by Richard the Third

Copyright© 2012 by Richard the Third

: A boy and his mother!

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Romantic   Mother   Son   .

The Players:

JuliAnne, 33 – black hair – 5"5' – 34c, 22, 32 (Mom)

Daniel, 36 – brown hair – 5"10' – 195lbs (Dad)

William, 15 – black hair – 5"8' – 166lbs (ME)

The Setup:

Mom and Dad met when she was still in high school, and he was visiting a friend who lived down the block from her.

They met, had a whirlwind courtship, and were married all in about eight months. I was born seven months later.

About eighteen months ago, Mom was pregnant again, but it wasn't to be. After finding out it would've been a girl, Dad left Mom. She got the house and a hefty sum of money each month but was emotionally devastated.


I came home from school, having had a workout at the school gym. I went up to my room, stripped and got in my shower. Damn, that hot water felt good – that's why I come home to shower. The school must think that the boys need cold showers, although, at times, some of the female teachers cause the need for one.

"I'm home!" mom said, knocking on the bathroom door.

"OK, Mom – thanks," I responded

Mom or JuliAnne, is beautiful. Dad's such a jerk, leaving her because she lost a baby that could've been a little sister for me. The idea of a sister sounded awesome, but it wasn't meant to be.

I finished, dried off and went to my room to change into something comfy, I pulled on some shorts and a tank top, showing off my arms.

I went downstairs to see Mom working on dinner.

"Hey Baby," I said slapping her on the butt.

"William Patrick Mitchell, what makes you think you can talk to your mother like that, much less slap me on my ass?"

"Mom, look in the mirror, you are H O T - Hot! All of my friends think you're the prettiest of all of the Moms, so I thought it'd be appropriate to treat you as you deserve."

"Oh, I deserve to be slapped on the ass? You've got some rather strange ideas about women, young man. Do your friends really think I'm pretty?" she said turning around and showing off her curves in her halter top and shorts.

"Mom, believe me, if you were just a woman, I'd be all over you," I said.

Smiling she replied, "I'm a woman, but I'm also your mother."

"Yeah, my hot mother," I agreed. "Anything I can do to help with dinner, Mom?"

"Yeah, honey – set the table, please?"

"Sure thing, Baby," I said.

She looked at me with a smile as I said, "I'm just saying."

I set the table and went behind her and tickled her.

"Stop it, or I may spill on you," she said.

"Ooh, JuliAnne – spill on me, please spill on me."

"What's with you today? Why are you so flirty all of a sudden?"

"My girlfriend, Rose split up with me today. I decided to focus on my drop-dead gorgeous mother instead," I replied.

"Oh, so you're horny – is that it?"

I'd never heard my Mom say anything remotely sexual before, and when the word 'horny' came out of her mouth, I popped a boner.

"How many guys have you had sex with Mom?"

"Billy, that's not very appropriate for a handsome young man ... to ask his ... sexually starved mother, is it?"

"MOM – jeez!"

"I see that you can dish it out, but you can't take it – can you?" she said. "Did Rose give a reason for giving up on such a fine looking fifteen-year-old stud?"

"Ironically Mom, she said that I was coming on too strong for her, she wanted to slow things down."

"So, my little boy's a heartbreaker?" she asked putting the dinner on the table.

"Actually, JuliAnne – I may just be a Momma's boy. Anybody I meet doesn't even come close to being as nice and as beautiful as my mother."

"That sounds like a pick-up line honey," she said, as we sat down to dinner.

"Only if I was trying to pick up someone else's mother. Why would I do that when I have you?"

She looked up from her plate of food, smiled and shook her head. The dinner was good – Mom's a great cook.

"Since Dad's out of the question, why don't you get back on the hors ... market, Mom – there must be a guy that's worthy of you."

"Honey, I'm set in my ways – and besides, I have a guy in my life – you!"

I blushed as she giggled.

After dinner, I helped with the dishes – this time I washed and she dried. She started to put the dishes away reaching up and showing off her midriff a little. She caught me looking and giggled.

"So, now I suppose that your mother is on your sexual radar – maybe I should ... check out your moves, find out if you're doing something on a date that Rose didn't like?"

Now finished in the kitchen, she grabbed me by the hand as we sat down in front of the TV, side by side.

She turned on the TV and found a movie, turning down the sound.

"OK, Billy – whenever, make your move?"

She was deadly serious, and she had on this halter-top that was clearly exposing a lot of breast meat.

After a few minutes, I took her hand with mine.

"Nice and smooth honey."

I turned to her and just looked at her pretty face for a moment or two.

"Girls don't like being stared at, Billy."


A minute to resettle as I turned to her and said, "You're very beautiful JuliAnne. I feel my heart growing in size because of you."

"Awww, that's really good, Billy."

"My name's William -- please call me William. Billy is a boys name, you deserve a man."

"Oooohhhhhh, William!"

I took my arm and pulled her close to me. I saw a twinkle in her eyes, as my lips approached hers...

"That's enough of that," she said pulling away.

"Did I do something wrong?" I asked.

"You did all of that with Rose and she left you?"


"Stupid bitch ... sorry Billy," she said.

"One thing I said I meant was please call me William. When you call me by my name like that, it makes me feel like you care a little more, JuliAnne."

"Oh, you're just too smooth, young man – Do you have homework?"

"Nope, got it all done during study hall, Can we just sit here together for a while? I feel like I have an older woman as my girlfriend, an attractive, knockout with the figure of a beauty queen and the face of a princess," I said, grabbing her hand again.

Using the remote, I found a movie just starting, 'Shakespeare In Love.' I felt my mother's head lean into my shoulder, as her hand went to my leg. I put my hand on hers as we watched this romantic comedy-drama together.


"Yes, William."

"I love you!"

"I love you too."

Three hours later, the end titles were running, and Mom was asleep on my shoulder. I carefully got up and picked her up bride style, and headed upstairs.

She was awfully flirty tonight. It was really easy and comfortable flirting back and forth. With her asleep in my arms, I could now take a long lustful look at her cleavage.

Fortunately, her door was ajar, so I walked in and set her on her bed.

"Oh, William – lay by me for a minute, please?"

OK – I have three clear and distinct choices; leave the room, crawl in bed, or go take a cold shower.

"William, Pleeeaaaasssee?"

Crawl in bed with my mother, it will be!

Waking up the next morning, I was a bit disoriented due to the bed I was in.

"WILLIAM, bring me a towel, please?" I heard her voice from her shower.

Rolled out of bed, grabbed a towel and put it on the rack by the shower.

"It's on the rack, Mom," I said.

"So, now it's Mom again. What happened to calling me JuliAnne, Lover?"

"I don't know, I guess I'm in a little over my head here, JuliAnne."

"That's better, this shower feels so good. If I could've gotten you awake, you could've joined me, and maybe washed my back," she said turning off the water.

I left the immediate area and headed to my shower, taking a furiously quick and cold one. I neglected my usual morning beat off, and my dick was so swollen from Mom and I flirting, that I was thinking of doing it in the shower.

I put my hand on my dick, knowing that the slightest touch was going to set me off...

"Willy Boy, here's a towel. Oh – Sorry honey!"

Turnabout is fair play, "JuliAnne, it's too bad you already took a shower, I have something in my hand for you?"

"I can see it from here, William – what're your plans today?" she asked breaking into a big loud giggle.

"It's Saturday, right Juli? Why don't we go somewhere together? Maybe get to know each other better. I'd love to show off my new girl," I said.

"Ooh, that sounds like fun, finish up in there!"

I took my hand off; I wanted to stay hard after all, just to see how flirty and forward we get with one another. I turned off the water, dried and changed.

I went downstairs and met up with Mom ... er, uh Juli, took her hand and got her keys.

I opened the car door for her, went around and got behind the wheel. Thankfully, I've had my instructional permit since turning 15 two months ago, she's my 'licensed driver over 21' that I needed with me.

After starting the car and pulling out of the driveway, Juli scooted over and sat right up next to me. Oh, how good she smelled.

"Nobody's called me Juli in a long time, William. Where are we going anyway?"

"With you sitting next to me, I could drive forever, Juli," I said looking over at her for a moment.

"Eyes front, I'm responsible when you drive – so be responsible," she giggled.

"Believe me, I'm responsible Juli – I even put a couple of condoms in my pocket, just in case."

She slapped at me, laughing and tossing her long hair behind her shoulder.

I pulled into a gas station, deciding it was also responsible for keeping from running out of gas. I got out and started the procedure for getting gas, as I poked my head back inside and said, "Pookie Bear, why don't you go inside, pay for the gas and get us some goodies for our trip?"

She got out, giggling and looking so very nice, and went inside. She was wearing a black tube top and a pair of shorts almost short enough to be Daisy Dukes.

She came back out with a bag of goodies, walking by me, giving me a peck on the cheek. I slapped her bottom, as she got back inside. I heard a click, and I was done.

"So where are we driving to, William?"

"Don't really know, Pookie Bear – does it matter as long as we're together?"

She scooted back over to me as I remembered where Dad and I went camping, McKinney Falls State Park. We pulled up to the guard, Juli handing me some cash.

He took my daily fee and directed us to the short-term area of the Park.

We got out, I held her hand, and we got to a table and chairs.

"Wow, this is as beautiful as I remember, good decision William," she said.

"What's in the bag, beautiful?" I said looking at her ... like I never looked at a woman before.

"All kinds of stuff; sandwiches, chips, candy and bottled water. Let's eat before we hike, or whatever my hunky boyfriend has in mind."

"I remember a trail off over to the west that hardly anyone ever traveled, perhaps we could take a short trek over there after we eat, Juli?"

"Didn't you and your father come here for your Scouting events, William?"

"Yes, but enough about him – right now, it's all about you!"

"I'll repeat what I said yesterday, Rose didn't know what she had, not even for a minute."

"Rose's loss is JuliAnne's gain," I said, picking up her hand and giving it a kiss.

"Ooooh, William!"

We finished our food; putting our trash in the bag, we brought it in and tossed it. I pulled her up and she was now, right in front of me, looking wonderful. Fighting my usual instincts to look at a woman's breasts whenever possible, I looked directly into her eyes and moved in, hoping for a different result from last night.

Our lips had closed in, with only a wisp of air between us, I took my hands and put them both on her face, saying, "When I said, 'I love you' last night, I was wrong."

She looked a little sad.

"What I meant to say, Juli, was that 'I'm in love with you, ' heart and soul!"

"Then kiss me, William," she replied.

I moved my lips to touch hers and I heard her make a sound, She moved into me and we were moving our bodies into each other. I felt her mouth open and put her tongue inside my mouth. Fortunately, Rose had taught me about these kinds of kisses, so I responded back and felt my tongue enter my Mothers mouth.

We went on and on for the longest time, until Mom, er ... Juli pulled away.

"William, what exactly are you expecting from me?"

"Juli, I expect to show you how deeply I feel for you, and not just as a son loves his mother, but more."

"So, if we took that trail you were talking about a minute ago, you were expecting?"

"Whatever it is a woman can do to show her guy that she cares."

"So, we could just hold hands?"

"Yeah, we could."

"Or we could make out some more?"

"Yeah, we could," I smiled.

"Or we ... could ... go to that trail and I could drop to my knees and give you a blowjob?"

"Juli - I'm not ready for anything like that, I've only ever kissed a girl and touched her chest over her shirt. I want to be better prepared for when or if we do more than just kiss."

"You really have the smoothest moves that I've ever encountered, Bill ... William. Instead of taking that trail, why don't you take me home with you and I could train you in the 'Art of Love?'"

I grabbed her hand and we started walking back to the car and headed home. I was horny as hell, and Mom was as well. Unfortunately, when we arrived, Dad and his new, much younger and pregnant wife were there impatiently waiting.

"Where have you two been?" he asked.

"None of your business Daniel!" I said to him.

"I'm still your father, young man!"

"More of a sperm donor, don't you think?"

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