Navy Seal Love Story

by wheelchairman85

Copyright© 2012 by wheelchairman85

Romantic Story: Story about a retired navy seal and his wife who battles cancer

Tags: Romantic   Heterosexual   Tear Jerker   Military  

Retired Navy Seal Ensign John hill and his beautiful wife Kathy are sitting and waiting in a hospital waiting room. After a very long and nerve racking waiting a gray haired doctor walked over to them and he said.

"Mister and Mrs. Hill I am Doctor Gray will you please come with me please." John and Kathy followed Doctor gray down a very long hallway until they reached his office the he motioned for them to sit down.

Then he spoke again "Kathy your test results have come back from the lab and I am afraid that it is bad news I'm afraid that you have leukemia I'm sorry". Kathy broke down and sobbed loudly John comforted his wife as best as he could. After she had sobbed for several minutes she looked at Doctor Gray and she began to speak slowly.

"Doctor Gray how bad is it?" The good Doctor looked Kathy and he dropped another bombshell on the couple. "Kathy I am afraid that your condition is quite advanced and the survival rate is less than 20% here is some information about your treatment options please go over everything".

John and Kathy took the information and they went back home to their little house. Then they sat at their kitchen table and they proceeded to go through all of the information that Doctor Gray had given them. Even after Kathy had gone to bed John stayed up all night wearing only a t-shirt boxer shorts and his Navy dog tags he sat at the table and kept reading.

When he felt tired he fixed a pot of strong black coffee and he kept reading. When the Coffee ran out he refused to quit he was bound and determined no matter what it took he was going to find a treatment option for his wife.

After quite a bit of discussion and lots of thought they decided on a very strong treatment combination of chemotherapy and bone marrow surgery. Two weeks after Kathy started her chemo therapy treatment John was in their kitchen making Kathy some breakfast when he heard a scream come from their bedroom.

John ran out of the kitchen and when he got to the bedroom he saw his beautiful wife Kathy sitting on the side of their bed with large wads of her long brown hair in her hands and all over her pillow. He immediately sat down on the bed beside Kathy and he comforted her.

"Kathy you are going to be ok I'm here for you and I'm going to help you through this mess." She looked into her husband's eyes and she said "what should we do about my hair situation it's just going to keep falling out".

John looked at Kathy again and he said to her " well Kathy we could just wait for it to all fall out of we could just shave off the remainder whatever you want to do I will love and support you".

Kathy looked at her husband who she loved very much and she said to him "John the hair clippers are in the bathroom go get them and then shave my head please." John immediately went to the bathroom and got the clippers then he returned to the bedroom. "Ok Kathy close your eyes and keep them closed until I tell you to open them". Kathy closed her brown eyes and then John shaved off her remaining hair.

Then he returned to the bathroom to put the clippers away but before he did he shaved his own head as a kind gesture to his beloved wife. After cleaning up all of their in the bathroom and their bedroom.

"Ok Kathy you can now open your eyes." She opened her eyes and when she saw her bald head and her husband's bald head she began to cry and laugh at the same time. John started to get a little mad "Kathy what is so funny?" Kathy stopped laughing for a moment and she said to John Honey why did you shave off all of your hair?

John looked at his wife and he said to her "Kathy you're going thorough medical treatment and because of that medical treatment your losing your hair so as a nice gesture of support I shaved my head." Kathy looked at her husband and told her that she loved him John looked at his wife and told her that he loved her as well.

Mrs. Kathy withstood the chemotherapy and the bone marrow surgery and her husband John stood by her through all of it. But at the end of the whole treatment situation Kathy was very fearful about lay ahead for her and her husband. The couple did their best to carry on a normal routine they ate a healthy diet they exercised together as much as they could and John made darn sure that Kathy got a good night's sleep.

Everything seemed to go well for them but then Kathy started to have really severe seizures and headaches. It was back to the hospital for more tests and the exact same doctor. Doctor Gray cleared his throat before his dropped the bad news. " Kathy I am afraid that your cancer has returned and it is a whole lot worse that before I'm going to suggest a 4 month round of chemotherapy and then another bone marrow surgery or you could just refuse treatment and let the cancer run its course it is entirely up to you".

Kathy looked at Doctor Gray looked and she said "Doctor Gray will you give me a few moments alone with my husband". Then the couple went out into the hallway and talked briefly "Kathy what do you want to do?" "Kathy looked at John and she said John dear when we got married I promised that I would love you and I am not done loving you so I want to go through treatment."

John hugged and kissed his wife then they started up the whole process again but even after all of treatment Kathy went through she did not get any better she got sicker and sicker John did his very best to care for his wife but even will all of his loving care she continued to get sick. So sick in fact that she had to be admitted to the hospital.

John visited the hospital every day and stayed with his wife and he did his best al to help the nurses and doctors take care of his beloved wife. Until one night when she was so weak the doctors did not think she was going to make it through the night. John was beside her bed holding onto her as best he could she looked at her husband and she said very loudly Ensign John Hill I order you to go home and get some rest the doctors and nurses will take care of me.

John kissed his wife good night and he left the hospital and he went home. When he finally got home John shut down the engine to his Ford pickup truck and he got out of the vehicle he looked up at the dark sky.

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