The Darker Side of London

by niteowluk99

Copyright© 2012 by niteowluk99

BDSM Sex Story: The true tale of a submissive couples activities in the darker seedier side of London.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   True Story   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   DomSub   Spanking   Humiliation   .

The following tale was told to me as being a true event and took place in the 1981.

Chapter 1: The Back Ground

My name is Paul and I was born in 1939; I am now 72; I am 5'10" and at the time of our visit to London I weighed about 11 stone and was 42 years old, I was pretty fit having played a lot of rugby and cricket up until my late 30's. I worked in the office of a major car manufacturer and retired from this position 7 years ago. In 1981 the year of our visit to London, Ruth and I had been members of a country wide wife swapping circuit for about 5 years in total; we had been members since 1976. We were introduced into this life whilst on holiday at the North Wales Holiday Camp near Rhyll in March 1976. A holiday maker named Cornelius with a very large cock had gotten himself between Ruth's legs and given her the fucking of a lifetime. For the two weeks that we spent in Wales he introduced her to his business cronies and I became a cuckold. By the time we finished our holiday all her holes had been penetrated and she came home sore but with a huge smile on her face. Cornelius eventually knocked Ruth up, and I became the daddy of a cuckolded son, who I love dearly. However that was in 1976 and another story, which I may recant later on. The wife swapping circuit now called swinging was where I found out that I was a born cuckold, I enjoyed watching Ruth getting fucked by other men and wanked myself silly whilst it happened.

Ruth is now 70 but still a good looking woman, Ruth was a natural blonde although her hair now is silver, she is 5'6" and weighed around 9 stone at the time of the visit to London. Although she was 40 at that time she looked much younger, her figure turned men's heads. She had a nice pair of tits, a fairly slim waist and liked to wear dresses or outfits that had snug bodices that emphasized the swell of her hips and her very nice rounded bottom, around 36-28-38. She did not have that type of bottom where the female would bend over and you could see her pink wrinkled bottom hole peeking out at you, with Ruth you had to part her bum cheeks to see that much sought after wrinkled object of most men's desire; her arsehole.

No matter how well poked it got it always returned to a sphincter that looked like that of a little girl, amazing, and much commented on particularly from other jealous females in the wife swapping circles. Ruth's background up until our life changing meeting with Cornelius; was that she worked with her mother as a silver service waitress, waiting on most of the big functions in and around Cheshire. She was a staunch catholic and attended church almost every day, and with her mother volunteered as cleaners of the church and priest's house. We were married in 1960 and our sex life for those 16 years of marriage up to 1976 was almost none existent, she thought it was dirty. Being so close to her mother her attitude to men had changed drastically after our Wales holiday, her mother had noticed this difference in Ruth and it puzzled her, she soon got out of Ruth the truth about Cornelius and his business associates, which got her very excited being herself a widow for almost 30 years, so it was not long after that her mother too became a customer?, of Cornelius and at 52 a regular attendee at our swapping meetings. No one could have foreseen that lurking beneath Ruth's holier than thou exterior, least of all Ruth herself, lurked a hot blooded woman waiting to get out, some would call her a whore but she was never that she just enjoyed sex. It took Cornelius and his big cock to bring this other woman out, talk about Jekyll and Hyde, but she was to put it crudely in possession, like the vast majority of women, of a cunt and arsehole that could take on and welcome and enjoy the attentions of most men.

Chapter 2: The incident in 1981

Ruth and I decided to take a short vacation and visit London with all its wonders, its museums and art galleries. We drove down from our home in Cheshire arriving on the outskirts of London around 6pm and being late September and out of the holiday season we did not think we would have any trouble in getting digs for the night, which showed just how naive we were about our capitol city. We were getting rather worried when by 8pm we still had not found a place and it was getting dark and we had still no idea where we could stay, a hotel was we thought out of the question we were looking for a guest house with reasonable rates. Ruth suddenly pointed to a large house that had a sign 'rooms to let'. I remarked that it didn't look like a very nice place that it looked like a dosshouse, Ruth however insisted we try as she was getting very concerned and agitated at not finding a place to stay for the night. I pulled the car up outside the place and against my better judgement went up the steps and into the house to enquire.

The place was rather dingy and poorly lit, about a dozen or so unkempt men were sitting in a smoke filled room talking or flopped out in chairs, I was about to turn and go back out when a middle aged woman of clean appearance appeared, who it turned out to was the landlady and asked me if she could help me. "Yes" I replied " I wonder if have you a double room for myself and my wife for the night", I noticed several of the men turned their heads when I mentioned I had my wife with me.

"Yes" said the woman "I can accommodate you I think, where's your missus" I pointed outside at the car telling her she was waiting to hear the result of my enquiry. "Go bring her in" she said. I went outside and told Ruth that they had a room if she still wanted to stay at this run down guesthouse, she nodded in agreement only too glad to have found a place after our long and tiring journey.

I gathered our suitcase and followed Ruth into the house. Ruth who had dressed herself in a summery floral dress, that had a tight bodice that hugged her waist and emphasized the swell of her hips her high heels emphasising her well rounded full bottom. The landlady looked her up and down and nodded her head in satisfaction exclaiming that a person could not be to careful as to who they could let rooms to nowadays. I thought of the motley crew down stairs and could only think that she thought Ruth might have been a prostitute looking for a place to carry out her business.

The landlady after we had booked in and signed the guest register, which I was surprised that such a place had a register, led the way up to the first floor, a couple of the men had gathered at the bottom of the stairs looking up after us I can only guess hoping for a look up Ruth's dress and maybe a flash of something. The room surprisingly was clean but small just containing a double bed, a wardrobe, a couple of chairs and a sink, it was obvious it had been part of a much bigger room and was divided by stud walls. We were satisfied that the room would suit our purposes for the night and paid the landlady the required amount. The landlady pointed out that the toilet was a shared communal one and it was to be found further down the hall past several room doors.

We decide not to unpack the suitcase as we did not intend to stay in this grubby house any longer than was necessary, we could hear the man in the next room through the stud wall moving around and mumbling loudly to himself. So we thought it best that we should go out and have a drink and a bite to eat to lessen the time we needed to stay in this dirty place, anyway Ruth was nervous about staying any longer than one night after having seeing the rough types in the lounge. We freshened up in the sink she refreshed her make-up and we were ready to go out. However before we set out she decided that she needed to have a pee so she reluctantly went down the hall to use the toilet, soon after she went out I heard the room door next to us open.

Ruth looked around with distaste at the small toilet it needed a good clean and stank and the door looked very fragile only being fastened by a small bolt, the pan was badly stained and the seat was loose, however she badly needed a piss so placed her bum gingerly on the seat after lifting her dress and pulling down her knickers to her knees. She had just settled herself on the toilet when the door began to rattle and a gruff voice demanded entrance. "I'll only be a minute please can you hold on" she said her voice shaking, but the voice became more sinister and demanding "Hurry up lady" he snarled in a low voice "I want to have a shit get off that fucking pan and let me in" he pushed at the door the small catch almost giving way under the assault, at this Ruth panicked and pleaded for time, she bore down forcing herself to pee faster, although this worked in the flow of her pee it also resulted in her passing wind and dropping a small turd into the pan, the low growling grew more scary after he heard her fart and the threat that if she didn't open the door he would break it down. Ruth in a panic finished off as quickly as she could looking around for paper to wipe her bottom, however no paper was to be found so she hurriedly pulled up her knickers adjusted her dress and pulled the chain to flush away the tiny turd, unsurprisingly the chain didn't work and the insistent banging on the door grew, she had to leave her little floater in the water of the pan, she hoped he wouldn't notice it.

She opened the door to be confronted by a burly unshaved grinning grubby looking man, she pushed past him but in her panic and confusion turned the wrong way down the hall going away from our room, the man went into the toilet mouthing curses about cunts stopping him from having a shite. When Ruth realised she was going the wrong way she turned around and came back down the hallway only to be confronted by the man coming out of the toilet grinning at her and opening a wet hand in which he held her little turd. "Is there any more where this little beauty came from" he grinned showing uneven and yellowy teeth and shoved the turd into his mouth "MMM" he said "would the little hole that came out of like my cock to pay a visit" he roared with laughter at the look of disgust alarm and fright on Ruth's face.

Ruth managed to dodge past him with him calling after her in the low menacing voice he would like to fuck her up the arse, he went into the lavatory laughing. Ruth burst into our room white faced and shaking and cried she wanted to leave right away. I pointed out that it was now turned 9 o'clock that our chances of getting another place was small and that we had already paid for the room, we were stuck here whether we liked it or not, I convinced her that we could bolt and key the door when we got back from the pub, and make a complaint to the landlady about his coarse individual. This calmed her down a little and she agreed to stay but we had to get out now before the man next door who we could hear grunting and straining on the lavatory finished. Although this episode only lasted no more than a couple of minutes it seemed more like a complete age.

We left the lodging house and the car as I was going out for a few stiff whiskies and jumped a bus heading for I think for Victoria station; a couple of miles down the road we spotted a pub with food advertised and jumped off the bus.

The pub was not very clean or welcoming but we were out of the house and safe. After several drinks and a plate of sandwiches we were feeling much better and relaxed. I decided to go the gents, when I came back Ruth was very agitated her eyes shining "Quick" she said grabbing my arm "I think a man has just propositioned me" I looked at her blankly not comprehending what she had just said "Damn you" she squealed "get out there and stop him before he goes" she got to her feet and left the bar with me in tow, once out on the street she glanced wildly about and spotted him standing on the corner of a nearby street with his back to us.

"There he is" she breathed "go and speak to him" It suddenly began to dawn on my slow brain that Ruth was randy, after all it had been about two months since our last weekend away with the group she hadn't tasted a cock in all that time and this fellow fitted the bill, I bet if I put my fingers in her cunt they would come out dripping wet.

I approached the man who was very well dressed and well above the clientele of the bar. "Excuse me sir" I began he turned round "Yes what is it" he said with a voice of authority, obviously a man who was used to being obeyed. "My er wife there said you asked her in the pub if she was er looking for er business" I said slightly stuttering

"Are you her pimp" he said for once in my life I thought quickly, "Not only am I pimping for her I'm also her husband, if you want to make a business deal let's hear it" I said sternly. He looked across at Ruth standing there watching us. "Tell her to take her coat off and stand side on to us" he said I waved Ruth towards us and when she was about 10 yards away told her to stop take her coat off and now stand side on to us with your arms down by your side. This she did holding her coat. The man let out a frustrated snort "Tell her to put her fucking jacket on the floor I want to see her in profile" Ruth acted immediately to this command and stood stock still. "Hmm nice pair of tits, nice arse" he said "has she had it up her arse" he said "No" I lied "she has only been on the game a short time because we need the money to keep up the payments on our house, she would never even let me touch her there in 16 years of our marriage".

This seemed to satisfy him although he said if we came to a deal he would want to examine the goods before paying any money. "I don't mind poking the pig, but I won't buy a pig in a poke" he grinned. I called Ruth over and he took her into a shop doorway I saw him put his hands up her dress and finger her, he let out a whoosh as he encountered her wet cleft. "OK" he said "where can we go to have a look at her more closely, I am looking for a piece of skirt for my friends who are coming to town shortly, I've been asked to get someone who will do something special. If your wife is willing to play with three of my friends we will need all three holes to be in play" I nodded my head seeing a slight nod of agreement from Ruth and said she would bloody well do as I told her.

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