Bedside Manner
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by Jeff501

Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A pretty 50 something lady sees a new doctor for the first time. The examination begins in a very routine fashion but quickly develops into something rather different.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Fan Fiction   Doctor/Nurse   Workplace  

Maureen sat in the dimly lit waiting room at her new doctor's office, perusing and shuffling through the magazines which were all either wildly out of date or of little interest to her, or both. "This Week in Australian-Rules Rugby, yes, that's exaaaaaaaaactly what every 52 year old Canadian woman wants to read' she chortled to herself and sighed out loud at the pitiful selection.

"Ohh why must they always make us wait like this, don't they realise we all have jobs and families and lives to attend to" Maureen thought to herself. Although Maureen was normally a very patient and understanding person, she found herself frequently looking at her watch, recalling that her jerk boss, whose tiny stature defied his overbearing nature, was expecting her back in the office, even if the medical appointment went late.

"Hmm I hope I wore decent underwear for the doctor" Maureen mused to herself, trying to remember what she had put on that day given that she had raced out of the house without even a single thought that today was her long awaited doctor's visit. "I think I wore black, top and bottom' she reminded herself.

"Ohh what is wrong with these people?" she thought, brushing her lovely and long chestnut coloured hair away from her gorgeous face, which many noted looked at least ten years younger than her actual age.

Finally, at 3:40 pm, "come with me please' the nurse said with a smile. Maureen bolted up from her chair, smiling, but also with a distinct 'it's about time' look on her face. The nurse escorted Maureen down a long corridor while making small talk about the weather and the upcoming weekend. Although still slightly annoyed that the staff had made her wait, Maureen could not help but notice the nurse's curvy figure inside her somewhat utilitarian scrubs. Although Maureen was mostly interested in men, she had a distinct appreciation for gazing at women's curvy bodies while she walked in malls or sat on the bus, to and from work. Although perhaps a tad on the young side, Maureen was certainly intrigued by the nurse's womanly attributes. The curvy nurse shepherded Maureen into the very last room on the left and dropped her file on the edge of the desk.

"Ok, so it looks like the doctor will be performing a full exam today so you better hop out of your clothes but you can stay in underwear and please slip this smock on for now, ok?' the nurse said in a sweet tone as she smiled and closed the door behind her, with a slight wiggling of her hips.

"Ohh great, I soo love these paper gowns' Maureen thought to herself as she looked around at her sterile surroundings while imagining what the pretty nurse would look like in a similar paper dress, or no dress at all. Maureen slipped her form fitting sweater over her head and placed it on the exam table and then slowly removed her shoes, her socks and finally wriggled her way out of her low rise jeans and also placed them on the side of the examination table. Standing in her matching black bra and underwear, Maureen reached for the paper smock and arranged it over her head and slipped it over her body, which like her face, also appeared years younger than her actual age. Many of Maureen's female friends had commented over the years about their desire to be as slim and curvy as her, particularly given that she had given birth to two good sized baby boys.

Maureen hopped up on the edge of the exam table and waited patiently for the doctor to arrive, knowing full well she would likely be freezing cold within minutes, with what amounted to a paper sack around her slim body.

After what seemed like an eternity but was only three or four minutes, the doctor opened the door and walked in and closed the door gently behind him.

"Hello Maureen, my name is Dr. Platt, but most of my patients call me Dr. Dan, there is no need for formality, is there?" he asked jokingly as he extended his hand to shake Maureen's.

"No, no, no need for formalities at all, it's nice to meet you Dr. Dan', Maureen said with in a very upbeat tone of voice and her patented smile that could light up a room. The doctor immediately noticed Maureen's big green eyes and how they radiated energy and sparkled with life.

"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting and always so sorry to have to make you wear those ridiculous paper gowns, but it's the only way' the doctor conceded.

"No worries at all Doctor, I'm used to all this, as a woman we get poked and prodded by doctors our whole adult lives don't we?' Maureen noted with a huge smile, somewhat regretting her choice of words and immediately forgetting about the long wait.

"Yes, indeed, there is no privacy if you're a woman in a doctor's office!" he replied.

Maureen smiled nervously and looked at how the doctor was reading her chart with great interest. She immediately noticed how his hands were fairly large and looked quite strong and rugged and even had some small scars and recent marks. "Those are working hands' she thought to herself as she continued to admire his hands and his forearms and even his handsome face, his squared jawline and finally his eyes which seemed to be an odd mixture of colours that were hard to define. Maureen was more than a little impressed with her choice in a new doctor, looks-wise anyway.

"So I have your chart from Dr. Pepper and everything looks good, but as my nurse likely told you, when I accept new patients I always want to perform a complete physical so I can have a baseline and then, assuming you stick around for a while, I will always be able to compare what we find, in the future, to today's baseline, if that makes sense". Maureen nodded somewhat nervously as she contemplated the physical, and also wondered if the doctor meant 'for a while' as in a patient of his, or as in, alive!

"Ok, so before we send you all over town for a bunch of unnecessary testing, let me have a quick look and see how you're doing physically, and I will ask you some questions as we go along and after the exam so don't be nervous and we can wrap this up fairly quickly' the doctor said in a comforting tone. Maureen could already feel a connection with her new doctor and noted how when he spoke to her he looked directly into her eyes, almost with a sense of familiarity as if they had known one another for years.

Maureen nodded her pretty face up and down and sat upright on the edge of the table for the doctor. The doctor immediately slid his large hands against Maureen's neck and gently felt around for any lumps, taking great care to apply some pressure but not enough to cause discomfort. Maureen could already feel a sense of gentle firmness in his touches and she certainly liked how his warm hands felt around her neckline. After removing his hands from her neck, the doctor continued to stand before Maureen and warmed his stethoscope by breathing on it a few times and then smiled and began the examination.

"I really hate to do this to you on a winter day, but I'm going to have to ask you just to slip the gown to your waist, but you can keep your bra on ... for now" the doctor cautioned. Maureen smiled nervously again and wriggled out of the gown and let it fall onto her lap around her waist and sat upright, suddenly very aware of being in her bra around a complete stranger, even if he was a trained professional.

"OK, don't move, this won't take long' the doctor stated as he slipped the stethoscope onto Maureen's upper chest and moved it around slightly, attempting to find the best position. Maureen held her breath, for fear of expanding her chest too much into the doctor's hand which was perilously close to her left breast. The doctor inched the stethoscope closer and closer to the material at the top of Maureen's black bra and slipped it ever so slightly inside the material as he began to listen.

"Ok, deep breath please, in and out' the doctor asked, his right hand now resting ever so slightly on top of Maureen's left breast. Maureen complied and began breathing in and out slowly, filling her lungs with air and expelling, all the while noticing how her chest seemed to push against the doctor's waiting hand with each cycle. Maureen continued to breathe in and out for the doctor, feeling a sense of anticipation with each breath while the doctor looked deeply into Maureen's green eyes. The doctor gently removed the stethoscope from under Maureen's bra trim and pocketed it in his white smock.

"Okay everything sounds great there, you've got a great ticker' the doctor stated.

"Is that a technical term, ticker?" Maureen shot back, with a laugh.

"Funny, very funny, everyone is a comedian' the doctor replied with a smile.

"Ok I'm just going to check out the rest of you quickly here' the doctor stated.

"You better just slip right out of that smock for me, but you can still leave your underwear on, for now" the doctor once again stated. Maureen was beginning to wonder about his frequent use of the words 'for now'. Maureen smiled and complied with his request by wriggling out of the smock and letting it drop to the ground.

"Well, here I am" she announced proudly, now sitting on the very edge of the table in her matching black bra and undies, affording the doctor a fabulous view of her wonderful hourglass figure and long slender legs which dangled over the edge of the table.

The doctor warmed his hands and smiled, "ok, just stay still for a minute' he cautioned as he placed his hands around Maureen's waist and began moving his hands over her torso, trying to find any lumps or irregularities.

"Yes, ok, good, very nice' the doctor spoke all the while as his finger moved over her waist, to her stomach, along her sides and then to her back, occasionally tapping or pressing gently. Although she was trying to remain business like, Maureen was beginning to enjoy how this doctor was touching her, gently running his strong fingers over her sensitive torso and her little waist line. "Was this really necessary or a slight extra bonus for the ladies?" she wondered to herself, feeling how his hands travelled around her body so effortlessly and touched her in a way that would normally be reserved for her husband.

"Ok, there is a small lump on the side of your back here, can you feel that?" the doctor asked. Maureen reached back and her fingers met the doctor's fingers. "Right there, can you feel that, have you had that for long?" the doctor asked.

"Ohh yes that, that's been with me for years, I think they said it's just a little fatty deposit' she stated shyly while noting how good it felt to brush against the doctor's extended fingers.

"Yes, I suspected so but I had to ask" the doctor replied, his fingers still touching the very tips of Maureen's long, slim fingers.

"OK I'm just going to test your reflexes quickly" the doctor stated as he spun around to pick up his bag of tools.

Maureen knew the drill, and sat on the edge of the table with her long athletic legs dangling over the edge, awaiting the doctor and still admiring his face and his hands.

"I have two bad knees doc!, I have to be very careful what I do with them' Maureen stated, suddenly becoming aware of how that could have been taken in many ways, depending on the doctor's outlook.

"Duly noted!" the doctor replied with a smile.

The doctor grasped the mallet and proceeded to gently tap her right knee, causing Maureen's leg to kick up slightly. The doctor then repeated the process on the left side, causing a similar reaction. "great, you're doing so well so far, this won't take but a minute' he assured her while gently placing his hand on her bare thigh and standing back up to replace the mallet. The pair exchanged knowing glances again, smiling at each other subtly, but noticeably.

"Ok, we've covered off most of the obvious stuff, I see you're a non smoker, light drinker, and you seem to have good genes on your side, parents are still alive, that's good. So just a few more things to do, and you knew it was coming, I have to do a pelvic and breast examination, so we will start with the breast exam which we can do with your bra still on but it's really much easier if it's off, if you don't mind.

"Yes, I expected that', Maureen replied with a smile and some nervous laughter.

Maureen reached behind her and quickly undid the two clasps of her 36B black bra and let it slip over her shoulders onto her lap, where she held it in her right hand. Maureen's perfectly formed firm breasts were now exposed for the doctor to see. Although she had done this many times before, it had been decades since a male doctor had examined her this way, yet somehow his beside manner made this process seem less daunting, and perhaps even a little exciting.

Maureen sat motionless, awaiting the doctor's first move. "Ok, this will only take a second, the doctor firmly placed his fingers on Maureen's left breast and manipulated it and touched it, checking around the perimeter and then closer to the center, and then using his entire hand to grab her breast mass and feel his way around for any abnormalities. Maureen had always been a pushover for having her boobs squeezed rather than nipple play and could already feel enormous tingles between her legs as the doctor continued to massage her and check for lumps and grab her in a way that seemed partially medical and partially sexual. Once again, she seemed a little taken aback by the doctor's methods, using his entire hand to perform the exam seemed odd to Maureen, yet her body was not complaining, particularly given her fascination with his hands.

Maureen tried desperately not to make eye contact or any noises or squirm but the doctor's large warm hand and his manipulations were causing things to stir within her and she was finding it difficult to not stare into the doctor's eyes as he touched her. She wondered if he was sensing her feelings, or if he was having similar sensations inside or if this was just another day at the medical building for him.

"Ok, perfect, now let's try the other side" the doctor announced.

Maureen sat in anticipation, already feeling highly aroused from the first side, now having to wonder what it would be like on the other side. The doctor placed his right hand on Maureen's right breast and began squeezing it and manipulating it and feeling around for anything, holding it firmly, just the way Maureen loved. Maureen's legs began instinctively moving around as she began to visibly squirm with the doctor's expert touches. The left boob grabbing was more than enough to make Maureen tingle but now adding the right side was almost too much to bear as the doctor continued to squeeze and fondle her. For years Maureen had been putty in the hands of any man or woman who knew how to grab her correctly there, yet somehow none of her previous doctors, male of female, had had this effect on her. Maureen was so conflicted, wanting it to end but so enjoying the doctor's touches and the effect it was creating all over her body.

Maureen tried to remain calm but could feel her breathing becoming shallower and she could feel the unmistakable feeling of wetness in her underwear as the doctor continued to touch her provocatively.

"Ok, I think we are done up here, everything feels really great, but you will have to remove your underwear now, and then I can let you go' the doctor stated with caring confidence.

Maureen considered putting her bra back on but chose to ignore this option and knew what was left to do and quickly pushed her underwear over her curvy hips, past her thighs and kicked them off onto the table.

Maureen lay back slowly and gently, totally naked, and placed the back of her head against the exam table and allowed her legs to open up enough for the doctor to do his work. "Ohh shit, he's going to see how godamn turned on I am now" Maureen thought to herself, knowing full well she had never been this wet at any of her previous appointments, this doctor was somehow doing things she had never felt before and it would surely be impossible to hide from his experienced eyes.

'Ok, I'm sure you know the drill, just open your legs a little more for me please and this will just take a minute' the doctor instructed. Just as the doctor was reaching for a tube of medical gel he looked directly between Maureen's legs and could plainly see her opening, glistening with moisture as she was practically leaking onto the table below, just from being touched above the waist. Doctor Dan knew there would be no need for any gel today and placed the tube back on the table.

"Ok, I have pretty big fingers but you should not feel any discomfort, but just stay still for me please and you won't feel a thing" Dr Dan explained as he pressed his right index finger against Maureen's opening and moved it around from side to side slowly and then slid it in gently until it was all the way in. "I guess that went in pretty easily!" Maureen laughed as she felt the doctor's large finger sliding back and forth gently into her wetness...

"Yes, no need for any help today, it's a real struggle on some patients' the doctor replied in a mostly professional tone.

Maureen lay back and tried to remain calm and could feel the doctor's finger moving a little deeper, hooking up and to the sides, gliding around within her extremely wet love canal. Maureen suddenly realised she was gripping the sides of the table as her body temperature rose with the arousal of having such a nice big finger inside her as she lay completely naked on a stranger's table, totally confused about what she was feeling inside and wondering if the doctor realised what he had done to her and wondering if he could see how her nipples had become nearly fully erect.

Doctor Dan continued to feel around inside her, seeming to be much more thorough than anyone she had ever encountered, his long finger reaching so far back and against her walls, causing near tremors inside Maureen as she gripped the table even harder, wondering how much longer this exam would last.

Maureen began breathing more heavily as the doctor's knuckles began pressing against the outside of her opening, rubbing against her and even brushing against her aching clitoris from time to time without warning. But it was the gentle brushing against the outside of her opening that was creating such a stir, making Maureen squirm with pleasure as she continued to leak against Dr. Dan's hands with every motion. "Ohh what I wouldn't give to have that nurse squeezing my boobs now too" Maureen thought to herself, knowing it was but a dream, and likely something she would think about this evening as she pleasured herself.

Dr Dan's hands brushed against Maureen again, his finger gliding in and out slowly and touching her most private areas. Maureen gripped the table even harder and felt her entire body tingling, tensing up and burning with desire. The doctor continued to glide his finger inside her, moving it gently from side to side until Maureen instinctively let out a slight grunt and a gasp as she felt her body flexing and squirming under the doctor's expert touches. "Ohh this is so embarrassing, I can't hold back, he's going to put me over the top, what am I going to do?" Maureen thought to herself, trying desperately to hold back but feeling her entire body tensing up in anticipation of the doctor's next movement. The doctor slid his finger as deep as possible again, hitting Maureen's most sensitive areas. Maureen gasped again, this time much louder than the first time, her body tensing up and nearly ready to explode with the doctor's expert touches'.

"Ohh I'm sorry, I can be more gentle, did I hurt you, is everything ok?" the doctor asked sweetly.

"No no, you didn't hurt me at all, please just continue, don't worry about me" Maureen gasped, nearly breathless, trying to cover up her arousal despite the fact that she was now moving her hips gently back and forth to meet the movements of the doctor's expert fingers and hands, trying desperately to feel his fingers again against her outer lips which were now tingling and burning for more of his touches. Dr. Dan began noticing how Maureen's hips were gently rocking back and forth as he moved his finger in and out.

"I can stop now if you like, but I really am not quite done, is this making you uncomfortable, we can reschedule if you like, or I can get a female doctor to finish up if you're uncomfortable with me doing this ' the doctor reminded her.

"No, no, please don't get anyone else, I like you just the way you are, don't mind me, just please go on, I'm not uncomfortable at all' Maureen insisted, trying to regain her composure while fluid continued to leak out onto the exam table.

Maureen laid back and gripped the table harder and bit her lip as the doctor re-inserted his finger deep inside her and curled it up to touch the roof of her vaginal walls. Maureen's legs began to go tingly and numb as the doctor probed her and manipulated his fingers inside her. But what Maureen could barely take anymore was how the doctor continually rubbed his knuckles against her opening, which was now nearly pouring with fluid. "Ok, I'm almost done Maureen" Dr Dan stated as Maureen began grinding her hips back and forth to meet the doctor's movements.

Maureen closed her eyes and began trying to think about non sexual acts to clear her head, but she could not overcome her urges as she continued to gently rock her hips and grind against the doctor's fingers and hands which were now being pushed against her repeatedly. Although she wasn't positive, Maureen was fairly certain the doctor was now accentuating those touches outside her aching slit. Maureen's breathing had become rapid and shallow and she could barely concentrate on anything other than her impending orgasm as the doctor continued to manipulate her and touch her in exactly the way she liked to be touched by a man. "Ohh Christ, I'm going to cum, I can't hold off, I'm soo going to cum soon, how am I going to explain this, I'm sooo going to cum on his fingers if he continues this!" Maureen thought to herself, her eyes now glued shut in anticipation for something she could no longer control.

Without warning, the doctor removed his finger, "Ok I'm all done, you can get dressed now, I hope that wasn't too uncomfortable" Dr. Dan stated as he stood up and smiled, falsely assuming that she, like most patients, was hoping for an end to the most private of exams.

Maureen propped herself up and looked at the doctor, "No, no, no, ohh Dr. Dan, I'm sorry but you can't stop now, I think you may have missed something, please if you have any compassion, please don't stop now" Maureen complained and in a breathless tone, not even realising what she was asking him to do but desperately needing a release. "What do you mean, I don't understand, you want me to continue, but we're all done now, you are in excellent shape, why would you want me to continue?" the doctor replied.

"Please, just a little more" Maureen begged as she squirmed on the table and felt her muscles pulsing and tingling and quivering down below. "You can't stop, please just keep doing that, it won't take ... long, I promise, just do what you were doing" Maureen begged her doctor.

"But you know I can't do it for no good medically reason, what if I get caught, I am sorry I've done this to you but I could lose my license, how do I know you aren't trapping me, the exam is over now' the doctor replied in a worried tone, noticing how Maureen's nipples were hard as pebbles and how wet she had become down below.

"Please, just a little more, one more minute please doctor, don't stop the exam just yet?" Maureen pleaded, almost tempted to finish the job herself in front of the doctor, knowing how close her own hand was and how quickly she could take care of it. Doctor Dan looked down and could plainly see how Maureen was struggling to remain calm during her time of need.

The doctor reluctantly moved closer to Maureen and looked down at how her opening was leaking fluid, glistening with woman juices and desire. Maureen bit her lip and waited breathlessly as she watched the doctor's facial expression. Dr. Dan looked back at the door to ensure it was closed and then slipped his index finger back inside his lovely patient. "Ohh yes, just like that, don't stop that" Maureen moaned as she felt the doctor's finger slip inside her again, even deeper than before.

"Ohhh my god, yes" Maureen gasped as the doctor slid a second finger inside her aching opening. "Mmmm yes yes, don't stop, don't stop, so good, I love your fingers" Maureen begged.

"Does that feel good, you like those big fingers in there, you like having the doctor help you out?" Dr Dan asked while rhythmically moving his fingers against her and inside her, slowly but with determination. The doctor continued to grind his fingers against Maureen's opening as she bucked her hips back and forth in complete ecstasy.

"Yes, don't stop please Doctor Dan, please don't stop now, you have me so close, you can't stop now" Maureen moaned as she closed her eyes and gripped the table in anticipation.

Suddenly, without warning, the doctor stopped moving his fingers and simply held them in position and asked Maureen to keep her eyes closed. Maureen complied and began rocking her hips slightly back and forth to grind against the doctor's hand. Slowly and quietly and skilfully, the doctor used his left hand to furtively undo his zipper and ease his pants down and lower them to the floor although the action of lowering his pants had caused him to momentarily stop moving his finger against Maureen.

"Ohhh Dr Dan, please don't stop now, you have me so close, don't stop, put your fingers back in me please and move them for me!" Maureen gasped just as she started to prop herself up to look to understand why he had stopped. "No no, just keep your eyes closed for now, let me work my magic" the doctor explained. Maureen bit her lip and remained stationary, desperately wanting more from the doctor.

Before she could even get a good look, Doctor Dan quickly and roughly grabbed Maureen around her tiny little waist and spun her around, such that her legs were now dangling over the edge of the side of the table, and firmly grabbed her slender thighs and spread them open as much as he could. Maureen's eyes were as wide as saucers as she felt the strong doctor pressing the head of his semi hard cock against her opening. Maureen looked down, in complete shock that the doctor had already unzipped, to see Dr. Dan's cock, pressing against her.

"No, doctor, we can't do that, please just use your fingers on me, I'm a married woman, please don't do this, this is too much" Maureen asked with a sweet and caring look in her eyes, trying to push back away from the doctor's advances while she could feel him pressing against her. "Please just use your fingers in me' she begged.

Dr Dan roughly positioned Maureen on the edge of the table, pulling her back towards him so her rear end was just on the edge as he grabbed her legs and pushed her knees apart, exposing her moist opening.

Maureen, tried to pull back again but could not overcome the Doctor's hand and arm strength, positioning her exactly how he needed her, on the edge of the table. Maureen looked down to see how hard the doctor had become and so quickly, admiring his gorgeous cock and so badly wanting it but knowing she should not.

"Doctor, you know we can't do that, please just use your fingers' Maureen once again pleaded. Dr Dan once again ignored Maureen and held the base of his hard cock and began rubbing it up and down against Maureen's wet opening, gliding it up and down and side to side, driving her wild with desire.

"Ohhh how did you know I liked that so much" Maureen groaned and moaned, looking down to see the doctor's hard shaft moving fluidly against her but not inside her. Maureen could feel her body slipping slowly against the doctor, her senses becoming weakened, feeling how his hard cock slid up and down against her, so much better than a finger. "Just do that, yes, oh yes, that feels sooooo good, just do that" Maureen sighed, staring into the doctor's eyes. "Don't put it in me, we can't do that, just do that on the outside like that" Maureen instructed. Maureen and the doctor stared deeply into each other's eyes, wanting to kiss but resisting, watching how he expertly rubbed the head of his cock slowly up and down against her, teasing her and gently pressing into her, without actually entering her. Maureen wriggled around and moved about, trying desperately to feel every inch of the doctor's bulbous head, sliding around her without actually having it enter her.

"Mmmmmm god that is soo much better than a finger, you're going to make me cum doctor, don't stop please don't stop, rub that big hard cock against me' Maureen begged him, pleading with him not to stop "ohh use that big hard cock on me doctor, so so good, don't stop" Maureen moaned, desperately trying to maintain her composure while her body ached to have the doctor inside her.

"You like that hard cock don't you?, you like how it feels down there pressing against you, don't you?" the doctor taunted her, teasing her with his manhood and pushing it around to the point where the unmistakable sounds of wetness could be heard with each movement. Doctor Dan continued to hold the base of his cock, gliding it up and down, feeling the head slowly slip a little deeper at a time. The pair could plainly feel how his head was slowly sinking in, millimetre by millimetre, slowly with each passing second, like two opposing magnets, drawn to each other. Maureen bit her lip and could no longer deny herself, gasping out loud as Dan grabbed Maureen and pinned her hard to the wall.

"You want it inside you don't you Maureen, tell me you want this hard cock inside your hot little pussy now, tell me how badly you want it in there?" the doctor asked while continuing to pin her against the wall.

"No no no, we can't, just rub it in on the outside please" Maureen begged, feeling herself slipping closer and closer to the doctor. Dr. Dan grabbed Maureen's waist and without a single word, pinned her to the table and pushed the head of his cock against her and plunged it in as far as it would go in one deep thrust and held it deep inside her while staring deeply into her eyes.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssss' Maureen groaned while Dr Dan held his cock as deep as possible, pinning Maureen to the wall, and then withdrew it all the way and began holding the base and pushing it up and down against her on the outside. "Are you sure you don't want it inside you Maureen?" the doctor taunted again while rubbing his hard head against her opening up and down. Maureen could not respond, completely lost in the moment, gasping for air, feeling an intensely powerful need to be filled up by the doctor but unable to respond in words. Without asking, the doctor once again plunged his hard cock deep inside Maureen and held it deep inside her, staring directly into her eyes and feeling Maureen squirming and moving to try to feel every inch of him. Dr Dan continued this back and forth motion, grinding deep into Maureen and then pulling out all the way, without even having had her permission. Maureen began bucking her hips against the doctor, always wondering what it would be like to be 'taken', pushing her body against him, wanting to feel him as deep as possible. Maureen propped herself up to see her doctor, her back against the wall as her legs dangled over the edge. Dr. Dan reached out and began squeezing her boobs again, feeling them and grabbing them as he once again inserted himself deep inside her, but this time not pulling all the way out, grinding and thrusting deep inside, in and out over and over again while he caressed her waist and breasts.

"Ohh yes, fuck me doctor, fuck me harder" Maureen groaned, finally granting him permission and looking deeply into his eyes with her lovely green eyes and egging him on, finally conceding to his wishes and needs.

"You like that hard cock in there don't you, you wanted that cock all along didn't you?" the doctor asked while pinning Maureen against the wall roughly with his hands, grabbing her boobs and pumping his cock inside her wildly.

"Yes yes yes, I love how your hard cock feels inside me, I wanted to fuck you the moment I saw you, fuck me doctor, fuck me, make me cum doctor' Maureen gasped as she felt the doctor's strong hands pushing her against the wall and then squeezing her boobs firmly.

"Ohhh yes yes, squeeze my tits doctor, you're driving me wild' Maureen moaned, feeling the doctor's rock hard cock pounding her deep and hard and slow, just how she liked it, grinding with each thrust and then pulling out, only to be driven back in.

Doctor Dan continued to pin Maureen to the wall, pumping his hard cock inside her, pounding her so hard with a grinding deep action until Maureen's body began to tense up with the sensation of his big rod inside her and his strong hands on her chest. Doctor Dan looked down and watched his thick, long tool sliding effortlessly in and out of his hot patient, slamming in and out so deep and hard, over and over again, their bodies working in unison, fluidly moving back and forth.

Maureen's eyes rolled back in her head as she began moaning softly, knowing her body was about to explode, feeling the doctor thrusting in and out until he finally held it as deeply as possible while Maureen bucked and shuddered and gasped out loud 'ohhh God I'm cumming, don't stop, fuck me doctor' she moaned as she came with the doctor deep inside her, thrusting and grinding in and out madly.

Maureen's entire body pulsed and quivered as the doctor continued to move and her orgasm subsided. 'Ohh my that was intense!" Maureen beamed as she continued to grind herself against the sexy doctor, looking directly and lustfully into his eyes and blinking her eyes rapidly. Dr. Dan began thrusting again, pushing deeper and deeper while the pair stared deeply into each other's eyes, hardly believing what was happening.

"I can't hold out much longer either, you have me on the edge here too with your tightness, I can't hold out, I can feel it about to explode inside you, can I cum inside you?' the doctor conceded, trying desperately to not shoot his load, despite how close he was with Maureen's touches, seeing her boobs bouncing around and her velvety woman vice that was now clamped around his tool.

"Don't hold off, I want you to cum in my mouth, let me suck you, I want you to shoot it in my mouth now!" Maureen moaned as she watched the doctor pull out of her and help Maureen down on the cold floor to her knees.

"I may have sore knees but I need to suck your hard cock for you! Maureen said with a smile as she looked up with her big green eyes and took the doctor's head in her mouth and began allowing her saliva to flow down his shaft. Maureen used her mouth loosely around her doctor, bobbing her head up and down and using her wet hand on the shaft, pumping him slowly and causing his knees to go weak. Maureen continued to suck and lick the head while she loosely gripped his shaft and jerked him up and down with her mouth clamped around the head and one hand holding back her hair so the doctor could see all the action.

"Ohhh Christ you are soo good at that, where did you learn to do that?" the doctor moaned. "Don't stop, arghhh ohh yes yes yes, don't stop' the doctor groaned and gasped, seeing his naked patient on her knees, sucking his big hard cock, letting it slip in and out of her mouth as she stroked it up and down and occasionally swirled her tongue around the head while looking up at him with her sweet eyes for approval.

"Ohhh don't stop Maureen, don't stop, suck that hard cock, suck it' the doctor moaned over and over again, pushing her hair away from her pretty face all the while as she devoured his wet tool. Maureen could feel it coming, his explosion was near as tiny little jets of pre cum started shooting into her mouth while the doctor began fucking her mouth, grinding against her sweet red lips. Maureen excitedly waited in anticipation for the big load, stroking the shaft and licking and swirling her tongue around his head, knowing no man could resist this treatment and knowing he was well beyond the point of no return.

Doctor Dan reached down and grabbed the back of Maureen's neck and hairline and held her head as his cock was about to erupt. "Don't stop, don't stop, ohhh yes yes, don't stop, suck that hard cock baby I'm going to cum in your mouth' Doctor Dan moaned over again until finally Maureen felt a huge explosion hit the back of her throat, which she promptly devoured and swallowed in one large gulp while licking her lips as wave after wave of hot white cum exploded into her mouth.

Maureen cleaned off his entire shaft and licked her lips again and stood up, completely naked and satisfied from her examination. Maureen reached up and gave the doctor a short but sweet kiss on his cheek and thanked him for such a wonderful examination, that she would not soon forget. The pair got dressed quickly and thanked each other again, and walked out of the exam room towards the nursing station.

As Maureen walked past the front desk area, the nurse looked up and winked and said coyly 'I hope you enjoyed your visit' with slight emphasis on the word 'enjoyed'. Maureen smiled with a devilish grin and nodded her head up and down but wondered, 'what did she mean by that?; Did she hear us?"...

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