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Mind Control Sex Story: Nolan's friend Lorna shows him a spell book she found among a late distant cousin's book collection. Their dabbling goes farther than intended.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mind Control   Magic   Slavery   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   DomSub   MaleDom   Harem   School   Transformation   .

Nolan Hencheck got off the bus, making a face at the surveillance camera on his way out. He had no plans to do anything bad, but he was fifteen years old, and resented surveillance. His mother had switched towns because the school board kept adding one ban after another to the dress code, and she was tired of buying new clothes when his old ones still fit and were in wearable condition. Nolan was glad; he'd heard from his old friends that the school had finally decided it was shorter (and therefore cheaper) to list what was allowed instead of what was banned. His current school was relatively sane--for an institution of a public school system out to turn kids into good little future corporate drones for the private-school kids to boss around. He walked into the building and scuffed his shoes on the tile in the shape of the name "Clint." After a stop in the bathroom to make sure there was no evidence of the prank on his shoes, he headed to the so-called "activity area" (really just a roofed enclosure with a rise in the middle that existed for the sole purpose of giving the students gathered there stairs to sit on before classes started, with a street-facing wall broken by four garage-type doors on one side, the gym and cafeteria on the second side, the office and entrance to the rest of the school on the third side and the band hall on the fourth) and gave a jaunty wave to the actual owner of the name--Clint Smith, a second-year senior who didn't even pause in showing off his biceps to whatever female happened to walk by.

Lorna Fairleigh was setting a box in four chairs on top of the rise. She opened the box and wrote FREE "BOOKS" on each of the leaves. She was sixteen years old, with a cute face, soft, brown hair, a nice butt, wonderful legs, no tits and an eye for women that matched Nolan's. She smiled as he approached. He knew she liked that he didn't hassle her about being a lesbian.

"Those don't look like your type, Lorna." he remarked as he caught a glimpse of the front-cover thumbnail on the spine of one of the books.

"Totally not," she agreed, "that's why I'm giving them away."

"And why you put 'books' in quotes." he said, and they both laughed. He opened his backpack and pulled a book out. It was an unbowdlerized history book she'd lent him, written before the state Board of Education had decided to remove "liberal influences" from the curriculum.

"You finished it already?" Lorna asked.

"My mom broke the internet, and my cousin still has my DS." Nolan responded. "Where'd you get that crap anyway?" He jerked his head in the direction of the box.

"Some obscure umpteenth cousin of mine played chicken with a Hummer in a Pontiac Sunfire, and her parents are distributing her worldly possessions as far away as possible to avoid triggering painful memories every time they run across something of hers. I got the books."

"I'm sorry." Nolan said.

"I never even heard of her before I got the books. Besides, there were some gems hidden under all the dirt. I'll show you some later. You know where and when." She gave him a smile and wink which would have indicated a sexual rendezvous if it had come from any other girl in school.

The first five classes seemed to crawl by. When they were over, Nolan went to his locker just like everyone else, but waited until they were gone to lunch before slipping into office territory. He ducked into the holding room until the principal, a hyper-conservative geezer who looked like Alfred Krupp, had left to patrol the cafeteria. He slipped through while the secretary's back was turned and quickly slipped his key into the lock of the Confiscated Property Room. He and Lorna each had a copy, a legacy from when her older sister had been an office aide, and had "borrowed" the key and had several copies made at a locksmith shop.

"What kept you?" Lorna asked, peering out at him from behind a rack of Playboys.

"Gargamel picked the wrong place to stop and re-tie his shoes." Nolan responded. Principal Gardener looked nothing like an 80s cartoon villain, but he acted like one--or an anti-joy Jihadist. He paused to reclaim a Nintendo DS cartridge that had been taken up since the last time they'd met here. He put it in his wallet behind his lunch card. "So, what else did you get besides the box of bodice-rippers?"

"Check this out..." Lorna said, pulling a wrapped parcel out of her backpack. She untied the cords that bound it, and unfolded the blue-green cloth to reveal a leather-bound tome the size of the large-print edition of the Unabridged Complete Writings of Shakespeare.

"There's a shelf-cracker if I ever saw one." Nolan said. "Not quite the size of the Book of Moriya, though."

"It's a spell book." Lorna said, mischief twinkling in her eyes. She opened it to a marked page. "Check this out!" She started to chant in a strange language that didn't sound much like Latin--it seemed to have more of an Irish flavor to it, so he thought maybe Celtic or something. Nolan felt himself getting hard. His cock kept growing beyond its usual six-inch length, until it extended twelve inches down his leg, and then it thickened.

"Oh, shit!" he grunted. His pants were uncomfortable now. His balls were increasing to match his new pecker.

"Isn't it awesome?" Lorna asked.

"You mind turning around so I can try to find a more comfortable position?" Nolan asked. She looked up, noticed his predicament, and turned around.

"Sorry about that, Nolan." she said with the same discomfort as a straight male upon seeing another man's penis. Nolan maneuvered himself until his crotch was no longer in pain, then turned the book around.

Turnabout's fair play. he thought to himself as he turned the page as quietly as he could. He found a similar spell that would work on breasts, and began to chant, glad the things were written phonetically.

"Nolan!" Lorna squeaked, then looked down at her chest as it began to swell. "Whaaaaaa!" Nolan looked up once the spell was finished. His erection had begun to recede, but now it was back with a vengeance. Lorna now sported a pair of porn-star tits that had untucked her shirt as they had expanded. The chill in the room, which had originally been a server room, had stiffened her nipples. She snatched the book back.

"Turnabout's fair play, Lorna." Nolan said--aloud that time.

"Okay, okay, turnabout's fair play." Lorna said. She flipped through the pages, searching headings until she found another spell. "Here's something ... a spell that enables the subject's body to heal and recover almost instantly."

"Are you sure about that?" Nolan asked.

"The headings are in Old English, so it's no harder to figure out than Beowulf." Lorna said. "Wanna be Wolverine without the claws and the nose?"

"I suppose." Nolan said dubiously. Lorna laughed, then sobered herself enough to read the spell.

"Well?" she asked, resettling herself to rest her back. Obviously, her chest was starting to hurt. Her pose looked sexy, taking advantage of her new assets unconsciously.

"I must be insane." he muttered, poking his hand on an edge of metal shelf. He cried out and jerked his hand back with a curse that would make Eminem blush, and what would have been a puncture became a gash.

"Ew! I got your blood in my mouth!" she exclaimed.

"It's not like I have AIDS or anything." Nolan said in a surly tone.

"Oh, look!" Lorna said. Nolan looked at his hand and saw the wound closing.

"I hope the spell protects against tetanus. I might as well jam a button that says 'I'm Retarded' into my forehead."

"I hope you don't mind I swallowed that blood." Lorna said. "Blah!" This last was said in a bad Transylvanian accent, while her fingers mimicked vampire fangs. Nolan laughed.

"Here, let me try the spell on you. Maybe it'll help with your back."

"Good thinking!" Lorna said. Nolan cast the spell, and Lorna sighed with relief. She took the book and cast a spell that would give him "great good fortune," according to the Beowulf-label. She passed it to him so he'd cast the same spell on her, but it fell and closed. Nolan picked it up and opened it at random.

"Oh!" Nolan exclaimed. The spell he saw as the pages fell open had a brief ingredients list--consisting only of a few drops of his own blood.

"Did you find it?"

"I found something." Nolan responded. He chanted the spell softly. Lorna moaned like a horny porn star, and her eyes glowed as he chanted. They faded back to normal as the spell ended. "Lorna? Are you all right?"

"Oh, my darling!" Lorna said huskily, rising to her feet and wrapping her arms around him. This pressed her mammoth mammaries into his chest and resuscitated his erection. "That's not the spell you were supposed to cast ... but I'm so happy right now I can't be angry with you!" Nolan put the book aside and kissed her. She moaned into his mouth, and moaned even louder as he fondled her breasts. "You like them?" she asked. Hormones took over. Nolan pulled her shirt off over her head, with her cooperation. There was a bra under her boobs, but it had slipped down when they'd become too big to be contained. Nolan groped Lorna's breasts and tweaked the nipples. "That feels sooooo good!" she enthused. He sucked her left nipple, and used one of his hands to play with the other one. She gasped and squirmed. He helped her down to the floor and continued what he'd been doing until she covered her mouth to stifle a scream of ecstasy.

"I didn't know girls could cum just from having their nipples sucked." Nolan said.

"Mmm, these boobies you gave me are so sensitive!" Lorna sighed. Nolan took off her soaked pants and panties, then opened his own pants and left them nearby. "Oh!"

"Do you like the cock you gave me, Lorna?" Nolan asked.

"Only because it's yours, Nolan." Lorna responded seriously. "You're the only man I'd ever let ... touch me." Nolan lined himself up with her fuzzy snatch and slid inside. Her hymen was no defense. She rolled her eyes and groped her own breasts, a shuddering moan came out of her drooling mouth.

"This is way better than my boring old hand." Nolan hissed as he began to thrust, going deeper with each repetition. Her boobs bobbled enticingly, and he groped them as he continued to fuck Lorna with his enhanced cock. He could feel his balls queuing up a load of jizz and warned her before he hosed her insides with a growl of triumph, and she matched his orgasm with one of her own.

"That was amazing." she whispered as they lay cuddled together on the floor.

"Way better than I imagined it." Nolan agreed.

"You mean, you wanted me before this?" she asked, astonished. "Before ... these?" She gestured to her new boobs.

"A long time before." he admitted.

"Maybe we shouldn't break the spell, then." Lorna said. "I can't stand the thought of what would happen to you if it broke!"

They cleaned themselves up using a confiscated T-shirt with a Mad Magazine iron-on design on the front. Apparently, the super-luck spell Lorna had cast on him was holding strong, because they encountered no one on their way out. The end-of-lunch bell rang, and they hurried on to class. She didn't protest when he put the spell book in his backpack and told her to come over to his place later. He felt powerful as he sat through the last two boring classes, and not even the math teacher, whose lectures would make the guy from the Clear Eyes commercials sound like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, could ruin the rest of his day.

When Nolan got back home, the first thing he did was raid the fridge. The drek that the school passed off as "food" was about as palatable as fifty-cent TV dinners thrice microwaved in an old shoe at the best of times, so he was always hungry when he got home. Today, however, he was ravenous, and went after what food he could find as if he hadn't eaten in a week. He wasn't sure if it was the sex or the enlarging of his penis, but when his mom got home from work, he was eating like a Crystal Singer getting ready for Ballybran's Passover.

"Did you skip breakfast too?" his mother asked, looking at the wreckage around him. Nolan mumbled nonsense through a mouthful of cold chicken, catching bits of breading before they could land in his lap. She sighed and started cleaning up the already-empty packages and plates. He felt her pull on the back of his pants as she walked behind him.

"Mom!" he exclaimed.

"Just making sure your tail wasn't growing back, Goku." his mother joked. He laughed around his mouthful of food. Eventually, at last, he felt full and was able to clean up the rest of his mess. He had washed and put away the last of the dishes when his mom came back with a hairbrush. "This isn't one of mine. Maybe Shawna left it here, you think?" Shawna was their neighbor's daughter, a twenty-one-year-old blonde bombshell with a love of Daisy Dukes and low-cut, sleeveless tops, and also an incurable tease that got off on making men want her with no intention of satisfying the desire she inspired. She had come over to borrow something, and apparently her brush had fallen out of her purse. "I'm going shopping. Would you make sure she gets this back?"

"Sure." Nolan said, taking the brush. His mother grabbed her keys and took off for the store. Nolan took the brush and his backpack upstairs. He flipped open the spell book and started looking through it. There was a calling spell he could use with anything that belonged to the person being summoned. There was another spell that looked even more promising, requiring a hair from the target. He pulled a hair out of the brush, then went downstairs for the other supplies he needed. Soon, he was ready. Shawna was visible through her open window, in an oversized T-shirt, drying her hair. Nolan drew a circle on a piece of drafting paper, copying the symbols he saw in the book. He laid this on the floor rather than actually draw the circle ON the floor. He started the calling spell, holding the brush in his hand. Shawna rose to her feet, leaving the towel behind, and left her bedroom. It wasn't long before he heard her opening his unlocked front door and ascending the stairs. She looked scared as her body stepped into the circle, and Nolan's chant hadn't stopped.

"What ... what's going on?" she asked. Nolan stopped chanting. Shawna looked like she wanted to leave, but couldn't. "Nolan? Nolan, this isn't funny!"

"No, it's not." Nolan replied. He flipped to the other spell, lighting a stick of incense and a tea candle. The strand of Shawna's hair was wrapped around the band of a mood ring his father had given him ages ago. Nolan held up the candle where Shawna could see it and began to chant. The ring in Nolan's left hand warmed. Shawna's eyes fixed on the candle. The flickering flame reflected in her eyes, making them seem to glow slightly. The flame's color changed to a sort of minty green. Expression drained from Shawna's face, and her breathing changed to the gentle, shallow pattern of sleep. Nolan continued the chant. He held the ring in front of her eyes. The stone glowed the same minty green as the flame, and Shawna's hair was absorbed into the band. He put the ring on his finger, and the candle returned to normal, the stone stopped glowing, and expression returned to Shawna's face. He blew out the candle and dismissed his spell of summoning by tearing the paper on which Shawna stood, breaking the circle.

"Uh..." she said, wobbling on her feet.

"Kneel, Shawna." Nolan said. She did, sinking immediately to her knees.

"Oh! That feels good." Shawna said. "Uh, I know this sounds weird, but could you ... tell me to do something again?"

"Sure, Shawna. Take off your shirt." She did, revealing herself in nothing but a pair of cute pink panties.


"What's weird, Shawna?" Nolan asked.

"Well, I think I'd be mad if someone else told me to do this, but if it's you, it's okay. That's what's weird."

"You're a slave, now, Shawna. Enslaved to whoever wears the ring. You will obey instantly and without question."

"Oh, is that why? Okay, then. I guess since you're wearing the ring, you're my master now, right?"

"Good girl. Take off your panties."

"Yes, Master." she said, and obeyed. Her snatch was shaved clean, except for a blonde arrow of pubic hair just above it, pointing the way.

"That's sexy." he said.

"Oh. Thanks, Master." Shawna responded.

"Are you horny, Shawna?"

"No, not really." Shawna responded. "Nope, dry as a bone. It'd probably hurt if you tried to stick it in now, Master."

"Probably. Get horny."

"Oh!" Shawna exclaimed, her nipples hardening before Nolan's eyes. "Wow!" She squeezed her thighs together. "Ooh, I've never been this horny! Mmm, being controlled is so hot!"

"Good girl. Now, bend over the bed and keep quiet." She did as she was told, and Nolan drew the blinds so no one could see in. He dropped his pants. Her eyes widened at the size of him, but she kept her mouth shut. He slid inside. She was tight, and it took some time to get all the way in. She gave off little quiet moans and shivers as he slid his cock deep inside her. He pulled out, and thrust back in, out, in, fucking her hard while she did her darnedest to stay quiet. She grabbed the pillow and shoved her face into it to muffle her screams as she came. He came inside her soon afterwards, and pulled out. "Now, Shawna, suck me clean."

"Yes, Master." Shawna replied. She couldn't get much of him in her mouth, but she tried, then resorted to licking their mixed fluids off his cock shaft and sucking the head when she had a chance.

"So, Shawna, you don't mind being my slave-girl? My fuck-toy? My pretty little puppet?" She didn't answer at first, then he remembered to tell her she was allowed to speak again.

"It's weird. I probably should, but I don't." she responded. "Saying I'm your slave just seems as obvious as saying water is wet."

"Don't you forget it." he said, patting her head. "Put your clothes back on and go home. I'm going to call you again tomorrow. Remember, you mustn't tell anyone except the wearer of this ring what you now are."

"Yes, Master." Shawna said. She dressed, such as it was, and left.

Nolan and Lorna arranged a "study date" for the next day. Since Lorna was a lesbian, Nolan's mother felt no qualms about leaving him alone with her. In fact, she called as soon as they got home to let them know that someone on her floor had messed up a program and she couldn't come home until late.

"Mom thinks I don't know about her boyfriend." Nolan explained as he led Lorna upstairs. "Suits me, of course. As long as she thinks that, she won't bring him here, and as long as she doesn't bring him here, I can look forward to lots of unsupervised nights."

"With me?" Lorna asked, a pleading note in her voice. Nolan kissed her, and she moaned.

"I certainly hope so." he replied when they separated.

"I love you so much." Lorna said. "I know it's not real, that I'm under a spell, but it feels so good when I'm with you that I don't care."

"I love you too, sweets. And I want to make you happy. So, why don't you go ahead and get naked for me?" He watched her as she stripped eagerly. Her clothes might have been covered in acid, so quickly did she cast them off. He laid Lorna on the bed and fished around the corners for the cuffs he'd bought. He secured Lorna in place, spread-eagle on his bed, and she revealed that she couldn't move. He kissed her, then blindfolded her. He told Lorna he was going to get a surprise ready for her, and crept away. He signaled silently for Shawna to come over, and she bounced eagerly to obey. He met her at the front door.

"Master, I've been horny since you told me to get horny yesterday." she admitted.

"Take off your clothes, Shawna."

"Yes, Master." She stripped quickly.

"Now, be quiet and follow." he said. She nodded, and followed him to the kitchen, where he gathered desserts and toppings, and quietly explained his plans for the evening to his bespelled accomplice. He and Shawna ascended the stairs and crept in on Lorna, who was shivering in anticipation. He ran a finger up her cunt and licked her juices off his finger. Then he sprayed whipped cream on her hot and waiting snatch.

"Oh!" Lorna exclaimed as the cold topping touched her hot body, first her snatch, then drawing a white line up her torso to her breasts. He added designs in chocolate syrup and chocolate chips, with Hershey's Kisses on her nipples. He made a gesture, and Shawna began to lick the toppings off the bound, female body before her. When she had been licked clean, Lorna tried to kiss her, obviously thinking she was Nolan. Nolan nodded, and Shawna kissed Lorna fiercely. Lorna made a confused noise, so Nolan removed her blindfold.

"I know it's really girls you like, Lorna, so I brought you one." Nolan said.

"Oh, Nolan, darling, she's beautiful!" Lorna enthused. Nolan smiled.

"Shawna, give Lorna a sixty-nine, if you please." Shawna complied, silently. Lorna moaned as Shawna's tongue probed her snatch. She dove into the shaven cunt before her with wild abandon. Nolan undressed slowly then seated himself in his computer chair, stroking his cock as he watched the two young women make each other cum repeatedly. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore and moved Shawna out of his way so he could fuck Lorna. Her hips moved up to meet his, and she came again. She came once more when he filled her with his seed. He had Shawna lick him clean like yesterday.

"Thank you for this, Nolan." Lorna whispered adoringly. He caressed her face and body before uncuffing her. He took off the ring that controlled Shawna. Her face blanked, her body stiffened to attention, and her eyes rolled in their sockets until only the whites showed. He put the ring on Lorna's finger. Once it was on, Shawna relaxed and looked around--though this time it was Lorna she looked to.

"Whoever wears that ring controls and owns Shawna." he explained. "Go ahead. Command her. She'll do absolutely anything for you."

"Anything?" Lorna asked.

"Yes, Mistress." Shawna replied.

"Suck Nolan's cock." Lorna commanded with a smirk. Obediently, Shawna crawled forward and took as much of Nolan's cock into her mouth as she could. "Relax your throat muscles, Shawna. I want you to take him down your throat. All twelve inches of him. Don't gag." She couldn't respond verbally, but Shawna did her best to obey. Nolan groaned as his cock went further and further into her mouth, down her throat. Soon she was moving back and forth, her cheeks getting sucked in as she pulled back. When he told Lorna he was about to cum, she had Shawna draw back until only the head was in her mouth, then use her hands on the shaft to finish him. Shawna's mouth overflowed with his semen. His cock came out of her mouth with a pop, and then he was shooting all over her. Lorna took his cock in her mouth when he'd finished, sucking the rest of his semen out, then set herself to licking Shawna clean. Soon they were making out, and then Lorna sent Shawna to the kitchen for a cucumber. Nolan was treated to the sight of Lorna bringing Shawna off with the cucumber, then Lorna commanded Shawna to fuck her with the cucumber. After Lorna had gotten her rocks off, she told Shawna to eat the cucumber. "How did you do this?" Lorna asked Nolan.

"With a spell." Nolan replied.

"Which spell?" Lorna asked. Nolan showed her the page. He also showed her the calling spell. Lorna snuggled up against him and ordered Shawna to rub his back, neck and shoulders. Lorna kissed him passionately, then playfully kissed her way down his torso until she reached his cock. She took him in her mouth and sucked him, playing with her pussy while she gave him head. Nolan moaned, relaxing and luxuriating in the attentions of these two women. When he came, Lorna wasn't able to keep it all in her mouth, but she lovingly slurped up the spillage. Nolan went to sleep happily, with two women embracing him from either side.

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