The Arrangement

by neff trebor

Copyright© 2012 by neff trebor

Fiction Sex Story: Jenny dresses reluctantly according to her husband's wishes. Her night out does not work out as planned. She is humiliated at the hands of a huge stranger while her husband is bound and forced to watch

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   Heterosexual   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Humiliation   Black Male   White Female   Size   .

Jenny Marie Jenkins was apprehensive about her drive home after work. It was Thursday, and her husband's birthday. She was going to have to do something special for him. She wasn't looking forward to it that much.

It seemed like her whole life had been sort of a "fuck-or-walk from a yacht two miles from shore." She didn't have that much objection to the men she'd had sex with so much as it never seemed to be her choice.

As a teenager, her parents had been enamored with their young youth minister at their church. They were the ones who had seemed to pick him out. They had taken the initiative of getting them together. They invited him over to dinner every Sunday evening. They were the ones who kept putting her out there for him. He is the one who finally was convinced to marry her. She was not very excited about the idea, but her parents finally convinced her that she would eventually fall in love with him.

Jenny was pretty much in love with the idea of being in love. She had been convinced that time would take care of everything. There were a lot of things that an eighteen-year-old does not think about at the time. He was about the same height as her, so she eventually became embarrassed about wearing high-heeled shoes. Girls that age and with no experience, do not usually think about the size of a man's penis.

Had she known he had had a vasectomy that probably would have been a deal breaker. Jenny desperately wanted children from an early age. Jenny was the envy of her classmates. He was a prominent person in the community, and had a secure job and financial security. She thought she would be starting a family soon. That was before the holdup.

She and her husband had been walking home from the ice cream store one summer evening. A young black man ran up behind them and demanded her purse and his wallet. He got them, but that wasn't enough. He wanted to take Jenny too. Her husband struggled with him and was shot in the neck. He never made it to the hospital. He was DOA when the life-flight helicopter arrived.

Jenny left town. She only came back when she needed in order to testify at the man's trial. From there she wanted no part of that town. With very few skills, Jenny was not able to make much money.

She eventually got a job with her husband, Joe. He was a financial counselor. He went into offices and tried to get the 401K accounts for the entire company. Once he had the account, he would sub out the analysis and daily trading to another firm. They were responsible for the performance; he was responsible for obtaining the accounts.

Joe made a good living, and Jenny had a fairly secure job. After about a year or so, Joe started asking Jenny out after work. She was in a dilemma, because he was married. She didn't want to have anything to do with him, but didn't think she could keep her job if she refused. They kept it quiet for a while, but then his wife found out.

Joe and his wife eventually got a divorce. From there, Joe was free to pursue the much younger girl. Again, Jenny was in love with being in love. She was still undecided about Joe, but he was persistent. Again, she was convinced she would eventually grow to love him.

Things hadn't been going quite according to her life plan though. They were quite sexually incompatible. Joe wanted sex every night and every way he could think of. Jenny was still used to being the minister's wife. She had dressed and acted the part for many years.

They were growing apart. Joe was getting more insistent on ideas she didn't care for. One last year's birthday, she had pledged to do whatever he wanted. She meant she would take him to whatever restaurant he picked.

That year, she had come home to see a box on her bed. It had a note on it, telling her to wear what was in it. It had red high heeled shoes, a bright red mini dress, and red panty hose. There was no bra or panties. Reluctantly, she had dressed as ordered. She was not comfortable with the length or the very low cut of the top, and put a white sweater on over it.

Joe had taken her to an adult theater. Jenny was mortified. She had never been to anything like this in her life. It had pornographic movies! When the went in and got used to the light, she could see the others pretty clearly. As soon as they sat down in the middle of an aisle, she was aware that a number of men came to take all the open seats on each side of them, in front and behind them.

Another couple came in and sat down. The same thing happened to them. It looked like bees to honey. Soon, she could see than the stranger on one side of the girl had begun unbuttoning her blouse. The man standing behind her began sliding his hands over her breasts. Another man got down on his knees in front of her. she raised her knees and parted her legs. The man in front of her raised her dress. She had no panties! The man's head disappeared under her dress. Somebody else turned on a small pen-lite as another raised her dress so they could all see.

Jenny was horrified. She got up and ran out of the theatre. Had Joe taken her there to watch, or compel her to participate like the other girl? Don't you ever take me to a place like that again she told him.

The year before, Joe had given her a box of clothing similar to the one with the red dress. Reluctantly, she had to admit she looked pretty good in it and couldn't wait to be seen in it at one of the nice restaurants. They had driven to the renovated garment district and gone into Guinevere's.

Jenny wasn't familiar with it. They sat down and looked at the menu. It looked good. Jenny ordered the lobster. Joe ordered a big steak. Before the food arrived, the lights dimmed and she realized they were raising the light on a small stage that she was not aware of.

Pretty soon, the music of "Saint Louis Blues" by Louie Armstrong started; softly at first, then increasingly louder. A young girl came out on the stage and started to gyrate. It was obvious she was going to take her clothes off. This was some kind of dinner/theater for exotic dancers.

After the girl was naked, she walked among the audience with a derby hat that she had started with. She was passing the hat. Joe whispered in her ear. Jenny saw him stick a fifty dollar bill in the hat. The dancer gave him a kiss and reached over to grab her hand.

Jenny walked bewilderedly behind the naked dancer, trying to keep from falling down in her high heeled shoes. The young girl walked up to a low leather couch and twirled her down into it. The young girl sat down excitedly next to her and took of her high heeled shoes. She bend down to her knees in front of Jenny. When the next CD started, the young girl spread Jenny's legs and raised her dress, far enough to expose Her panties...

Jenny turned red. She shoved her dress down, jumped up and scurried out of the restaurant without looking for her husband. What was he thinking? Did he think she was gay?

When Joe finished paying for the uneaten supper and caught up to her she was standing at the curb waiting for the valet to bring the car. She had her arms crossed and she was fuming.

"What has gotten into you, Joe?" Joe was crestfallen. This didn't seem like some kind of degenerate idea to him. He had been thinking about this for a month. Men can be that way. No matter how stupid an idea seems, if they think about it long enough, they will eventually think it will work. So much for that idea.

Again, as Jenny drove home for this birthday, she was scared spitless at what he might come up with. She had tried to make it clear that "I will do anything you want" meant "take you to any restaurant you want."

Jenny parked her Mercedes sports car in the drive. Nervously, she walked in and laid her purse and keys by the door on the stand. Joe was not dressed to go out. He looked up at her without saying much.

Jenny went upstairs to the bedroom. She pretty much knew that she would have a box with new clothes and a set of directions. She was going to do her best to humor him as much as her moral guidelines would let her. No nudie bar, no porno theater. Pick a restaurant. That's it.

Jenny went into the bedroom. She saw a large manila-colored cardboard box from some store she was not familiar with. She went into the bathroom and took a shower. She wrapped a towel around herself and walked back into the bedroom to inspect the box. Jenny opened it.

A note caught to the top of the box and floated down to the floor. She picked it up;

"Wear what's in the box and nothing more."

Jenny looked in the box. There was a pair of long black silk stockings. They went to her crotch. The tops had decorative lace patterned elastic on the top to hold them up. There was no panties and no bra ... Jenny slipped the dress on. It fit like a glove. It did not fit skin tight like a hooker; but fit like it had been tailored to fit. The front buttoned down the front. It stopped at the bottom of her thumbs. The top had a square cut that stopped millimeters above her long pink nipples. This could never work in public! She looked back in the box. There were a pair of suede high-heeled boots that zippered up the side. She put them on. The last thing in the box was a sleeveless black lace bolero vest. It had no buttons. Jenny put it on. It hung comfortably to the bottom of her breasts. If she moved carefully, the vest would hide her. It felt good.

If they were just eating at home, Jenny felt she could live with this one concession to her modesty for the sake of her husband. She had rebuffed so many of his ideas, she would struggle to grant him this.

Jenny took the hair at her temples and braided them into one long strand on each side. She combed her hair back and clipped the two small braids together in the back to hold her hair out of her face. Although her insecurities wouldn't let her admit it, Jenny was stunning.

When Joe heard the clip-clop of her boots descending hesitatingly down the steps he turned away from the television. "Holy Crap! You are absolutely beautiful!' he whispered.

Joe stood. He went over to the dining room table and brought over another small black box. He opened it. There was a pearl necklace. He put it around Jenny's neck. It was long enough to wrap around her twice and hang several inches below the bottom of her breasts.

If they could only stay home. Jenny felt somehow, this evening would turn itself upside down. What could go wrong with such a perfect start? Jenny picked up her small clutch purse and opened it to get her silver hoop earrings.

"You better go up and get dressed. If you aren't ready soon, I'm going by myself. I'm not going to let these clothes go to waste." Jenny had momentarily forgotten that she had no bra or panties.

About that time, Jenny saw a shadow in the dining room. It came around the corner. Jenny screamed. Before she could move, the man moved towards Joe.

Her mind seemed to remember everything in slow motion. She saw a long pearl handle, about twelve inches long. She saw his thumb press the button. She saw the long steel blade slowly swing out of the handle. She heard it snap and lock.

The man was about six and a half feet tall. She noticed that his hands were covered with rubber surgical gloves. He had a stocking mask. He grabbed Joe with one hand around the back of his neck. The point of the huge switchblade had pressed the skin on the side of his windpipe about as far in as it could go without drawing blood. This all happened in about half a second. The man had crossed the eight feet from the edge of the dining room to where Joe was standing so quick he had no time to react.

The image of her first husband flashed through her mind. "Not again!" she thought. It had been all going so well up to now.

"Please don't hurt him." She said, thinking about her previous husband being shot.

"I want some money!"

"W ... W ... We have ... have ... plenty of money. Please don't hurt him." Jenny went over to the dining room and removed a picture from the wall. Behind it was a small wall safe. Her fingers were shacking so badly, she could hardly turn the dial. She was so scared, she absolutely had no clue what the combination was.

"Right to zero; left to nine, right to three, left to six.' She heard Joe's voice call out.

It clicked. Jenny swung the door open. She reached in to grab several bundles of hundred dollar bills from the back. In order to get them out, she had to remove some other papers. She took out several folders. They were bank account statements, divorce documents, car titles and a few other things.

Jenny walked over to the man holding three bundles. "This is all we have." She said.

The man looked at Joe, then back at Jenny. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a 3" wide roll of duct tape. He swung Joe around. He put the knife blade in his mouth and swung Joe's hands down behind him. He taped Joes hands behind him. He sat Joe down in one of the solid oak captain's chairs from the dining room. He taped Joes mouth shut. He taped Joe's ankles to the legs of the wood chair.

"You try anything and I'll cut your nuts off before you have time to scream. I'll run this blade up into your wife's cut so far you will never fuck her again! You got that?" Joe closed his eyes and nodded. Jenny did the same. She could barely stand.

"What's your name, young lady?"

"M ... M ... My ... My ... name ... name ... is ... is ... Jen ... Jenny" she stammered with her hands over her mouth.

"Well, before I leave, I think you should take off that vest."

Jenny was cowering with fright. "Anything; just don't hurt anybody," she thought. Suddenly, she realized what she looked like. She suddenly realized what she was wearing. What could she do?

With no options she could think of, Jenny reached up and parted the unbuttoned garment. She turned her head to one side and arched her back in order to slide on side of the vest off. When she did, her left nipple peeked over the top of her low cut dress. Jenny shed the vest quickly in order to regain her original position. She reached up with both hands and lifted the top up and out to cover herself.

"Did I tell you to fucking move?"

Jenny bowed her head and slowly wagged her head in an almost imperceptible "No.' as she brought the lace garment up in front of her with both hands.

"Hand me the fucking top!"

Jenny could hardly see him with the tears forming in her eyes. Her mind was racing back to the sight of her former husband, and the incredible splash of blood that had exploded over her and drenched her clothes.

"Give me the top!"

Jenny folded it and handed it to him. He tossed it over to the top of the dining room table.


Jenny looked up. She looked up into his eyes. She looked over to her husband. What next? Down deep, she knew. He wanted the dress. She was now aware of her scantily covered body. This was all she had.

Jenny dropped her hands from her eyes. She looked up at the intruder. "I don't want you to hurt my husband. Please, please, please don't make me do this." She implored with her eyes. Jenny could see from his steely stare that it was useless.

Reluctantly, her hands dropped to the button between her breasts. The air-conditioning felt it was turned to forty degrees when she unbuttoned the first button and her long stemmed pink nipples sprung into view.

Jenny was humiliated to be exposed to this stranger. She was humiliated to give him the impression that this was how she always dressed.

Jenny continued moving her fingers down her front. She fought to control her mind and fingers, trying to direct them to do what the man had asked. Jenn had now bared her stomach. Her eyes were closed as she raised the dress for the next button. The hem inched itself upward to be unbuttoned.

The top of her black stockings were now coming into view. The space between her breasts, her rippling abs shone in the dim light. Her reddish brown pubic hair was now visible. It was all unbuttoned, but Jenny would not let the dress go. She would not drop the sides. She tried to hold it together to keep her breasts covered at the expense of her pubic hair.

The man stepped forward. He extended his arm. The huge switchblade looked like a saber at the end of his endless wingspan. He put the point against the fabric covering her breasts. He started to slide it to her side. Jenny was going to get cut if she didn't move her hand.

Jenny closed her eyes, raised her head away from the knife, and dropped her arms to her sides. The man stuck the point through the fabric and pulled it aside. He moved it away far enough that it slid over her shoulder, exposing completely her left breast.

The dress hung uselessly, caught over her right shoulder. Her left breast and long pink nipple competed magnificently with her reddish brown downy-fine pubic hair.

The man stared at her stupefied. He switched the knife to his other hand and effortlessly slid the dress off of her other shoulder. It fluttered to the floor.

Jenny instinctively flinched in an effort to cover her pubic hair and breasts; just for a second. She caught herself, knowing this was not going to be permitted. She could not risk setting this man off as the image memory of blood being splashed over her continued to haunt her.

She couldn't help but cross her hands over her pubic hair. It wasn't a conscious effort. It was instinctive.

The man walked over to the dining room table. He leaned against it and spread his legs about the width of his shoulders. He looked at the bundles of bills and then back at this magnificent woman.

Jenny was standing there in her high-heeled boots. Her nipples and long pearl necklace danced to echo the shuddering of her shoulders and convulsing abdominal muscles. She mewed almost imperceptibly in anticipation of whatever unknown commands she knew was coming.

"Get over here Miss Jenny!" the man almost whispered.

Jenny walked over to him and stood, cowering in fear.

"Go into the kitchen. Get some hot water in a bowl and a clean dish towel."

On legs that would hardly move, Jenny forced herself to do as ordered. She clip-clopped back into the room with her long stem pink nipples wiggling to echo her movements.

The man took the bowl of tepid water and put it on the dining room table. He put the knife between his teeth, picked her up and sat her on the edge of the table. He put a chair in front of her and sat down facing her. He used the point again to move her hands away from her vagina, and separate her legs.

"Wash yourself."

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