The End of Big Ed

by carniegirl

Copyright© 2012 by carniegirl

BDSM Sex Story: A story of willing and forced submission of a working mom.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Heterosexual   DomSub   Rough   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Size   Public Sex   .

By Cindy - Edited by Barney

"So who the fuck are you?" the very well dressed man asked.

"You sure do know how to be charming," I said sarcastically.

"Right, I'm not charming but I can make your life a hell of a lot better," he said. "So who are you?"

"You are going to send me a ton of new business, right?" I asked.

"That's right sweetie, not just work, but work you can do any damn time you want, within reason of course." he added. "So, tell me who you are."

"My name is Abigail Adams. Most people call me Abby. You already know that I am a wedding photographer. I'm divorced and have a 6 year old daughter. I'm 28 years old and my daughter and I live alone and like it that way. Now you," I demanded.

"My name is Tommy Jeffers, and I'm divorced and live with my girlfriend Heidi. You should know that I am in the pornography business. The other thing you should know is that I'm looking for someone to make promotional posters for my videos. I'm told you are damn good with that digital shit," he said.

"They tell me I'm very good with it. So what exactly do you use them for?" I asked

These days it's on line advertising. I don't need any printing, but if I do you can get that done can't you?" he asked.

"I know a guy who owns his own color copier, so yes I can get you a few posters printed for a trade show or something like that. If you want more, I can give you the digital file and you can find your own large job printer," I informed him. "The question is not can I do it, the questions is will I do it. So now you tell me why I should."

"Well you didn't storm off when I told you what I do for a living, so you are either fascinated or you need money bad enough to turn a blind eye to it. Either way, you were willing to listen to the offer," he said.

"I guess there is truth to that," I agreed. "So make me the offer."

"You have a studio don't you?" he asked.

"Very small, but yes," I replied.

"You could do two people engaged in sex there couldn't you?" he asked.

"Yes, I could do that," I replied. I never had but my equipment, and studio space would be more than adequate.

"That's as bad as it gets, anything more and we can shoot them on the sounds stage. As long as you are as quick and organized as you were at my niece's wedding, you should do fine." he said.

"I always work fast and the only way to do that is to be organized, mentally at least," I replied. I waited a moment before I went on, "You have mentioned everything but the payment. What are you paying?"

"What did you have in mind?" he asked.

"$250 an hour or any part thereof," I replied.

"That's less than those Hollywood pukes want," he said.

"That isn't just studio time that is also post production time as well. If I lay out a poster it could run several more hours, depending on how many times I have to redo it to satisfy you."

"Okay when can you do it?" he asked.

"If I am shooting in my studio it has to be before noon, if it is a short notice shoot. If I have time to arrange a place for my daughter that is safe, with a little flexibility in scheduling, I can do it most any time." I knew that it wouldn't be very often, so I wanted to keep it from interfering with my real work. I knew in my heart that I was a wedding photographer and not really much else.

"Okay, would you consider a week enough time for a definite shoot appointment in the evening?" he asked.

"Sure, what do you have in mind?" I asked.

"I have a couple of guys I need photographed. It is gay porn. It that alright with you?" he asked.

"The camera insulates me from anything that is legal. If you stray into any other area, we are going to have a real problem. As in, I will turn you in myself if it is kiddie porn," I informed him.

"Don't worry; I don't think I would do well in jail. No matter how well it pays, and it does pay well. So how about a week from Thursday?" he asked.

"I can handle that, what time?" I asked.

"Let's say 8PM for now," Tommy suggested. "If we need to, we can adjust the time somewhat."

"Alright, I assume this is a cash on delivery business. I don't like to wait for checks from people I don't know. Send me a $250 deposit or bring it with you to the shoot." I informed him.

He nodded, shook my hand then left me standing in the parking lot of the downtown motel. His niece had her reception in their grand banquet hall. It was 10PM on Saturday and I was exhausted. I had been working since 1PM. I always started early for a wedding. The one that day began at 2PM and actually started half hour late, so it was early by most wedding standards even in those days.

Angelina was spending the weekend with her biological father. They shared the name Williams. I had reverted to my Maiden name. I did that because my father had helped me so much after the divorce. It was also his business which I had taken over. The name of the business was Adams Photo Service. It made sense that I be an Adams to cash in on the name recognition.

My ex-husband would be bringing Angelina home after church the next day. He usually took Angelina to lunch after church, even though it wasn't part of the custody agreement I never complained. Because Mark had Friday till Sunday custody every week, I could work weddings whenever I could get one. I also had a sister who loved Angelina. She was not just willing to have Angelina stay at her house during the week when I had a job, even if I didn't have a job she would find an excuse to have Angelina come visit with her kids. Her two were within a year on either side of Angelina's age. I was counting on that so that I could work for Tommy Jeffers.

For the next eight days I went about my normal work schedule. I did the things I needed to do to promote the business as well as the post processing of my images from the weeks before. It didn't require all day every day. It did require some part of the day, every day. That time, no matter how small, tied me to the business all day. I was either working or thinking about work all the time it seemed.

On Wednesday Tommy called, "Abby I need to change the time to 7PM so that we can finish early. One of the actors has a curfew. He has to be home by midnight or his parole officer will be all over us." he said.

"I will have to make a call, but I think it will be okay. I'll get back with you," I said.

I made the phone call to my sister Julie. "So Julie can I leave Angelina with you a few hours Thursday night?" I asked it pretty sure that it would be just fine.

"Of course Abby, what time do you want to bring her over?" she asked.

"How about I send you all out for pizza around six?" I asked. "I have a seven o'clock shoot. I can bring Angelina and pizza to your house or you can pick her up here. If you pick her up, I'll give you the money for that kid friendly pizza place."

"My kids love the Pizza Pit. I'll pick Angelina up and we can go to the Pizza pit and I'll take her to my house after. She can spend the night here after. You can get her Friday morning." Julie suggested.

"That would be great," I agreed.

"I pick Billy up at school at 2PM, I can be at your house shortly thereafter. If that is okay?" she asked.

"Of course it is fine. Julie I really do appreciate this," I said.

"Are you kidding my kids will love it," Julie informed me.

"Okay Thomas," I said into my phone. I'll look for you around 7PM."

"Good, see you then," he agreed.

"Don't come without your deposit." I said it to remind him that it was all about the money. I didn't consider that there was any art at all in what I would be doing that evening. Julie picked up Angelina right on time, so I had a couple of hours at least before they showed up. I spent the time in the studio.

It never hurt to check things one more time. The camera was ready, it turned on and booted up as it should. The computer did the same. It also projected the image onto the 35" monitor mounted onto the wall in the control room. I seldom used the remote viewer but now and then it came in handy. Sometimes I had a customer who wanted to see the shots as I made the image. Usually that customer was checking out a commercial product. I did a little work for the small local manufacturers. That's the kind of thing Tommy meant when he said he had heard that I had a studio.

My dad had set the studio up. I just inherited it along with the name. I installed the video equipment and upgraded to the digital camera, but they were really all his ideas. The large studio began as a two car garage attached to a small house by a breezeway. The breezeway I turned into the control room, but the studio conversion of the garage had been his work.

Angelina and I shared the two bedroom one bath house where my mom and dad first lived before either Julie or I existed. I joked with him often that he never threw away or sold anything. He had kept the first house he and mom bought.

My grandmother had been installed in it after my grandfather died. Then after she went into the nursing home, my dad used the two car garage as a studio but no one lived in the house part. At least not until my husband Mark decided that he wanted a different woman.

My dad's brother made damn sure that Mark did not have a happy divorce. Fred was an attorney who specialized in criminal law. When he handled my divorce, he went after Mark like a shark. It required almost two years after the hearings for Mark and I to become friends. Yes, we were friends, not good friends but friends.

I placed an oversize teddy bear, which I used now and then as a prop, onto the model's bench. I clicked the Nikon camera, then I went into the control room to check the monitor. The image on the monitor was a little off center but it was bright and clear. All in all it was a very good image which convinced me that Tommy Jeffers would know what he had, even before he left the studio. The camera was not set up to shoot continuous video, so he would see a slide show presentation as I shot the images. From that he would be able to pick his shots for the theatrical posters before he left the studio. He would have input directly into the shoot as it progressed. He would have absolutely no reason to with hold future payments. As I said earlier, it was all about the money.

Tommy Jeffers and his two actors arrived right on time. Tommy I had seen previously, however the two actors were unknown to me. One was a very ordinary looking young man in his twenties. He had that very clean look, which I associate with gay men. I know that is a terrible cliché, but I can't help how I feel. The other one looked sinister. He had a shaved head but facial hair. Not exactly a full beard but a mustache and goatee both ragged looking. He was also older than the clean looking man. I was beginning to have second thoughts, since I had never even seen anything even remotely like what was about to happen in my studio

Still I did need the money, since Angelina was about to start private school. It wasn't going to be cheap either. I could get some of it from her biological father Mark, but I still had to come up with a great deal myself. That is if I wanted to keep her out of the drug and crime infested public schools and of course I did.

"So what do we do first?" the very Satanic looking actor asked.

"That's up to your boss Tommy. I am just going to make posters from what you normally do," I replied. If I had been pressed about it, I would have admitted that I had no idea what they should be doing,

"So Tommy what's it gonna be?" he asked turning his attention to Tommy.

"Are these all the backgrounds you have?" Tommy asked me.

"I do it in front of the black or white screen, I pick the color that they aren't wearing. I have some other solid color screens if your clothes clash with black or white. I will add the backgrounds later in post production," I admitted.

"So let's get on with this. I am paying you by the hour," Tommy said to me.

"Yes you are and we are on the clock so whenever you get them in position I will begin working on the images for the posters," I agreed.

"Alright get into your costumes from the movie. I want you on your knees but let's do several posters and gear them to the websites we plan to show it on. Keep the first one more or less adult but if the wife walks in it won't scream fag at her." Tommy said it and I was a little concerned.

"Get them in costume and posed more or less like you want and I will finish it for you," I suggested.

It took another twenty minutes before I started clicking images. We started with just shots of the two of them in costume. They posed just like you and I would for a while. Then they put on the BDSM part of the costume and it got kinky; everything from the dog leash and the younger one on his hands and knees to whips and fake blood.

I also saw my first man with another man's penis in his mouth. Not to mention anal intercourse between two men. It was scary at first, but after a very short time, I was insulated by the camera completely and I just worked it like any other action shoot. I admit I was a little surprised at how little their reaction was to what they were doing. It was obvious that neither of them orgasmed. I had no idea what their movies were like, but I expect that the shot of them shooting semen was a big deal.

It was almost 10PM when they left. The two actors left first leaving me and Tommy alone. "So you owe me an additional five hundred bucks," I said to him.

"Judging from what I saw on that monitor it looks like I will be getting my money's worth. That is if your post production doesn't take too long," he suggested.

"Email me and let me know what kind of back grounds you want. If I don't have them, I will have to go shoot something," I admitted.

It took five hours spread over a week to complete the five posters. When I submitted my bill, Tommy and I had to do a reconciliation. He felt that it was too large and I felt that his refusing to pay amounted to breach of contract. Then Tommy asked, "Do you really want to sue a pornography producer for failure to pay you for work on porno materials." Then the puke just hung up on me.

I sat around stewing for two weeks. I wanted to sue him as well as cut his prick off. Then out of the blue I got a check in the mail for $750. The note on the back said that cashing the check amounted to a settlement of our dispute. He knew I wouldn't file suit, so I settled for the half payment. It was better than nothing I told myself.

Of course the prick called me two weeks later to do another set of posters. I agreed but only if he paid up front. He knew the kind of work I did and I knew the kind of client he was. We agreed on a grand each set to be paid at the time of the shoot. That's how I began shooting posters for Tommy Jeffers' Production Company.

Over the next few months I shot ten different poster set. Most were for rough trade pornographic movies. I had never heard of the rough trade until I met Tommy. I became pretty well known in a local sort of way.

I wasn't all that surprised when it morphed into a larger enterprise. I added shooting portfolio images for the actors. The women were mostly interested in showing off their Silicone and genital jewelry. Now and then it was also a matter of showing how much penis they could force down their throats. Those were interesting shoots. I learned that one could put a much larger penis down their throat than I would have imagined. The sound effects were pretty gross, but they didn't show in the still photography thank god.

The guys were another thing all together. They were all about the size of their penis. Of course there were a few who wanted the same kind of shots the ladies requested. You know the gay actor portfolio. I did them all without making value judgments. It was strictly business with me.

After six months at my part time gig, everything seemed normal the night two weeks before thanksgiving. Normal until Big Ed arrived for his portfolio shoot. Angelina was visiting her cousins over night. She would have been, even if I were not shooting Big Ed. Big Ed had seen my posters for his porno video, 'Honey, The Plumber Cums This Afternoon'. You guessed it Big Ed was the plumber. He was also the owner of a penis that measured 9 3/4 inches soft. It was very close to a foot when erect. The poster had it both ways and Ed had loved them.

He asked me to make him a website for his fans to visit, not to mention perspective film makers. So Ed showed up at 7:10 PM, right on time. Well only ten minutes late, this is on time for my customers.

Ed was a 6' 4" 225 pound giant of a man. He was also the color of coffee with one cream. His head was shaved as well as most of his other body parts. I shot pictures of him at various stages of undress. Topless, in his underwear, and naked as the day he was born. He insisted that his penis be hard and no matter what he did to it, he could not get it erect.

"Abby, I have to ask, but would you stroke it. A woman, especially you, could make it happen I'm sure." he begged.

"Ed that isn't part of the service," I admitted.

"You mean you have never wondered what a cock the size of mine would feel like in your pretty white hand?" he asked.

"Of course I have thought about that," I answered honestly.

"Now is your chance to find out and do me a favor at the same time," he said in a low voice.

I didn't answer. I just reached down and began to stroke his huge penis while I looked into his eyes. I felt him begin to rise in my hand. I also saw him smile at me and nod his head. I stepped back and began to shoot pictures of his penis and some of him full length to show that it attached to a human. I also had him hold a coke can down by his side to give some perspective.

"See I told you all I needed was for you to touch me," he said.

I didn't dare answer, so I simply nodded and continued to shoot while he stroked his penis for me. It was a truly amazing sight. Yes, I have to admit that I was a little nervous trying to work around that monster.

"I'm having trouble getting worked up for the cum shot Abbey. Come help me again," Ed said in that deep quiet voice of his.

"I need to stay here and make the pictures," I said in a quiet husky voice to match his.

"Won't be no pictures if I can't cum, and you know I need them for the website," he informed me.

I walked over again and wrapped my hand around his huge, but somehow gentle feeling cock. It was damp and slippery so that my hand moved on it very easily. I could feel him push against my hand. I knew that I should stop, but I just kept helping him with his cock.

Suddenly I felt his big black hands cover my breasts. Even through my knit top and my stiff bra it felt erotic as hell. I must have moaned because he said, "Yes baby, feels good don't it?"

I couldn't answer so he squeezed my left breast hard with his right hand. "Don't that feel good bitch?" he asked.

"Yes," I answered because I was afraid not to answer him.

"You want to lick that cock don't you baby?" he asked.

"No, please I can't do this," I said.

"Of course you can. Ain't nobody here but me and you, just get on your knees and lick my cock," he demanded. He also moved his hands from my breast to my shoulders and pressed down. I didn't resist. I allowed him to force me to my knees.

Once on my knees I lifted his huge cock and licked it as he had demanded. I have to admit that it felt erotic as hell on my tongue. He must have enjoyed it as well since he moaned. I licked him for several minutes while stoking his cock slowly.

"Quick," he demanded, "Get back on your camera." I struggled to my feel and tried to get to my camera as quickly as possible. I managed to shoot images of his cock shooting long streams of cum. I was shaking so hard that I was surprised the images were usable, but they seemed to be.

"God that was great," he said. "Now come clean my cock."

I should have refused, but instead I went to him. I knelt in front of his huge cock and I began to lick it ever so lovingly. I felt his cock harden again. I wasn't surprised since I was making love to his cock with my tongue. I wanted to suck on it, but his cock was as big around as a coke can. There was no way my mouth would stretch the far.

"Kiss the tip and suck on that. Just suck on the tip for me," he demanded.

I covered the end of his cock and began to suck on the opening. I could almost cover the head of his cock but I just couldn't open my mouth quite far enough.

"Stroke my shaft faster, ' He demanded.

I did as he said. I stroked and sucked on the head of his cock. It wasn't long before he said, "I'm going to cum again, don't you pull away bitch. Just keep on sucking my dick you white cock sucker."

I felt my mouth fill with his warm animal tasting cum. It was pure animal lust that ran through my body with that feeling and taste. I was on the verge of an orgasm of my own.

"Swallow my nigger cum bitch," he said to me. I made a big show of swallowing his cum. He smiled at me. You gonna be my white slut ain't you baby?" he asked.

"No, I'm gonna be your white photographer. You do get the friends and family discount," I informed him with a smile.

"Damn you a hard bitch," he said. "Don't you need to cum bitch?"

"Of course I do. I'm no different than anyone else," I said.

"Then you need to beg me to fuck you," he said smiling.

"I can't do that," I said looking down at the floor.

He walked to me, took my camera from me, put it on the model bench then took me in his arms. He kissed me. I could feel his naked cock against my clothed body as he held me close. It was a huge hard lump pressed against me. Then I felt his hands slip inside my jeans and panties. He cupped my butt and pulled me to him even harder. I could feel my hips grind against his cock. Then I felt his finger spread the cheeks of my butt. It was only a second later when I felt the same finger force its way inside my rectum. It was dry and it hurt me. It also drove me up the hill even farther.

"How does the feel?" he asked as he broke the kiss.

"It hurts," I said.

"Yes but you love it?" he made it a question.

"Yes, I love it," replied humbly.

"Then beg me to fuck you with my big black dick," he demanded.

"Please fuck me," I said quietly.

"Say it all Abby," he demanded.

"Please fuck me with your big black dick," I said. Even I knew that he had broken me.

"If I fuck you are the pictures free?" he asked.

"Yes, they are free," I said pulling him closer. I felt his hand slide under my top then pull it up and over my head.

"Take off your bra," he said. I immediately reached behind me and unhooked, then removed my heavy bra. With the stiff bra off my soft breast sagged a little. I had a baby, who breast fed, so my boobs were soft but not huge. I also had a bit of a tummy, so I was a little shy about Ed seeing me. He didn't seem to mind at all. As a matter of fact he buried his face in my boobs as he began to suck and bit my nipples. Because of the difference in our heights he had lifted then pinned me against the wall while he sucked my breast. Finally he let me down then stepped back. "Take off your jeans and panties," he demanded.

I had a hard time with the button on my jeans. It was a combination of excitement and fear. I was terrified of the pain his cock would surely cause me. It didn't matter I wanted it inside me anyway.

Once I was naked he pushed me to my knees again then moved behind me. I knew what to do. I leaned forward onto my hand as well. I could sense when he knelt behind me. I knew that it was going to be painful. I could only hope that he would go slowly and allow me time to adjust to his monster cock. What I felt first was not his cock but his hand rub across my vulva. It felt wonderful to have his big hand massage my swollen lips.

"You are nice and wet Abby, that will help." Then I felt something hard push against my vagina. He was trying to work his giant cock into my tight body. "Tell me your pussy is on fire," he demanded.

"God yes my pussy is on fire," I repeated back as I knew he wanted me to do. "Please put your big black cock into my wet pussy," I heard myself say. I could not believe that I had said it without being forced.

"That's right baby, you are beginning to understand how it works aren't you?" he asked.

"I don't know, just fuck me please do it now," I said.

He held my hips as he forced the first inch inside me. I could feel my body spread for him. It was trying to make room for his cock. I had delivered Angelina, so I knew that I could stretch enough. I also expected it to be painful. I felt him stroke me with one inch of cock. Even that felt painful but also drove me crazy with sensations I had never felt before. I was a total wreck whining like a woman in pain and moaning like a woman on the verge of orgasm. I was both at the same time.

I felt him tighten his grip on my hips as he fed more of his cock into me. Each inch stretched a new part of my channel. I knew I would be in pain the next day, but at that moment I didn't care.

"Tell me to fuck you hard," Ed demanded.

"God yes, fuck me hard. Ruin me for anyone else," I demanded.

I felt Ed begin to plow into me hard and deep. I was sure that not only was he causing me pain, but I had to be causing him pain as well. The pain faded as my need to orgasm increased. I was totally lost in the need to cum. My mind had lost all ability to reason. I was working my way toward the short circuit which would give me the relief I had to have.

I was almost ready to cum when Ed said, "Next time I fuck you I'm going to make your kid watch." Yes it should have turned me off completely, but instead it pushed me over the edge. I began to cum and I also felt my body vibrate. I was totally lost in the feeling. When I finished Ed was still in me and moving slowly. When his muscles finally froze, I knew that he was having yet another orgasm. I felt the much smaller load inside me only as a warm sensation.

When he withdrew his cock, I wanted to cry. I felt so lost and empty.

"You have my email when you get the site finished, I will come back and fuck you again for the final payment." He said it as he dressed. I lay on the floor and watched him leave. I was in pain but not terrible pain. Even so it took me almost an hour to get moving again. I went into the house and went immediately to bed. I did not fall asleep immediately though.

While I tried to fall asleep I realized that I could deal with the physical pain, but I wasn't so sure about the mental anguish. I was shocked and ashamed of myself. I had never acted like that before. It isn't like I had never seen Big Ed's cock before but I had never been alone with him. Not only did he have a huge cock, he also had a way about him. I wasn't sure exactly what it was. He was just able to convince me to do things I never thought I would do.

When I finally drifted off to sleep, I had a dream. In my dream my father, who had passed away the year before, sat on the edge of my bed. "Don't beat yourself up honey. Things like this happen, so just put it behind you and move on," he said.

"I know daddy. I think sometimes I'm losing my mind. I do things that are just so out of character for me. I think sometimes I'm two people in the same body," I said.

"Well don't worry honey, you know I will always love you no matter what." With those words he put his hand over mine and guided it between my legs. He helped me to masturbate to another strong orgasm. It felt a little shameful doing it, but I still came hard and it felt good. I also managed to forgive myself, because my dad forgave me.

I awoke the next morning feeling wonderfully rested. There was nothing like several orgasms of different intensities to make for a restful sleep. When my alarm clock buzzed, I was more than ready for the new day.

There had been a change in plans so I had the pancakes ready, when my sister brought Angelina home after she dropping her son at school. My sister knew that I would have breakfast ready. It was her payment for having Angelina as her house guest.

"So Abby, what are you up to today?" she asked. Of course I couldn't tell her the truth.

"I have some weddings shoots in need of post production work," I lied.

"You do stay busy. I hope you are at least making some money for all that work," she said.

"Not a lot, as you remember from our childhood with dad, but there was always enough and there still is," I admitted.

"Good, so Angelina will be going to the Presbyterian academy with my son?" she asked.

"That is the plan for sure," I admitted. It also looked a lot less stressful with the additional revenue from the posters and portfolios. Well that is if I didn't ever take my fee in trade again.

After Julie left Angelina and I went to the mall. She grew like a weed so was always in need of clothes. She wore thrift store jeans and tops during the week to play, but to visit her dad on weekends, she had to be dressed like a little lady. He was so damn anal.

After the mall trip Angelina went to her room with all the toys. Kids her age could do things I didn't learn until I was a teenager. She could work a video game better than me by a long shot. I went to work on Big Ed's website. It was tedious as I had to stop every few minutes to deal with Angelina or with my own state of arousal. It was slow going for sure.

Not only did the sight of Ed turn me on, but so did the feelings coming from my body. The spot where he had recently stretched me so badly was painful when I moved. I am serious when I moved my torso it was painful between my legs, which was a reminder of my time with Big Ed and also a turn on.

"Admit it Abby, your pussy hurts," I heard my dad's voice say.

'Yes daddy, my pussy hurts, ' I thought. 'When did you start talking like that?'

"When you started thinking like that, of course," the voice in my head answered.

Even though I finished the mock up of Big Ed's site on Thursday, I waited unit Friday to tell him. I did that because Angelina would be picked up by her dad after work. Mark had custody from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. He usually took Angelina to his parent's home and they all spent the weekend together. It worked out well for everyone. Her grandparents were there to be sure he didn't leave her alone while he went out. The grand's had their little angel visit every week.

I usually worked while I knew she was in good hands. Long before I was shooting adult video posters I was shooting weddings. Those were almost always on the weekend. Since Mark helped me out, I gave him a break on the child support. I gave him a hundred dollars off for every complete weekend he provided for her.

So anyway I sent Big Ed an email explaining that the mock up was ready. I also suggested that he come by to see it. I had a way to handle it all on line, but I really wanted to see him again.

He emailed back that 3PM would be good for him. I suggested anytime after 6:30PM. He replied to my email saying that 7:30PM would work for him. His email also had the following statement included. "You must follow the rules listed below at all times when meeting me. If you do not, then there will be no meeting. I will leave and never meet with you again." Then there was a list of things he demanded.

The very first demand was that I wear a skirt or dress and that I not wear any underwear at all. No bras and no panties were allowed. That one was expected. Men liked that idea I knew, it told them that a woman was a serious slut. Since it was a pretend thing I wrestled with it only a couple of minutes. He had already broken me down with his huge penis, so the decision was easy.

The next one stated simply that I was always to refer to him as Daddy. I should answer at least "Yes Daddy or no Daddy," if not in full sentences. That one seemed to strain my ability to go along, since Big Ed was younger than me.

"Honey, it is only a word," the voice in my head said.

"You won't be upset if I call him Daddy, even though you are my real Daddy?" I asked.

"Not at all honey, do what you have to do," the voice said.

The next thing that might be a deal breaker was his insistence that I show him proper respect whenever we met. Proper respect in his opinion was for me to kneel on the floor in front of him with my eyes on the floor. He would decide what I did after that. If he pulled me to his crotch, I was to open his fly and remove his giant dick, his word, and kiss the head of it while I stroked the shaft. He would decide how long I continued. My problem was that I would be required to kneel anywhere, when we first met. It would be super embarrassing for me and that was the point. The rest of it required me to just trust him not to require anything nasty in front of people who mattered. What would happen the first time I met him in front of people I cared about, might well be the deal breaker.

There were some other things equally embarrassing, but I didn't expect them to ever happen. I figured I could control the rest of it. One was only he could control what happened between us. I couldn't stop until he told me I had his permission. If Angelina walked in, I could not stop and take her out. Only he could make that kind of decision. I figured I would just be sure she wasn't in the house before I allowed him to visit. That is if he ever did after I delivered the completed project.

Mark picked Angelina up right on time. I admit that I was thrilled by the prospect of seeing Big Ed. I could still remember the feel of his penis inside me; stretching and most likely tearing me in some places. I had small amounts of dried blood in my panties for a day after. The burning sensation continued, but it wasn't bad enough to prevent me from wanting to do it again.

I dressed in a black dress cut reasonably low at least low for a mom who had never done anything like it before. The dress was the only thing I wore that evening. I was completely naked under it. I felt slutty as hell. Pretty much the same as I felt when I was licking his big black cock. I had begun to think of it as his cock not his penis. There was nothing conservative about Big Ed or how I reacted to him. I might as well get used to it since he was requiring that I stop talking like a lady and talk like the whore I had become, in his eyes at least.

At 7:30PM I had been in the studio for twenty minutes at least. He arrived just a little after the appointed time. When he stepped inside, I heard the voice in my head say, "You know what you have to do." I did know, so I dropped to my knees and lowered my eyes. I waited to see what Big Ed wanted from me. It might be just to see the website. I wasn't sure how I would feel about that. I need not have worried, he pulled my head toward his crotch. It was my signal to open his fly. It took some effort but I managed to work his cock out. I kissed the head a single time as I had been instructed to do.

"Make it hard bitch," he demanded harshly.

"Yes Daddy," I said as I closed my lips over as much of his cock head as I could manage. I licked it and sucked on the head while running my tongue around the opening of his pee hole. He got an erection quickly but it took him some time to begin to respond as I wanted. When I felt him try to force his cock into my already stretched mouth, I knew that I was working it as I should.

"Don't stop, you are doing good whore," he said.

I continued to suck and stroke his shaft. I also licked the head of his cock slowly and lovingly. He was rocking hard against my mouth when he pulled away and covered the head of his cock with his own hand. He stroked it three times then huge strings of cum shot forth onto my face. I felt the head and then smelled the stale smell of sex. He continued to shoot cum onto my face as I pulled back. He had his hand in my hair so he was able to control me. I could not get away from the warm thick cum or the smell of it.

"You did good baby, now thank me for the cum I just gave you," he demanded.

"Thank you for your cum Daddy," I said.

"Good girl," I heard it both from Big Ed and the voice in my head. "Now eat my cum slut."

I wiped the globs of his cum off my face and then sucked them off my fingers. I had never done that before, just as I never let a man cum on my face. When I finished, I looked up and smiled at him.

"Now let's see that website I just paid for," he said. He spent several minutes looking at it then said, "You did well with my cock both ways. I think I'll keep you."

"Thank you Daddy," I meant it when I said it. I was also about to scream for his cock in me, but I knew better. It was not for me to demand or even suggest.

"Down on your hands and knees and beg me to fuck you," he demanded.

I quickly got in the position and then said, "God yes fuck me. I need your big black cock so badly."

He rubbed the head of his cock on my pussy lips until I was pumping lubricant out. Only when I was so turned on I was ready to cum with the first stroke, did he begin to force his huge cock inside me. I felt the same pains I had felt before. I didn't seem to have moved at all toward accommodating his size. I knew that I would eventually but I seemed tighter if anything.

"You are painfully tight bitch," he said. "I am going to stretch that cunt so that no other man will ever satisfy you again." With that said, he forcefully plowed into me.

I choked off a scream of pain and pleasure as it ripped through me. I was in agony and cumming at the same time. It was an amazing high. I felt like i was standing outside myself watching as the whore on her hands and knees tried to rock back on the monster cock that tore at her. The sensations that ripped through me, also terrified me.

When he finished fucking me, I stood up and realized that I could have straightened my dress and no one would have known for sure that I had just been fucked. Well if they looked closely they could probably figure it out. I had that just fucked look on my face for sure. He didn't have to ask, if I had cum. He could tell from how my body had reacted. Also I was not capable of doing more than laying on the floor at his feet and whimpering.

"Don't take a shower or wash your face till tomorrow morning. I want you to feel my cum crusty on you, so that you know whose whore you are," he demanded.

"Yes Daddy," I said.

"I want you to promise me," he added.

"I promise Daddy, I won't wash until tomorrow." I said.

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