A Call to Cum Home

by Eros Alban

Copyright© 2012 by Eros Alban

Incest Sex Story: Boy gets drunken text message from sister. He arrives home horny only to find mother passed out and drunk sister trying to strip their mother. When Dad gets home later what will he find?

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Cuckold   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   First   Squirting   Pregnancy   Size   .

I was at this hopping frat party, and was just about to bang this hot chick when I got a drunken txt from my sister.

Grt homee now!

Now Becky normally gets on my case about my txt speech so I knew right away something was up.

I walked in to the living room to the sight of my mother passed out on the sofa wearing only a thin bright yellow summer dress and plain white panties. I could see her panties because sitting next to her, my drunken naked sister was trying to pull them off. This sight sent my cock into super hard mode. I quickly went pulled out my cell phone and switched on my video camera.

"What cha doing Becky?"

"She lost the game ... she has to take off a piece of clothing." She said looking back at me. "Who are you?" Her eyes could barely focus and she was having a hard time sitting up.

"You sent me a txt message."

"Did I? Oh well your cute. I think. And you kinda look like my brother and he's hot. What's your name?"

"Well if I look like your brother why don't you can me bro."

"Ok bro. But what's wrong with your pants? Is that your cock?"

I had taken my pride and joy out for some air, and was slowly stroking my hard thick cock.

"Yes it is sis. Why don't you lick it while you finish taking off mothers panties?"

"Oh you're naughtly." she giggled as she started licking my cock. The feeling of my sister's tongue on my shaft caused my dick to start leaking a steady stream of pre-cum. Becky moaned and rubbed my throbbing head all over her face, coating it in a thick layer of my jizz. She was finally able to pull moms panties off, just as she took the whole of my hard cock deep inside her wet mouth. Most girls are unable to deep throat the whole of my member so I was very proud of my sister for taking me to the root.

"Ok bro now why don't you put this thick cock in mom's mouth.' Becky suggested.

Putting my dick to my mom was a dream. She is a total MILF. With her little frame, her large boobies looked even larger. Becky opened mom's mouth and pulled my cock over until the flange of my cock head passed though mom's lips. Passed out I could still feel her tongue moving around my cock head. Sliding balls deep in her mouth my mother easily deep throated me. Like daughter like mother. Fucking my mother's throat I easily pumped a quirt of pre-sum down into her belly. I pulled out a few times to rub my dick over my mother's face coating her just like I coated my sister's face in cock lube. Sliding my aching cock back between my mom's lips I turned to my sister.

"Now sis, do me a favor..."

"I know what you want." she interrupted.

Still filming the moment I watched as my sister dove face first into our mother's wet cunt. I could just make out her tongue licking mom's clit. I could feel mom start to cum as she went nuts on my cock.

"Thanks sis but that's not what I wanted."


"I wanted to know if you're on the pill."

With ideas running wild in my mind I pulled my dripping cock free from my mother's fantastic mouth, promising myself to try it again sometime.

"Well no" Becky replied. "I'm still a virgin so there's been no need." The beer always made her say more then she should. As my sister was opening up to me I sat the camera phone down on the end table with a clear view of the entire sofa. "Why?"

"Oh." I said as I pushed her down on top of mom. Spreading her legs apart I could see her pussy dripping. I started to rub my swollen cock head up and down against my sister's soaked cunt. "Cuz I have plans for you."

Becky was humping her clit against mom's, making them both moan in pleasure. Now I don't usually like cherry pussy (too much training needed) but here in front of my was I sight to behold. Unable to hold back any longer, I slid my thick cock deep inside my sister's tight virginal ... well once virginal cunt. She was so warm and tight. She came before I even hit bottom.

"Oh gawd yes. Fuck me, fuck my pussy." she moaned in sheer pleasure. I didn't even have to move as my sister long dicked her sweet cunt with my cock. The sound of her wet cunt smacking into our mother's naked pussy, filled the air.

"Wait what? What kind of plans bro?"

The alcohol was starting to burn off from the heat of our incestual mating, but Becky was still slamming her pussy back and forth between my balls and mother's now drenched cunt.

"Tell me, please tell me. What are you planning bro?" my sister begged.

"Well, if you really want to know." "I do, I do" she meowed, her body trembling with pleasure. I could tell she was just about to cum and cum hard.

"Ok, well I'm planning to cum soon and fill your unprotected pussy with a massive load of my baby batter. Then I plan to keeping you fucked and filled until you have my baby inside you."

Like an explosion my sister came hard. Her already tight pussy gripped me solid, trapping my deep inside her, which worked out well as I came with her, filling my sister up with my white hot load. Putting my baby inside my sister's belly. Once I was done, I tried to keep fucking her. Her tight cunt didn't make it easy. So with each withdraw my cock came out clean, but I wasn't able to remove the head. Becky's pussy lips kept a tight hold on her brother's cock. The whole time my sister was coming and thrashing about. She kept thrusting her cunt into mother's, which meant that mom was cumming too.

When Becky was finally able to recover from her first fuck and first breeding, I pulled my dick free only to see my copious cum load pour out of my sister's cunt only to cover my mother's cunt as well. If my dick had softened for even a micro-second the sight of my mother's pussy covered in my fresh cream sent it back into super hard mode.

Looking at Becky I saw that she had pasted out from the over whelming power of her orgasm. So I pulled her off the couch but kept her legs and pussy elevated. Just to make sure my boys took hold. The movement of her body caused my mother to begin to stir.

"Oh my, what just happened?" she dazedly asked.

"Oh your daughter just lost her cherry."

"Oh good for her. It's about time." she giggled. Clearly she was still drunk.

"And mister what were you up to? Trying to get a little mother daughter action going."

"That was her idea, why, you up for it?" I asked, ripping her dress off her.

Damn her titties were fine. Large boobies with hard nipples that just begged to be touched. I leaned down to suckle my mommy's boobies for the first time since I was I baby. She threw her head baby and moaned.

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