Dale's Tuesday Night

by RonBo

Copyright© 2012 by RonBo

Erotica Sex Story: Dale and his family on a very special Tuesday evening.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

As Dale Ebber looked out his bedroom window he could see his mother walking to her Buick. It was her bingo night. Every Tuesday she went to the church to play bingo and never returned before 10:00 P. M. when bingo ended. Man, she had big tits. Dale mused. Just the previous Sunday, when Dale thought his mother, father and sister Jill were at church services, he had laid naked upon his bed slowly massaging his hard prick with his hand, thoroughly enjoying himself while he thought about how Jill was now sucking his and his father's cocks on a regular basis.

He had been slowly leading his cock towards an orgasm when he realized that his mother hadn't gone to church. She was standing in his bedroom doorway with a hand to her mouth in surprise as she watched her son masturbating his rigid six inch prick. Rather than trying to cover himself Dale pretended that he had not seen his mother standing there. He stroked his cock a little faster wanting his mother to see his cock erupt with his juices. Carla Ebber watching was a big turn-on for Dale.

Carla was mesmerized by her son's hand stroking his hard cock. It was much bigger than she had thought it would be. She hadn't seen the boy's penis since he was about twelve years old. Now, here he was naked and masturbating his cock.

Dale picked up speed realizing his mother wasn't going to leave until he shot his load. He groaned as his cock neared orgasm. "Yes Mom. Suck your little boys hard cock. Suck me good mommy. Suck my fucking cock." Dale spurted a monstrous cum imagining his mother was sucking his juices down her throat. His chest was covered in his spend. He usually spurted his stuff into a tissue but he had wanted his mother to see just how far he could project his cum. When he looked over at the door his mother was gone. Neither of them ever mentioned what happened. Dale didn't know how to broach the subject while Carla was so ashamed that she had watched her son's private moment that she remained quiet also.

When Carla drove off Dale stripped to his briefs. He waited knowing that very soon his dad would come up the stairs to Jill's room. His father wouldn't miss an opportunity to have his daughter suck his cock. Actually what John Ebber did to his daughter was more of a face fuck than a blow job. Dale had watched from the open doorway several times while John brutalized his daughter's mouth with his hard cock.

Dale peeked out his partially closed door to see his father, dressed only in a pair of boxer shorts, push open Jill's door. He never knocked on her door, after all it was his house, wasn't it? Dale's prick was hard as he eased himself over to Jill's wide open door. He didn't think his father cared about the open door. Watch me fuck your sister's mouth. John was almost announcing to Dale. When Dale looked in his sister, dressed in a silky pair of pajamas, was on her knees pulling down her father's underwear to expose his erect eight inches of hard meat. Dale loved watching that big cock slide in and out of Jill's mouth as his dad pistoned his hips forcing his cock deep into his daughter's unresisting mouth.

Dale had started doing the same thing to his sister when it was his turn with her. Making Jill cum wasn't what he cared about anymore. He wanted to face fuck the fifteen year old like his father did. He just wished his cock was a couple of inches longer so he could force his cock head into his sister's tight throat like his dad always did. Dale didn't touch his prick while he watched his father's cock sliding into his sister's mouth. He wanted to save it all for his blow job. He and Jill both knew that when John left the room she would remain on her knees so Dale could take his father's place.

Dale heard the gurgling sound that meant John was spurting in Jill's tight throat. Dale backed away from his sister's door heading to his own bedroom knowing that when his father was done spurting he would waste no time leaving the young girl's room.

Dale shed his briefs, letting his hard on lead the way to his sister's room. She was just starting to get up but Dale, with a hand on each of her shoulders, pushed her back to her knees. "Whoa! Not so fast slut. My turn to fuck that pretty face of yours." He laughed as he said it.

Jill didn't think it was funny. She was tired of being used as a cum dump by her father and brother. Dale's laugh caught in his throat as Jill reached up with one hand to get a tight grip on Dale's nut sack. "Yowww!" He exclaimed.

"Listen you ass hole." Jill said in a low menacing tone. "I might not be able to control what Daddy does to me, but you are a different story. If you want to continue getting your rocks off with me you had better start treating me better." She twisted his ball sack getting him to rise to his tip toes. "If you want me to make your dick cum then you had better start treating my pussy the way it deserves to be treated. Understand?" She emphasized the last with another tug on his testicles.

"Yes. I'm sorry. Whatever you say Jill. I'm sorry." He panted clearly in pain.

"That's better." Jill said as she released her brother's sore jewels. He was soft now as Jill led him, gripping only his hand now, to her bed. She pushed him onto his back before removing her pajamas. First exposing her small breasts with hard, brown, protruding nipples then her lightly furred pussy. "You are going to learn how to eat my pussy now."

Jill arranged herself in a sixty nine position with her brother pushing her damp cunt to his face while telling him what to do. His cock was still soft but Jill began gently kissing his aching balls while rubbing her clit against Dale's chin. As soon as Dale's cock began to harden Jill took him in her mouth. She liked having a cock in her mouth but not the way her father did it. She wanted to be in control. Just a few days ago she had sucked her priest, Father Leary, to a fine cum in her throat. That was part of her penance which also included a bare bottom spanking that had aroused the young teen's pussy like nothing else before.Maybe I can talk Dale into spanking me.

Dale was feeling better now that the ache was gone from his balls. His hard prick was as deep as it could be in Jill's warm mouth. He had to admit that he enjoyed her way of sucking better than forcing his cock into her mouth for a face fuck, but he did miss the feeling of power he had while doing that. He never thought he would enjoy having a wet cunt in his face but he found that he not only liked the taste of pussy but enjoyed his sister's whimpers when his tongue licked her just right.

Soon Dale's tongue had Jill's pussy climaxing, covering her brother's face with her juices. Jill returned the favor. Dale's prick wasn't long enough to go into her throat but she took him as deep as his six inches would allow resting her nose on his balls as he spurted far back in her mouth.

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