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Pedo Sex Story: Temptation desire and downfall of an ordinary guy with a young girl.

Caution: This Pedo Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Safe Sex   .

Her name was Alice and she was the sister of my seventeen year old daughters' best friend, only fourteen, almost an innocent, yet she drew my attention in a way that few adult women ever could.

Until I first met Alice, there was no way I'd consider a young teen as a sexual object; that was for dirty old men in macs exposing themselves and more often than not getting caught too. Yes I knew there were paedophiles around, but sex with an underage girl? Sorry, not interested and definitely not interested in going to prison either.

I'd known her from when my daughter Caroline brought her friend Gemma home to play, along with them came Gemma's little sister, who had been placed under Gemma's care to get her out of her mum's way much to Gemma's and Caroline's chagrin. They simply wanted to go to Caroline's room and listen to music and talk about the latest boybands. Nothing much had changed over the years and we only saw each other infrequently, when Gemma came calling.

As the two seventeen year old did not want to be lumbered with a fourteen year old, their solution had been to stick Alice with me as my shift work had me at home whilst my wife was out at work. After a while it became a habit of theirs through the years when Alice had been stuck with them simply to off load her onto either myself or my wife, mostly just to play the pc.

It was shortly after Alice's fourteenth birthday that the following happened.

Caroline and Gemma were as ever up in Caroline's room doing God knows what but involving loud music and a lot of giggling. Alice was not included, I could never quite figure out why, but I suspect it was just an age thing. anyway she was downstairs at a bit of a loss when she looked at me and at the computer.

"Can I have a go?" She finally asked.

"Ok." I said, it would probably keep her quiet and I could read for a while.

She sat down, a petite little thing in a summery yellow short sleeved top, black trousers, dark hair in a short bob, dark brown eyes, just a child really. She quickly brought up her facebook page and started to play a few of the games there. I tried to read, God knows I tried, but there was just something about her that drew my eye.

I wandered over to look at what she was doing, it appeared to be some sort of simulated café and she was serving customers and baking cakes.

"Looks complicated." I said.

Alice looked up at me and smiled.

"Not really." She said, "But it is fun."

I put my hands on her shoulders and gave them a gentle squeeze.

"Enjoy." I said and wandered back to my chair.

Just touching Alice on the shoulders had aroused me slightly, her skin was very soft and she hadn't seemed to mind at all, there was none of this keep away from adults mindset that they teach most kids these days to the point where I'd be reluctant to even approach a crying kid in the street such was the hysteria over sexual predators. Not that I thought of myself as some sort of sexual predator, I was a faithful husband, loving father, yet somehow my thoughts that warm summers day were turning to an fourteen year old girl and I was becoming aroused.

I wandered over to see what she was up too, some game involving trains. I ran my fingers up her back gently as I leaned over watching her spine arch from the touch.

"Fun?" I asked.

"Yes." She replied. "You move the trains and the passengers around and make money."

"Real money?" I asked.

"No." she giggled. "Do you like playing games?"

"A little." I replied. "I much prefer playing grown up games though."

"Grown up games?" She asked.

"You're too young." I said and kissed her on the head. Alice looked up an me with a little smile on her face and giggled as I rubbed her nose Eskimo style with my own.

We both jumped as Caroline and Gemma came downstairs to get some snacks and I beat a hasty retreat to my chair to hide my stiffening erection. My God! I thought, what are you thinking? Get a grip of yourself man.

Caroline and Gemma soon went back upstairs and I tried to read, but the clicking of the mouse soon drew my eyes back to Alice. She was writing something on her page, or one of her friend's pages and was giggling a little.

"Hope you're behaving." I said.

"Just telling my friends about you." She said.

"Not everything about me I hope." I replied.

"Just that you're nice." She said "And don't treat me like a kid."

"Nothing wrong with being a kid." I said.

Alice rolled her eyes at me.

"Gemma says I'm just a kid and she hates looking after me, says I'm too dumb to understand things." Alice replied.

I got up and strolled over.

"Well I don't think you're dumb." I said, gently squeezing her shoulder and tracing a fingertip down her back. "I think you're smart."

Alice just beamed at me and gave me a spontaneous hug, which caused my cock to harden alarmingly in my jeans.

"Better get back to your games." I said.

"Getting bored with them." Alice replied. "What are grown up games?"

"Games grown ups play." I said, keeping my fingertips running up and down her back.

"What kind of games?" She asked.

"Things men and women do, kissing games and stuff." I said.

"Oh." She said. "Why am I too young?"

"You just aren't ready yet." I said, slipping a hand round and just rubbing then patting her tummy.

"Why?" She asked.

"Because the law says so." I said finally.

"Kissing doesn't hurt." Alice said.

I reached under her top and tickled her tummy making her squeal and giggle.

"Because kissing is only the start." I said. "Men and women do things together to make babies and you shouldn't do that yet."

"I don't want to have babies yet." She smiled. "I can though."

"Only if you have sex." I said. "And I can't give anyone babies anymore."

"Ah." Was all she said and went back to her games. Whilst I beat a retreat to the toilet to relieve the pressure, so to speak.

Fifteen minutes after I returned downstairs Caroline appeared and said that Gemma and her were popping over to the shops and wouldn't be long.

"Taking Alice with you?" I asked.

"Aw Dad!" She begged. "Please, please, please look after her."

"Ok." I sighed. "Don't be long though." I said to their vanishing backs.

I slipped back into the living room to see Alice engrossed in a youtube video, some cartoon with a bouncy soundtrack.

"You get around." I said.

"Your pc is faster than ours." She said by way of reply.

I gently stroked her hair.

"Well you can always come round and play with it if you get the time." I said.

"Mum won't let me go out to a stranger's house." Alice replied.

"I'm not a stranger." I laughed. "But I know what you mean."

"Wish you were my dad." She said. "Mum won't let me on the pc hardly at all."

I tickled her tummy again.

"Glad I'm not your dad." I said "Dad's aren't supposed to like their little girls so much."

My fingertips moved up over her top to gently circle the area of her nipples making her gasp in shock or delight, I wasn't too sure yet.

"You're not supposed to do that." Alice said.

"Want me to stop?" I asked.

"No." she replied. "It's nice."

"Grown ups do this." I said. "That's why it's nice. We do other nice things too."

"Other things?" Alice asked.

"Down there." I said sliding a finger over the crotch of her trousers.

"Ooh!" she said and squirmed slightly under my touch.

I continued to just stroke her gently as her legs slowly moved wider apart and she looked up at me with a quizzical smile.

"Thought I was too young." She said.

"You'd have to keep it a secret." I said. "Even from Gemma and your mum."

"I know." She said. "Mum said I wasn't to let anyone touch me down there."

"Mum knows best." I said moving my fingers away.

"Don't stop!" Alice cried.

I slipped my fingers down again and began to stroke her mound still outside of her clothing as she gave a little sigh of satisfaction.

We both jumped again as the front door banged open and Caroline and Gemma raced up to Caroline's room.

I relaxed slightly and went back to my gentle rubbing leaning over to give Alice a gentle kiss with a flick of my tongue over her lips.

"Would you like to do something nice for me?" I asked.

"Yes." She whispered.

I took her small hand and placed it over my jeans crotch where my stiff cock strained at the fabric.

"Just rub him gently." I said.

"Ok." She replied and moved her hand up and down over my covered shaft.

"Mmmmm nice." I said and Alice gave me a beaming smile in return.

We heard the rumble of Caroline and Gemma coming down the stairs so reluctantly I moved back to the chair and picked up my book.

"We're off to the park." Caroline said as she stuck her head around the door.

"All of you? And which park?" I asked.

"Hodgkin's Park" Said Caroline (About 20 mins walk)

"Can I stay here and play on the pc?" Asked Alice.

"You should go with your sister." I said.

"Aw dad, please let her stay." Begged Caroline.

"What will your mum say?" I asked Gemma.

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