The Team - Peta

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2012 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Peta is my step-daughter and her mum is the team coach. Peta comes to visit me in bed whilst mum is away. She reveals much - her body and some sordid gossip too.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Daughter   Oral Sex   Size   .

Hi, I'm Grant and I'm 35 yrs of age and I'm married to Kim who is 33 yrs old. Kim coaches an under 18 girls volleyball team and I volunteer my services as the team physiotherapist. I rub down all those aching limbs and apply strapping where necessary. The team plays on a Saturday afternoon and Kim invites the team back to our place afterwards for a swim/spa session and a BBQ dinner.

The team consists of:

Cory - 17 yrs old. 5ft 5 ins tall. Blonde hair to her shoulders. 36 C-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Sexually active.

Sara - (identical twin of Tara) - 17 yrs old. 5ft 7 ins tall. Short red hair. 36 B-cup tits. Landing strip over pussy. Virgin.

Tara - (identical twin of Sara) - 17 yrs old. 5ft 7 ins tall. Short red hair. 36 B-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Virgin.

Ming - 16 yrs old. 5ft 3 ins tall. Oriental. Black hair to mid-back. 34 A-cup tits. Trimmed full bush. Virgin.

Kelly - 16 yrs old. 5ft 7 ins tall. Sandy blonde hair to her shoulders. 38 D-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Pierced clit. Not a virgin, but not sexually active.

Mo - 17 yrs old. 5ft 10 ins tall. Black African. Jet black smooth hair and skin. 36 D-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy.Not a virgin, but not sexually active.

Peta - 17 yrs old. (my step-daughter). 5ft 2ins tall. Short dyed blond hair with pink strips. 36 D-cup tits. Heart shaped blonde dyed pussy hair. Sexually active.

Sam - 16 yrs old. 5ft 8 ins tall. Short blonde hair. 34 B-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Virgin.

How do I know such personal details?

You see, I have a heap of minature cameras hidden in the pool change room and in my step-daughter's bedroom. The girls talk about their sex lives (or lack thereof) when changing or showering. The recordings give me plenty of entertainment during the week. Kim, my wife, just doesn't like sex any more - she'd rather eat, sleep and breathe her volleyball team.

I can disappear unnoticed for hours into my hidden viewing bunker - its attached to the pool house and hidden behind a false wall.

The stories that I'm about to relate started to happen about 2 months ago.


There was no volleyball on the weekend. Kim, the wife, left at Friday lunchtime to attend a coaches training weekend away; and was due back late on Sunday evening. Peta, her daughter (and my step-daughter) was going to be having a sleepover at Cory's place on Friday night.

The empty house gave me the opportunity to catch up on some of my poolhouse video files - I especially liked the recent recording involving myself and Ming on the massage table. I'd taken her virginity on that table - she'd given it to me willingly and I enjoyed immensely the feeling of her petite oriental body under mine. Reliving those memories resulted in another cum explosion which I mopped up with a few tissues.

I finished viewing the recordings and made my way back into the main house. All was quiet ... I decided to have a quick shower and retire to bed. Within about 10 minutes I was finished showering and I slid naked into bed and turned out the lights. Sleep soon overtook me as I settled alone into the king-size bed.

I must have been asleep for a couple of hours when I felt a warm naked body spoon up against my back. I was on my side and this warm body cuddled up to me. Now I knew it wasn't my wife, she doesn't sleep naked at all, and this body had a nice set of firm tits - I could feel them poking into my back. A hand slid over my hip and cupped my cock and balls.

"Who..." I started to ask when the hand cupping my cock and balls started to stroke my cock.

"It's me ... it's Peta" whispered my step-daughter as she continued to stroke my rapidly hardening cock.

"What are you doing here?" I stammered - mainly because her stroking was having a very pleasant effect on my cock.

"I decided to come and keep you company whilst mummy is away for the weekend".

"Your mother, my wife would kill me if she knew that you and I were naked in bed together ... and you were stroking my cock". I explained to her as she continued to stroke me. I didn't try to stop her - her hand felt so good - much better than my own hand.

"She's not going to find out ... she's too busy with her own..." Peta started to say and then stopped abruptly.

I turned over onto my back to face her. She continued to hold my cock although her stroking had stopped for the moment.

"What do you mean Peta?" I asked her.

"Oops!!!" she gasped as she realised that she'd said a little too much.

"C'mon Peta ... I want you to finish what you started to say".

"Grant ... I didn't mean to say anything" Peta replied sheepishly.

"Tell me now Peta ... or you will have to leave this bed despite how much I'm enjoying your company ... you have to finish off what you started to say".

Peta looked at me for about 30 seconds - I could see that she was struggling to make a decision. I placed my hand on hers to remove it from my cock when she gasped "Ok ... I will tell you everything. Promise me ... you won't get mad ... please ... please??"

I nodded my head to indicate my agreement. Peta paused a moment before she started to speak.

"Grant ... I will make this short and to the point. My father walked out on my mother when he came home and found her in bed with another volleyball coach."

I gave her a puzzled look before she continued "The other coach was a woman...". Peta paused to let me digest that sordid fact. I was stunned - I had never suspected Kim of being that way inclined.

Peta continued "There is no coaching course this weekend ... she is with the other woman ... and has been seeing her all along ... ever since daddy walked out".

I took some time to speak - my cock had wilted somewhat with these revelations but Peta continued to hold my cock all through her explanation.

"Why did she marry me then" I asked Peta.

"She wanted to appear normal to others. There were rumours after daddy left and she needed to dispel those rumours. So she married you ... and still kept up her affair with this other woman".

I had a million questions and thoughts running through my head. I was hurt ... I was angry. My marriage of 5 years was a lie.

"Who is the other woman?" I asked Peta.

"Grant ... I ... I don't ... I don't know if I should tell you ... I don't want you running off over there and..." Peta stammered.

I waited a moment before speaking. "I'm not going anywhere tonight ... but tomorrow you will tell me and I will be doing something ... I just don't know what at the moment".

Peta put her head down on my chest and snuggled up to me - her youthful body and large tits pressed into my body. My arm went around her and drew her closer as we cuddled silently together. Not a word was said between us - we just held each other - her hand still cupped my cock right throughout the whole time.

I woke up with a start - I wasn't sure of where I was for a moment. It was strange - I had a warm naked female laying on my shoulder with her leg thrown across my lower body - my cock was trapped under her leg. Then the memories started to come back to me ... the revelations of my wife's infidelity right throughout our five year marriage were foremost in my thoughts. You can call me a hypocrit if you like, but my recent dalliances with the volleyball team girls just didn't rate a thought in my mind at the time.

Peta stirred ... she crawled closer to me and slid on top of me. Her large tits and hard nipples bored into my chest - my cock became trapped between our naked bodies - she looked me in the eye then she lowered her lips to mine and started to kiss me. Her lips were so soft but demanding all the same. I hesitated for a moment before I responded - kissing her back - I slipped my tongue between her lips to find hers.

My right hand went to her ass and pulled her closer to me. My rapidly hardening cock was trapped between us - pressing into her tummy as it uncoiled to its full 10 inches of length. My other hand went to her neck and pulled her into a hot wet kiss that deepened with time. My hand groped her ass and slid up and down her back before sliding between her ass cheeks and across her rosebud.

After a few minutes, I rolled to the left - taking her with me; until she was under me. I broke off the kiss and started to kiss and lick down her neck towards her very ample chest. My first stop was going to be her tits and her hard nipples - my hands grasped her tits - hefting them and weighing them - they were quite firm and very big. My mouth finally arrived at her tits - I scooped one tit in my hand and led it to my mouth. My tongue ran a wide circle around her nipple - getting closer and closer to her nipple but not quite touching it. Then I moved to the other tit and repeated the same tease on that tit too.

Peta pushed her tits at me - she tried to get her nipple into my mouth and I avoided that contact.

"Don't tease me Grant ... please suck my nipples ... lick them ... bite them ... please, please!!!" she implored me.

I finally relented and licked her nipples - one after the other. I switched back and forth between them - sometimes taking longer to suck on one, but mostly it was a quick lick before switching to the other one. Peta moaned with each nipple lick and suck - until she was moaning continually. Her body started to move more - I could sense that an orgasm was close at hand - she moved her hands to my head as she attempted to hold me to just one nipple.

I switched back to her left nipple - drawing it between my lips - holding it firmly between my lips before biting it. The extra stimulation had an immediate effect - she groaned loudly ... her body twitched ... and she shouted

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! ... fuck ... fuck ... fuck ... Oh my fucking god ... cuuuuuuummmmmmiiiinnnnggg!!!!". Her orgasm exploded - she gasped and groaned - it was a huge orgasm. I kept up the sucking. licking and biting - swithing back and forth - I tried to keep the cum rolling on and on. I think I succeeded in coaxing another new cum to roll into the end of a previous waning one, until finally I eased off ... leaving her tits alone for the moment. It was time to move on.

I slid down a little further until my face was now between her thighs - I could smell her arousal. In the moonlight I could see a set of engorged pussy lips - I slid a finger across and between them - finding an abundance of juices stuck to my finger. I licked the finger clean of its tangy tasting juices.

Although hard to see in the moonlight, I knew that her pussy mound was covered by a heart-shaped rug of dyed blonde hair (with pink tinges) - I'd seen this in the hidden video feeds from her bedroom.

I moved my face closer to her pussy - my nose running between her slightly parted pussy lips. The smell of her arousal was intoxicating. I couldn't get enough of her - I paused with my nose between her pussy lips. My tongue came out and licked what it could reach - her rosebud. It lapped across the pucker of her rosebud - and prodded into it. I licked and prodded until I could feel her rosebud loosening up - my tongue gained entry just slightly to her ass.

"Oh, oh ... Grant ... what are you doing? ... Oh God ... that is so nasty!!!" Peta moans as I continued my oral attack on her ass.

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