B9 - Wife's Unexpected Encounter in the Garden

by rodeotexas

Copyright© 2012 by rodeotexas

Erotica Sex Story: wife, 1st time, dog, donkeys, girlfriends

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Romantic   NonConsensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   True Story   Zoophilia   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Anal Sex   Bestiality   .

In telling a story as complex as this and to do so in a timely manner, I had to use the first person, second person and third person to adequately describe the events.

My wife Lydia and I met while in the university in Colorado working on our undergraduate then graduate degrees. We have been married for four years now and we live near a mountainous tourist/resort town not far from where we went to university. Lydia is an investment counselor and owns an investment franchise which is considerable to say of her investment talents to be able to to purchase this franchise and have three staff working for her and not anywhere near thirty years of age!

Having always been the outdoors type, enjoying fly fishing, backpacking, mountain biking, extreme skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling, and working seasonal jobs during high school and university doing these activities, I started up a tourist related business with activities that varied with the season which I was fortunate to have very good success with despite the economy. In fact I could not keep up with the growing clientele, in fact thinking about adding a business partner, maybe even two to expand as well as help out.

We live outside of town on a very secluded 250 acre mountainous tract that is surrounded by much larger tracts of land, very large ranches actually. The only thing you see, initially, is an improved road zigzagging up a slope and then it disappears from view. The road is originally a small mine ore road from an old mine on the property. One of the things I and my wife love to do along with my wife's three best friends, Rachel, Erica and Ashley is to explore Colorado's old mining heritage. We came across this tract of land, still owned by the federal government. The government still had not totally revised the 1874 Mining Act, so with the help with a university geology professor, we were able to prove the shallow 200 foot old mine no longer produced assayable precious minerals and were able to acquire the property for a very ridiculously small fraction of the local real estate prices. We have a 5600 square foot custom log home built in the mountain lodge style. Our home is situated in a narrow hanging valley so we have great views of the scenery below and also provides seclusion, as from the lower elevations you cannot discern there is a house up above, and with a forested mountain on either side of the property, it isolates it from side views as well. The nearest residence was over four miles away. We had constructed a heated horizon pool with a natural free flowing edge to blend in to the property as well as a large hot tub that could easily sit 12 people. We also shared the house with a very large, lovable but overly friendly and very inquisitive 170 pound Labrador we simply called Beast because of his size.

During university Lydia worked at HOOTER's, the international bar and grill restaurant chain famous for their fabulous well endowed waitresses wearing skimpy serving outfits. Indeed, Lydia was selected to be in the Hooter's calendar twice during the four years she worked there. Lydia also became very best friends with three other Hooter's waitresses, Rachel, Erica and Ashley, and for the last three and a half years of university all four shared an off-campus house.

I have never seen four women that had such a deep caring sharing relationship with each other! Not once did I ever witness an argument. Plus they all had this synergistic effect on each other, they were a crazy wild bunch of very seriously sexy and very beautiful, very well endowed and fit women. I and the others wondered were they all got this high energy level from. We all have known one woman or two that seemed to have unlimited boundless energy but here were four roommates that all had it!

All four women were insanely attractive and enjoyed strenuous workout regimes combining weight training and jogging to keep their well toned hard ripped bodies fit. They all were the very outdoorsy type enjoying mountain biking, hiking, camping, backpacking, horseback riding, extreme snow skiing and snowboarding and surprisingly – fishing, which all very very knowledgeable and very good at.

Oddly, in reflection it seemed that Rachel, Erica and Ashley actually went out on few dates with men during the university years, certainly I never knew any of them to have a serious boyfriend. It seemed they preferred going out with their other girlfriends partying and dancing or with Lydia and I, preferably with us. At first it was disconcerting that Rachel, Erica and Ashley would also hold hands with me together with Lydia, or not... , as well as individually calling or texting me as much as Lydia did. At times it was hard to tell whom was dating whom! I can barely remember the times when one or more did not accompany us, but it never bothered me, especially with their great personalities and I greatly enjoyed the open flirtation that again Lydia seemed to encourage not only with the girls but I with them as well. Besides we all loved the attention we drew: one guy out with two or more extremely beautiful, statuesque, very well endowed and very fit women who openly flirted not only with words but actions with him!

After we got engaged (which did not take a long time Lydia and I having almost instantly recognized something special in each other like the cliché, soul mates), her roommates as well as Lydia started doing something they had not previously done before while I was over at their house - all four of them began the disconcerting habit of walking through the rooms I was in while getting ready to go out, in just panties and bras, or wearing a short towel wrapped around them that barely covered their ass cheeks (and given ample opportunity to be flashed more intimate areas!). Some evenings when we all decided not to go out but watch movies instead they would change into skimpy, revealing and very alluring lingerie. If they started drinking while watching movies, well, they seemed to get very casual and non-nonchalant about what was being exposed. And when they had been drinking, they also seemed to have an occasional penchant for popping in a porn movie late at night and then things did get very interesting which left no doubt in my mind that the three of them and maybe even Lydia had "fun" with each other. When Lydia and I got very serious and started sleeping with each other, occasionally I spent the night at the girl's house. I have always been an early riser and on occasion have passed an open bedroom door and seen two naked female bodies sharing a bed...

Once I asked Lydia about their shenanigans around me and how strange it was it did not seem to bother her. Lydia explained Rachel, Erica and Ashley loved to tease me to get a rise out of me (in more ways than one) so I ought just to sit back and enjoy the views, besides, she loved to see the way I get flustered, and it turned her and the others on sexually, imagining all the dirty thoughts and fantasies that must be churning through my male brain!

I laughingly replied

"Oh so it is a look but don't touch thing. That is so cruel!"

Lydia just gave me a long coy sexy look that left me extremely confused...

Another influence is there is a very popular upscale adult video and toy store on the same street they passed by on their way to work that is staffed with attractive and friendly coeds. The owner knew a good marketing tool to attract university student customers of both sexes! All four of them did not conceal they frequented the place and I was at times with them as they perused the toys and clothing and made purchases, all four of them had a variety of "toys". You should have seen the shock on my face when I realized this was also were they had purchased some of their lingerie!

I know that Lydia shared everything with her three best friends and had told them that she was fortunate to have become engaged to not only a very loving caring smart attractive man but one that was also very well endowed. I have never been the one to brag but of a modest shy nature, however, I am very fortunate to posses a cock just at ten inches in length and very, very thick. Every woman I had ever bedded had difficulty with my size, with my thickness and large cock head it was difficult each time to even penetrate into her. With my length I easily reached the woman's cervix and there was still a lot me me not yet within her. Only if she was very drunk (or high) or we have been together for awhile, did she relax enough to fully take me inside, past her cervical entrance. Lydia especially had a tight vaginal entrance.

Lydia is, in blunt terms, insatiable, and she always wanted "round 2". Having the fortune of having such a long and very thick cock, post-orgasm, my cock would still lay well within Lydia. After several minutes of Lydia giving me time to recover, she would start contracting her vaginal muscles, massaging my cock, bringing it back to life. Lydia told me she greatly enjoyed feeling my cock come back to action within her, feeling it shift and twitch deep inside, feeling it swell and begin to harden and then stir in her tight tunnel, feeling the rebounding surge in girth and length as it crept deeper into her.

Lydia seemed to take great pleasure in telling her three best friends tales of our lovemaking and then telling me of watching their reactions as she told them. These story nights always wound up being extra passionate affairs on Lydia's part. In some part I thought it was strange that Lydia got turned on telling her friends about, to put it crudely, our fucking, because at times it was not lovemaking but hard pounding heated wild abandoned hard core fucking and Lydia was extremely passionate, uninhibited and willing to try anything once. Lydia even enjoyed anal sex despite my large size but that seemed to make it even more special as it took some time and patience to get all my length and thickness slowly worked into her and then slowly build up a rhythm.

With Lydia and I now engaged, I did not dare do anything that might jeopardize it despite the seemingly open visual and physical invitation that frequently presented itself, especially as I mentioned before, when the girls have been drinking, watching a porn movie, wearing skimpy revealing lingerie, openly intimately caressing and deeply kissing each other and at times, with Lydia, in front of me! At times like this, they gave me lingering somewhat not near chase kisses and caresses, it was nearly impossible to resist when a gorgeous scantily lingerie clad woman gave you a hot kiss, with your fiance sitting next to you, equally clad in very revealing provocative lingerie, caressing you both, everyone highly stimulated in part to the porn movie.

Still I barely held out not daring in any way to threaten our engagement and future, nor wishing it to endanger the deep relationship these four women had with each other that I could clearly see went far beyond just sexual. Still I was thoroughly baffled by the apparent seemingly open invitation that Lydia approved and encouraged! I suspected what partly the reason was because Lydia went in for some medical consultation two years ago, a few months after all four women had moved in together. I just did not think it would go to this extent for all four of them to act like they way they did with Lydia's active participation...

The aggravating factor in all of this that directly affected Lydia in some strange unfathomable reason that also affected Rachel, Erica and Ashley as well is that Lydia is slightly hyper-sexual, confirmed by hormonal testing showing elevated sex hormones. Lydia was referred to a renowned sex therapist down in Austin, Texas. The therapist determined that while Lydia had very strong sexual urges and desires and became wildly physical, passionate and uninhibited when aroused or having sex, since Lydia is also very strong willed and she had never been promiscuous, then there was no need for any further therapy sessions. Lydia also discussed how she and her three roommates seemed to posses a deep natural very loving affinity for each other and how any one of them easily affected the other and with the four of them it was greatly magnified. Lydia even told her they had sex with each other. The therapist explained it is a proven fact that two or more women can find themselves to be soul mates, can have the same similarity, love, sex and intimacy as male and female soul mates. That love transcends sexual orientation, so whether you are gay, straight or bi-sexual, love is love and great sex is a side benefit.

The therapist explained these relationships are usually common between two people, but three or even four people in a deep, loving sharing lifelong relationship is not unheard of, and it is more common and prevalent than most people were aware of. More so, there are well documented cases when there are multiple partners in a lifelong relationship that it is not limited to sexual makeup. It could be three or more of the same sex, three or more of the opposite sex with a combination of sexes, i.e., two or more women with one man, or less common and rare, two or more men with one women. It was still not very well understood but it was more common for two or more women to be involved with one man versus two men and one women.

The therapist stated there are many well-documented cases of single women living together for years, even unto death, sometimes passed off in old terminology as "spinsters".

But research has proven it goes beyond what society use to coin as two or more spinsters living together, that there is a deep loving often very intimate bond that exists on many levels. With the modern age those women may have the prejudiced label of gay or lesbian, but when two or more women do live together for very long periods and share everything it is more than a sexual relationship, it is a very loving, caring relationship. While America is just now recognizing same sex relationships, same sex legal civil unions and in a several states, same sex marriage, it has been a long common acceptance in Europe. The therapist stated that countless hurt, sorrow and grief has occurred and still occurs to be living in a modern society with vastly outdated social conventions – love is love!

Lydia stated she was concerned her hyper-sexuality had an undue affect upon her roommates. The therapist asked Lydia to remember exactly when she and her roommates started having sex with each other and when did their menses cycle start synchronizing. Lydia responded that they only had sex a couple of times with each other before they moved in together. It was a few months before they all could move in and their cycles did not mesh until a few months of living together.

Lydia added it seemed strange their arousal's and having sex sex together ramped up at the same time their menses meshed. Lydia also clarified that two of her roommates were having sex with each other before she met them. The therapist explained that indeed Lydia's elevated hormones caused her body to release pheromones that sexually affected her three female roommates but this did not occur until, as Lydia had already noted, a few months after they moved in together. It was akin to female roommates having their menses in sync with each other, it took time living with each other for this to happen. The therapist explained that research was just now beginning to unlock this sex hormone/pheromone chemical relationship and the affects it has on other females living together. She expected that within the eight to ten years it will be unraveled and then it would not be long before prescriptions drugs will be available to actually increase a woman's libido and a black market established for the pheromones!

The therapist drove her point home by pointing out that their soul mate affinity for each other clearly began long before they moved in together based on all the similar likes, attractions and activities they all enjoyed. Since Lydia and the others only had sex together a couple times before they all moved in, sex was not all that great a factor, their other common interests and feelings for each other were. Subconsciously they all recognized they were kindred spirits that deepened into soul mates and all four of them ought to look at the great sex, helped in some part by Lydia, as a great big benefit!

Now I am not implying that Lydia was sexually free before we were married despite being slightly hyper-sexual, at least not with men ... While she had more than her share of boyfriends during high school and university until she met me in our university sophomore year, she had actually only had sex with one of her former boyfriends.

The night we became engaged, Lydia and I had a serious talk to discuss the complex relationship she had with Rachel, Erica and Ashley. All three women had long known about Lydia's hyper-sexuality and everything the therapist said, including the affect it had on the three of them.

Now, with her three very best friends, she did share with me that the four of them, while rooming together, very frequently had sexual dalliances with each other. Like Lydia, none of the other three were promiscuous but all four of them were at a stage in their lives with rampant sex hormones surging through their bodies, Lydia especially.

I told Lydia that I suspected as much and it did not bother me in the least. To liven the discussion up I remarked "it is the fantasy of any male's dreams!" But seriously, I told Lydia I was not in anyway going to try to change or jeopardize the relationship she possessed with Rachel, Erica and Ashley and they with her.

That I recognized their relationship went much deeper than four very attractive women just having sex with each other, that what the four of them possessed, together, was on some very special deep loving spiritual plane and I felt fortunate to be not only in her life but the others as well, that I had come to love them too and that I would do anything, for all of them, for the rest of our lives...

Lydia looked at me with impassioned eyes and we had a momentous night of lovemaking and neither one of us cared who was in her house or that the door had been left wide open!

Two weeks after we got engaged, Lydia went back to the therapist concerned how her relationship with her roommates and me may be affected since she was now engaged, confused how she can feel that she was soul mates on very deep loving and sexual level with her three female roommates but also feel she was equally a soul mate to me. After listening to Lydia how her three roommates and I interacted, how we all did things together, the degree of respect and caring shown for each other, what I had told Lydia how I felt about her and her three roommates and intimately probing for any signs of jealousy, the therapist suggested it seemed that Rachel, Erica and Ashley may be harboring more than just increased feelings of affection for me - but of attraction and love. Lydia, to the therapist's surprise, stated she and her three roommates did have an intense discussion the day after her engagement. Her roommates all knew the proposal was coming, in fact that I intently discussed it with each of them individually and all three together before I asked Lydia to marry me. How I assured each of them individually and as a group that I was not going to affect their relationship in anyway, how I also have come to care very deeply for each of them as well, remarking they were like the sisters I never had but on some strange deeper level, and want them to be a part of our lives forever. When the four women met to discus her engagement, Rachel, Erica and Ashley told her they had come to love me deeply as well, however, all three made it very clear it was not in the brotherly sense...

The therapist reassured Lydia that based on all what she has learned from their two, week long intensive sessions, even under hypnosis to probe even deeper deep seated hidden feelings, she predicated the five of us will develop an even deeper, more loving caring relationship not only with each other but as a group as a whole.

She cautioned Lydia not to be too surprised where it may lead but to be open and willingly accept it because she is beginning to think the five of us are greater as a whole and that our love for each other and as a group, knew no boundaries, that in some sense we are nurturing each other. That there were several well-documented case histories to this effect She promised Lydia to call her if her predication comes true, that Lydia will instantly recognize it when it does happen, and finally, to consider if it does happen, for all five of us to contemplate being a case study for her.

After a long engagement (we wanted to wait until we almost completed our graduate work, all five of us completed our graduate work in one year), we got married in the winter of our graduate year. My lease was up and all four women firmly stated it only made sense for me to move in, in fact, they intensely insisted upon it. Once I did, it seemed that Rachel, Erica and Ashley lost what modesty and decency they had around me! And Lydia as always, acted thoroughly amused and encouraged it!

That following summer Lydia and I moved to where we are now. I was startled and extremely concerned how Lydia, Rachel, Erica and Ashley cried, as if someone had died! To tell you the truth it got my own water works going! I even felt as if a loss occurred and a very strange unsettled feeling began residing within in as if something was not right ... Very uncharacteristically, Lydia acted depressed and slightly morose for a couple of weeks which instantly was banished when Rachel, Erica and Ashley came for a visit to help us get out new house unpacked and organized. Then, when they left, the crying and sobbing started all over again!

Lydia had been working at the investment firm since her junior year and now she was charged to establish a branch office where we are now with the written guarantee she would be able to purchase the business as a franchise at a pre-set price anytime within the next five years. Lydia had turned out to be a financial whiz within her first year of employment while attending university, setting sales/profits/gains no one else in the office or other offices could match. Though she was recruited to come work after graduation at the corporate office in New York, we both were dead set on living in the Rocky Mountains. So, as an incentive to keep her talents, she was the youngest person ever chosen to open up their own branch office! Lydia also had amassed a very impressive savings with her earnings, and along with mine and both of our parents assistance, were able to purchase this 250 acre secluded property.

Now, just barely four years later, Rachel, Erica and Ashley, were strangely still unmarried despite their incredible looks and personalities, with Erica and Ashley still living in the same university town together while Rachel had moved to the same town that we lived nearby, managing a ski resort.

All three were very frequent weekend visitors to our place, one or more of them at least every other week, Rachel often spent nights with us during the week as well. The often repeated joke was they all should consider just moving in with us they were here so often and we all immensely enjoyed each others company.

More than once all four replied it was a great idea but was afraid I could not handle three sex starved souped-up wildcats while pointedly looking at my crotch. Lydia to my amazement openly encouraged this type of conversation and even alluded more than once it would be great fun to see how I would keep four horny women satisfied!

Due to my slightly repressed and modest nature I never could come up with a witty response to these comments, becoming greatly embarrassed when they started talking like this, wondering whether they were kidding or impossibly being remotely serious! Especially considering how they dressed and acted around me during our university years, the actual physical caressing of me and the not somewhat chaste kisses when greeting me or telling me goodbye and they still acted this way, even more so since Lydia and I married! Over the years, it had just been playful kissing, darting their tongues in, trying to catch me unawares and shocking me, however, as times went by this game seemed to evolve and get more serious with them trying to keep tongues in longer, seeking mine out. And each of them still held my hand when they could, in private and public...

However, I suspected the four still had their occasional dalliances with each other. There were enough hints of openly flirting with each other, more than casual very intimate caresses of each other and the disconcerting habit of those besides me that witnessed it, of them greeting each other with lip on lip kisses which left no doubt that a very brief instantaneous exchange of tongues had occurred ... I had never met any other women that seemed so incredibly horny all the time! And they were so open about it!

As y'all now know, Rachel, Erica and Ashley were not in the least modest around me, quite evidently with Lydia's generous blessing, encouragement and to her great amusement, as all four wore very skimpy Rio style string bikinis with micro-triangle tops at our pool and in the hot tub that very well and very expansively showed off the well toned and amply endowed tanned assets that all four possessed. I darn well knew they did not wear these swimsuits out in public. In my presence lounging around or in the pool they were not hesitant at all about adjusting themselves within their barely there swim wear. There had been plenty of times when I had arrived home when one or more of them were visiting and they were out by the pool tanning topless. When they saw me walk out they very unhurriedly reached for their tops and took their time putting them back on and readjusting them, giving me the opportunity of long exposed views of very beautiful well endowed firm bare breasts - all the while each of them were looking directly at me with big grins on their faces. Lydia as well as the others seem to take great delight in my discomfort and actually encouraged it with Lydia being the lead instigator! Of course over the years of seeing them in skimpy lingerie that barely left nothing to the imagination and the occasional flashing, I was well aware of what each beautiful woman possessed, still it is the allure of the lingerie and skimpy swimwear. It has been very well and thoroughly scientifically documented that a partially clothed body was more alluring, especially to men, than total nudity.

Lydia and I sitting in the hot tub in the cool evenings with one, two or all three women with us, especially when we have been drinking, it could predictably start with all four of them "accidentally" periodically let assets slip free of loosely tied micro-triangle bikini tops with slow unhurried motion of putting it back in place or going for long moments acting they did not realize it had happened until they were sure I had become embarrassingly aware taking great delight in my discomfort. As the evening and the drinking wore on, Lydia, Rachel, Erica and Ashley seemed to have a synergistic effect upon each other, getting wilder and more outrageous with each other and me!

At some point then Lydia's top would disappear when I was not looking or had gone back in the house for more drinks, shortly thereafter the tops of whomever else was in with us would also disappear, and frequently, bottoms...

It went beyond this but my shy nature refused to acknowledged let alone participate what I damn well knew what was going on, two of them sitting close to each other, shoulders and arms angling to each other, through the swirling bubble infused water brief glimpses of busy hands between each others legs, glazed eyes seeing nothing, slightly parted lips and occasional low moans barely heard over the noise of the hot tub. Worse was when Lydia was sitting next to me getting playful and another was on the other side of me, bare hard nipple voluptuous breasts of both women pressing against me, Lydia taking my hand and placing it on her crotch – a clear indication what she wanted me to do, then her hand sliding up the inside of my leg, freeing my cock then stroking it ... dawning realization that I dare not let on that no longer was it Lydia stroking...

Now besides Lydia, Erica was perhaps the second boldest sexually adventuresome of the four women. Indeed, she had given me many an intentional provocative flash of her most intimate areas while boldly staring at me with a lustful look as well as brief intimate caresses of my jeans. In the hot tub I have witnessed her forcing the others out of the way to sit next to me to the amusement of the others and I know damn good and well that it was Lydia and Erica conspiring together that had traded off handling my cock. Behind Lydia she was the second to lose her bikini tops as well as bottoms and engineered "accidental" encounters with my hand with her bare pussy as well as "oh, so slowly" sliding over me to get to the other side, slightly pausing, briefly straddling me, while my beautiful, sexy, lusty wife had my cock fully out, hard, stroking it while poising it in just the right position, both my wife and Erica giving me coy sexy saucy grins! Feeling my cock head brush against Erica's pussy lips. I knew my cock would not enter her readily without some degree of great effort, and especially not in the hot tub, it was much too thick and my cock head too big as well. No woman I had ever bedded found it easy for me to enter. But still it happened, more than once and not just with Erica but with all of them with Lydia facilitating the encounters, pulling my cock out, making sure it was hard and poising it in just the right position, the girls "accidentally" slipping while sliding over me to get to the other side, their naked pussies making direct hard contact with my cock head only for my cock to rebound up through their labia folds or between their firm buttocks, my cock head too big to easily enter either tight and very tight entrances ... the girl and Lydia huskily laughing, the girl, in some variation, jokingly stating she almost got to experienced being impaled on the biggest thing she ever had that Lydia enthusiastically enjoyed and told such tales about! And it has occurred many times and still does.

What was their game or plan?! What was Lydia's! How long can I hold out? I was completely baffled by Lydia's actions. Clearly she wanted it to happen as much as the other three desired it. It was made even more clear when they were all totally and thoroughly soused and all inhibitions were washed away, all partially to totally nude and at times Lydia would straddle me and started rubbing her naked pussy against my cock. Only managing to partially get the tip of my cock head into her very tight entrance but no further due to the water washing away all her lubrication.

The others, with undeniable sexual hunger and lust blazing from their hot eyes watching Lydia and what she was trying to do, Lydia watching with amusement showing on her incredibly lovely face looking at my reaction, of she trying to fuck me in front of our dearest friends, we both knowing it would be a futile effort until we went inside and her natural lubrication paved the way...

I lost count of the number of times I had actually carry or assist walk one or the other topless or totally nude into the house because they were too drunk to walk or had passed out and put them to bed. Once inside their bedroom, how Lydia or one of the others insisted that I help dry off the person I carried in, removing the others string bikini bottoms if they still wore them and briskly toweling them and then instructed to pick her up and place her into bed. In this fashion, it was not long before that I knew that like Lydia, Rachel, Erica and Ashley also had had all their pubic hair removed by laser with the exception of some small fanciful design.

We had to be careful around Beast. As I mentioned before he was overly inquisitive and overly-friendly with guests, especially women, often creating embarrassing scenes with a very fit and very strong 170 pond Labrador that is determined to put his nose where he wants to. Rachel, Erica and Ashley had especially learned to be wary with the skimpy swimsuits they wore and the fact that all four women did sleep in the nude, even when visiting our house - especially careful when the highly inebriated state the women would often get into when one or more were visiting. When we had to put one or more to bed I had to make sure the door was closed so Beast would not wander in, no telling what may have happened if that occurred! There were a more than a few times he slipped by into the bedroom while carrying or helping one of the women in and was able to shove his nose into a totally exposed naked pussy and get a few licks in! It was bad enough that Beast would try to hump them if he had a chance and not any amount of gentle disciplining would make him break the habit and we did not want to neuter him as he came out of a champion bloodline. When he did try to hump one of the four women it always invariably led to lewd ribald laughter and when it happened while they had been drinking they made some pretty outrageous comments what would happen if he caught one of them unaware considering the size of his "package" and no telling what is knot would swell up to locking Beast and woman together!

Beast is so excitable we thought about putting him on a prescription drug to calm him down. However, the veterinarian stated drugs of this type would make Beast lethargic and/or spacey. She suggested the best thing to do is to give Beast plenty of exercise. Fortunately my job and business provided for lots of that type of activity. Still he often was "overly friendly with the female clientele. Luckily, to date, each one had laughed it off.

Even though Beast can be very frequently embarrassing with his very intimate and aggressive sexual antics, we both preferred Beast in his easily excitable loveable state rather than for him to be in a drugged lethargic state.

As it where, there were countless continuing close calls, due to the Lydia, Rachel, Erica and Ashley in jest encouraging Beast to do so, they thought the close encounters to be so funny! And when he did mount and start humping, the woman he was humping almost always had to have help from another person to pull Beast off he was so strong.

Particular as I said before when they have been drinking and being intoxicated and with the skimpy Rio style bikinis all four wore, it would not take much for him to slip something by! Inevitable when Beast had one of the four near a favorable position to jump up on and start humping, frequently after several moments of trying to break free and/or waiting for another to slowly come over and aid in pulling Beast off, they would start hysterically shrieking when they actually felt him prodding their bikini bottom. More than once after he dismounted or was pulled off I saw wet spots from where he started squirting precum!

Evening times were particular perilous with Lydia, Rachel, Erica and Ashley lounging around in sexy lingerie or extremely short semi-sheer robes wearing thongs/G-strings. With their overindulgence they physically got rambunctious with each other, around a very excitable Labrador who always wanted to play, and their evening lounge wear offered vastly less protection than their skimpy Rio bikinis! The very narrow strip of fabric of their thongs/G-strings running in-between their lovely firm ass cheeks did not provide much in the way of protection...

I guess that Lydia, Rachel, Erica and Ashley took some perverse amusement in teasing and inducing Beast to jump up on each other and start humping while the others dissolved into hysterical laughter. On more than one occasion, when they were particularly intoxicated, I had seen one of them jump up and forcibly assist Beast with humping after he had jumped up on one of them before she slowly pulled Beast off the other girl he was humping - they thought it was so hilarious. If Beast only possessed an awareness of how extremely beautiful these four women were and how lewdly they were acting with him instead of just going by instinct. I actually felt sorry for Beast, wondering if canines actually got cases of "blue balls" just like guys do...

Lydia especially had to be careful with her penchant of working around the yard in skimpy clothes, and with no neighbors nearby with our secluded property she liked to tan nude or getting in the pool or hot tub nude, as did Rachel, Erica and Ashley when they were visiting and I was not at home.

One night with Lydia and I in the hot tub, we have been working around the property all day and had very little to eat but we had been drinking beer and were now relaxing nude in the hot tub and Lydia was feeling pretty frisky and we both were slightly hammered. As she sat in my lap rubbing her pussy against my hard cock she whispered to me

"do you realize that Rachel, Erica and Ashley frequently still get it on with each other?"

I replied back

"No surprise there, there are enough open hints and displays that they do. More than once when they were staying over I heard noises from guest rooms at night clearly indicating what two or even three of them were doing together, not to mention the blatant intimate caressing they would do with each other ... and you ... when they thought I was not looking. Especially in the hot tub with the bubbles going".

When I said "and you" Lydia was just about to begin working my cock head into her tight entrance and that caused her to briefly stop and stare very hard at me with her emerald eyes.

I then added

"The only thing I could imagine being even hotter is all four of you incredibly beautiful women being in a naked pile together, preferably covered with oil, with a few toys tossed in... !"

Lydia smiled at me and asked "sooo, you do not mind" as I felt her earnestly work the tip of my cock head into her as she pushed her small diamond hard nipples of her firm voluptuous breasts against my chest...

And for the first time ever, in the hot tub, with great effort, she just barely managed to get the head of my cock into her oh, so very tight entrance and I began to feel her hot velvet very exquisite tightness begin to grip my cock head. I lowly groaned out

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