The Fifty Percent Off Sale

by Chessman

Copyright© 2012 by Chessman

: Delores Masters, the owner of the small boutique, made it a point to take one or two promising students as interns and employees and mentor them in the many facets of marketing and retail. Dee Monde had a staff of eighteen, all female and all over fifty, save for Lara and another student, Jolene who was a high school senior and was employed as a stock girl Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   DomSub   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Workplace   School   Nudism   .

Lara could not believe that she was about to do what she was about to do. Her she stood in the window of Dee Monde Ladies Salon, where she had worked since early October, waiting for the curtains blocking the window to rise and offer the street beyond full view to the shop interior.

It was the last week of the Holiday rush and Dee Monde sales had not done as well as forecast.

The small lingerie and accessories shop was not faring well against the big chain stores in the recently opened mall on the outskirts of town.

Lara, nineteen and sophomore at the community college, had taken the job at Dee Monde as part of a work studies course designed for students in the fashion and design program to attain real world experience within the retail world.

Delores Masters, the owner of the small boutique, made it a point to take one or two promising students as interns and employees and mentor them in the many facets of marketing and retail. Dee Monde had a staff of eighteen, all female and all over fifty, save for Lara and another student, Jolene who was a high school senior and was employed as a stock girl Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Lara had no on campus courses this semester, it was her work/study semester and she worked from store opening to store closing Tuesday to Thursday and half a day on Friday. The shop was closed on Monday.

Most businesses hope to be in the black, turning a profit, by the Friday following Thanksgiving or the Monday thereafter at the latest. Dee Monde had not yet turned that corner. Delores was desperate to keep her shop afloat, the quality of her goods and the service of her sales women were exemplary; yet, the cheaper clothing in the stores in the mall were costing this customized business many of its loyal customer base.

Delores decided to conduct a new marketing strategy. In addition to her outreach to her regular female clientele she would send letters to the husbands and boyfriends of the women offering a special series of sales, at night, after normal business hours so that the men could pick out those special gifts for their favorite woman or women.

Three separate evenings prior to the holiday were selected for these special sales. The first event was "See How It Looks On Before you Buy Night". That Friday evening Lara Jolene and a well-kept sales girl named Mary Margaret paraded about the shop in a series of teddies, nighties, baby doll outfits and negligee sets. The men seemed to genuinely appreciate seeing the garments on a live model and sales jolted beyond Delores' expectations. She assured her entire staff that if the next two nights went as well as this one she would have enough money to keep the shop open through the next year.

The next event had not only the three models circulating the floor in ever changing outfits, as on the first night, but Delores and all of the other ladies from cashiers to fitting room attendants similarly attired in opaque negligee sets. The outfits Jolene and Lara wore; however, were translucent to transparent, exposing nipples and pubic hair to the gaze of the shoppers as they made their rounds displaying the items.

The eighteen year old Jolene, with her athletically lean body, did not attract as many looks, and a good deal of touchy-feely caresses as the curvaceous Lara. Lara was surprised that many of the lingering touches came from women shoppers. By the end of the evening she was very, very, wet and in dire need of relief. So wet that her last outfit a thong bottom and baby doll top showed stains from when a woman in her forties had sat Lara on her lap under the guise of feeling the fabric of the baby doll. While doing so the woman had slipped a finger under the thong and massaged Lara almost to completion. A whispered, "My number is on Delores' rolodex if you want to finish this, sweetie," and the woman eased Lara off of her lap. Dazed and confused Lara continued to circulate the store floor until Delores told the customers she was closing the shop for the night.

The income from the first two events had not proved quite enough to push Dee Monde into the black and fatten the bank accounts enough to keep the shop open. Delores came up with the last night of events to draw in more customers and garner more money from them.

On this Friday evening, Delores was holding a fifty per cent off sale. Oh, no, not cutting the prices on the merchandise, no that would not fatten the accounts at all. The letter Delores circulated to her clientele was, "Fore every hour of the sale there will be a goal. If at the end of the hour the goal is reached. My 'fit models' shall remove fifty percent of the current outfit they are wearing."

That night Lara stood in the window of the store and slowly raised the curtain. The line of customers waiting for the after hours sale to begin was almost a block long. Lara was wearing the outfit Delores selected for her. Black sheer thigh high stockings, a black lace garter belt, black bikini briefs, black calf length lace night gown and a black satin robe. Jolene wore a similar outfit in red Mary Margaret was in a royal blue ensemble.

The shop opened at seven in the evening. By the eight o'clock count, the first goal had not been reached. Groans from the customers were followed quickly by cash registers ringing merrily. The nine o'clock count showed that the first goal was met and the shop was well on the way to earning the second goal.

Jolene giggled and removed her robe and shoes, the nightgown beneath it and the matching panties were all that was left to her. Lara removed her shoes, stockings and garter belt, leaving her in the robe nightgown and panties. Mary Margaret was wearing the royal blue robe and its matching nightgown. She removed the robe.

If the goal for the next hour was met, and based on the till count it should be, the three models could be both very excited and quite embarrassed at ten o'clock. The sale was due to end at eleven o'clock.

The ten o'clock alarm sounded all too soon, for Lara. The count was just at the mark Delores set, no more and no less. Mary Margaret, blushing and giggling, pulled off the nightgown and stood in the shop, naked and fully exposed. Save for stretch marks on her stomach and a minor sag to her breasts, she could pass for a woman half her age. Lara was a touch jealous. Jolene giggled, and called over, "Almost there with you, Mom," as she pulled the nightgown over her head and stood in only her red thong panties.

"Well, I have a problem," Lara smiled at one of the men whose hands had been roaming her body all evening. "I am wearing three things and it is supposed to only be fifty percent off. I can only give one third or two thirds not fifty percent. And we haven't seen sales enough for two thirds and I don't want to disappoint with only one third." She turned her attention to the same woman who had fingered her to near orgasm during the last sale night with the last statement.

That woman turned to Delores and asked how much more the store needed to make the goal in question. A figure of fifteen hundred dollars was quoted by the owner of the shop. "Here is two thousand," the woman peeled off twenty one hundred dollar bills from the cash roll in her purse. I'll take one of every outfit they are wearing in every color the outfits come in."

"Lara, you have been called out, which two of your three garments will you relinquish?" Delores asked her employee.

Lara responded by dropping the robe and squirming out of her bikini bottoms leaving her in the lace nightgown. The female customer asked that Lara come and sit on her lap so she might examine the lace of the nightie to determine if it was soft enough to wear to bed. Lara was soon groaning as the woman stroked her legs and massaged her nipples through the lace until the eraser like tips poked through the holes of the lace in the bodice.

The woman shifted her attention to Lara's pubic mound, once again massaging the poor girl just to the point of orgasm without allowing her to spill over into that blissful state. On the other side of the shop Mary Margaret was being fondled by an older couple paying such good attention to her breasts and crotch that the smell of her arousal was drifting through the shop. Nearer to the dressing rooms, a man in his late thirties was trying to buy the red thong from Jolene. "Come on, you will have to take it off at eleven anyway, just drop the panty now and I'll give you fifty bucks for it."

Delores overheard this comment and walked over to the man, "The panties cost two hundred dollars, if you want them that badly."

Jolene turned red as the man peeled off four fifties and gave them to Delores then turned to her and held out his hand. Thumbs in the waistband Jolene slowly slipped the red panties off of her legs exposing her shaved clean as a baby pubic area. Now as naked as her mother, Jolene found herself with multiple hands of multiple people caressing and prodding her intimate and most private of places now on full public display.

"Well, that leaves only you, young lady," Lara's female tormentor chuckled. "Delores, what will it cost to get this one naked?"

"I think five thousand should do it Suzie, particularly if you plan on having your way with her, which judging by the hand you have busily working in her crotch I believe you do." Delores responded.

"For that price, little girl, you go home with me, and remain exactly as you leave this shop until I have gotten my money's worth." Suzie growled into Lara's ear." Then loud enough for Delores to hear, "Sold!" Opening her purse Suzie extracted fifty more one hundred dollar bills. Once Delores had and counted the money, Suzie told Lara, "Hand it over."

Less than an hour later a very naked, very horny Lara found herself in the back of Suzie's limo on the way to an estate outside of town. It would be a weekend she would long remember.

Suzy Monet, born into wealth, married into wealthier, was accustomed to having her way. People just did not say "NO" to Suzy, at least not those who wanted to do business in town or work in either the public or private sector.

It was no surprise to Chaz, her driver, when Suzie exited the boutique accompanied by a very naked young woman. "Chaz, there are packages inside that need to go in the boot, before we leave. Leave the car running and turn up the heat. We will wait in the back." Suzie gave her instructions to her driver and he held the door to the back seat open to allow the women entry. Closing the door he went to the driver side flipped a switch and immediately warmth flooded the vehicle.

It took Chaz fifteen or twenty minutes to retrieve all of the boxes and bags from Suzy's purchase and place them within the car trunk without crushing any of them. Suzy was on the car phone the entire time. Martin, her butler, was told to have the special guest room turned down and ready for a weekend guest. Then, Lourdes, the nanny, was told to advise the children they would have company for the weekend. Maria, the cook/housekeeper was the next call. Arrangements for a light late night meal were in place for the two returning women. Finally, Jay, the groundskeeper was informed to make sure the grounds of the walled estate were ready for a guest.

Lara, hearing all the names, and the fact there were children in the house, feared that her nudity would be exploited by many others than the woman who told her for the weekend she was to be referred to as Mistress Suzy.

Once Chaz packed the goodies away, the trip to the estate took twenty minutes. Suzy caressed and stroked Lara's body the entire ride. Lara's nipples were stiff as eraser tips and her crotch was wet with the dew yielded by her vagina as the nubbin of her clitoris was rubbed to engorgement by Mistress Suzy.

The gates of the estate swung wide to admit the limo. The long driveway ended in a full circle centered upon the flight of steps leading to the massive front doors. "Wait for Chaz to get out, child," Mistress Suzy commanded. "I need to be sure that Jay has done his work fully."

Chaz turned the engine off, and exited the car. A very large white dog, about one hundred fifteen pounds of very large white dog, raced to the car and literally stood on hind legs, placed front paws on the roof and looked down into the moon roof whimpering happily and wagging a tail that would be lethal to small animals and children within its range.

Reaching out with a gloved hand, Chaz scratched the space between the ears of the dog's head, and then lightly massaged the left ear in a calm voice he ordered the dog down and told it to sit. He walked around the vehicle and opened the door opposite the dog for the two women inside to exit the limo.

Lara did so with a bit of trepidation the beast was massive and she said so, "Mistress Suzy that is a massive dog." The shock in her voice caused Suzy to smile.

"Child that is a mastiff dog, more correctly it is an Argentine mastiff, even more correctly it is a Dogo Argentino. The breed came to be in the nineteen twenties when the cattlemen and shepherds on the Pampas needed a dog that would hunt in packs and protect the farm animals from predators such as the jaguar. More importantly, it is a dog that will not hunt domestic animals and which is fiercely loyal to its human masters; loyal to the point of laying down its life if the master is threatened. All humans in the family become part of the dog's pack and are equally protected by it. My late husband, Renaldo Monet was a breeder of the Dogo in his home country. When we returned to the States from Argentina he brought a bitch carrying puppies and a young male to start a blood line here. Mango, the big love sitting there is one of that bitches litter. We also have Gingko, her brother, and Cordoba the alpha male. The boys are not accepting of strangers in this estate. Mango will sniff you, lick you and scent you into the family pack. After that the boys will know you belong and you will have no trouble with them. Well, perhaps a bit of trouble, the three of them are sponges for attention and you will find they will demand it of you.

"Now, child, when you exit the limo slowly walk to the grass and then kneel down. Mango will greet you and when she nuzzles you, pet her. You will find her fur exceedingly soft to the touch and when you talk softly in her ear she will learn your voice. Your voice and scent with be in her memory forever. " Mistress Suzy nodded to Chaz and he opened the door.

Mango politely sat though her tail begun wagging and rippled of excited anticipation could be seen in her fur and twitching ears. Lara did as instructed. Slowly walking from the car to the lawn Lara knelt in the damp grass with her hands on her knees.

"Mango, greet," Suzy commanded. The dog sprang from her seated position and cleared the twenty feet from her resting place to Lara in a second if that. Nose sniffing literally everywhere tongue washing over Lara's body like a giant pink sponge the dog found the split of the girl's buttocks and began to wipe away at her anus. The force of the dog's effort pushed Lara forward exposing her sex to the probing tongue. Not being able to control herself after the stimulation of the evening from Suzy during the ride and before that in the shop Lara orgasmed and in the throes of her pleasure Mango licked the swollen nub of Lara's clitoris. Not able to contain herself, Lara yelled out. The dog walked around to face the girl with a look that was apologetic and confused. Mango had not meant to hurt the girl, just get to know her. Lara weakly reached up with her hands and scratched the dog's nose and the space between Mango's eyes.

"You are a good dog, Mango. You are a very good dog," Lara's hands rubbed the flanks of the dog. Mistress Suzy had been correct, the dog was soft as silk and oh so very warm. Lara kissed Mango on the nose and asked her, "May I please get up now?"

Mango used her neck muscles under Lara's armpit to boost the girl to her feet. Lara stood shaking until Mistress Suzy demanded, "Get inside, child, and there will be lots of time to play with the dogs tomorrow."

Lourdes greeted Lara just inside the front doors of the mansion. Nude, save for a dog collar of heavy linked metal, Lourdes was a brown haired, brown eyes, olive complected twenty something of Latin heritage.

"Greetings to you, Mistress asked me to have the children in their quarters when you arrived, I am Lourdes and I am the children's nanny." Her smile almost was as broad as her hips and her C cup breasts had no sag to them. Lara could not tell if the carpet and drapes matched. The carpet was gone, and Lourdes was baby smooth all over her body.

"Hi, I'm Lara, may I ask how old the children are and if they are used to nudity in their home," Lara said in response, already somewhat embarrassed. She had just been licked to completion by a dog, in public, with witnesses and now here is another naked woman wearing nothing but a dog collar.

"Trust me; they will not care one way or the other. Some are only pups and the rest are juveniles being trained for sale to Mistress Suzy's long list of clientele." Lourdes replied with a smile.

"Oh, I thought Mistress Suzy said there were only three dogs in the house," Lara replied.

"Three house dogs, that's true; however, we breed Dogo here on the estate. Gingko and Cordoba are both studs. When a Dogo bitch is in heat she is brought here to be bred and is kept until she whelps her pups. My job is to watch over the bitches and their litters. I clean the kennels and care for the puppies. Sometimes the mom dog won't nurse the pups and then it is my job to feed them and give them human contact so they socialize properly."

"Come with me now, and I'll introduce you to Maria," Lourdes told Lara as she led the way to the kitchen of the mansion in the rear of the house.

"Maria, I'm here with our guest," Lourdes called ahead as the swinging door of the kitchen pushed in to allow the two girls entry.

A woman in her forties, resembling Lourdes in stature and hair color and similarly nude collared and depilated, stood at a counter with a chopping knife in her hand cutting vegetables for a stew pot simmering on the stove behind her. Wiping her hands on a linen towel the woman breasts lower than Lourdes in a mature was and a bit fleshier at the hip and waist extended her hand in greeting.

"I am Maria; Master Roberto imported me when he and Mistress Suzy came to the United States from Argentina. You may have guessed that Lourdes is my daughter. Well, that would be wrong; she is actually my youngest sister. We grew up in a family of Dogo breeders and when Mistress Suzy needed a kennel keeper to replace my late husband, she sent to my father for one of his children. One who is good with the 'babies'. Lourdes was that person.

"I was told to explain the house rules. There are only two. Any female visiting the estate, working here, or living here, with the exception of Mistress Suzy, shall be nude at all times. Employees shall also be collared. The second rule is what Mistress Suzy speaks shall be considered to be an order. Any order is to be obeyed fully and without hesitation.

"Should you pass the test this weekend, you may be offered a position here. Consider your options well, before you accept. Our contracts are life time ones. Only our deaths or that of the Mistress will release us." Maria finished with a smile.

"You do not look unhappy with your situation or employment," Lara commented.

"Our salaries are unneeded, our work and our world is now within the walls of this estate. I am able to give my son an education in Argentina. He attends an expensive boy's academy. That is where my salary goes, he is twelve," Maria told her. "For Lourdes this job gave her the escape from abuse at home at the hands of our uncles. She was forced to pleasure them, daily, before this job became available. My dear Paulo, ravaged with an inner illness, died and left the kennel job vacant. Lourdes accepted the job to escape the family."

"Mango licked her to orgasm, Maria, you know what that means," Lourdes grinned.

"If Mango liked you that much, Lara, beware of Cordoba. If he should corner you there is no way you will be able to fight him off. You are not nearing your period are you?" Maria asked the co-ed.

"It's coming, soon, why?" Lara asked the older woman.

"The boys get restless when we come into season. To them we are just one more bitch to mount. Cordoba is powerful enough that if he catches you, well, you may not escape. He won't harm you but, sex with a dog is very uncomfortable. It is one of the punishments for disobedience that Mistress is fond of using." Lourdes answered. "You won't walk right for a week."

"Ew, gross," Lara shuddered at the thought.

It was, then, that the two large male Dogos entered the kitchen through a large Dutch door used as a doggie door. Gingko sniffed Lourdes and Maria and then brought his wagging self over to Lara. Sniffed up and down and now being licked Lara was nearly knocked over by the muscular bulk of affectionate canine. Cordoba came over to her and matched the attention she was receiving from Gingko.

Soft mouths latched on to her arms and Lara felt herself drugged into a room just off of the kitchen. A futon mattress on a low frame was the only furnishing in the room. Lara was placed, like a rag doll, onto the mattress. One dog on each side, she lay there through the night fearing what might come next.

Lara awoke as dawn crept in through the curtain less window of the room she was in. The breeze from the open door and her need to use the rest room added to her fitful waking. She giggled as she tried to move the large, soft warm bodies of the two dogs from her right arm and left leg without disturbing them. Cordoba swished his tail in his sleep while Gingko twitched his ears and began to run in a dream that must include something to chase.

Lourdes met her just inside the kitchen, where coffee and fresh baked rolls were set out on a counter top. "They are warmer than any blanket aren't they," the Argentine girl said softly.

"Wow, once I got them to put their paws away from me I felt like a baby sleeping in a well bumpered crib, Lourdes, they are so gentle and yet so powerful," Lara sighed, "But now I need the bathroom,"

Lourdes pointed to a door off to the left of the kitchen. Lara found it to be a half bath with a commode and a sink. A hand held shower over the tiled floor with a center drain, suggested that the room might be used for washing the dogs. Lara asked Maria that question when she returned with Mistress Suzy's breakfast tray.

"For that yes, the grounds get quite muddy and the dogs do love to roll in mud," Maria smiled, "But also for us. When we have our periods we can squat and wash ourselves clean. No need for pads or tampons."

Lara shuddered at that thought, but realistically, the option for a woman who is always nude seemed a logical one. Is this one of the things she had to look for in her future if she accepted employment with Mistress Suzy, Lara wondered, and what other weird kinks might the mistress of the manor have in dealing with the help?

Martin entered the kitchen and smiled, "Ah, good, girl you are awake. Mistress Suzy should like the pleasure of your company, in the parlor."

As they walked to the parlor, Martin reminded Lara that a nude female is not permitted to sit on the furniture. A kneeler, such as is found in churches is provided. When entering the room do not speak to Mistress. Curtsy with a broken leg [bend it at the knee] and then kneel on the bench with your back strait and shoulders back.

Lara had only curtsied once in her life and found it awkward to do. She assumed her position on the kneeler and awaited Mistress Suzy as the rule of 'speak only when spoken to' was in effect.

"I trust you slept well," Suzy smiled, "The dogs seem fond of you already. I wish for you to spend the day with Martin and Jay. Familiarize yourself with the main house first, with Martin. Then Jay shall instruct you as to the grounds and outbuildings. Is your family expecting you any time this weekend?"

"No, Mistress Suzy, my parents and younger brother are visiting an aunt, my father's sister, I could not go as I have exams next week and work this weekend, well last night and this afternoon. I was to study for my exams the balance of the time."

"I see, well I know I can get you an excused absence from your employer," Suzy grinned at that, "Now, as to your school work, and in what subjects are your examinations?"

"I have three, Mistress Suzy, Marketing, English and Business Math." Lara responded.

"Do you find these subjects to be difficult?" Suzy asked with a tone that was probative yet soft.

"Yes and no, Mistress Suzy, yes in that I never quite know what the Marketing professor is looking for when he asks his questions, also yes, as I love to write; but the English instructor is a style and vocabulary stickler. His style is English for a business professional. I want to write in the style of a creative novelist. Business Math is just about bookkeeping and ledger balancing. I can do that while sleeping." Lara hoped she was neither flippant nor evasive in her answers.

"So, you have Rand Wesson as your Marketing professor," Suzy stated this as fact, "I am guessing but Gwenn Schwartz is your Business Math instructor and let's see if I know, your English instructor, Leslie Kane, perhaps?"

"Yes, Mistress," the 'wow, how did you know that' on Lara's face actually made Suzy laugh out loud.

"The town and gown interaction in this village is very thorough; Lara, and Renaldo and I have donated vast sums to the college. Renaldo was a seated Regent, and I currently sit on the Advisory Board." Suzy explained.

In her mentor voice Suzy told Lara that Rand Wesson retired as an executive vice president of an advertising agency on Madison Avenue. "With him, Marketing is all about branding. His approach is the creating of a memorable brand, placing that brand in the public eye and making the public want that brand above all others of the same product kind in the market."

"The essay topic he gave us is, 'If all coffee is good coffee, why do they drink what they do in Seattle'?" Lara said, "I am not getting it at all."

Suzy laughed and then offered two suggestions. Lara nodded though she was not sure if she could carry the suggestions through to completion.

Martin came into the sitting room a few minutes later and Lara began her tour of the main house. Martin and

Maria had offices in the basement across from the tool room and HVAC and water systems.

Lara was relatively familiar with the ground floor. Martin gave passionate remarks as to the types of granite, marble, and stone used in the entry, the type of pile in the carpeted areas and the furnishings. Lara, fearing she would be quizzed later, tried to absorb all of the information as quickly as Martin rattled it off.

The second and third floors, sitting rooms, a music room and bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, varied only by size. The mistresses suite had a king size bed and furniture appropriate. A sitting room adjoining was converted to a walk in closet and Lara noted mostly nightwear and lingerie occupied the space. A few business suits, a formal gown and two cocktail dresses with appropriate shoes were present. The obvious thing to Lara was that Mistress Suzy dressed to impress only when necessary. This morning's attire of field jacket, boot cut jeans and ankle boots, martin confirmed, was more the normal daily dress code.

"Until the weather warms a bit more; as Mistress does value her full body tan, and is more often than not nude, unless business calls her elsewhere." Martin concluded.

The attic, beneath the dormers presented a small suite with a sloping roof line. A double bed, a night stand and a bathroom en suite looked as if they had not been in use for a very long time. An older computer, printer and telephone were on a desk in the alcove under one of the dormer windows.

"Should you prove worthy, and chose to join the household, this room will be assigned for your use," Martin said almost dismissively.

Martin brought Lara down the rear stairs to the kitchen and turned her over to Jay, who continued to explain about the grounds and out buildings. "The small building near the west wall is the Pump house and the small building that matches it near the east wall is the groundskeeper's tool building. In order to maintain the property, that room has carpentry, plumbing, electrical and landscaping tools."

"You manage to keep everything up alone," Lara asked in a shocked voice.

"No, believe it or not both Maria and Lourdes are quite accomplished at some of those tasks, both can do simple carpentry and things like painting and tile repair. Lourdes is a journeyman electrician as well as a dog trainer and Maria has never met a drain she cannot unclog with snake or pipe wrench. Everyone here is expected to multi task. Martin is quite handy with cement and concrete work and helps me with the walks and driveways when needed.

"Come on now, let's go see the kennels and I'll leave you with Lourdes for a while," Jay told her.

The kennels were a T shaped building with three wings. Lourdes had a bedroom and bath in the center and a door lead to each wing from her central room. Cameras and monitors showed activity in ach wing. Presently two were occupied by bitch dams and puppies. One bitch kept pushing a pup away from its teats while four others fed hungrily. Lara looked at Lourdes and asked, "Why won't she let that one eat?"

"She is the runt of the litter, Lara; Dogo bitches often reject their runts." Lourdes responded.

"Won't you try to save it?" Lara asked.

"No one will buy it, so Mistress tells us to let nature take its course." Lourdes replied.

"Would Mistress let me have it if I could save it?" Lara pled.

The grin on Lourdes face was between an insider with knowledge and a teen ager up to mischief, "Why don't you call her and ask?"

The intercom line to the main house buzzed, Suzy picked up the phone and Lara made her case for the puppy. Silence and the line went dead.

Not more than two minutes later, Mistress Suzy appeared at the kennel. "Which pup from which bitch are we concerned about?" She asked Lourdes.

Lourdes opened the door to the kennel wing and the three women entered. As they had seen on the monitor, one pup lay shivering to the side while the mother dog nurtured the others in the litter.

"Pick the orphan up, Lara," Mistress Suzy instructed. The girl entered the kennel. The bitch dog curled around the other pups and growled but made no move toward Lara as she removed the rejected pup.

Mewling, the pup began to suckle Lara's arm and immediately the bond between the pup and Lara was formed.

"Please, Mistress Suzy, may I try to keep her alive and find her a home?" Lara begged.

"I shall allow Lourdes to teach you how to raise orphan pups by using this one as your learning tool, Lara, but, this means that at least until the date when the pup can be weaned to solid food, you will commit to living here and obeying all the rules." Lara nodded her acceptance of that condition, then Mistress Suzy replied with a smile, "To welcome you to the household, at four p.m. precisely you shall present yourself to the staff and there and then masturbate to orgasm. Thereafter, you shall repeat this daily and when any member of the staff desires to touch you and stimulate you, you shall comply with his or her wishes. No one shall have penetrating sex with you, but all may stimulate you short of that. Welcome to the household."

"Do you have a name for your baby," Lourdes asked Lara once Suzy left and the shock of what she must do to save the pup wore off of Lara.

"I would like to call her Merci, both for the mercy that saved her and the thanks for being able to nurture her." Lara said. The pup became Lara's Merci, by Belle Blanc and Gingko on its registration papers.

Lourdes taught Lara how to bottle feed the pup, how to stimulate it too move its bowels and bladder and how to use a pump on the other bitch dog to gain mother's milk to supplement the veterinarian formula.

Four o'clock in the afternoon, in the futon room of of the kitchen found the staff assembled and Lara on her back on the mattress. The thoughts in her mind brought her to the point where she could close out the audience and perform. First, the humiliation and excitement of being stripped naked in the lingerie store. Then being bought for the weekend by Mistress Suzy. Slowly she twisted and tweaked her nipples with her eyes loosely closed as she remembered. Then the thoughts of the limo ride to the mansion, naked and with Suzy caressing her back, shoulders and thighs allowed Lara to begin circling lightly on her inner thighs and abdomen.

The thought of Mango bringing her to orgasm on the front lawn caused Lara to flick at and rub her clitoris and then the memories of Cordoba and Gingko and their think soft pink tongues made her rub even harder until her body glistened with perspiration and her hips bucked against the palm of her hand.

"Well done, Lara, we all shall look forward to tomorrow's performance," Mistress Suzy smiled and departed.

Maria and Lourdes helped her up and she glanced at Martin and Jay both of whom had obvious bulges in their trousers.

Sunday found the ice broken and five pair of hands and five sets of lips kneading, caressing and fondling Lara's body through the day. By the time four in the afternoon arrived she was more than ready to bring herself off with her fingers and somewhat eager for a willing mouth or perhaps a penis to help her to more than one orgasm.

Mistress Suzy would not permit that. With Lara's parents and brother away until the next Friday, Lara stayed the night at Mistress Suzy's estate. Monday morning found a desperately naked girl trying to figure out how she could go to her marketing exam without any clothing.

"With the Program now in place in the grade and high schools I shouldn't wonder but some spill over with on campus nudity will strike our college campus soon," Mistress Suzy told Lara. "But for now, come upstairs to my bedroom. Sheer ivory thigh high hose, a matching garter belt, baby blue satin tap pants and a matching baby doll style chemise top and matching baby blue mule style slippers lay on the chair by Suzy's bed.

"If you give your presentation dressed in these I guarantee you will not only pass the examination but the course as well," Suzy told Lara, then whispered and reinforced some other remarks.

By ten in the morning on Monday, Martin dropped Lara off in front of the Business education building at the college for her examination. Heads turned as she entered the test room. The usual dressed down in over size sweat shirt and Bermuda shorts Lara was stunning in the outfit loaned her by Suzy.

Professor Rand Wesson looked her up and down as if she were the last cupcake on the tray at a children's birthday party. "Lara, would you care to explain what it is and why you are wearing it?"

"Professor, before I do, could I have a moment with my classmates?" Lara requested. Wesson looked at her and at his watch as if to say, it is your exam time, and nodded his assent.

Lara whispered to five of her classmates, three males and two females asking for their assistance. They all agreed.

"Sir by their agreeing to help me, these five have also agreed to take whatever grade you assign me, my exam, with your permission shall be in the form of a advertising firms pitch to a client." Lara said.

Wesson chuckled and waited to see how Lara would present her strategy.

"We were posited with 'if all coffee is good coffee, why do they drink what they do in Seattle," Lara said.

"Jonathan is a robust jock who has lettered in football and baseball, he represents strong dark roast coffee," Lara smiled.

"Jeffry is older and a little less fit," Lara started.

"Ah, hell I admit I am overweight and in my thirties, Lara, go on," Jeffry said and the class broke into laughter.

"Okay, Jeffry represents your average store brand, like Chase and Sandborne, Maxwell House or Folger's," Lara stated.

Moving to an ordinary looking guy about her own age, "Thom, represents the coffee and donut chain coffee like Tim Horton's or Dunkin Donuts," she told her professor.

Next in line was one of the girls a clean cut brunet without make up, "Sandy is Starbucks, everywhere and ordinary and dependable."

"Trudy, is a bit more upscale but expensively inaccessible," Lara remarked concerning the second girl an Asian American cheerleader.

"Then there is me," She flipped her hair and wiggled her hips, "Do I look tasty? Would you like to find out what subtle undertones lay under my surface?" She propped one leg up on a chair seat and stroked the silky nylon from ankle to thigh, "With me available, why do you think they drink what they do in Seattle, Professor Wesson?" She licked her lips and then pursed them to blow the professor a kiss.

"Very nicely done, Lara, but this seems like a one-time marketing campaign, what would you do to keep Seattle buying your coffee?" Rand Wesson asked her.

"Maybe something like this, Professor," she replied and peeled off the baby doll top leaving her naked from the waist up, "with the scroll below the screen saying, our flavor is natural and undisguised."

"Ahem, I would certainly be interested in campaigns three and four, but I get your point and you have gotten the point of the class. You six are dismissed with my thanks. Let's hope the rest of you do as well open you blue books and begin." Rand Wesson was shaking his head and trying not to laugh out loud.

Lara left the building so quickly that she was half way to the parking lot before she realized the baby doll top was still draped over a chair in the testing room. She and her participants were given 3.5 out of 4 for the presentation. As none of them had better than a 2.25 in the class before the presentation and as that exam counted one half of the final grade all six were ecstatic.

"Miss Lara, Mistress Suzy will not be amused when she discovers you have left part of her wardrobe behind," Martin smiled as he opened the limo door for the bare breasted student.

The drive to the estate was a silent one. Lara reviewing her performance and hoping her professor accepted it, for her own and the sake of the other five in the class who helped the presentation to fruition.

Martin concentrated on the drive and the view of Lara sitting with hardened nipples in the rear seat of the vehicle as seen from the panoramic rear view mirror.

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