An Anarchist's Rant About Fairness

by Mark Gander

Copyright© 2012 by Mark Gander

True Story: This is just an essay, a collection of thoughts and statement of beliefs regarding my personal philosophy about fairness, justice, the state, and double standards. As an anarchist, my views are a little different, of course.

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"When kings the sword of justice first lay down, they are no kings, though they possess the crown. Titles are shadows. Crowns are empty things. The good of subjects is the end of kings."- Daniel Defoe

I have noted for some time now that there are some truisms and proverbs thrown around so much that they seem to be cliché. Among the most exasperating of them are the following: "two wrongs don't make a right" and "life isn't fair". Everyone uses those sayings, including in my own family. I really hate these supposedly profound comments, which are nothing but widely accepted excuses and attempts to persuade people to simply resign oneself to injustices. To think that people accuse me of being trite!

Maybe it is my inner Scorpio, but I rebel against such stupidity. Simply because unfairness exists in the world doesn't mean that one should just accept it. On the contrary, one must defy and defeat those injustices wherever they are found. One must stand up and oppose them. I maintain that every injustice tolerated leads to another injustice being perpetrated, thus greatly increasing the inequity of this world. I've never been one to lie down and stomach such evils without fighting back.

Let's look at the rather loaded and biased statement that "two wrongs don't make a right". It is circular reasoning at its worst. It assumes that the act itself is inherently wrong, and not merely the context which makes it wrong. Applied consistently to sex, it would mean celibacy for example. So, if context matters enough to make sex inside a relationship okay, it also suffices to make revenge affairs okay as well. Context and specifically the need for karmic balance require that the punishment for cheating should fit the offense.

It shouldn't, as some real nutcases think, exceed the infraction. A revenge affair shouldn't extend long than the original activity. Turning a husband into a cuckold, for example, isn't justice, it is cruelty. It exceeds the actual finite harm of the act. It is worse than the offender deserves and so should not be the penalty for that deed. Just as mercy is not justice, neither is cruelty. True justice requires karmic balance and mathematical proportionality and precision. It is a scalpel, not a sledgehammer. Anything worse and then you really DO sink to the offender's level. Before that point, you do not.

Secondly, the "life isn't fair" comment is absolute fatalism at its worst. We don't need to make excuses for injustices. We need to correct them. We need to fight them. It is high time that people stop accepting the world fatalistically and start working to alter it dramatically. Society is a very sick, unjust place and needs considerable reformation.

The best way to start is to scrap the compulsory institutions of the State and let individuals rule themselves, making their own contracts and enforcing them through the threat of ostracism. The State doesn't rectify crime and injustice. It simply shields the criminals and punishes the innocent. The police often arrest people for self-defense while failing to get there in time to protect people from thugs. Politicians commit the worst kind of abuses and hide behind their power and stupid ideologies to cover their asses.

I believe that people need to take personal responsibility for defending their own life, liberty, and property, not entrust it to compulsory institutions that confiscate their property, kill innocent people, and lock them in cages for not complying with their tyranny.

I'd say that the politicians deserve to be hanged, but capital punishment, while just, has one key drawback: it's a highly political and prejudiced tool that punishes the innocent with the guilty. Not to mention that the use of coercion in such a way equates to at least temporarily functioning like a State. The sooner civil government is eliminated, the better. It is not the violence that is the problem, but the emulation of the trial process and its institutional tyranny.

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