sharing a bed, or does he sleep on the sofa?" he asked.

Wow, he just gave us an out – thanks pop!

"We sleep in the same bed Daddy -- Terry and I have become lovers!" my sister said.

It got real quiet, just before ... Dad broke out into a very loud and boisterous laugh with Mom joining in, we all joined in as well.

"You had us going there for a minute, honey – I guess that at night he sleeps on the sofa, but since you're home at separate times, he catches some Z's on the bed when he gets the chance. You both sold that for a minute, I even saw Terry blush a little," dad said.

"Mom, get up for a second, please?" I asked and sat down turning to Dad. "Dad, you have always known when I was lying – my whole life I have never been able to tell you a lie without you knowing. Here it is – Hit me, slug me or disown me – I'm in love with my sister and we have been sleeping together since the second day I moved here, and by sleeping together I mean we have been making love with one another, because that's what you do when you find someone who you love as much as I love Allison."

She sat down next to me, breaking into tears and grabbing my hand.

Dad looked me in the eyes for a solid minute, before his face got red and he hit me, very hard on the face. It was a hard slap, not quite a slug because it was open-handed.

He got up looking at all of us, and was rubbing his hands together trying to come to grips with what he'd just heard. I'm glad there wasn't anything he could have picked up and thrown at the wall!

He turned to Mom, "Did you know anything about this, Claire?"

"No dear, I didn't," she responded.

"You took my money to go to school and fuck your sister?" he said looking down at me.

I stood up and said the only thing that came to mind, "Yes Sir, I took your money -- but all I have ... ever done is make love to my sister – because I love her."

He jumped on that, "You don't love her – you're an ass to think that it's anything more than a horny 17-year-old fucking his older sister!"

"That's where you're wrong, Dad?" I said getting emotional over this now.

"Oh, my 17 year-old son's going to cry and tell me that he loves his 23 year-old sister so a tear or two is supposed to make me all happy inside -- Well it doesn't, not even a bit!"

"DADDY," Allison shrieked, "Sit down and shut up for a minute ... and let me talk! Yeah, I have something to say about this! Do you know how many guys I've slept with? DO YOU? Don't answer -- you wouldn't be close!" She took a deep breath and continued, "I slept with over 30 guys before my brother Terry came along. He was the first ... and the only guy whoever made me feel loved, not made love to, but truly loved."

"Maybe it was a little that we had a personal past together, but he loves me and I love him, haven't you ever loved somebody that you shouldn't have? I know that brothers and sisters shouldn't be as close as the two of us are. You and Mom, society, and the Bible all say it's wrong – but my body tells me that the man -- yes I said 'man' that is only turning 18 in a month -- is the only man I will ever love. As – As much as I love my father." I got up and helped her to the sofa as she started crying during this amazing speech. Man, yelling at Dad – Whoo!

Dad had turned away but was listening. Mom spoke up -- finally.

"Kids, while I don't necessarily condone what you're doing, I must confess that I once loved someone I shouldn't. Your father doesn't even know this story..."

"Claire?" he said, but stopping himself from turning around and facing anyone.

"Be quiet, Ethan – I have been waiting 27 years to tell this story and I'm not stopping now!" I never heard Mom so intense.

"Back when I was only 17, my older brother Robert, who was 19, had just broken up with his long time girlfriend. He was so heart broken. I heard him crying through his door, it made me sad to hear him so sad. I knocked and walked in and found him with his head in his hands crying his eyes out. I did that rub on the back thing that parents do to help their kids when something happens to their lives."

"I heard him, he said, 'Thanks Sis, I can't believe what just happened? We'd been a couple since fourth grade, and out of the blue Kathy said, "We need to talk," and I knew right then what was about to happen, and we sat down on a bench at school and she explained that there was another guy, a guy more exciting than me.'"

"I couldn't believe it, I'd been replaced by somebody 'more exciting, ' so she got up – gave me back the promise ring I gave her when we both turned 16 – and she walked away. I don't understand what I did wrong, and I drove home ... almost hitting a pedestrian in a crosswalk ... and here I am."

Mom was crying, Dad had turned and wrapped his arms around her, rubbing her back.

"What happened next has been burned into my heart forever – he turned, put his head on my shoulder then he raised his head and said to me, 'Why can't I find a girl ... like my sister, pretty, charming and always knows what exactly to do to make me feel better.' Then he looked me in the eyes and said, 'I love you Claire, I wish you could be my girl.'"

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