The Halfbreed Halfling
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lestrian's only desire was to live her life in her small village with her family and friends. When a simple theft robs her of that dream, the only thing left is revenge.

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The sound of the door handle turning told the thief her plans for a stealthy robbery had gone awry. Lestrian turned around to see the large intimidating form of the home's owner entering.

The look on her face was priceless. Her prized treasure room was in shambles. Rare artifacts it had taken a lifetime to secure lay broken. Displays she'd taken months to set up were toppled. And in the middle of it all was the tiny halfling; fury etched on her face.

"Well what do we have..." the demon began

"DO NOT SPEAK!!!" Lestrian roared; more power in her voice than should have been possible for one of her race.

The demon looked the small creature over. She stood a head and a half taller than even the tallest of male halflings. Her body was lean and toned; far from the pudgy norm of her people. She was dressed in similar fashion though. Her long deep green skirt and light brown jerkin were made of the thin spun wool halfling people were known for. Both dyed in muted earth tones, another common trait of the halflings. Her clothes were more fitted though. The skirt accentuating a tiny bubble of an ass. The jerkin exposing just a hint of midriff and cut just low enough for a glimpse at her perky round breasts. Her face was pretty, young, almost childlike; another feature of her race. Suntanned skin spoke of many hours outdoors, likely gardening. Her chestnut hair was divided down the middle and plaited into two braids.

How perfect... the demon thought looking at her prey, She provided handles.

The anger though, the rage; that was a wholly uncommon trait. The demon's gaze was drawn to the halfling's right hand; clenched into a fist. It held a silver chain with a purple and green gem dangling from the end.

"Ah, the jewel of Zahera." The demon smiled at the fond memories the power of the jewel granted her, "When I'm done with you I'll let you keep that little bauble."

The halfling woman almost repeated her demand for silence, but her eyes were drawn to the gem at its mention. "It's useless to me..." she growled. When her eyes returned to the demon Lestrian took the opportunity to appraise the beast before her.

She was built for temptation; as her kind often were. Her large breasts rested high and firm as though she had just entered her womanhood. Large thick nipples pushed at the thin silk of the dress she wore. Below her breasts were a tight stomach and a tiny waist which appeared just a bit too small to carry the weight above them. Fabulously curved hips flared out from her waist tapering in to her dancer's thighs and calves. Her feet were bare, toenails painted gold. She had no need to fear anything she'd cross on the roads of this realm.

Shiny violet scales danced along the deep purple of her skin. The casual observer might mistake these for jewels; if it were possible to look upon the demon and retain a disinterested gaze. The dress, periwinkle blue, clung to that skin; caressing every curve and ending at mid-thigh.

The demon stood half again Lestrian's height. Her face was beautiful; mature but still young. Her delicate chin, full lips and high cheek bones were an unspoken promise at the wonders that waited inside her mouth. Her straight, thin nose led to vibrant pink eyes; which set the mind to thinking of other places of similar color. Thick twin horns sprang from her head; their triple curve causing them to almost touch. A thin band of gold spiraled along the length of each one. Her thick blue hair was two shades deeper than the dress she wore and fell past her shoulders in loose curls.

Lestrian let her eyes slowly move down the demon's impossibly perfect figure. Past her magnificent round breasts, past her tight flat stomach, past her well rounded hips. Down to the slight bulge resting between her thighs. That was the reason she was here. That was the cause of her fury. Without further explanation Lestrian's hands moved to her waist untying the bonds that keep her skirt in place. The demon was intrigued and confused. Both kept her from making a move against the creature invading her home. She didn't know what she was expecting, but it surely wasn't what she received.

Lestrian's skirt fell to the floor revealing delicately sculpted legs and a thick cock that hung to just above her knees. Strange blue markings crisscrossed along the length of her shaft, then up framing her neatly trimmed bush and slightly down her inner thigh.

The Halfling's eyes hardened and her fist clenched tighter. The demon's curiosity turned to affronted suspicion as the halfling's blue lined cock started to rise.

Does this puny creature think to use me for her sexual pleasure? the demon thought. I will teach her the error of such foolish fantasies.

In the time it took to form the thought the halfling's cock had reached it fullness. Thick, hard and throbbing; the foot and a half of flesh ended just beneath her lower lip. The demon took a step forward intent on putting this creature in her place. And Lestrian moved...

Shifted would be more accurate. First she stood, a tempest barely contained, grounded in the wake of her destruction. Next she floated an inch away from the demon, eyes level, burning; hinting at the doom the halfling would bring upon her.

Lestrian snapped her head forward driving her skull into the soft spot between the demon's horns. The towering demon crumpled backward, the halfling straddling her as she landed. "How... ?"

The demon's voice grated on the halfling's nerves. Lestrian took her pulsing cock in hand and shoved it between the offensive creature's lips. She grabbed each of the demon's horns. "Handles how perfect." She spat, and pulled the demon's head down the length of her shaft.

Unused to being treated so; the demon reacted with the frantic fury of a cat dropped into a tub of water. She punched, she kicked, she even tried to bite. None of it affected the halfling in the slightest.

Lestrian began thrusting her hips to let the demon know in no uncertain terms that her mouth was to serve the halfling as a pussy. As the demon continued to fight their position became contorted. Soon the demon was on her back one wrist pinned by a tiny hand, one leg trapped at the knee in the crook of Lestrian's elbow. The halfling was mounted on top of her fucking her throat for all she was worth.

Then she spoke, "I had everything." She began quietly as her heavy balls smacked against the demon's neck and chin. "Everything. A husband, children and community. Family and a place to belong. All that's gone now because you needed a night of fun!"

Lestrian untangled the chain from around her hand and hung it from the demon's horns. "This was given to me by my father." As her voice grew in strength so did her thrusts. "Given to a child of the mortal races born of demon's seed."

The demon attempted to speak around the cock buried in her throat but only managed an incoherent mumble. The halfling continued, "It hid my curse. The sexual dysmorphia that afflicts any mortal creature of demon breed. It was a gift, 'To the one strong enough to survive' he said."

Lestrian didn't bother telling the demon her father was from the lower reaches. She didn't bother telling the demon her father was so powerful his presence drove her tiny village mad. Lestrian didn't tell the demon her father was the type of beast that would cause her to weep upon seeing him and beg for exorcism back to her own realm to escape the dread and despair his gaze invoked. No, these things the demon did not need to know.

"This is all your doing!" Lestrian raged repeatedly plunging her massive shaft down the creature's throat. "You just had to have your fun. You didn't care whose happiness you destroyed. Well since you came into my life without my asking..."

The halfling was unable to finish the thought as her cock twitched; flooding the demon's mouth and throat with her sticky cum. Lestrian held the demon's head in place as her cock pulsed over and over again; forcing the struggling creature to swallow or choke. After a long minute she pulled her slick cock from the demon's mouth, leaving the creature gasping for air.

"It wasn't me." the demon choked out between breaths, desperate to buy some time to think. "It was Gonbil. He's from your village."

"He's already been taken care of." Lestrian said scraping cum off of her still hard cock with her hand and flicking it at the prone form of the demon. "How do you think I found you?"

"But Gonbil never would have noticed my gem had you not requested it." Lestrian reached down and grabbed the demon's dress at the chest, ripping the silk from her body with one fierce tug.

"And for this!" The halfling barked, snapping the torn dress at the soft piece of flesh dangling between the demon's legs. Even erect it wouldn't be half the size of the cock the halfling wielded. "You couldn't even get the incantation correct."

Lestrian spoke the words to activate the gem, being sure to hit each inflection properly. The demon gave a brief cry, back arching, as a second cock grew right above the first. This one appeared to be longer than the original by half and was still well short of the halfling's enormous shaft.

"Is that the best you can do?" The tiny woman asked, "You really must not be much of a demon."

The demon made a futile attempt at an attack which ended with her in a worse position than before; almost turned on her head, legs bent over until her feet touch the floor, cocks resting between her sweat slicked breasts.

"Let's see just how connected you are." The halfling's tone was darkly playful as she slipped two tiny fingers into the demon's moistening cunt.

The reaction was almost instant. Each cock began growing, filling, hardening. Lestrian set her fingers dancing, using the dexterity that comes naturally to her kind, and the reaction quickened. Soon the larger cock head emerged from between the demon's breasts, making its way toward her perfect pouty lips. The demon was determined not to suck her own cock.

She seemed to be winning this battle at least. Even though the swollen head of her larger cock pressed against her lips dribbling precum; the demon kept her mouth clamped shut refusing it entry. Lestrian smiled at the effort. Then casually pulled her tiny fingers from the demon's wet cunt and brutally thrust them into her tight asshole.

She received the briefest of gasps, but that was all the halfling required. She pressed down with her own body weight, bending the demon even more, forcing her cock into her silken mouth. Tears welled in the demon's eyes at another battle lost to the halfling.

"Crying already?" The halfling asked mockingly; applying then releasing pressure to the demon's hips; forcing her to fuck her own face. Lestrian continued finger fucking the demon's ass bringing her free hand around to play with the demon's, now sopping, cunt.

"Do you honestly think I care about you cries?" Lestrian fingering suddenly became much for forceful. "Do you think your tears would have any effect after I've seen them pouring down the faces of my children?"

"Children I will never see again because when you took this jewel their deformities were revealed. They were sold to a human caravan and will likely end their days as sex slaves!" The halfling added a third finger to the demon's ass to punctuate her words.

The demon continued her gagged protests. But after a few minutes these turned to whimpers, a few more made then whines. Until the desired effect was finally achieved.

Both cocks erupted with thick hot cum. The largest flooding the demon's mouth; forcing her to swallow her own spunk. The second spraying the demon's face and tits covering her in a sticky mess.

Lestrian stood up allowing the demon to collapse to the floor. She watched the horned creature as her body shuddered, as her twin cocks continued to spurt cum onto her purple, glistening form.

"I'm sorry ... I didn't know." The demon said trying to catch her breath again. "No one knew the gem held such properties."

"Of course you didn't know. You didn't care to know." The halfling was surprised at how tired she suddenly sounded. "You don't care now. You just want this to end."

The demon remained silent as Lestrian moved to retrieve her skirt. "You can't even deny it." She said looking at the demon; intending to tell her ordeal was over.

But as she caught sight of the demon's naked body, chest heaving, covered in sweat and cum; a lust awakened to replace her flagging anger.

The Halfling let her skirt fall back to the floor. The demon woman's very being was made to evoke desire. Yet she travelled the world of man where there was no danger that power could ever be used against her. Lestrian imagined men seduced to the edge of madness, then left to suffer an unquenchable lust. Some driven so far as to attempt to sate that lust on less willing women.

The demon saw the look in Lestrian's eyes as she approached and tried to fend her off. "No, I..." and this time there was true terror in her eyes, "please..."

Lestrian could not know it but the demon had been routinely abused in her realm. Though she was among the strongest of her kind, females were vastly outnumbered by males and often found themselves forced to service multiple partners for days or weeks on end. Since leaving that realm the demon had let no one enter her.

Lestrian couldn't know this, but if she did she wouldn't care. The halfling easily pried the demon's legs apart, draping one over each arm. She placed her swollen cockhead against the demon's wet silken cunt and slowly buried the enormity of her cock inside of the creature.

The moans that escaped the women couldn't have been any more different. Lestrian's full of unimagined pleasure. This part of her experiencing the inside of a woman for the first time; and that first time being inside one of the most perfectly designed cunts this world has known.

The demon's moan was rife with pain. Largely from the sudden violation; but also from another defeat at the hands of the halfling. And again, after so many years she found herself being used as a sexual plaything by someone she considered less than herself. It was also a cry of anguish because, beneath all that pain, was a thin but strong thread of pleasure.

In this the demon could not be faulted. It was the curse of being made for sex. Her body responded to any sexual attention; whether desired or not.

And right now that body was squeezing Lestrian's enormous cock for all its worth. The halfling's eyes rolled back into her head as her thick shaft was massaged; the demon's tight pussy seemed to press all the most sensitive spots of her mushroom crown.

Lestrian's hunger for the demon increased. She wrapped her tiny arms around the creatures smooth, firm thighs; pulling the demon toward her as her hips rocked back and forth.

The halfling began biting her lower lip, as she often had during sex with her husband, becoming lost in the pleasure the demon's cunt presented. Soon her breaths became deeper, more ragged. The sensations running along the length peaking at its tip, expressing a dire need for release.

Deep breaths turned into low groans; groans into grunts, and the halfling thrusts became more powerful, more urgent. Lestrian had only one thought in mind Cum! Cum inside this perfect cunt and know what true pleasure is!

The demon seemed to read her thoughts. Her eyes shot wide. "No!" she screamed, "Stop. You can't ... It's been too long. You CAN'T!!!"

Lestrian laughed as the demon bitch tried to push her tiny halfling form. Despite her protests the two cocks the demon earned through her theft were rock hard.

"These betray your lie." The diminutive woman said stroking the demon's thick rigid shafts while pounding her dripping cunt.

Was this all the demon's of this realm had to offer? she thought. Even the half breed get of a Demon Lord could overpower them?

Lestrian grabbed the demon's wrists and forced her to beat herself off; each stroke timed to the rhythm of the halfling's hips as she buried her enormous shaft. She could feel another orgasm building. She could also sense the beast beneath her was so afraid; she was ripe for bearing. If she could no longer be a mother, Lestrian would father children on this thing. And if, down the line, those children grew to be beautiful, she would have her way with them as well. What did she care? Her happiness was ended. All that was left is pleasure.

A feral smile graced the halflings lips as she exploded inside her captive. And the demon's nature showed itself again as her twin cocks erupted on her chest.

Lestrian released the demon's wrists and the creature fearfully pushed herself away from the halfling. Then, too battered to stand, turned over and began to crawl away. But Lestrian was not finished. After years of being hidden this cursed cock of hers was greedily seeking satisfaction. Lestrian walked up behind the demon grabbing her wonderfully curved hips.

"Please. No more." The demon begged weakly. Knowing her pleas would fall on deaf ears. Those pleas became cries of anguish as the demon felt Lestrian's enormous cock head brush against her tight asshole.

This time the halfling's laughter was so quiet it could barely be heard over the sound of the demon's nails clawing at the floor to escape. Lestrian leaned forward grabbing one of the demon's horns and the beast's body went rigid from the pain of the halfling's cock entering her puckered hole. "What are you?!?" The demon eeked out, barely able to breathe from the violation.

"Nothing..." Lestrian whispered almost imperceptibly; pulling back on the demon's horn and driving her cock home.

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