Friday Afternoon at Home

by Heatheranne

Copyright© 2012 by Heatheranne

Erotica Sex Story: This is the story of an average American family and how it deals with the invasion of their home. The invader, barely known by the family's daughter, wreaks havoc as he dramatically changes their lives forever.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Wimp Husband   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Size   Big Breasts   .

Holly drove through the upscale neighborhood of Richmond Hill on her way home from school. After climbing a half-mile up the gently curving residential road, she pulled into the parking area in front of the garage to her family's two story home. Slinging her book bag over her shoulder after she exited the car, she slammed its door as hard as she could. She hated the three year old Toyota. It was a nondescript tan color, and it certainly wasn't a BMW or Lexus like most of the kids drove who went to her private school. It wasn't as if her parents couldn't afford to buy her a more fashionable car. After all, they earned a solid income from the consulting firm they owned. She was a senior this year, and she hoped that maybe her graduation present would be one of those cute sports cars that BMW made; she'd hinted at it often enough.

Holly opened the door to the house and stepped in. At least her parents gave her the satisfaction of working late hours. Even though it was Friday, she could probably count on having the house to herself into the early evening. Her cell buzzed from the slit pocket of her skirt. When she checked its screen, she saw the smiling face of her boyfriend, Mike.

"Hi," she said.

"Hi, what's up?" said Mike.

"I just got home," she said as she carried her book bag up the stairs to her bedroom. "Are you at home?"

"Yeah, listen, about tonight, I can't go to the movies. It's my grandmother ... she's still pretty sick ... and, you know, the family wants me go visit," Mike said.

Holly could feel the blood rushing to her face. She tossed her bag in the general direction of her desk. The bag crashed into her chair and sent it skidding sideways on its casters. This was the third Friday in a row he'd broken their date. It was always the same excuse, his grandmother. "Just how damn stupid do you think I am?" she seethed into the phone.

"What? I ... uh," Mike struggled to say.

Holly strode from one side of her room to the other. Her free hand sliced through the air as she spoke. "Your mother's mother is dead, and your father's mother lives three states away where she is not only healthy, she owns a bookstore and plays tennis two days a week," she snapped.

"You ... you checked up on me?" Mike said, trying to sound outraged.

"Well, I was taking you at your word until Sandra Palmer said she saw you being all snuggly with that skank, Amy Givens," Holly said.

"But ... but, we said we weren't going to be exclusive," Mike argued.

Holly stopped pacing and put her hand on her hip. "Oh, so now you were just lying about it, and you thought I was so stupid that I wouldn't catch on."

"Hey, no ... I ... I..." Mike said.

"Look, you obviously have a date with that diseased whore, or some other bitch - just go ... just go and fuck off, and don't call me again." She stabbed at the screen to close the call. Resisting the urge to throw her phone against the wall, she carefully laid it on her desk. Then she screamed.

"Goddamn fucking son-of-a-bitch, asshole ... fuck ... fuck ... FUCKKKKKKKKKK IT!"

She threw her hands to her face. Her cheeks burned and her eyes swelled with pent up tears. She was on the cusp of a monumental crying jag. Turning to her bed, she flung herself down and buried her face in a pillow. Emotions roiled in her aching heart as conflicting thoughts raced through her head. She had really liked Mike. He was good looking, smart – concerning school subjects anyway, but evidently not about girls – and he fit in so easily with her friends. On the other hand, he was a lying sack of shit who thought she couldn't see through the lamest excuse in the world. But he knew how to make out, he was able to kiss a girl until she was weak in the knees. Wasn't she pretty enough? Hell yes she was. She had been short and pudgy most of her life, but a year ago she had blossomed. She was of average height now, only five-foot four, like her nana. But she had inherited her mother's boobs. Perky c-cups on her slender hundred pound frame looked spectacular. Put that together with wide brown eyes on a classically oval face and a thick mane of ash-blonde hair, and she was maybe not beautiful, but certainly cute and sexy. Had she not pleased him sexually? Hell, she'd jerked him and sucked him several times, and he'd liked it; the evidence had ended up all over her hands and lips and in her mouth. He had a nice cock, seven or maybe eight slim inches. She liked a big cock; she had planned to tell him tonight that he could stick it in her pussy. Here, on this bed, on Monday, she was going to give herself to him.

Despite the knot in her stomach, a ghost of a smile twitched at Holly's lips. She had planned to make him swear to save himself all weekend until he was between her legs after school. Surely a guy his age with all that pent up sap would be good for what – at least two or three good screws in the hour or so they could safely count on being alone? Well, forget that.

Holly rolled over and sat up, wiping her hands down her cheeks. To top it off, that piece of shit, Mike, had made her horny. Anticipating that Mike would be eager to crawl between her smooth thighs, she had refrained from pleasing herself for almost a week. She half snorted and half laughed. She could take care of that later. "I need a shower," she told herself. She removed her school uniform tossed it onto the pile of dirty clothes in the corner of her closet.

Holly let the hot water of the shower pelt down on her shoulders until she felt her muscles begin to relax. She poured vanilla accented body wash onto a luffa and scrubbed until her skin tingled. Stepping from the shower, she dried off and knotted the luxuriantly thick towel above her breasts. She stepped into her bedroom and began to run a brush through her hair.

As she brushed, Holly heard the hollow, ringing thump of a basketball being dribbled. Her room didn't have windows, but it did have a pair of French doors. The doors opened onto a decretive, but very narrow and functionally useless balcony rimmed in black ironwork. From the door, Holly looked across a strip of lawn and a residential road at the rear of her home to a neighbor's house. Six guys were playing a basketball game in the drive.

Holly recognized one of the players as Bobby Evans; he lived at the house. She knew two other guys from her school; they were on the school's team, and there were two she didn't know at all. It was the sixth player that caught her attention though. She knew his name was Samuel Thomas Axton Harris the Third, better known as Trey. He hadn't been at her school for long, but he'd caught the eye of every girl there. He was tall, very good looking, and now that he was playing without a shirt, Holly could see that he was built like a Greek god.

"Wow," said Holly. Actually, she thought, a Greek god could only aspire to have Trey's heavily muscled and incredibly graceful body.

Trey faked a drive and then put up a twenty-foot jumper that swished through the net. Taking the ball again, he passed to Bobby who put up a shot. The ball bounced high off the rim. Trey almost magically appeared under goal, where he leapt high above the basket and drove the ball downward in a spectacular dunk. Even the guys on the opposite team congratulated him.

"Damn, you're good, and damn good looking too," Holly told herself as she watched Trey effortlessly outplay the others. There was a rumor going around about Trey. In addition to his movie star countenance and outstanding athletic skills, he was supposedly blessed with a really big cock.

Of course rumors were just that, rumors. There was one floating around which said that she had had a boob job. It persisted no matter how many times she pointed out that when a girl drops about five dress sizes – and begins to wear tighter clothes – her natural breasts tend to stand out.

Holly focused on Trey's shorts. From here, she'd need x-ray vision to confirm the rumor about him. In the voluminous basketball shorts that guys wore, you couldn't tell the size of anyone's package, no matter how large. Of course, she mused, that just meant that the rumor could be true. Maybe Trey had a cock equal to or a bit bigger than Mike's. She could feel her blood begin to warm and give her pussy that pleasantly full feeling. She was hornier than she'd thought.

Maybe ... maybe she should put on her skimpy running shorts and a nice tight tank and go for a run by the guys. Surely one of them would say something, and give her an excuse to stop and flirt. Even if they kept their mouths shut, she could say stop and say hello to Bobby - then she could flirt.

Holly's mind began to fantasize about the encounter. She'd smile at Trey, giving him plenty of opportunity to ask her out. She'd be coy of course, but eventually they'd be alone together. Then she'd get her hands on that magnificent chest and those broad, beefy shoulders.

Her hand pressed on her pussy through the towel. She closed her eyes.

After a hot and heavy make-out session, he'd be eager to have her hands on his cock. She'd jerk him off slowly as his fingers found their way between her legs.

Holly slipped her hand between the edges of the towel and pressed her finger on her clit. The hell with waiting until later, she'd get herself off now.

Trey's fingers would be where hers were now. He'd press and swirl and flick until she was panting with desire. Then he'd slip his finger into her hot, wet pussy and finger fuck her madly while her hand raced up and down his cock. They'd get off at the same time. She'd see a string of cum leap above his spewing cock, and that would trigger the first waves of orgasm to shake her pussy.

Holly's fingers flashed in and out of her cunt. "Come on ... get it ... get it," she said through clenched teeth. Suddenly her back arched and she had a thunderous orgasm. She was barely aware of it when her towel slipped and fell to the floor. She was having a wonderful orgasm and she didn't care ... couldn't care.

She lost her balance and felt herself press against the French door. Her orgasm subsided and she opened her eyes. There, standing at the door to a car that had been parked on her side of the street, was Trey. He had a shirt flung over his naked shoulder, and he was looking right at her.

"Aw, fuck," Holly cried as she pushed away. She jerked at the cord that swung a set of curtains closed over the doors. Crossing her arms across her breasts, she went to the bed and sat. Had he seen anything? Of course he had. She'd been practically spread eagle naked against that door. On the other hand ... the door was made up of a matrix of individual panes with a bunch framework in between. Plus, the bars of balcony would have been in his line of sight. Hell, if he'd seen anything, he'd probably pass it off as the overheated imagination of a teenager. And if he said something in school, well, she could deny it easily enough.

Ding dong went the front door bell.

"Oh damn, now what?" Holly cursed. Could it be Trey? She went to the French doors and pulled the curtain aside just a sliver and peeked out. Trey's car was gone. Good.

Ding dong.

She wanted nothing more than to crawl under the covers and hold a pillow over her head until her parents came home.

Ding dong.

"Oh fuck, fuck ... alright, alright," she said. She pulled a sky blue dressing gown from her closet and threw it on. She knotted the sash tightly and ran her fingers through her hair as she padded down the stairs in her bare feet.

Ding dong.

"Give me a freaking break," she muttered as she reached the door. Her resolve was back. She'd get rid of this asshole, it was probably a delivery – her mother was forever ordering stuff off the TV, and then maybe she'd sneak a drink from her parent's liquor cabinet. It had turned into that kind of an afternoon.

She jerked the door open. Samuel Thomas Axton Harris the Third was standing there. His finger was moving toward the doorbell.

"Don't," she said in greeting. She saw that his car, a late model Mustang, was now sitting at the curb in front of her house. She mentally kicked herself for not thinking of that simple move.

"Hi, I'm Trey," he said. He had a knowing smile - with dimples.

"Can I help you?" she snapped, determined to brazen out this encounter.

"Holly, right? Uh ... are you alone?" he asked. His eyes looked over her shoulder and seemed to find something.

Holly couldn't help it. She half turned and looked behind her. There was nothing there of course, but when she looked back Trey had slid through the doorway. "Hey," she said.

He was still smiling, but he wasn't looking at her. He was looking up, tracing a line in the air with his finger. "Mmm hmmm," he said and bounded up the stairs, taking the steps three at a time.

"Hey," Holly said again. Her bare feet thud, thud, thudded up the stairs in pursuit. When she arrived at the top, Trey was halfway down the hall, looking into her room.

"Ah," he said and stepped inside.

"Heyyy," Holly yelled, very much aware that it seemed to be about all she was capable of saying. She rushed into her room to find that Trey had pulled back the curtain and was looking out the French doors.

"Hey..." she said yet again, although it came out as more of a cough as she tried to strangle the word, "what the fuck, dude?"

He dropped the curtain and gave her a lopsided, knowing grin. "Yeah, I was right. You were standing here, watching us play ball and decided that you'd grab a little afternoon delight. I guess you didn't count on the game ending that quickly."

"I don't know what you're talking about, and what the hell is it with you coming into my room uninvited?" Holly said as she planted her fists on her hips.

Holly had left the bath towel next to the door where it had dropped during her orgasm. Trey's foot flicked out and sent it flying toward her chest. She caught it by reflex. "I'm pretty sure about what I saw when that towel dropped," he said.

"I ... uh..." Holly said in confusion. She'd been completely wrong; or rather her first fears were completely right. He'd seen her, and he'd known exactly what she'd been doing. Now he was walking toward her, still with that dimpled smile, plus a square jaw and high cheek bones. His dark eyes were half-lidded and a shock of dark brown hair fell over his forehead. Damn, he was good looking and he smelled good too – musky with a hint of masculine body spray.

He put his hands on her upper arms, bent down and kissed her. It was no awkward first kiss between two teenagers. His moist lips melted against hers. Holly felt her heart begin to pound. His lips felt so alive on hers; she couldn't help but respond. Her hands slid up the slick fabric of his basketball jersey and rested on his chiseled pecs. The tip of his tongue brushed against her lips and then slipped between them.

"Mmm..." she moaned softly. She put her arms around his neck and leaned into the kiss. His hands went to her hips and pulled her closer. She opened her mouth and their kiss became a hot, sensuous thing as their tongues writhed against one another. Holly felt her mind fogging with sexual heat and tension. But not so fogged that she failed to notice the swelling hardness between their bodies. It wasn't the first time she'd raised some wood in a guy during a slow dance or a kiss, but this was no mere lump of boyish excitement; it felt as if an actual length of wood was pressing across her tummy just south of her bellybutton.

Holly had read some of her mother's romance novels. She had always laughed at the notion that a woman would swoon with desire for any man. Swoon ... who swooned? Now, she thought that she might do that very thing. They kissed until Holly was breathless, and the blood that should have been keeping her mind alert had gone to swell her breasts and infuse her pussy.

She broke the kiss and said the first stupid thing that came into her mind. "Is that a rocket in your pocket, or are you just really ... really glad to see me?"

"Let's find out, why don't we?" Trey said, and a second later he was stepping out of the basketball shorts that he had slipped to his feet. Underneath, he was wearing another pair of shorts, but these were light blue and skintight. They fitted him from low waist to mid-thigh.

The sight of an erect cock of huge proportions was silhouetted in those shorts. Holly could see the outline of its prominent cum-tube and even some of the veins along the shaft. It extended to the waist band of his shorts and almost to his hip. Straightened, the head would have to be well past his navel. And speaking of its head, the thing looked to be the size of a large lemon. It poked at the distended material, pulsing and moving farther from the teen's crotch. The damn thing was growing as she watched. At the base of Trey's cock Holly could see not the single bulge of his testes, but two prominent bulges, one for each of his balls. Holly could swear they were swelling too, almost growing right before her eyes.

Trey said nothing but just stood there with a smile of amused superiority on his face. He put his hands on her shoulders and steered her to the bed. He pulled at the sash of her robe and it fell open. "Damn, you're beautiful," he said. "I noticed you at school, all the guys think you have a hot bod ... but, you know, girls wear those bras that pad and push ... but you don't need one of those."

It was hardly poetry, but Holly found herself thrilled at Trey's words. She shivered as his fingers lifted her tits and his thumbs brushed across her nipples. The robe shook from her shoulders and fell to the floor.

"Sit down, baby. I guess it's my turn," Trey said.

Once she unlocked her knees, Holly practically fell onto the mattress. Trey turned sideways and bent over to untie his sneakers. Even his ass was handsome. His butt was two sculpted pieces of hard muscle that shifted sexily with his movements. With his shoes and socks set aside, he pulled the jersey over his head and tossed it on the floor. He hesitated then as if to give Holly time to drink in his V-shaped torso with its rippled abs and broad shoulders, not to mention his guns - his arms with their bulging, well defined muscles.

Trey gave her another knowing grin, something she would have found irritating on any other guy. Hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his athletic shorts, he peeled them down his legs, pretty much bending double in the process. But when he stood up once more...

"Ohmygod," Holly gasped. His cock had lived up to and exceeded by far the expectations she had built in her mind. Was it bigger than Mike's? Hell, Mike's cock was a little boy's pee-pee next to the tower of masculinity jutting from Trey's groin. If she took two of Mike's cocks and put them end to end and then doubled their width, she might have a dick near the equal of Trey's. Her pussy pulsed. She thought she might have an orgasm simply from looking at all that male power.

"You like?" asked Trey as he sat next to her on the bed and put his arm around her shoulders.

"Yes," she said, sounding like a shy little girl.

Trey licked the shell of her ear. "Play with it," he whispered. "It might spit at you, but it won't bite."

She giggled, loosening her breathless sexual tension. Holly's fingers clasped at the huge, rigid pole. Her small fingers couldn't wrap around much more than half of its incredible thickness. She could feel Trey's hot blood as it pumped through his shaft's prominent veins. Her fingers brushed across the sensitive patch of skin under his bulbous cock-head. His cock twitched and a strand of pre-cum dripped from his flared helmet and flowed down and over Holly's searching hand.

"Use both hands and put your mouth on it, sweetheart," Trey said in a soft but firm voice.

Holly had never imagined that she would ever see a cock so big that she would need both hands to jack it off. And she sure as hell had never dreamed of doing it within five minutes of meeting its owner. As if she were spellbound, she leaned over and tried to wrap her tongue around the massive head of Trey's weapon. After a few exploratory licks, she opened wide and tried to take him in her mouth. Sucking cock was nothing new to her, and she'd show him that she knew how. A few seconds later however, she knew that it was impossible; there was no way she was going to get his cock-head, much less his cock-shaft into her mouth. The best she could do was to smear the near continuous stream of pre-cum over the head with her tongue and lips. There was so much of the boy's clear sap that she couldn't keep up; some of it flowed down his shaft. That was a good thing. She used it as massaging oil, keeping her fingers nice and slick as she slid them up and down the towering thickness of Trey's cock.

Any outrage she had felt at Trey's invasion of her privacy had vanished in a haze of lust. She wanted nothing more than to thrill this hot stud, but she had to be content with licking her soft, young tongue in wide circles around the perimeter of Trey's giant cock-head.

"Oh that's good, Holly. That's it, baby," said Trey.

Holly was surprised by how much his little compliment thrilled her. But she wanted more of his approval so she teased the teen stud by wiggling the tip of her tongue inside his cum-slit. She pressed her mouth against Trey's cockhead, french-kissing his wide slit as if she was making out with a date.

"Yesssss," Trey hissed, "keep that up."

This just turned her on even more. Her pussy juices were really flowing; the sheets under her wide spread thighs began to grow wetter by the second. Her dainty hands worked up and down the length of his immense cock. If she couldn't work the entire fleshy hardness of his cock-head into her mouth, she'd do her best. She began to slurp and tongue every square inch of flesh she could find.

If Holly's mouth hadn't been so busy with Trey's world class cock, she would have yelped as his fingers found their way inside her sex canal. Most of the boys she had dated couldn't find her clit with a map and a compass, but Trey was amazing. Somehow, he was fucking her pussy with three fingers while his thumb massaged her love button. In less than a minute, his expert manipulation of her swollen clit brought her over the edge. A wave of ecstasy coursed throughout her body and she could no longer contain her feelings. She released Trey's cockhead from her hot, hungry mouth and screamed.

"Ohmygod, Trey, I'm coming so fucking GOOOD. Your cock is so fucking HUGE."

Holly moaned and shuddered through her mind-bending orgasm, but she never let go of Trey's dick. Her hands continued to buck and stutter up and down his shaft and bump over his great knob of a cock-head.

Trey withdrew his fingers from Holly's shuddering pussy. He settled back on his elbows, his cock sticking straight up. "Aw shit, yes ... yessssss, I'm gonna' pop, baby. AWWWWWWWW."

Trey's cock jerked so violently in her hands, Holly almost lost her grip. It jerked again and she felt the cum-tube under fingers swell dramatically. It was hard to believe that she had been fantasizing about this moment just a few minutes ago. The last waves of her orgasm were rolling through her wet pussy, and Trey was about to lose his load. But she certainly hadn't imagined the spume of milky white semen that erupted from Trey's cock-head. It jetted into the air in a column that looked ridiculously high and solid. It fell back of course, breaking into a viscous stream that coated her hands and forearms. With one big squirt, Trey had just multiplied the entire amount of teen-cum she had seen in her lifetime tenfold. Another blast, just as big and long, followed the first.

"Oh, baby, you're gonna' bust my nuts," Trey groaned. He sat up halfway, wrapping one arm around her shoulders, while knocking her hands off his rigid pole with his other arm. He began to jerk himself with furious strokes.

For a half-second Holly wondered what was going on, but then a third, even more powerful stream of cum launched from Trey's magnificent cock. She realized that she'd been gripping his shaft so hard she'd blocked some of the flow.

Trey pulled her close and his next volley of cum slammed into her right nipple. "EEEEE..." she squealed at the stinging sensation and the hot flow of cream that splashed across her tits. The feeling was incredibly erotic. She threw her leg between Trey's legs and straddled his smooth, muscular thigh. As she humped his leg in a frenzy she gasped, "Titty-fuck me, Trey, titty-fuck me."

"Uhhh..." was all he could say as another jet of cum shot in an arc over his shoulder. He surrendered his steel hard spunk cannon to Holly's hands and the soft confines of her cleavage. With a grunt, he collapsed back on the mattress.

Holly wrapped her tits around Trey's shuddering cock and then locked everything in place with her arms. His broad shaft easily slid on her cum coated cleavage as she blissfully road his thigh to a long, continuous orgasm. The part of her mind that wasn't overwhelmed with pleasure, marveled at his prodigious flow of teen-cream. The stuff was on her face, in her hair and dripping off her tits. When it wasn't landing on her, the thick ropes of cum were landing with long splats on the bed.

"Holy shit ... Trey, your cock is ... is sooooooo amazing," she gasped out between waves of sexual pleasure.

When Trey's final cum spouting spasm, which was still four or five times the total output of the average male, dripped across her heaving chest, Holly toppled off his leg onto the mattress. For a full minute she caught her breath, dreading the thought of having to move, content to feel the heat from his body next to hers. She wondered if they could snuggle a bit, maybe even nap before the inevitable cleanup.

Apparently not, she thought when she felt him stir and leave the bed. She opened her eyes in time to see Trey advancing on her with the thick cotton towel from her shower in hand. Two minutes later she was squealing, "Aaaaa, stop, stop that tickles."

He had used the towel to clean their bodies of most of the evidence of their sex play, but now he was using a fluffy, dry edge to torture her into laughter. She giggled and gasped as she ineffectually fought to defend her ribcage. But she noticed that his cock never got soft. Hell, it was as rigid as ever, plus, he had worked his way between her legs. Her pussy was very exposed and very wet. Finally, the tickling ended and the deep, soulful kisses began. Holly couldn't believe it. After a string of orgasms that was ten times stronger than anything she could imagine, she was aroused once more.

"I want to fuck that beautiful pussy of yours," he said in a voice that was yearning as well as demanding.

"Yeah, Trey, fuck me ... get that big fucking cock inside me," Holy said.

Trey painted her pussy lips with his pre-cum; it was flowing freely once more. He parted her lips with his fingers and put the tip of his monstrous rod in her juicy pussy. He got the bulbous head inside, but then Holly felt her muscles contract around the biggest thing she'd ever had in there.

"You'll have to loosen up," Trey said with a grin.

"You're telling me," she said with a laugh. That broke her tension enough for Trey to sneak in another inch or two. "Mmmm ... that's too good," she moaned. The simple feeling of her pussy being so wonderfully stretched was better than any full screw she'd ever experienced.

Slowly, Trey began to stroke her pussy. The feeling was amazing, she felt herself building to an orgasm almost immediately. She had barely met Trey, but now she couldn't imagine sex with anyone else but him. Hell, maybe she was already ruined for any other man. At that moment she didn't care that his mighty cock might leave her unfulfilled with a lesser one. And even if Trey hadn't been hung like a stallion, there was still his self confidence and boyish grin wrapped up in a body that any girl would swoon ... yes, swoon over.

Her rising tide of lust rose up and burst. "I'm coming ... I'm COMING, TREY ... AW SHIT ... YES YES ... FUCK MEEEEEEE,"she screamed in a long wail. He was sawing in and out of her pussy with foot long strokes. She felt his monster balls smacking her in the ass with every swing of his muscular hips. Only a few seconds passed and she was having another pussy clenching orgasm. "Ohmy god ... OHMYGODD ... FUCK, FUCK, FUCK ... YESSSSSSSS ... YESSSSSSS," she screamed. Her cunt convulsed around Trey's plunging, raging mighty teen-cock, making it feel even larger, even harder. She came continuously, orgasm building on orgasm.

Just when she thought she was going to pass out, Trey's cock seemed to balloon and then a surge of heat filled her loins. He was coming, filling her pussy so hard and fast she could swear that she felt the long squirts. She definitely felt the wash of hot sperm that gushed along the inside of her inner thighs.

"Oh yeah, baby ... yeah," Trey said in something between a grunt and a growl. He shut his eyes and threw his head back as he pulled his cock from her clasping pussy. Grabbing his dick he rubbed the head with short choppy strokes. Thick teen-cream flew in every direction. Holly watched as ropes of it landed on her, on the bed and on the floor. A few mighty blasts flew over her head and splattered across the bed's headboard.

After producing an ordinary man's lifetime worth of semen, Trey's cannon of a cock finally stopped firing. "Mmmm ... just a bit more to top it off," said Trey as he ran his forefinger up his cum-tube and drew a circle on top of her knee with the last of his milky-white cream.

"That's awesome," said Holly, gathering up two fingers worth of cum and rubbing it into her breast. "How do you do it?"

Trey's boyish grin was back. "Clean living, lots of liquids and a very beautiful partner to inspire me," he said. He caressed her cheek with surprisingly soft fingertips.

"Awww ... that's so..." Holly began, but didn't finish. She heard footsteps in the hall and urgent whispers. She knew it was too late. She didn't bother to try and cover herself. For the first time in forever, her parents had come home early. She could only watch as they at first peaked around the corner of the door, and then charged into her room.

"What the fuck is going on here?" roared the father. John was an average looking man, middle age with a slight paunch and thinning brown hair.

Holly's mother, Mary, looked stunned. She was an older version of her daughter, petite with huge boobs and a narrow waist. Her blonde hair was cut in a practical bob with bangs that swept across her forehead. Her gaze flitted from her daughter to Trey, to her cum covered bed, to Trey's cock, to the enraged John, but then her eyes went back to Trey and his magnificent fuck tool – and they lingered there.

Trey stood and grinned. "Holly and I were just having a little fun," he said as he eyed Mary's form and stepped from the bed. She was wearing a low cut top that revealed cleavage. Clearly, she liked to show off her sizable boobs.

"Fun!" screamed John, red faced. "I'll show you fun, you son of a bitch." He leapt toward Trey and threw a punch aimed at the teen's head. Trey merely leaned aside and flipped up a forearm that deflected John's fist. The older man stumbled and Trey helped him along with a gentle push. John went to his knees.

Mary glanced at her husband long enough to determine that the only thing he'd hurt was his dignity, then she looked back to Trey. The awesomely handsome and unbelievably well hung young stud was checking her out. His eye flicked in a wink as his slightly lopsided smile widened. From the corner of her eye she saw John trying to get his feet under him.

"Oh be careful, darling," Mary said. "I'm sure he's much ... much stronger than you." Her eyes never left the massive bulging muscles of Trey's arms, his broad shoulders, the V-shape of his sculpted torso and of course his fourteen inches that had yet to flag.

Holly had been cowering on the bed, but she looked up as Trey took her hand and helped her down. "Babe," he said, "why don't you go take a shower while I talk things over with your parents?"

"Okay," she said meekly and fled to the nearby bathroom. There was a double thud as she closed and locked the door.

John launched himself from the floor, aiming to take another swing at Trey, but the boy stepped back and tripped the hapless father. He went sprawling onto the cum soaked mattress.

"John, stop it!" admonished his wife. As he stood and wiped at the sticky stains that he had collected on his shirt and trousers, she said, "Look, you're too upset. I know you want to defend Holly's honor, but you need to let me handle this. Please clean up this mess while Holly's friend and I have a talk."

Trey picked up his shorts and pulled them on. His still mostly erect cock bulged sideways in the undershorts, actually pulling the waistband away from his ripped abs. His balls were so massive they stretched the material until it looked as if it might rip.

"Let's step outside," Mary told Trey. As he walked to the door, she said over her shoulder, "Dear, use cold water and plenty of upholstery cleaner."

John glared at Trey as he left the room, but he didn't say anything. Obviously, he knew that he was outmatched physically, and besides, his wife had given him a way to save face.

Mary led Trey down the hall and into a guest bedroom. A double bed practically filled the small room. A night stand, wardrobe and dresser were the only other furniture. She closed the door and turned to look at Trey. Her eyes flicked from his face to his straining cock and back again. Trey crossed his arms over his chiseled pecs and looked at her expectantly.

"Uh ... first," said Mary, "I knew that my daughter wasn't a virgin, but are you the last of some sort of gang that she was taking on? I mean her room is practically covered in cum."

Trey chuckled. He hooked a thumb in the waistband of his shorts and pulled it down until his massive love muscle swung to the fore. He ran his finger the length of his thick cum-tube. A viscous stream of pre-cum flowed from the slit of Trey's lemon sized cock-head. The clear stream poured like cold corn syrup. It was pooling on the floor before the last of the stream fell with a soft plop. "What do you think?" Trey asked.

Mary felt a surge of warmth flow through her pussy. This boy, she knew that he was only in his late teens, had just produced more pre-cum than her husband produced in a year. Mesmerized, she couldn't take her eyes from Trey's monster dick as she said, "So I guess it was all you?"

Trey shrugged off his shorts. He cupped his sack and rolled his tennis ball sized cum eggs in the palm of his hands. "It was all me. These babies produce cum like you wouldn't believe." He pulled up on his cock until it was against his muscled eight-pack. Stepping closer to Mary he said, "Here, feel."

Mary couldn't help herself. She put her hand on the bottom of Trey's low hanging nut sack. She was amazed. She could palm only one of his massive testicles. "Oh my god," she in surprise, "it's moving, vibrating ... something."

"My nuts are always making more cum," Trey said, "especially when I'm around beautiful women."

Mary's face reddened. Trey was a teenager and here she was, blushing as if she was twelve and he was her older, unobtainable mad celebrity crush.

Trey eyed Mary. The woman was seriously hot. She was wearing chocolate brown slacks that were molded to her ass. Her top was a lighter shade of brown silk. Its square cut bodice revealed the top of her breasts. He'd been concerned for about two seconds when he'd seen her striding into Holly' bedroom, but it was obvious that this woman was sexually attracted to him. Hell, she was still fondling his cum-eggs, rolling them from one palm to the other. He grasped his distended cock-shaft about midway along its length. He pushed the head forward until it brushed her left breast. Trey flexed his cock muscle and more than a tablespoon of pre-cum landed on Mary's top. He used the head of his cock to rub the syrupy thick boy-cum into the material. In a few seconds he could see the outline of her nipple.

Mary reluctantly released her hold on Trey's thrumming cum-laden eggs. She stood up straight and thrust her D-cup breasts proudly forward. She watched as Trey repeated his nipple trick on her other breast. "I don't know if I can get cum stains out of silk," she said softly.

"I'm sure your husband can soak it in cold water," Trey said with a laugh. He could see in Mary's eyes that the woman was his for the taking, just like her daughter had been. He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her until the backs of her legs hit the bed and she sat heavily on the edge.

Trey moved in, waving his steel hard cock in her face. "Play with it," he told her.

Mary didn't even consider not doing so. She had to use both hands to bring his big pole down to her lips. His cock was amazing. She couldn't begin to get her fingers around it – and the damn thing was so alive. It was almost hot to the touch and she could feel it pulse and jerk in her hand.

Mary licked his wide cock-tip swirling her tongue around the ridge. She was rewarded with a flow of pre-cum that was surprisingly sweet. She gathered it on her tongue and savored the taste. She licked up another dollop. The stuff was heavenly. She licked and sucked until she found that she was trying to dig the hot boy pre-cum from the gaping slit at the tip of his cock-head.

Fuck, she's really into it, thought Trey. "Suck on it," he told her.

Mary found herself frenching Trey's cum-slit as if it were a tiny mouth. She stretched her lips wide and tried to engulf the entire head, but the huge glans was just too big. She worked her hands back and forth on his long pole of a shaft. She was rewarded with more of his sweet nectar with every stroke of her fingers. The stuff warmed her tummy and seemed to pass straight to her pussy, making it wetter and more sexually charged by the second. Mary began to wonder if she was going to have an orgasm by simply sucking off this man-boy's super-cock. She grabbed at the bedclothes and bunched a wad of down comforter between her legs so that she would have something to hunch her clit against. She hadn't done this since she was a teenager, but she was amazingly horny.

Trey loved the feel of Mary's tongue and lips as they slid around his oversized cock-head. Her hands milked at his cum-tube causing pre-cum to flow continuously from his slit. Mary couldn't seem to get enough of it. She was moaning and rubbing her sweet ass on the bed as she jerked off his pulsing cannon of a cock.

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