Kate on Saturday

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2012 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: The office was supposed to be deserted so I was video chatting with a fuck buddy with predictable results. In breezed 18 yr old Kate, catching me with a monstrous erection. Show me yours and I'll show you mine was her challenge. I did, she did and we went much further than just showing.

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I'm Grant and I'm a 54 year old computer systems specialist. It was a hot summer's afternoon - a Saturday - and I had been working overtime to install a new computer system at work. The work was completed about an hour ago and everyone else had gone home. I'd stayed back to have an online video chat with a fuck buddy who I'd been missing.

Jan, my fuck buddy and my next door neighbour's wife, was away with hubby and kids on a short holiday. The family had gone to the movies without Jan who had claimed a headache. In reality, we'd organised to have a video chat that afternoon. I was in my office with the door not quite totally closed and not expecting to be disturbed by anyone. I was sitting at my desk and enjoying the chat which had turned steamy with Jan stripping naked for her webcam, and showing me her wet vacant pussy - a pussy that I'd been fucking regularly with my fat 10 inch cock.

I was dressed casually in shorts, sports shirt and sandals- with the weather being so hot that morning I'd left off my underwear when dressing. The chat was affecting me nicely with my cock fully erect and tenting in my shorts. I was stroking my cock under the cover of my desk as I watched Jan fingering her pussy and licking the juices from her fingers.

Suddenly my office door burst open and in breezed Kate. She was the 18 year old daughter of the managing director and she'd been working for my office for the last few weeks during her uni holidays. Kate was petite, about 5ft 3ins tall with a slim body with all the right curves and a small set of tits perched high on her chest. Her personality was bubbly and I often caught myself checking her out as she flitted through the office.

I quickly shut off the chat session as Kate made her way around to my side of the desk. Under the cover of my desk, my cock was rock hard in my shorts and it wasn't going to soften anytime soon especially with the way that Kate was dressed. She had on the shortest and briefest of shorts and a tight cotton shirt. She was obviously bra-less - her nipples making significant indentations in the shirt material. Thongs on her feet - painted toe nails and petite feet.

"Hey Grant ... can you give me a ride home? My dad just got called away to an emergency meeting and he can't take me home".

I swung around on my chair to face her as she spoke - forgetting about my tented shorts.

"Please, please..." she stammered as she caught sight of my excitement " ... oh my god you are huge!!!" she blurted out.

Damn I was sprung badly - and by the boss's daughter too. I was too stunned to turn away - I just sat there and let her take it all in. We just looked at each other for a few moments before Kate spoke.

"Can I see it please?" she asked before continuing with "I'll show you mine if you show me yours".

Without waiting for an answer to her question, she slipped her shirt over her head and pushed her shorts and panties down. She kicked off her thongs - now she was totally naked as she walked closer until she was able to reach out and stroke my cock through my shorts. Kate had a body to die for - a nice set of tits with erect red nipples, and a puffy pussy totally devoid of hair. My hand was drawn to her body - it just happened automatically. Soon I was stroking her pussy with my fingers flooded with her juices.

Kate had been grabbing my cock through my shorts for a few moments when she spoke again.

"C'mon ... this isn't fair ... I'm all naked and you're still dressed. Show me your big monster cock ... please!" she asked.

I stopped stroking her for a moment so I could dispense with my clothes. Kate helped me slip my shirt off before her hands went to the waistband of my shorts.

"Let me do this for you" she whispered as she tugged my shorts downwards. My rigid cock made the job a little difficult, but I could see a determination in her face before my cock popped free at the top of my shorts. The rest of the job was easier as she pushed them to the floor.

"Oh wow ... you are so fucking big ... enormous!" Kate exclaimed as her hand went back to grasp my cock and started to stroke it again.

With my hand snaking around her waist I pulled her a little closer until her delectable tits were close to my face. I ran my lips all over her tits, avoiding her nipples to start with and laying a trail of kisses across them. The temptation to lick overcame me, and I was soon licking first one then the other nipple. I held her in position as I enjoyed teasing her nipples - firstly with licks then gentle sucks and finally with nibbles.

As I played with her tits, her hold on my cock continued - stroking me from its top to its base - sometimes pausing but mostly stroking it.

"You have the biggest cock that I've ever seen in the flesh ... and now I've seen it and touched it too ... You know that I want to be fucked by it too" Kate informed me.

It was probably not a great career move to fuck the boss's daughter but I wasn't going to deny myself the opportunity to stuff my cock deep inside this teenager's pussy. With both hands on her hips I directed her to sit on the edge of my desk as I stayed seated in my office chair. I wheeled myself closer to her parted thighs. I was going to have a pussy pie entree before stuffing her pussy full of hard cock for main course. Maybe, a creampie for dessert might be on the menu too.

She sat there and watched me as I moved my face really close to her pussy. A tentative lick followed across her joined pussy lips - up and down one then across to the other one. I detected a trace of her juices with my tongue. As soon as I parted those lips, I expected to find an abundance of her juices. I teased the join with my tongue for a few moments before using it to part her pussy lips - her juices were there as expected and so was a heady sexual aroma.

I pushed my tongue into the valley between her pussy lips - opening it up with my tongue and sliding it up and down to gather her tangy juices. It was one of the tastiest pussies that I'd sampled - however I did expect that its taste would change once I'd fucked it for a while. That would be soon, because my cock was achingly hard.

My licks between her pussy lips increased in frequency and length - I was stopping just short of touching her clit on the up-stroke. I wanted to tease her and build her expectations Her hands came to the back of my head - holding me on task - the pleasant task of licking her tasty teenage pussy. My licks were having an effect on her.

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