Jill Asks for a Spanking

by RonBo

Copyright© 2012 by RonBo

Erotica Sex Story: Jill and Dale are left alone by their parents. Of course they get naked as soon as they are alone.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Spanking   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Jill had sucked Father Leary's big cock just yesterday. The old priest enjoyed spanking the young fifteen year old's bare bottom every Thursday after hearing her confession. Jill was able to deep throat the priest letting his eight inches cum there, satisfying both of them.

It was Friday and Jill's mother Carla had just returned from her confession with the good Father. She looked uncomfortable as she sat on the couch, wriggling her round ass to get comfortable. Jill wondered if Father Leary also spanked her mother as atonement for some sexual confession. Did she also suck the old man's cock or did the priest fuck Carla's mature pussy with his big pecker?

With her mother home for the evening she didn't think her father would come to her room to 'fuck her pretty little mouth' as he did whenever his wife wasn't around. John didn't care if her brother Dale was around, or even watched as he too was getting blow jobs from his sister. So it appeared that no one except Carla would get any Friday night sex.

Saturday would be different. When Jill found out that her parents were going to visit Aunt Netty she conspired with her brother and came up with excuses why they needed to stay home. Dale and Jill had gone beyond just having sex together. They had become lovers, doing everything but actual intercourse. That was going to change.

Dale had arranged for an older friend to pick up some condoms for their planned Saturday together. Jill had something else she planned on asking of her brother that Saturday also.

Carla wondered why her two kids were so fidgety Saturday morning. What are those two up to? She thought. She put it out of her mind instead concentrating on the visit to her sister's house, wondering why Netty had invited them. It wasn't anyone's birthday or a holiday. Oh well she would find out soon enough. Netty always had a reason for everything.

Jill and Dale didn't waste any time. As soon as their parent's car was out of site they shucked their clothes leaving two piles on the bedroom floor. Jill had planned on sucking her brother to a quick erection but there was no need. Dale had an erection all morning patiently waiting for the 'rents' to leave. Jill pushed Dale onto his back on the single bed, noticing how stiff and hard her brother's pecker was. She retrieved a condom from her bureau draw feeling the juices already welling up in her pussy.

Dale watched as his younger sister opened the package, stretching out the rubber before leisurely sliding the latex sheath down his prick, using the technique she had learned in her Sex Ed class. His cock was leaking inside of the condom anxious for it's first taste of pussy. I won't be a virgin much longer! Was the thought running through both teen's minds.

Jill straddled Dale cautiously dropping herself onto Dale's cock as she held open her pussy lips for the insertion. When her hymen interfered with the penetration Jill closed her eyes using her weight to puncture her maidenhead with one painful thrust. She just sat there on her brother's erection until the pain faded. Her pussy, as if it had a mind of it's own, began sliding up and down Dale's cock while he just moaned while reaching for Jill's small breasts. He rubbed the swells on her chest bringing her large nipples to life. Jill did all the work riding her brother at her own pace until he started rising to meet her thrusts with thrusts of his own. Jill flicked her clit with one finger wanting to cum before her brother filled the condom with his spend. She screeched when she finally had her intense orgasm. This is only the first of many fucks. Jill knew this to be true.

Dale finally came inside of his rubber. No mess. No fuss. He grinned. So that what fucking is all about. Jill released his latex enclosed prick from her satisfied cunt. She gently removed the condom from Dale's member. Jill lowered her head to envelop her brother's slime covered cock to clean him. When she was done cleaning their combined juices from his still half hard prick she said. "We have all day and plenty of condoms. We can do it as many times as you can get it up today." He was so happy, Dale's grin threatened to explode off his face. "But first Dale I have something special to ask you. And Daddy can never know. I want this to between just you and me. and Father Leary".

"O.K. What?" Dale asked.

"I want you to spank me like I'm a naughty girl that needs to punished. I want you to use your belt on my bare ass."

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