Bottled Courage

by Alan C. Zumwalt

Copyright© 2012 by Alan C. Zumwalt

Romantic Sex Story: Unspoken feeling between two Japanese friends surface after a night of drinking. Their relationship and their lives will never be the same.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   .

Note on name suffixes in Japan: In Japanese: When talking, you almost always add a suffix to end of names. The most common is "san" as in Haruka-san. It is a sign of respect and common courtesy. "Chan" is used for small children. It is also used with young women, when you want to flatter them or show endearment. Using no suffix is a sign of intimacy. It only done among immediate family members or lovers.

Yumiko started at the knock on her door. "It can't be Haruka", she thought. "It's too early."

She opened the door, and there was her best friend and neighbor, Haruka Takahashi, standing as stiff as a statue.

"Haruka-san," Yumiko exclaimed. "You're home so soon. What happened?"

"He dumped me," she said flatly.

"But I thought he was going to propose!"

Her controlled façade finally cracked, as her eyes teared up. "So did I!" Losing all control, she bawled openly, and collapsed into her girlfriend's arms.

The shorter girl did her best to hug and comfort her distressed friend. "Oh, Haru-chan! I am so sorry."

"This is the second time this has happened to me," she sobbed. "After dedicating three years to him. Akira says he's found someone else who is his soul mate."

Yumiko Koshigi pulled away from her distraught friend, and walked over to the pantry. "You know what we need to do?" she asked.


She pulled out a large bottle of sake. "We need to get drunk!"

Though not much of a drinker, Haruka nodded. "You are right."

The two knelt at Yumiko's low table, where she ate, and poured each other a glass of the strong rice wine.

The shorter woman raised her glass. "Here's to forgetting our pain."

"Cheers!" said Haruka.

Before they knew it, they had gone through both of Yumiko's sake bottles. And rather than go out to the store and get more, they switched to the only other booze she had in the apartment, Asahi beer.

They had each drank two bottles of that, but Haruka was not feeling better. In fact, getting drunk, if anything made her more miserable. "You know why Akira really dumped me?" she slurred.

"No, why?"

"Because I wouldn't sleep with him until I got a commitment from him.

"But I was ready tonight. I thought he was going to propose. I was ready to give him my body, to use as he wanted."

"Then he was a fool."

"The same thing happened with Shun before him. He broke up because I wouldn't sleep with him soon enough."

"He was a fool too.'

At some point Yumiko had moved around so she sat at a right angle to her girlfriend ... She grabbed Haruka's shoulders. "These guy are complete jerks if they can't see what an incredible girl you are. They'd be lucky to have you."

"Oh, Yumi-chan! That's so sweet."

Impulsively, she lean forward and kissed Haruka on the mouth. Embarrassed, she quickly pulled away. "Oh, Haruka-san I'm so..."

Her friend cut her off by returning her kiss, but this time with greater passion. Their mouths wide open, their tongues intertwined.

Yumiko started caressing her friend's small breasts through her white blouse, but her bra got in the way of any real contact.

"Here, let me help you," whispered her friend. Haruka reached behind and undid the clasp to her bra strap.

When she saw what her friend was doing, Yumiko followed suit with her own bra.

Quickly, they were back in each others arms, french kissing each other. Yumiko reached under Haruka's blouse and bra, and rubbing her sensitive nipples.

"Oh! Yumi-chan!" she gasped.

"You like that?" Yumiko asked.

"God, Yes!"

"Then why don't you the same to me?"

In quick order, Haruka had her hands up Yumiko's shirt, kneading and tweaking her generous C-cup breasts.

"I wish I had your tits," said Haruka said wistfully.

"There are disadvantages to having large breasts," said Yumiko.

"But they feel so nice,"

"So does what you're doing to them," she said.

"Let's get this shirt off, so I can give them proper attention."

In short order, both were completely topless. Yumiko, though just a few centimeters shorter, seemed even shorter, because of her wide shoulders, large breasts, round face and short haircut.

Haruka, in contrast, was thin and willowy, with small A-cup breasts, oval face, and long, shoulder-length hair.

Yumiko leaned forward, licking and sucking on her friend's small breasts.

Haruka expressed her pleasure through small gasps and moans.

She finally pushed her away. "Let me try," she whispered.

Yumiko moaned as Haruka's mouth touched her large breasts. "Oh, Haruka! I've dreamed of this for so long!"

After a few minutes, Yumiko pushed her away from her aching breasts. "Lay down," she whispered. "We can do each other together."

"All right."

Laying down on the thin throw rug, Haruka saw her best friend climb on top of her, so they each had a breast in each others face. They both started licking and nibbling on the other girl's mammaries. The thinner girl soon found it difficult to breathe, with Yumiko's large breast covering both her nose and mouth.

Yumiko reared up and gasped as her body shook from an orgasm. "Oh God!" she cried.

Haruka stroked her best friend's shoulder. "Let's get off this hard floor," she whispered.

Yumiko nodded. Without discussing, they worked together. The tall girl took off the bottles and glasses off the table, then folded it up. At the same time, Yumiko took out her futon out of the closet, and unfolded it where the table had been.

For a moment the two stood, looking at each other on opposite sides of the futon. "So, what do we do now?" asked Haruka.

Without speaking, Yumiko undid her skirt, then stepped out of her panties.

The other girl followed suit.

Both girls stood naked, facing each other. Haruka looked at her friend with new eyes. "You're so beautiful," she whispered.

Yumiko blushed. "Don't say that. You were always the pretty one. The popular one."

She walked across the futon and put her hands on Haruka's hips. "Come. Lay with me."

The slim girl draped her arms around Yumiko's shoulders and began kissing her deeply. Yumiko returned the favor, guiding her lover onto the futon. From a kneeling position, she lowered Haruka onto the futon, on her side. Then she laid herself in the opposite direction, so her face was at Haruka's crotch.

Haruka gasped. "You've shaved. Should I shave too?"

"Maybe later. Right now, I want to taste your pussy."

Yumiko scooted in, and they started eating each other out in the sixty-nine position.

"Oh, Haruka!" she cried. "You taste so sweet!

"Could you lick higher? Please lick my clit ... Oh yes! Right there!"

"Oh God! Yumiko! You're so good. Don't stop! Please don't stop!" Haruka cried out, and sprayed her lover's face with her juice.

Yumiko came too, but with less messy results.

They didn't stop, though. They both stayed locked on each others muff, licking and nipping. Bringing each other to new heights of ecstasy.

Finally, Haruka cried out, "Enough! I can't take any more. One more orgasm and I'll die!"

Yumiko pulled away, then scooted down, so their faces were nearly even with each other. They clasped hands and gazed at each other, cum still on Yumiko's face, filled with a love and satisfaction neither had felt before.

"Why didn't we try this a long time ago?" asked Haruka.

"Because you're completely clueless."


"Haruka, you are a complete idiot. I have been in love with you since we first met in nursery school."

This left the slim woman speechless. "You're kidding!"

Yumiko shook her head. "I took the entrance exam twice to get into the same high school as you. I went to the same university, with the same major. I pleaded and begged to be your roommate in college. After we graduated, I campaigned hard to be accepted to the same corporation as you, though my GPA was much lower. I even managed to be in the same department as you. When you moved into this apartment building, I moved in down the hall. If that isn't love, what is?"

Haruka pondered. "I just thought we were just best friends.

"I offered for you to share my apartment with you, as roommates, but you turned me down. Why?"

Tears formed in the shorter girl's eyes. "Because I couldn't take it any more! You going out with guys who were just trying to get into your pants. They didn't love you a tenth as much as I do, and it broke my heart."

"But why didn't you tell me how you felt?"

Yumiko blushed. "Because I was a coward. I was afraid that if I confessed my feelings for you, you'd freak and not want anything to do with me. I'd rather love you in secret, and be your friend, than risk it and lose you completely."

"Oh, Yumiko!" she cried, tearing up herself. "You poor thing!"

"Do you remember the second day of nursery school? We were on the playground, and I told you that I wanted to be married with you?"

"No, I don't"

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