Monster in the Mirror

by Veritas

Copyright© 2012 by Veritas

Flash Story: What if you become the thing that goes bump in the night? Some might like the benefits.

Tags: Horror   Vampires  

Staring at my reflection in the mirror, I was somewhat surprised that I could still see it.

I was even more surprised that my face was essentially unchanged. I had expected some sort of dramatic transformation, something that would mirror the radical changes that I now knew had happened within me.

My skin seemed smoother, lacking all the little blemishes and imperfections I used to spend hours obsessing over. It also looked like it was a few shades paler, though, that could have simply been a trick of the poor lighting. My face was a bit leaner giving me a more mature and experienced look – as if it belonged on someone who had lived a much fuller and eventful life then me. But it was my eyes that showed how truly different I was now. They were no longer the same ordinary shade of dark brown that I had inherited from my parents, but a light amber that almost seemed to glow in the poorly lit bathroom. Though the individual changes were slight, and I was still recognizably me, the overall difference was huge.

I looked damn good. Alluring even. Who would have thought?

I opened my mouth and inspected my teeth and gums. Everything looked normal – oh, but how looks can be deceiving. I used the newfound muscles near my jaw and my canines extended to a little over an inch in length. The movement tickled slightly with a faint and strange pressure, but the action was swift and smooth, like a switchblade. Another conscious act and they retracted just as easily.

"Huh..." I heard myself make a questioning noise. 'I wonder how I am going to keep from biting myself.'

I extended my canines once again for a closer inspection in the mirror, from different angles. Touching them with a finger showed me how solid and sharp they were.

A noise from the side breaks my concentration. Looking out through the door into the bedroom I can see him laying there on my bed, covered in only a sheet, his nicely muscled limbs spread out in different directions. He was so handsome – way beyond what I would have normally considered my league. Oddly enough, the small mess of blood at his neck simply made him even more attractive to me now.

Although not unattractive, I was normally considered rather ordinary in the looks department.

I could be pretty funny and friendly, but all through high school and college, I could never quite shake the plain-jane, girl-next-door look I was apparently saddled with since birth. I have had a few boyfriends, but they always seemed just as boring and plain as I was. Ditto with all of my closest friends. All in all, my life had been mostly boring and pitifully uneventful.

It had all changed last night though.

After spending a few days cooped up at home with a fever, I had the uncharacteristic impulse – no, a deep seated need - to spend a night out. I knew something was different, but I couldn't really put my finger on it until I walked into that bar. I felt good; confidant and sexy, like I had never felt before. I had never been particularly graceful, but walking through that bar, I was damn near feline. All eyes were on me and I didn't care. The women were enviously assessing me and the men were openly admiring me. I somehow knew that some in both groups were having lustful thoughts about me – and I loved it, the power and influence I had over them.

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